MyMusicRx now available in the App Store

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We just completed our second iPhone app that uses IBM XPages to serve up and store content for an iOS app. The first app was TSAzr which was released in January 2011 and our new app is called "MyMusicRx".The MyMusicRx app complements the Children's Cancer Associations MyMusicRx website. MyMusicRx is our fourth app in the App Store.

The app allows you to search and purchase music from iTunes. Up to 5% of each purchase will be donated to the Children's Cancer Association. The app also displays "Music Prescriptions" and "Recommended Playlists" where you can purchase the songs that people subscribed and songs from the recommended playlists. The MyMusicRx prescriptions are pulled from the MyMusicRx Facebook app. IBM XPages stores and manages all of the playlist data. It also uses some nifty SSJS and Java to get song data from iTunes using the iTunes Search API. Appcelerator was used to develop this iOS app.

The app was developed with the help of Ben Poole (Java and SSJS), Matt White (XPages), Gayle Elgort (UI and Testing), the Children's Cancer Association and Bruce Elgort (UI, XPages, Appcelerator). All of the development effort was donated.

Here are some screenshots of the app:

Home Music Prescriptions

Recommended Playlist Search iTunes

View all of the apps screens and XPages management interface.

V1.1 is currently being developed which will allow songs to be "prescribed" and shared on Facebook. Some other cool features are also being considered.

You can download the MyMusicRx in the App Store >


So who are the Lotus communities top IdeaJam innovators?

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In IdeaJam V1.6 we introduced the "Top Innovators" feature. Each person contributing to an IdeaJam receives a score based on the number of ideas, comments, votes they cast and others who cast votes for their ideas. Each of these can be assigned a weight by the IdeaJam administrator. Additionally a Top Innovators calculation start date can be set in the IdeaJam Control Panel.

Top Innovators has been an extremely popular feature with Elguji's customers. In the forthcoming release of IdeaJam (V1.9) we have expanded this feature to have three bands of scores - Gold, Silver and Bronze. The band thresholds are configured in the IdeaJam Control Panel. The band colors can also be modifying easily in the IdeaJam Cascading Style Sheet.

You will see a persons Top Innovator score next to their name. Here are some screen shots:




Congratulations to Peter Presnell, Patrick Kwinten, Craig Wiseman, David Hablewitz, Vlad Sh, Cindy Kou, Michael Tassati and Mark Demicoli on achieving gold level Top Innovator scores.

The IBM Lotus Community IdeaJam Top Innovators >