Pursuing innovation through open dialogue with customers using virtual collaboration: A new IBM IdeaJam case study

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

IBM recently published a customer case study about GSX's use of Elguji's IdeaJam. Antoine Leboyer, CEO, GSX said “We never set a goal to be ‘social.’ We just focused on what was key to ensuring our success, which I believed was improved collaboration with customers.”

Here's what's in the case study:

The need:

GSX, which provides monitoring and management solutions for collaboration platforms, is in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Like most companies, core internal players had always provided the vision for GSX’s new product development. Given competitive pressures and customer needs, however, GSX sought a way to more rapidly and effectively iterate products based on customer input.

The solution

GSX turned to a platform called IdeaJam, which was developed by Elugi using IBM Lotus® Domino® software. The platform provided an easy way for GSX to open up an ongoing dialogue with key customers about new product features and capabilities that are needed to address key business challenges. IdeaJam also integrates with IBM Connections software, so users can create custom portal pages, share profile information and more.

The benefits:

  • Enabled GSX to more rapidly develop new products and services that customers need, helping drive growth and profitability
  • Started dialogues between GSX and customers, as well as among GSX customers about common challenges, helping increase customer satisfaction
  • Resulted in a better ongoing alignment of product features and capabilities with customer needs, helping improve competitive advantage

Download the GSX IdeaJam case study and other IdeaJam case studies.


Webinar: Q and A with XPages eXperts this Friday

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Got questions about XPages? Who doesn't!

This Friday October 21st, 2011 Elguji's Matt White will be one of the featured speakers on the "The X Series: Q&A with XPages Xperts" webinar being sponsored by GBS:

GBS have assembled a panel of several XPages eXperts who will each give a five minute presentation on a topic. The rest of the webinar will be dedicated to your XPages questions. The speakers will be:
  • Paul Calhoun (GBS): Configuring DDE for XPage development performance and functionality
  • Chris Toohey (GBS): Custom Controls & Themes
  • Matt White (Elguji/London Developer Co-op): Using the OpenNTF XPages Toolbox
  • Howard Greenberg (TLCC): New Feature in 8.5.3
Register Now >


You already own "Social Business" tools. Now use them.

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Large enterprises are quickly learning to be more "social." Just about every organization has a Facebook Fan page and a Twitter account (if not multiples of each).  Now many of them are looking to take their social media initiatives to that proverbial, "next level". IBM now sees "Social Business" as one of their major business thrusts. Think people, trusted relationships, brands and getting business done. 

They want to be able to have a much more intimate relationship with their customers, potential customers as well as their own employees. For example, getting their input on a new product or service; seeking ideas for ways to improve an existing product or service; etc. Internally, senior management may look to promote a more open work environment and foster honest discussions about company initiatives.

Just the thought of such an undertaking evokes thoughts of an army of silicon valley "social media consultants," countless hours of work and of course a consulting bill to rival the national debt.

The solution for many companies, especially those with an investment in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino could be quite easy, painless, and cost about as much as a few executive briefing from some of the major consulting houses.

Elguji Software has published a brief paper entitled, "The Social Software Platform Your Already Own." 

In it, Elguji outlines how a company's existing IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration platform can be easily transformed into a social business ecosystem that tightly integrate your customer's ideas with your company's infrastructure.

"The Social Software Platform You Already Own" paper can be downloaded at no charge here (PDF).

Explore Elguji case studies, product brochures and product documentation.


Government 2.0 in Action: 20,000+ People Talking About "America's Great Outdoors"

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In June 2010, the US Department of Interior (DOI) launched a Government 2.0 initiative called "America's Great Outdoors IdeaJam". This crowd sourcing initiative is centered around the key theme of "Your Ideas for Protecting the Places You Love" and is being used to collect ideas, comments and votes from citizens around the United States.

The solution selected for this high profile initiative was Elguji's IdeaJam idea management software. ASND Designs, an Elguji partner based in Laurel, Maryland provisioned and delivered the IdeaJam platform for the DOI in a matter of hours. (Not days, hours.)

For those not familiar with the term, "Government 2.0," it is used to define the creation of an online, comfortable, transparent, and cost effective interaction between government and citizens (G2C – government to citizens), government and business enterprises (G2B –government to business enterprises) and relationship between governments (G2G – inter-agency relationship).

Government 2.0 is a mature market segment for Elguji. Government customers include the US Social Security Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture and the US National Information Technology Center.

For this IdeaJam President Obama has selected four challenge topics:
  • Challenges - What obstacles exist to achieving your goals for conservation, recreation, or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • What Works - Please share your thoughts and ideas on effective strategies for conservation, recreation and reconnecting people to the outdoors.
  • Federal Government Role - How can the federal government be a more effective partner in helping to achieve conservation, recreation or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • Tools - What additional tools and resources would help your efforts be even more successful?
There are three challenge topics that have been closed for input and have been archived. The results from these will be delivered to the America's Great Outdoors team for inclusion in the report to the President.

There are now over 20,000 people participating in the IdeaJam who have collectively contributed 2,291 ideas with 10,277 comments who have cast 357,600 votes on these ideas.

The "America's Great Outdoor IdeaJam is expected to run several more months. During that time it will generate many more ideas, comments and votes. All of which brings makes the government much more in tune with it constituencies.

To learn how your state or local government municipality can benefit from a Government 2.0 initiative like the "America's Great Outdoors IdeaJam", please contact Elguji Software.


User Adoption Strategies - by Michael Sampson

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Today in the post we received a copy of Michael Sampsons new book "User Adoption Strategies" and were happy to see a section on Elguji's IdeaJam idea and innovation management software. This marks the second time IdeaJam has been covered in a published book. The first was in "Web 2.0 and Social Networking in the Enterprise" by Joey Bernal.

Time to go read Michaels books. Stay tuned for our review.


IdeaJam reviews on NotesAppStore.com

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You can find some reviews of our IdeaJam product on the NotesAppStore.com. These reviews are from Elguji customers who run IdeaJam on their own Domino servers as well as from SaaS (with service) customers. Additionally you can read several case studies about IdeaJam here.


New Elguji.com Launched

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Earlier this week we updated the elguji.com website with a new look and feel. We also refined the site content and collateral. Soon you will be seeing changes to this blog and the IdeaJam.net and IQjam.net sites.


Elguji awarded "Finalist" in the IBM 2010 Beacon Awards

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On Thursday Elguji received an email from Rich Hume, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners & Mid-Market letting us know that our IdeaJam product was named as a Finalist in the prestigious 2010 IBM Beacon Awards:

Everyday, IBM Business Partners around the world strive to provide innovative solutions based on IBM products and services. The high number of Beacon Award submissions received this year significantly increased the level of competition. Today, I would like to extend my congratulations to you as being selected as a 2010 Finalist for the Outstanding Innovative Collaboration Solution Award sponsored by Lotus Software. Your nomination was among the best of hundreds received and sets the standard for business excellence, creativeness and client success.

We would like to recognize you and all of the winners and finalists at this year's IBM Beacon Awards Recognition Event which will be held in Rome, Italy, May 18-20, in conjunction with IBM's Information on Demand Conference 2010. Award winners and finalists are invited to an exclusive Beacon Award Leadership Meeting, a series of exclusive, high-level education sessions, 1:1 meeting opportunities and special recognition events. So save the date and book your arrangements now! Attached is a complete description of the recognition event, finalist benefits, and directions on how to register.

Thank you for submitting your nomination to this year’s Beacon Award competition. I look forward to meeting you in Rome.

Rich Hume
General Manager
IBM Global Business Partners & Mid-Market

Elguji is extremely honored to have received this recognition from IBM. Elguji Software is not a big, anonymous corporate entity. We are a small team of dedicated and talented individuals united by the common passion of creating great software and providing our customers with first class customer support.

To see a list of all of Elguji's awards please visit this page.


Elguji partnership opportunities

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Over the last year or so we have been contacted by many IBM Business Partners around the world with a view to them reselling our *Jam suite of products (IdeaJam, IQJam and LinkJam). As with all things legal, this has taken some time for us to get set up, but, now we are ready and have a partnership program set up. So if you'd like to resell our products or partner with Elguji to help your customers and their "Social Software in the Enterprise" needs then please drop us a line and we'd be happy to talk about the options available to you.


Lotusphere Comes to You Portland, Oregon - Elguji and Pavone

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For all those unable to attend IBM Lotusphere 2010 in Orlando, PAVONE AG and Elguji Software offer the possibility to learn about IBM's news and trends in Portland, Oregon. We are inviting you to our Lotusphere Comes to You event on March 16, 2010.

A few hours of your time will allow you to catch up with the most important news from Lotusphere® 2010. Will also give you a summary of current IBM trends for 2010.

We will start at 8:30 AM and end at 1 PM, allowing you to return to work in the afternoon. The event will take place in downtown Portland. Additional information about the location and our agenda will be announced in February 2010. Please use our online LCTY Portland form to register for our Lotusphere Comes To You event. We are looking forward to seeing you at our event.

Make sure to register early, as the number of participants is limited to 25 people.

If you have any additional questions, please contact: Gayle Elgort.


Elguji Partnering with RSVP Consulting within the UK Public Sector

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Elguji is now working with RSVP Consulting (www.rsvp-consulting.com) to support the development of service strategies within the UK Public Sector. We are bringing together strategy, change and innovation consultancy with Elguji's IdeaJam; idea and innovation management software offering - to deliver "more for less" to the UK Public Sector.

This partnership is already paying dividends, over the last 3 months we have supported the development of an information strategy for two Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) within the UK's National Health Service (NHS). While the use of on-line engagement is relatively new within the public sector, this work engaged 150 management and clinical stakeholders, across multiple commissioning and provider organisations, to develop the strategy without the need for multiple workshops and meetings. This process enabled the PCTs to complete development work that would normally take months - within 8 weeks - more for less!

Our work with RSVP will continue to support Innovative consulting propositions within the U.K. public sector - creating an environment where the public sector can collaborate to make informed decisions that support future service efficiencies.

We're happy to be able to recommend RSVP Consulting if your organization is interested in using IdeaJam™ to develop new strategies or deliver innovation enabled business change, collaborating across boundaries and with partners - the team of Elguji and RSVP Consulting can help you.

Please contact:

Gayle Elgort - Elguji

Robin Vickers - RSVP 


Absolutely exceeding our expectations

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Since it's release in November 2009, the sales of our IQJam product are exceeding our pre-launch forecasts. Customers have been quick to deploy IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 servers and, with those deployments we are seeing our existing customer base, as well as many new customers purchasing and deploying IQJam. One of the key selling features of IQJam has been it's application programming interface (API). Customers have been linking IQJam to their server and support desk applications, Microsoft Office, to their company intranets as well as building some really slick Adobe Flex/Air applications.

In version IQJam V1.1 we are addressing the top two feature requests that customers have asked for - those being Lotus Connections integration and adding attachments to answers. Elguji will be demonstrating IQJam V1.1 at Lotusphere 2010 at booth no. 622.


The Year of Business 2.0 - 2009 sees fast-paced integration of new technology by businesses

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J. Maury Harris wrote a nice piece in The Vancouver Business Journal featuring a quote from me:
As in the past, emerging technologies fundamentally changed the way companies do business, with the explosion in popularity of social networking websites, Smartphones and an expanding list of mobile applications in 2009. But this year, the real story was how businesses, large and small, public and private, integrated these technological advances into their day-to-day operations.

Bruce Elgort, president and CEO of Elguji Software of Vancouver, has had a front-row seat to 2009's accelerating transition from traditional media to a more flexible online marketing model, helping to encourage what he called an inevitable and crucial "online conversation" with businesses about new technology.

"Companies are adopting social media more than they've adopted any other paradigm in history," Elgort said.

The Vancouver Business Journal - The Year of Business 2.0 >


IQJam now on Twitter!

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You can follow "@iqjamquestions" on Twitter to see new questions submitted to the The Lotus Community IQJam site. You can also follow new IdeaJam ideas on Twitter at "@ideajamideas".

IQJam also has RSS feeds for each and every IQSpace and every Sub IQSpace. IQJam is also now available for purchase as an IBM Lotus Domino template. Learn more about IQJam here.


Elguji's IdeaJam Named Twice as a Finalist in the 2010 Lotus Awards!

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On Thursday, December 17th, 2009 Elguji's IdeaJam Idea and Innovation Management software was named as a finalist in the following two 2010 Lotus Award categories:

Best TOTAL Lotus Collaboration Solution

Best End-User Solution

For a complete list of industry awards Elguji has won you can look here.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 Lotus Award Winners and Finalists.


IdeaJam covered in new book from IBM Press

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Joey Bernal's book "Web 2.0 and Social Networking for the Enterprise: Guidelines and Examples for Implementation and Management Within Your Organization" from IBM Press is out and covers all things Web 2.0 and Social Netowrking from Lotus and includes Elguji's IdeaJam idea and innovation management software. A quick review of the book reveals that IdeaJam is one of the only third party applications included. Here is the description of the book from Amazon.com:

This book provides hands-on, start-to-finish guidance for business and IT decision-makers who want to drive value from Web 2.0 and social networking technologies. IBM expert Joey Bernal systematically identifies business functions and innovations these technologies can enhance and presents best-practice patterns for using them in both internal- and external-facing applications. Drawing on the immense experience of IBM and its customers, Bernal addresses both the business and technical issues enterprises must manage to succeed. He offers insights and case studies covering multiple technologies, including AJAX, REST, Atom/RSS, enterprise taxonomies, tagging, folksonomies, portals, mashups, blogs, wikis, and more. He also presents practical guidance for building robust, secure, collaborative applications by using applications and services from multiple sources with powerful tools such as WebSphere® Portal, Lotus® Connections, and IBM Mashup Center.

IdeaJam is covered on pages 267-269.

Buy the book on Amazon.com here >


Web design agency innovating with Elguji

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One of our Canadian customers in the financial services industry works with a web design and communications agency in Canada called iStudio. This agency is responsible for all of their web design work. When this company purchased IdeaJam they needed to customize it to match their corporate branding guidelines as well as the needs of the business unit interested in using IdeaJam.

Using the native out-of-the-box functionality of IdeaJam, iStudio was able to make the customers IdeaJam look exactly the way the customer wanted it to look. Mike from iStudio recently blogged about how they used the language file to add a user agreement plugin to the login panel without touching the underlying Notes/Domino design.

Adding a user agreement JavaScript plugin to IdeaJam


IQJam has shipped!

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Elguji Software is very pleased to announce that IQJam, our question and answer community social networking software is now available for purchase. IQJam has been specifically built for IBM's Lotus Domino 8.5.1. Customer demand for an enterprise class question and answer system is the primary driver for Elguji developing IQJam. IQJam customers can also expect the same world-class customer service and support that they are accustomed to with Elguji.

The demo schedule is practically booked solid so, if your company is interested in seeing a 30 minute demo please contact our Sales group.

We would also like to thank the many customers who have participated in the beta program as well as the community members who helped test on the IQJam.net site.

To learn more about IQJam please visit http://elguji.com/iqjam.


Winner: Breakout Technology Award

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At Business Development Day Elguji was awarded the "Breakout Technology Award" for IdeaJam:

"This Award will be presented to an IBM Business Partner who offers a solution that extends the software user experience by leveraging new technology innovations introduced into the IBM Lotus® and IBM WebSphere® Portal portfolio. These technologies must be new since Lotusphere® 2008, such as XPages, Live Text, Composite Application integration with the Sidebar, and the Portal Web 2.0 client. They provide IBM Business Partners and customers with the capability to integrate and blend heterogeneous applications and data in the context of the end user's role, transforming solutions into a single seamless work environment that boosts end user and organizational effectiveness.

Submissions for this Award should be solutions that leverage these new technologies to extend business application functionality based on contexts defined by end consumer requirements. Entries will be judged based on the overall business value they demonstrate, the extent to which these solutions leverage the technologies, and the ability to demonstrate how these enhancements boost end user and organizational effectiveness.


Press Release - Elguji Brings IdeaJam to XPages

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Media Contact
Gayle Elgort
+1 (360) 606.1532


Elguji Brings IdeaJam to XPages

Industry’s First Lotus Domino XPages Application Now Available

Lotusphere Orlando, FL January 21, 2009 – Today Elguji Software, LLC announced the availability of their new release of IdeaJam, idea management software for IBM’s Lotus Notes and Domino powered by XPages.

IdeaJam provides companies with a place where people can post and share their ideas, and gauge the marketability, popularity and viability with voting and input from others. The latest version is the industry’s first application to offer full support for IBM Lotus Domino XPages, enabling businesses to use the most recent Web 2.0 technologies which scale better to support very large implementations of IdeaJam.

“IdeaJam is the most innovative Domino-based program we have ever implemented,” said Eric Lohry, president of Nutra-Flo Protein and Biotech Product, Inc. “IdeaJam lets us harness the creativity of our employees and quickly turn ideas into reality. We have implemented several successful projects that without IdeaJam never would have happened.”

With support for XPages, IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 customers can choose to run IdeaJam using XPages or classic Domino HTTP. Both ship in the same single template for backwards compatibility, which allows customers to run IdeaJam on whichever version of Lotus Domino they have installed. This support will allow Elguji customers to choose how they want to run their idea management process. All of the new features are part of the continuing, regular commitment of Elguji to provide the features and tools which its customers need to make the most of IdeaJam.

“The latest version of IdeaJam is the result of the ideas our customers posted on our own IdeaJam, said Matthew White, Chief Software Architect, Elguji Software.
Additional features in the latest version of IdeaJam include advanced search, reporting, web administration, idea archiving, custom messages and improved tag clouds, all features that have been requested by existing IdeaJam customers.

Elguji is demonstrating IdeaJam at the Lotusphere 2009 Product Showcase Pedestal 227.  
Matthew White and Bruce Elgort, members of the IdeaJam development team will be presenting a session at Lotusphere 2009 entitled “Developing A World Class Web 2.0 Application With XPages” in the Dolphin S. Hemisphere IV-V at 1:00PM on Monday, January 19, 2009.  There you can learn how they leveraged XPages technology to build “TaskJam” a free XPages based task management application.

About Elguji
Elguji software is a member of IBM PartnerWorld located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Elguji specializes in Web 2.0 and social networking software development.  Visit
www.elguji.com for more information.

IBM, Lotus, Notes, Domino, Lotus Symphony, Lotusphere, are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.  IdeaJam is a trademark of Elguji Software, LLC.


Contest Winners

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Elguji Software is happy to announce the winners of the "If you thought Elguji was a _____, think again" contest. Let us tell you it was very tough selecting the three winners out of 82 entries. Some of us didn't talk to each other for days as we squabbled over the entries. Well here they are:

First Place (Apple 8gb iPod Touch) - Haleigh Blatnick

"If you thought Elguji was a Japanese search engine, think again"

Second Place (Apple 8gb iPod Nano) - David Taylor

"If you thought Elguji was just a word used to test your spell checker - think again"

Third Place (Apple iTunes $50 gift card) - Pawel Podgorski

"If you thought Elguji was all about the "old way" of thinking, think again"

Congratulations Haleigh, David and Pawel.


What is Your Elguji? - Part One

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