Government 2.0 in Action: 20,000+ People Talking About "America's Great Outdoors"

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In June 2010, the US Department of Interior (DOI) launched a Government 2.0 initiative called "America's Great Outdoors IdeaJam". This crowd sourcing initiative is centered around the key theme of "Your Ideas for Protecting the Places You Love" and is being used to collect ideas, comments and votes from citizens around the United States.

The solution selected for this high profile initiative was Elguji's IdeaJam idea management software. ASND Designs, an Elguji partner based in Laurel, Maryland provisioned and delivered the IdeaJam platform for the DOI in a matter of hours. (Not days, hours.)

For those not familiar with the term, "Government 2.0," it is used to define the creation of an online, comfortable, transparent, and cost effective interaction between government and citizens (G2C – government to citizens), government and business enterprises (G2B –government to business enterprises) and relationship between governments (G2G – inter-agency relationship).

Government 2.0 is a mature market segment for Elguji. Government customers include the US Social Security Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture and the US National Information Technology Center.

For this IdeaJam President Obama has selected four challenge topics:
  • Challenges - What obstacles exist to achieving your goals for conservation, recreation, or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • What Works - Please share your thoughts and ideas on effective strategies for conservation, recreation and reconnecting people to the outdoors.
  • Federal Government Role - How can the federal government be a more effective partner in helping to achieve conservation, recreation or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • Tools - What additional tools and resources would help your efforts be even more successful?
There are three challenge topics that have been closed for input and have been archived. The results from these will be delivered to the America's Great Outdoors team for inclusion in the report to the President.

There are now over 20,000 people participating in the IdeaJam who have collectively contributed 2,291 ideas with 10,277 comments who have cast 357,600 votes on these ideas.

The "America's Great Outdoor IdeaJam is expected to run several more months. During that time it will generate many more ideas, comments and votes. All of which brings makes the government much more in tune with it constituencies.

To learn how your state or local government municipality can benefit from a Government 2.0 initiative like the "America's Great Outdoors IdeaJam", please contact Elguji Software.