Announcing the immediate availability of IdeaJam V1.9

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Right on the heels of our IQJam V1.2 release we just released IdeaJam V1.9 to all customers on support and maintenance. New features in this version include:
  • An IdeaJam can be switched into "read/view only mode" so that the audience can view ideas, votes and comments but are unable to create new content.
  • Spanish language support.
  • An IdeaJam can be set to automatically switch into "read/view mode" on a specified date.
  • The JSON API now supports JSONP which allows you to call the API from a different domain.
  • When viewing an idea a new chart is available on an idea which shows recent activity against the idea including votes and comments.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating ideas while allowing the to vote and comment.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating comments.
  • A new "Moderator" role which allows moderation of all idea spaces without giving them "full admin" rights.
  • A new sidebar widget which displays the list of IdeaSpaces (categories) and their associated idea counts.
  • XPages version upgraded to work with Domino 8.5.2+.
  • Participant reputation scores and badges (gold, silver and bronze).
  • Tooltips for voting labels.
  • Month names are now displayed in the local language when viewing ideas and comments.
  • Support for multiple configurable static content pages has been added.
  • Individual charts on the Statistics page can be enabled or disabled.
  • The getTopInnovators API services provide the new Top Innovators banding in the response.
  • ...and more
IdeaJam V1.9 release notes >

Customers can download IdeaJam V1.9 here >

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Compare IdeaJam and IBM Connections Ideation Blogs

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

IBM recently introduced the inclusion of "ideation blogs" in Connections 3.0.1. While this new feature is a nice addition to the Connections product it doesn't offer much more than adding a "promote" button to a blog entry. IdeaJam is complete ideation platform that is not only made to integrate with IBM Connections, it also can be usually be setup in a company within 30 minutes using their existing investment in Lotus Domino hardware and software.

We put together this comparison sheet (PDF) to help companies learn more about IdeaJam and IBM Connections Ideation Blogs.

Here are some other IdeaJam brochures that you may also find interesting:


Why the API Matters

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We are hearing from more and more of our customers who are sharing their IQJam use cases and success stories with us. Frankly they aren't what we expected. Most of them of late have to do with how they are using the API to surface IQJam in Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Lotus Connections, Websphere Portal, Customer Service websites, IBM XPages apps as well as many others. It's all about making the data easy to access using our API's. With a few simple lines of JavaScript any web developer can consume and re-purpose data from IQJam. Oh and did I mention that IdeaJam our idea management software also has an API ?

Let's take a look at the IQJam Web Services and JSON(P) API methods:
  • addQuestion
  • addAnswer
  • findQuestionById
  • searchQuestions
  • getRecentQuestions
  • getRecentAnswers (new in IQJam V1.1)
  • getRecentQuestionsByTag
  • getRecentQuestionsByAuthor
  • getUserProfile
  • getIQSpaces
  • getExperts (new in IQJam V1.1)
These methods have several parameters that you can supply such as an IQSpace, an IQSPace and IQSubSpace a tag among others. My personal favorite is the "getExperts" method which provides a list of the IQJam participants who are answering questions correctly for a given IQSpace/IQSubSpace. Another one of my favorites that is being used by a customer is to supply help in the Microsoft Office sidebar for their custom Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps and templates.

Clearly providing API's for customers in our products matters. How are you using our API's? Would you be more willing to purchase a product from a vendor if it included an API?


Good as Gold: Built with XPages. Used by People.

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I am happy to announce that IQJam version 1.1 has gone gold. IQJam is Elguji's popular question and answer community software. Version 1.1 was built with IBM's XPages 8.5.2 technology and you can take IQJam for a spin on our IQJam.net site.



V1.1 includes the following new features:
  • Attachments can now be included with answers.
  • Connections Business Cards integration for Views, Questions and Answers.
  • Multi-lingual configurations are now supported.
  • Improved Web Administration.
  • Support for JSONP for cross-domain API access.
  • Added new button to mark an unanswered question as closed (i.e. the question is no longer relevant).
  • Added a new method "getExperts" to the Web Services and JSON API's.
  • Added a new method "getAnswers" to the Web Services and JSON API's.
  • Added a new method "securityservice" which will return the Security Key for a user when you pass in their username and password to the Web Services and JSON API's.
  • A Domino login form has been added for secure IQJam sites.
  • The Rich Text Editor has been upgraded to use the CK Editor shipped with Domino 8.5.2+.
  • Added an option to the Control Panel to enable/disable the "Feedback" link in the page footer.
  • Added an option to the Control Panel to enable/disable the "Developers" link in the page footer.
  • and much more...
Customers will be able to download V1.1 later this week.


Could we make it any easier?

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

It should come as no surprise that the biggest growth area for Elguji has been with customers running and adopting IBM's Lotus Connections. Both IdeaJam and IQJam offer the ability to easily integrate with a Lotus Connections installation by simply clicking a radio button in the control panel and entering the URL to the Connections installation. Couple this integration with the IdeaJam API and IQJam API and you have everything you need to give your Connections installation the addition of ideation and question and answer communities.

And also don't forget about the plethora of widgets, or the RSS feeds, or the ability to embed ideas on blogs, wikis and web pages. IdeaJam and IQJam make the ability to share in the new world of social business drop dead easy.

Learn more about integrating IdeaJam with Lotus Connections PDF >