IBM Rational selects IdeaJam to power another "Jam" event

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IBM's Rational Software division has once again selected Elguji's IdeaJam Cloud for their "VoiCE Jam". The Voice Jam (https://voicejam.ideajam.net) will commence on December 3rd, and run through December 13th. Pre-registration is now open.

Read more about the Voice Jam on the IBM Rational Business Partner News blog >

IdeaJam is powered by IBM's Domino server technology.


Register for our upcoming webinar "IdeaJam: Corporate 'social networks' for innovation and idea management

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Join us for this free demonar (webinar) on Tuesday, December 4th, at 1:00 PM EST (GMT - 5). Learn how other companies are using IdeaJam with their employees, customers and partners. See how they customized and configured IdeaJam to meet their specific challenges and see how easy IdeaJam is to quickly get up and running in your organization. We will also show you can integrate IdeaJam with your applications using the extensive IdeaJam programming API.

Register now >


Meet Elguji Partner Centric Fusion

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Elguji is proud to announce that Centric Fusion located in Ontario, Canada is now an authorized Elguji Partner. We have worked with Ryan Hosford, Centric Fusion's President for many years in his various roles with IBM Partners and in the IBM community. We couldn't agree more with as what is stated by one of his customers:

"I have known Ryan for a number of years now and have worked closely with him in the Lotus Notes/Domino spectrum. He balances a level of professionalism with a laid back flair that draws people in. He continuously drives for innovation and believes passionately in loyalty, dedication, and being first and foremost - genuine. He strives on building solutions, and has built his success based on that straightforward approach to business. It has been a privilege to have worked with him over the years and I look forward to many more. - Michelle Mann"

About Centric Fusion

Centric Fusion have successfully built and managed a global network of authorized resellers, led product launches and built a brand over 10 years for a manufacturer in the industry. Centric Fusion’s approach is built on providing valued advice and premium options with senior level insight at no additional cost. Centric Fusion is not a “consulting” company who is looking to offer additional services at a cost or to promote their own products.

Centric is your dedicated resource in lean times, your extra resource on your project team, as they understand that everyone is short staffed these days. Centric Fusion will assess the best options for your needs, in an efficient manner and allow you, as the customer, to decide which product is best suited for your environment. They are always pleased to share their expertise and insights based on available information at no additional cost.

Centric Fusion provides you with options to leverage this “know-how”, with access to a broad range of solutions. Centric Fusion will help you and your organization to identify potential solutions, evaluate options and make the right choice the first time around.

Elguji Software Partners >


IBM's Rational Software Division Chooses Elguji for their "Jazz Plan Jam"

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IBM's Rational Software division in cooperation with IBM's developerWorks has selected Elguji's IdeaJam Cloud for their "Jazz Plan Jam". The Plan Jam (https://jazz.ideajam.net) will commence on May 30th, and run through June 6th. Pre-registration is now open.

From the Jazz.net Blog:

Well then, I’m happy to announce our first ever Jazz Plan Jam, which begins on May 30. Together with our developerWorks colleagues, we’re trying something new as part of the planning for our next revision of our Jazz products.

Normally we triage new requests, participate in conversations in work items, read the forums, interact with many of you in one-on-one conversations and through our client programs. Then, at the start of our planning cycle, we agree on the most important items that will make their way into our products.

This year we’re supplementing the normal stuff by inviting you to an open, on-line Jam session.  During the Jam, you can propose new ideas for improving our products and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the ideas of others. Our hope is to learn not only what is most important to you, but also to spark your creative juices. We can’t promise to implement all of the ideas, but the Jam results will influence how we prioritize what we do next.

IBM worked with Elguji to custom tailor the Plan Jam to meet their specific requirements as well as providing them with guidance and best practices for conducting "Idea Jams".

Elguji has powered cloud based jams for Winn-Dixie, The USDA, The Department of Interior, Austin Independent School District, The Australian Goverment and many more.

Read "Jazz Plan Jam – Come jam with us!" on the Jazz.net Blog >


IdeaJam V1.9.1 is now available

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

We are happy to announce that IdeaJam V1.9.1 is now available for download. Elguji customers with active maintenance and support agreements can download this version at http://elguji.com/download. The release notes for IdeaJam V1.9.1 are also available.

We also have evaluation versions of IdeaJam V1.9.1 also available. Interested? Drop me an email or feel free to fill out this short form.


IdeaJam Case Study: Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Today we posted a case study about Winn-Dixie Stores which used Elguji's cloud based IdeaJam services. Elguji Partner Simplified-Technology-Solutions worked with Elguji and Winn-Dixie to make their jam a success.

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., a regional grocery chain of nearly 500 stores based in the Southeast United States and headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., rolled out a new strategic frame work called the WINN-ing Way in mid-2011. Through this the company introduced a new company vision and new set of values and promises to key stakeholders. Communication to and feedback from the chain’s 46,000 team members, most in stores scattered across five states, was critical to the campaign’s success.

Winn-Dixie partnered with Elguji Software to establish an online forum to allow team members across the company to come together in a LIVE online discussion to exchange ideas and give feedback on the WINN-ing Way.


Team member response was very positive. “IdeaJam is one the BEST things I have ever taken part of in my 25 year career with Winn-Dixie!” one Team Member commented. “I am very excited about Winn-Dixie’s future, and proud to be part of it and am ‘In it to Winn It!’ THANK YOU!”


Winn-Dixie’s leadership has already implemented several of the ideas received and many of the others have been turned into active projects and initiatives.

Read the Winn-Dixie IdeaJam Case Study >


Elguji named a Finalist in the IBM Collaboration Solutions 2012 Awards

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

At the annual IBM Lotusphere event held last week in Orlando, Florida, Elguji's IdeaJam idea management software was recognized as a Finalist in the "Innovation in Social Business Application Development Utilizing the Social Business Framework" during the Opening General Session. This award recognizes ISV's who:

Provide the best solution for an exceptional Web or "Work Social" experience utilizing IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) products, and/or the IBM Web Experience software solutions including the application development tools. The offering must leverage new technology innovations such as the Social Business Toolkit, or XPages Extension Library, Web Experience Factory builders, and Mobile Controls. Submissions for this award should be solutions that leverage these new technologies to address a specific business need by:
  • Enabling interactions with customers or employees through online social networks (on-premise, cloud, or public social network sites)
  • Enhancing situational awareness through analysis of social data, or
  • Supporting contextual collaboration by integrating social capabilities into existing or new business applications leveraging OpenSocial gadgets and creating an embedded experience


IdeaJam has also earned Elguji many other IBM/Lotus awards since it's launch in 2008:
  • 2009 Lotus CTO Innovation Award
  • 2009 Lotus Breakout Technology Award
  • Lotusphere 2009 Best of Product Showcase Finalist Award
  • 2009 IBM Beacon Award Innovative Collaboration Solution with Lotus Software Award
  • Finalist 2010 IBM Beacon Award Innovative Collaboration Solution with Lotus Software
  • Finalist 2010 Best TOTAL Lotus Collaboration Solution Award
  • Finalist 2010 Best End-User Solution Award
Congratulations to the Trilog Group for winning the award and to SCSK Corpoation for also being named a Finalist.


Pursuing innovation through open dialogue with customers using virtual collaboration: A new IBM IdeaJam case study

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

IBM recently published a customer case study about GSX's use of Elguji's IdeaJam. Antoine Leboyer, CEO, GSX said “We never set a goal to be ‘social.’ We just focused on what was key to ensuring our success, which I believed was improved collaboration with customers.”

Here's what's in the case study:

The need:

GSX, which provides monitoring and management solutions for collaboration platforms, is in a rapidly evolving marketplace. Like most companies, core internal players had always provided the vision for GSX’s new product development. Given competitive pressures and customer needs, however, GSX sought a way to more rapidly and effectively iterate products based on customer input.

The solution

GSX turned to a platform called IdeaJam, which was developed by Elugi using IBM Lotus® Domino® software. The platform provided an easy way for GSX to open up an ongoing dialogue with key customers about new product features and capabilities that are needed to address key business challenges. IdeaJam also integrates with IBM Connections software, so users can create custom portal pages, share profile information and more.

The benefits:

  • Enabled GSX to more rapidly develop new products and services that customers need, helping drive growth and profitability
  • Started dialogues between GSX and customers, as well as among GSX customers about common challenges, helping increase customer satisfaction
  • Resulted in a better ongoing alignment of product features and capabilities with customer needs, helping improve competitive advantage

Download the GSX IdeaJam case study and other IdeaJam case studies.


Free trials of IdeaJam and IQJam

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Just a quick blog entry to let you know that we do offer 14 day trials of IdeaJam and IQJam. Every single feature is available for you to use. You can customize the way it looks, use it in Spanish, French, German or any other languages we offer, you can use the API, and much more. The only thing you don't get with the trial is access to the underlying database design.

And if you decide to purchase either product you won't lose any of your test data. You simply get a new license key and access to the unlocked database template.

Interested? Drop me an email or feel free to fill out this short form.


Meet Elguji Partner BlueWave Technology

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Elguji is proud to annonce that BlueWave Technology is now an authorized IdeaJam reseller.

"As customers strive to improve their business, they also strive to improve their methods of gathering the knowledge required. Bluewave is proud to resell IdeaJam as a forefront product encapsulating the true meaning ot doing business using social tools" says Paul Mooney, Senior Technical Architect at BlueWave.

About Bluewave Technology

BlueWave Technology is an IBM Advanced Business Partner located in the UK. BlueWave is dedicated to providing services focused on IBM Lotus products. BlueWave aim to provide their customers access to the best possible skills and knowledge in this area.

BlueWave Technology core areas of expertise are centred on providing technical knowledge to help businesses make the correct decisions. Using their network of contacts within IBM and the wider industry they provide strategic advice on product roadmaps, new developments and best practice. The range of consultancy services offered may encompass any of BlueWave's core skill areas including: Domino, Sametime, Quickplace, Lotus Notes mobility, load testing, proof of concept investigations, upgrades, consolidations, migrations, implementations, project management, Notes and web development, design and architecture.

Elguji Software Partners >


IBM's Louis Richardson - Social Myth Busters Video

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This video of IBM's Louis Richardson is a must watch and share with your friends and coworkers. Louis is also going to be giving the keynote speech at the "Social Connections" event taking place on 9th December 2011 at Cardiff University in central Cardiff, Wales.



Announcing the immediate availability of IdeaJam V1.9

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Right on the heels of our IQJam V1.2 release we just released IdeaJam V1.9 to all customers on support and maintenance. New features in this version include:
  • An IdeaJam can be switched into "read/view only mode" so that the audience can view ideas, votes and comments but are unable to create new content.
  • Spanish language support.
  • An IdeaJam can be set to automatically switch into "read/view mode" on a specified date.
  • The JSON API now supports JSONP which allows you to call the API from a different domain.
  • When viewing an idea a new chart is available on an idea which shows recent activity against the idea including votes and comments.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating ideas while allowing the to vote and comment.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating comments.
  • A new "Moderator" role which allows moderation of all idea spaces without giving them "full admin" rights.
  • A new sidebar widget which displays the list of IdeaSpaces (categories) and their associated idea counts.
  • XPages version upgraded to work with Domino 8.5.2+.
  • Participant reputation scores and badges (gold, silver and bronze).
  • Tooltips for voting labels.
  • Month names are now displayed in the local language when viewing ideas and comments.
  • Support for multiple configurable static content pages has been added.
  • Individual charts on the Statistics page can be enabled or disabled.
  • The getTopInnovators API services provide the new Top Innovators banding in the response.
  • ...and more
IdeaJam V1.9 release notes >

Customers can download IdeaJam V1.9 here >

Want to learn more about IdeaJam? Start here >


IdeaJam mentioned in a Harvard Business Review paper

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In a recent Harvard Business Review paper entitled "Who Moved My Cube?" by Anne-Laure Fayard and John Weeks, Lotus Notes and Elguji's IdeaJam innovation software were inlcuded in the "Providing Virtual Permission" section of the paper:

"Networking applications such as LinkedIn, Lotus Notes, IdeaJam, and Twitter can tear down walls, but they can also create them: We’ve seen virtual-team members get so involved in their digital world that they become disengaged from the people right next to them."

The "Who Moved My Cube" paper is available for purchase on the Harvard Business Review website >

[Many thanks to Jonathan Distad of Elguji Partner Perficient for sharing this with us]


The list of IdeaJam case studies continues to grow with the addition of three new ones

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

We just added three new IdeaJam case studees prepared by Elguji Partner Vulture Street Innovation located in Australia. The new case stuides are: View a list of the all of the IdeaJam case studies >


IdeaJam V1.9 Pre-Release 1 now available for download

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

We just posted on the Elguji download site IdeaJam V1.9 Pre-Release 1. New features in V1.9 include:
  • An IdeaJam can be switched into "read/view only mode" so that the audience can view ideas, votes and comments but are unable to create new content.
  • The JSON API now supports JSONP.
  • An IdeaJam can be set to automatically switch into "read/view mode" on a specified date.
  • When viewing an idea a new chart is available on an idea which shows recent activity against the idea including votes, comments and more.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating ideas while allowing the to vote and comment.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating comments.
  • A new sidebar widget which displays the list of IdeaSpaces (categories) and idea counts.
  • Participant reputation scores and badges (gold, silver and bronze).
  • A new "Moderator" role which allows moderation of all idea spaces without giving them "full admin" rights.
  • Tooltips for voting labels.
  • Month names are now displayed in the local language when viewing ideas and comments.
  • Support for multiple configurable static content pages has been added.
  • Individual charts on the Statistics page can be enabled or disabled.
  • ...and more
Customers can download IdeaJam V1.9 PR1 here. Want to learn more about IdeaJam? Start here >


Sometimes you simply need to "un-cloud"

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

One thing we are seeing more and more of are customers who run their initial IdeaJam(s) in the cloud are deciding at some point to bring them in-house. Fortunately, this is very easy to do with IdeaJam. Our partners and professional services group can move cloud based IdeaJams running in our cloud based JamPot environment into a customers IT environment with ease. All this can be done with minimal disruption in service for customers.

The inherent capabilities of the software technology that IdeaJam was built with give organizations a choice to "un-cloud" their IdeaJam(s) at any time.


Introducing JamPot - Run IdeaJam in the Cloud

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Many of the world's leading innovation management consultancies and global companies have been using IdeaJam as their ideation platform with their customers in the cloud using our "JamPot" IdeaJam manager. We are happy to announce that JamPot is now avaialable for companies and organizations wanting to run IdeaJam(s) on a month-to-month basis as a cloud service.

JamPot - Elguji Software

JamPot - Elguji Software

JamPot allows complete control over creating and maintaining IdeaJams including user management and configuration. Pricing for JamPot starts at $899 (US)/month for up to 200 users, $1,199 (US)/month for 201-500 users, $1,499 (US)/month for 501-1000 users. For IdeaJams with more than 1,000 particpants discounted pricing is available.

If you are interested in running an IdeaJam, whether it be for one month or an extended period of time, we would love to give you a tour.

The Elguji website will soon be updated with more information on all of the great benefits running an IdeaJam with JamPot offers.


Now available in Spanish - IdeaJam

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

We are happy to announce that we now have a Spanish language pack available for IdeaJam.


Each IdeaJam user can choose to view IdeaJam in the language of their choice. Also, the administrator can set the default language of each IdeaJam to a language of their choice.

IdeaJam now has language support for Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch/Flemish, English US and English GB. The Spanish language pack will be posted on our download site and will be included with the forthcoming IdeaJam V1.9.

You can take the Spanish language pack for a test drive at http://ideajam.net. Go to the "My Profile" link and select "Spanish" in the drop down.


Compare IdeaJam and IBM Connections Ideation Blogs

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

IBM recently introduced the inclusion of "ideation blogs" in Connections 3.0.1. While this new feature is a nice addition to the Connections product it doesn't offer much more than adding a "promote" button to a blog entry. IdeaJam is complete ideation platform that is not only made to integrate with IBM Connections, it also can be usually be setup in a company within 30 minutes using their existing investment in Lotus Domino hardware and software.

We put together this comparison sheet (PDF) to help companies learn more about IdeaJam and IBM Connections Ideation Blogs.

Here are some other IdeaJam brochures that you may also find interesting:


Why the API Matters

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We are hearing from more and more of our customers who are sharing their IQJam use cases and success stories with us. Frankly they aren't what we expected. Most of them of late have to do with how they are using the API to surface IQJam in Microsoft Office, Sharepoint, Lotus Connections, Websphere Portal, Customer Service websites, IBM XPages apps as well as many others. It's all about making the data easy to access using our API's. With a few simple lines of JavaScript any web developer can consume and re-purpose data from IQJam. Oh and did I mention that IdeaJam our idea management software also has an API ?

Let's take a look at the IQJam Web Services and JSON(P) API methods:
  • addQuestion
  • addAnswer
  • findQuestionById
  • searchQuestions
  • getRecentQuestions
  • getRecentAnswers (new in IQJam V1.1)
  • getRecentQuestionsByTag
  • getRecentQuestionsByAuthor
  • getUserProfile
  • getIQSpaces
  • getExperts (new in IQJam V1.1)
These methods have several parameters that you can supply such as an IQSpace, an IQSPace and IQSubSpace a tag among others. My personal favorite is the "getExperts" method which provides a list of the IQJam participants who are answering questions correctly for a given IQSpace/IQSubSpace. Another one of my favorites that is being used by a customer is to supply help in the Microsoft Office sidebar for their custom Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps and templates.

Clearly providing API's for customers in our products matters. How are you using our API's? Would you be more willing to purchase a product from a vendor if it included an API?


Tip: You don't have to include yourself (or others) if you don't want too

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Sometimes there are IdeaJam participants who don't want to be or shouldn't be included in the list of "Top Innovators". Let's look at how to do this.
  • Open up "User Profiles" view in IdeaJam
  • Select the jammer that you want to exclude from Top Innovators in the selection bar
  • Click the "Exclude from Top Innovators" button
  • To re-include jammers who have been excluded click the "Include in Top Innovators" button


Tip: Hiding the Developers Link in IdeaJam

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Recently a customer wanted to be able to hide the "Developers" link that appeared in the footer of every IdeaJam page. While most IdeaJam features can be turned on or off, there is not currently an option in the IdeaJam Control Panel for this. Enter the IdeaJam CSS document. Trust me, this is very easy to do.

Open your IdeaJam default.css stylesheet from the IdeaJam Notes user interface and located the following line:
.developersfooter {float: right; padding-right: 250px;}
Now modify this line to:
.developersfooter {display:none;}
You can even change this (if you would like) to:
span.developersfooter {display:none;}
Save the CSS document and open IdeaJam from a web browser. The Developers link in the footer will no longer be visible.


Stop the jam now! (or when you want to)

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

In our forthcoming IdeaJam 1.9 you will be able to place your jam into "read mode" in one of two ways. The first is by setting the "Enable Read Mode" option in the IdeaJam Control Panel:


The second option is to tell IdeaJam on which date to enable "read mode".


Read mode will prevent jammers from posting new ideas, comments and votes.


What you can do...

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Over 90% of the organizations that run an IdeaJam evaluation end up purchasing the product. When you pilot IdeaJam in your company you are able to:
  • Quickly install, configure and get your jam up and running on your own Domino server
  • Run a fully functioning jam
  • Customize the look and feel of the jam using the IdeaJam Control Panel, the IdeaJam CSS document and the IdeaJam language documents that allow you to change any of the text labels
  • Utilize the IdeaJam API
  • Integrate IdeaJam with Lotus Connections or Websphere Portal
  • Get access to our support team
  • Realize how beneficial IdeaJam can be to your company
The only thing you cannot do is to access the source code. The source code is included when you purchase IdeaJam Premier, Advanced or Standard editions.

Interested in piloting IdeaJam? Please let us know.


Keep in touch

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software


"Following" the IdeaSpace will send a periodic email digest with all of the newly created ideas. If you decide that you don't want to implement this feature in your IdeaJam(s) you can use the IdeaJam Control Panel to turn the feature on/off. You can also follow tags, individual ideas, comments and more. Oh, there's also the JSON and Web Services API to help you roll your own add-ons and extensions.


Meet the Activity Chart and his friends the flexible Statistics

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software
In response to customer feedback we are introducing a new "Activity Chart" in IdeaJam V1.9.


The chart appears on each idea page below the comments and votes and shows the number of daily votes and comments over the last 28 days. If your organization doesn't want to include the chart you can simply turn it off in the IdeaJam Control Panel.

In addition we have also given customers the flexibility to determine which charts they want to have included on the Statistics page. Again, use the IdeaJam Control Panel to select the charts you want to include.



So who are the Lotus communities top IdeaJam innovators?

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software
In IdeaJam V1.6 we introduced the "Top Innovators" feature. Each person contributing to an IdeaJam receives a score based on the number of ideas, comments, votes they cast and others who cast votes for their ideas. Each of these can be assigned a weight by the IdeaJam administrator. Additionally a Top Innovators calculation start date can be set in the IdeaJam Control Panel.

Top Innovators has been an extremely popular feature with Elguji's customers. In the forthcoming release of IdeaJam (V1.9) we have expanded this feature to have three bands of scores - Gold, Silver and Bronze. The band thresholds are configured in the IdeaJam Control Panel. The band colors can also be modifying easily in the IdeaJam Cascading Style Sheet.

You will see a persons Top Innovator score next to their name. Here are some screen shots:




Congratulations to Peter Presnell, Patrick Kwinten, Craig Wiseman, David Hablewitz, Vlad Sh, Cindy Kou, Michael Tassati and Mark Demicoli on achieving gold level Top Innovator scores.

The IBM Lotus Community IdeaJam Top Innovators >


A new look for the IdeaJam.net landing page

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software
In IdeaJam V1.7 we introduced the "Welcome Page" feature (IdeaJam Welcome Page Technote PDF) which allows you to create an alternative landing page when people access an IdeaJam. Combining the IdeaJam JSON API that was introduced in IdeaJam V1.8, the Welcome Page, some HTML, CSS and JavaScript and you have all of the ingredients to create an exceptional IdeaJam Welcome Page.

Earlier today we created a new Welcome Page for the IdeaJam.net site:


The new Welcome Page shows recent ideas, recent comments, which ideas are hot and some statistics. In fact, we also moved some ot the sidebar content to the top of the Welcome Page. How did we do this without opening up Domino Designer you are asking? Well we simply went into the IdeaJam Control Panel (via the Notes client) and pasted in some HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You may also have noticed that we also placed a list of the IdeaSpaces in the right hand sidebar for easy access.

Check out the new IdeaJam Welcome Page.


Run as many IdeaJams as you need

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

When customers purchase the on premises version of IdeaJam they can choose to run as many instances of IdeaJam as they need. New jams can be created with just a few clicks. Many of the companies that offer idea management software charge companies for each instance of their software. Another great benefit IdeaJam provides is that there is no additional cost to run IdeaJam on development, QA and clustered servers. One license covers them all.

If you are thinking about social business, consider Elguji's IdeaJam idea management software. Social business starts with sharing and discussing ideas with others. IdeaJam can help thrust your company into the world of social business.


IBM TV Interview at Lotusphere 2011 with Bruce Elgort

Category lotusphere ls11 interview ideajam tsazr tsa
Last week at IBM's Lotusphere 2011 conference Bruce Elgort was interviewed on the Product Showcase floor by IBM's Scott Laningham and "Turbo" Todd Watson. The interview was live-streamed on IBM TV during the show. Bruce talked about IdeaJam, IQJam, LinkJam, TSAzr for iPhone and much more.

Watch live streaming video from ibmsoftware at livestream.com


Kids getting social and innovating at school with Elguji's IdeaJam

Category ideajam education austin
IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

Here is a video of Elguji Software's Gayle Elgort talking about using IdeaJam in the Austin Independent School District:

Read the IdeaJam Case Study on the Austin Independent School District IdeaJam > (PDF)


A sneak peak at IdeaJam V1.9 - Idea and Innovation Management Software

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IdeaJam idea and innovation management software

We thought we would give you a sneak peak at some of the great new features coming in version 1.9 of our IdeaJam idea management and innovation software.
  • An IdeaJam can be switched into "read/view only mode" so that the audience can view ideas, votes and comments but are unable to create new content.
  • An IdeaJam can be set to automatically switch into "read/view mode" on a specified date.
  • When viewing an idea a new chart is available on an idea which shows recent activity against the idea including votes, comments and more.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating ideas while allowing the to vote and comment.
  • A new role which prohibits participants from creating comments.
  • A new sidebar widget which displays the list of IdeaSpaces (categories).
  • Participant reputation scores and badges.
  • A new "Moderator" role which allows moderation of all idea spaces without giving them "full admin" rights.
  • Tooltips for voting labels.
  • Month names are now displayed in the local language when viewing ideas and comments.
  • Support for multiple configurable static content pages has been added.
  • Individual charts on the Statistics page can be enabled or disabled.
  • ...and more
Want to learn more about IdeaJam? Start here >


Meet ISW, Elguji Software partner located in Australia

Category partner isw ideajam


ISW is an Australian IBM Premier Partner that is 100% focused on delivering solutions on IBM technologies. As a full service provider ISW is certified across Lotus, WebSphere, Information Management, Rational, and Tivoli. ISW's team of software engineers work with Australian organisations, from small business to large enterprise, to improve their business processes and implement complex IT solutions involving IBM technologies. Recognised as one of Australia’s most technically qualified IBM Premier Business Partners, ISW are able to provide products and services that utilise the full range of IBM software as well as technologies that have been developed in-house by our own software engineers.

ISW joins with Elguji as an IdeaJam reseller and are excited by the possibilities of combining their Lotus Domino, Lotus Connections and WebSphere Portal expertise with IdeaJam. IdeaJam will add another layer to the impressive capabilities of these popular IBM collaboration tools and, as Australia's leading Lotus Connections consultancy, will provide ISW with a further competitive differentiation in the market.

Elguji Software Partners >


Introducing Clever Together: Elguji partner located in the United Kingdom

Category partner ideajam innovation iqjam linkjam

Clever Together

Clever Together is a business improvement agency that partners with Elguji Software - we generate collective insight and deliver informed action to accelerate value across the full business lifecycle.

We believe that organisations can deliver more value, sooner, by making business decisions and taking actions that are informed by deep, collective insight.

Until recently technological limitations and tradition have forced business leaders to rely on information generated by individuals or small groups – sourcing insight from large groups with diverse experience was expensive, time consuming and hard to coordinate. Today, Clever Together makes it possible to generate collective insight from staff, customers, suppliers and partners, in real time – providing deep engagement across traditional boundaries. By combining applied social media with focussed event facilitation, our approach offers leaders an unprecedented opportunity to take informed action across their whole improvement lifecycle.



At Clever Together we focus on both “insight” and “action”. We combine the skills and techniques of a social engagement agency with the processes of a management consultancy, to help you take informed action, at lower cost with improved return on investment. We differentiate ourselves from other businesses in three ways:
  • En-Masse Stakeholder Engagement - We are different from traditional advisory firms because of our ability to rapidly tap the collective wisdom and insight of your stakeholders. For a fraction of the cost of traditional stakeholder engagement techniques we are able to give you the information you need to make better decisions, underpinned by real stakeholder support.
  • Whole Lifecycle - We are different from social engagement and media agencies because we are able to support your whole improvement lifecycle, from generating insight to planning action and realising the benefits. We’ll help you understand your challenges and facilitate the improvements you need in your organisation.
  • Improvement From Within – We recognise that the best source of insight for your organisation is from the people you employ and those within your immediate network (customers, suppliers and partners). In this sense, our approach creates the environment for innovation and improvement from within your organisation and its networks. As facilitators we form an integral part of your internal improvement network, as opposed to providing external advice.


We have built our business on a strong foundation of working in partnership with firms who recognise that our skills complement their offer to add increased value and improved outcomes for clients.

Technology Partners

We partner with a number of technology providers to offer easy to use social media tools that help us to engage large groups of people. We use a variety of tools ranging from idea management systems to smart blog and wiki solutions. As our technology partner, you can benefit in three ways:
  • Increase the value of your platform to end-customers – driving higher, more sustained licence revenue;
  • Leverage our expertise to offer a more comprehensive package to your customers;
  • Gain new customers – using your platform for client engagements where we feel you offer the best solution for the context at hand.

Consulting and Service Providers

We partner with several consultancies to support the delivery of their programmes. We can help you to achieve your objectives by:
  • accelerating and deepening the value of your consulting projects:
  • reaching out to wider groups of stakeholders;
  • enabling directed, bottom up, consensus driven decision-making; and
  • giving you the ability to begin your engagement strategy sooner;
  • broadening your service offerings;
  • creating additional USPs – an extra innovative edge within your proposals.

Markets and Services

At Clever Together our services are utilised across markets and are typically focused to resolve market specific challenges:

Clever Together

Contact Clever Togethers's Robin Vickers for more information.


The Myths of Innovation

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Author Scott Burken presents a lecture about his book "The Myths of Innovation" at a Google Tech Talk back in May 2007. The video runs about an hour is an excellent watch. We would love to hear your thoughts about the video/book in the comments.


Introducing PAVONE: An Elguji Software partner located in Germany

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Founded in 1994, the core competence of PAVONE lies in providing rock-solid workflow solutions across line-of-business processes. PAVONE elevates human workflow to a new level by offering a tight integration with Project Management, CRM, and Document Management applications. For over 16 years, PAVONE has satisfied customers with a palette of collaborative solutions. The PAVONE consulting teams are dedicated to customized business process optimization and system integration using the latest technologies.

In the tradition of German engineering, PAVONE continuously updates and fine-tunes its products and solutions with the latest technologies. The PAVONE consulting services brings project experience that spans decades of technology innovation.

PAVONE performs reliable work and provides professional support to customers in all project phases. Customers have benefited from PAVONE's services in over 2500 projects with 315,000 installations.

Based in Paderborn, Germany, PAVONE has branch offices in England and the United States. PAVONE employs over 40 people at its offices in Paderborn and Boeblingen as well as at home offices throughout Germany.

PAVONE an authorized Elguji Software Partner can assist you with evaluating and learning more about Elguji's products including IdeaJam, LinkJam and IQJam.

Contact PAVONE's Ingo Erdmann for more information.


Guess Who's a "Who's Who in Innovation Management Technology" According to Gartner

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Elguji was recently honored to have been included by Gartner in a recent comparison study of Idea Management solutions. In the research paper, "Who's Who in Innovation Management Technology," Gartner carefully examines eleven (11) different product offerings. 

While this research piece does not include the ubiquitous Gartner, "Magic Quadrant," table; it does include feature comparisons of over forty (40) features. The reader can easily walk away knowing IdeaJam has all of features they could possibly want (and then some). 

Additionally for those customers with an investment in IBM Lotus Notes & Domino, it's reinforces the simple notion that Domino is, "The Social Software Platform You Already Own." 

While there is a charge to purchase this research paper, you can see IdeaJam in action for yourself, for free.  Take a look at the USDA's, "America's Great Outdoors" IdeaJam. As of this writing there are:
  • 2,405 Ideas
  • 380,964 Votes
If you are interested in purchasing this research paper and / or becoming a Gartner client, please follow the link below.

A big thank you to Gartner for taking the time to learn about Elguji and IdeaJam.

Title:Who's Who in Innovation Management Technology
Authors:Carol Rozwell, Kathy Harris, Mary Mesaglio
Publication Date:August 16, 2010
Gartner Document ID #:G00205262
Length:28 pages
Article Link:http://www.gartner.com/DisplayDocument?id=1422313
Gartner Contact Info:http://www.gartner.com/technology/contact/contact_gartner.jsp


Customer Review: Austin Independent School District

Category education 2.0 ideajam review customer

Today we received a review of our IdeaJam Software-as-a-Service solution from Patricia Dabbert, Community Relations and Event Planning Coordinator at the Austin Independent School District. Pat was responsible for putting together the 72 hour "Education 2.0" crowdsourcing event held back in May, 2010. You can learn more about the districts Education 2.0 crowdsourcing success in this customer reference paper.

Here is what Pat had to say about the districts experiences with IdeaJam and Elguji Software:

The Austin ISD used IdeaJam to get input from a select group of students on various issues related to the school district's Strategic Plan. The IdeaJam software was extremely user friendly and the students caught on very quickly and enjoyed the ease at which they could generate and vote on ideas. As a customer, the staff provided outstanding customer service. They were always quick to respond to questions and were always available to provide assistance to make the IdeaJam run smoothly. I highly recommend IdeaJam to anyone wanting to use this type of tool to gather input from a group.

Read Pat's and other customer reviews of Elguji's IdeaJam idea management software.


Government 2.0 in Action: 20,000+ People Talking About "America's Great Outdoors"

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In June 2010, the US Department of Interior (DOI) launched a Government 2.0 initiative called "America's Great Outdoors IdeaJam". This crowd sourcing initiative is centered around the key theme of "Your Ideas for Protecting the Places You Love" and is being used to collect ideas, comments and votes from citizens around the United States.

The solution selected for this high profile initiative was Elguji's IdeaJam idea management software. ASND Designs, an Elguji partner based in Laurel, Maryland provisioned and delivered the IdeaJam platform for the DOI in a matter of hours. (Not days, hours.)

For those not familiar with the term, "Government 2.0," it is used to define the creation of an online, comfortable, transparent, and cost effective interaction between government and citizens (G2C – government to citizens), government and business enterprises (G2B –government to business enterprises) and relationship between governments (G2G – inter-agency relationship).

Government 2.0 is a mature market segment for Elguji. Government customers include the US Social Security Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture and the US National Information Technology Center.

For this IdeaJam President Obama has selected four challenge topics:
  • Challenges - What obstacles exist to achieving your goals for conservation, recreation, or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • What Works - Please share your thoughts and ideas on effective strategies for conservation, recreation and reconnecting people to the outdoors.
  • Federal Government Role - How can the federal government be a more effective partner in helping to achieve conservation, recreation or reconnecting people to the outdoors?
  • Tools - What additional tools and resources would help your efforts be even more successful?
There are three challenge topics that have been closed for input and have been archived. The results from these will be delivered to the America's Great Outdoors team for inclusion in the report to the President.

There are now over 20,000 people participating in the IdeaJam who have collectively contributed 2,291 ideas with 10,277 comments who have cast 357,600 votes on these ideas.

The "America's Great Outdoor IdeaJam is expected to run several more months. During that time it will generate many more ideas, comments and votes. All of which brings makes the government much more in tune with it constituencies.

To learn how your state or local government municipality can benefit from a Government 2.0 initiative like the "America's Great Outdoors IdeaJam", please contact Elguji Software.


A Demonstration of the New IdeaJam Developer API's

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One of the most requested features we hear repeatedly from customers and prospects is "when will you have an API for IdeaJam like your IQJam knowledge exchange solution does?". Well we are now happy to say that IdeaJam 1.8 includes a comprehensive developer API. There are two sets of identical API's, one for web services and the other for JSON that allow developers to easily interact and extend IdeaJam programmatically.

IdeaJam data can now be easily surfaced in other applications.

The team at Elguji is extremely proud to offer these new capabilities to our customers and future customers. Our experience with providing developer API's for our products has paid off for both our customers and ourselves.

Let's first start by listing the 14 methods available and what each one does and then we will look at the API's in action:
  • addComment - Add a comment to an idea.
  • addIdea - Add a new idea.
  • findIdeaById - Find an idea by it’s IdeaJam ID.
  • getIdeaSpaces - Get a list of IdeaSpaces.
  • getRecentComments - Get a list of recent comments.
  • getRecentIdeas - Get a list of recent ideas.
  • getRecentIdeasByAuthor - Get a list of recent ideas for an IdeaJam participant.
  • getRecentIdeasByTag - Get a list of recent ideas for a given tag.
  • getStats - Get the number of ideas, comments, votes and IdeaJam participants.
  • getTopInnovators - Get a list of the Top Innovators and their scores.
  • getTopTags - Get a list of the top tags.
  • getVotesForIdea - Get the list of votes for an idea.
  • getWhatsHot - Get a list of the ideas that are currently hot.
  • searchIdeas - Get a list of ideas for a given search term.
Have a look at the Developers page on the Lotus Community IdeaJam site for more information on these methods. You will also find the Developer link at the bottom of any page on an IdeaJam site. We also provide a test page for developers to test out their JSON calls. The WSDL can be found here. All calls to the API are logged into an optionally configured OpenLog database.

Now let's take a look at the API's in action:

Open the IdeaJam developers API sample page.

We put together a sample web page that demonstrates 12 of the 14 API methods using the JSON API. The API returns JSON objects which developers can then use to style and format any way they wish. We used MooTools in our sample page. The data being displayed on the sample page is coming from the the IdeaJam.net site.

Well we hope you now have an understanding of the IdeaJam developers API and it's capabilities. We would love to hear from you and would be happy to answer any questions about the API, IdeaJam or any other Elguji software solutions.


Elguji's Innovation Continues - Introducing a Brand New Version of IdeaJam

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Today we are announcing the availability of our latest release of our IdeaJam idea management software. Version 1.8 introduces new features that will benefit companies in many ways. Here is a quick run down of what’s new and improved:

Idea Linking

IdeaJam now supports the linking of “multiple” ideas together and also allows ideas from other IdeaSpaces to be linked to one another. Previously you could only link a single idea to another idea.

The IdeaJam API

A set of 14 web services and JSON API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) that allow developers to easily interact and extend IdeaJam programmatically. More information on the IdeaJam API coming in another blog post.

Lotus Connections Business Card Integration

IdeaJam now provides Lotus Business Card integration which allows users to click on a persons name to see their Lotus Connections business card. This feature can be turned on or off by the IdeaJam Administrator.

Comment Moderation

IdeaJam participants can now modify comments that they have entered in IdeaJam. Comments can be modified within fifteen minutes after they have been entered.
  • IdeaSpace and IdeaJam Administrators can now moderate comments by either deleting or modifying them.
  • The name of the person and date the comment was deleted is displayed where the comment was removed.
  • When a comment has been modified the word “Modified” is added to the comment.
Other New Features
  • New Top Innovators iWidget for Lotus Connections.
  • New “Suggested Tags” feature makes it easy for participants to tag ideas.
  • The “What’s Hot” list of ideas can now be selectively displayed in the side bar.
  • Tag selection has been improved by using a drop down list of tags for a participant to select from.
IdeaJam V1.8 is available immediately for download to all Elguji IdeaJam customers on software maintenance and can download IdeaJam here.

What People are Doing with IdeaJam:
  • Collecting ideas from employees on cutting costs.
  • Soliciting feedback and suggestions from employees, partners and customers.
  • Running innovation contests and competitions.
  • Validating concepts.
  • Using the power of "crowd-sourcing" to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top.
  • And much more.
Download the IdeaJam V1.8 New and Notable Features PDF.


Case Study: The Austin Independent School District

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Back in May several hundred students from the Austin Independent School District participated in a district sponsored IdeaJam to share their ideas and thoughts in several key areas. The jam was held over a 72 hour period and included contributions from not only the students but the District Superintendent, Principals and other school Administrators.

Read the Austin Independent School District IdeaJam Case Study (PDF) >


Integrating IdeaJam with Lotus Connections

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We just published a document which reviews the integration points that IdeaJam has with Lotus Connections. Lotus Connections can surface IdeaJam ideas using the IdeaJam Lotus Connections iWidget, a vast array of RSS feeds and via the Lotus Connections Business Card. These same features are also available for Microsoft Sharepoint.

More on Elguji's Documents page >


User Adoption Strategies - by Michael Sampson

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Today in the post we received a copy of Michael Sampsons new book "User Adoption Strategies" and were happy to see a section on Elguji's IdeaJam idea and innovation management software. This marks the second time IdeaJam has been covered in a published book. The first was in "Web 2.0 and Social Networking in the Enterprise" by Joey Bernal.

Time to go read Michaels books. Stay tuned for our review.


IdeaJam reviews on NotesAppStore.com

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You can find some reviews of our IdeaJam product on the NotesAppStore.com. These reviews are from Elguji customers who run IdeaJam on their own Domino servers as well as from SaaS (with service) customers. Additionally you can read several case studies about IdeaJam here.


Elguji awarded "Finalist" in the IBM 2010 Beacon Awards

Category ibm beacon awards elguji ideajam
On Thursday Elguji received an email from Rich Hume, General Manager, IBM Global Business Partners & Mid-Market letting us know that our IdeaJam product was named as a Finalist in the prestigious 2010 IBM Beacon Awards:

Everyday, IBM Business Partners around the world strive to provide innovative solutions based on IBM products and services. The high number of Beacon Award submissions received this year significantly increased the level of competition. Today, I would like to extend my congratulations to you as being selected as a 2010 Finalist for the Outstanding Innovative Collaboration Solution Award sponsored by Lotus Software. Your nomination was among the best of hundreds received and sets the standard for business excellence, creativeness and client success.

We would like to recognize you and all of the winners and finalists at this year's IBM Beacon Awards Recognition Event which will be held in Rome, Italy, May 18-20, in conjunction with IBM's Information on Demand Conference 2010. Award winners and finalists are invited to an exclusive Beacon Award Leadership Meeting, a series of exclusive, high-level education sessions, 1:1 meeting opportunities and special recognition events. So save the date and book your arrangements now! Attached is a complete description of the recognition event, finalist benefits, and directions on how to register.

Thank you for submitting your nomination to this year’s Beacon Award competition. I look forward to meeting you in Rome.

Rich Hume
General Manager
IBM Global Business Partners & Mid-Market

Elguji is extremely honored to have received this recognition from IBM. Elguji Software is not a big, anonymous corporate entity. We are a small team of dedicated and talented individuals united by the common passion of creating great software and providing our customers with first class customer support.

To see a list of all of Elguji's awards please visit this page.


The Problem – Create a WOW experience for Kelly’s customers and candidates

Category case study ideajam
We have just posted a new IdeaJam Case Study about Kelly Services use of IdeaJam:

There are thousands of unique staffing firms in the U.S. Differentiating yourself can be a daunting task. As a global workforce solutions company with over 8,000 full time employees and 700,000 contract employees, Kelly needed a global platform to generate ideas on improving the “experience” of their key stakeholders: customers, candidates, and workforce suppliers.


Kelly invested in an on-line ideas & innovation management technology and benchmarked other companies on best practices in managing collaboration. Executive sponsors were enlisted to review and prioritize ideas in five key areas: customer experience; candidate experience; supplier experience; employee experience and cost savings. Named “IdeaHub”, the platform was launched on the company’s global intranet in December 2008. Kelly executives also inserted their own ideas to generate conversation and drive adoption. A team of moderators monitored and escalated ideas that generated over 100 votes and kept the company apprised of ideas that were being implemented. Executive messages also frequently included a link to IdeaHub so that the employees could immediately react by posting their ideas.

Read the Case Study (PDF) >

Elguji's IdeaJam Case Studies


Introducing the IdeaJam API

Category 1.8 ideajam api
Coming in the Summer '10 release of IdeaJam (due in May/June) we will be introducing the IdeaJam API. The API will be available via JSON and Web Services. Using the API customers will be able to integrate IdeaJam into mobile applications, intranet applications, widgets, and other Lotus products including Websphere Portal, Lotus Connections and many others. You may remember this blog entry where we talked about our customers developing some really cool IQJam integration points with iPhone, Android and Microsoft Office.

Based on customer feedback let me introduce you to the IdeaJam API methods:

addComment(ideaId, comment, securityKey)

addIdea (idea, securityKey)

findIdeaById(ideaId, securityKey)


getRecentComments(ideaSpace, securityKey)

getRecentIdeas(ideaSpace, count, securityKey)

getRecentIdeasByAuthor(author, count, securityKey)

getRecentIdeasByTag(tag, ideaSpace, count, securityKey)

getStats(securityKey, numberOfIdeas, numberOfComments, numberOfVotes securitykey)



getVotesForIdea(ideaId, securityKey)

getWhatsHot(timeFrame, securityKey)

searchIdeas(search, securityKey)

The API is still under development and if you have any feedback I am sure the development team would love to hear from you.


Updated product brochures

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We have updated some of our product brochures and here they are:

IdeaJam - Idea and Innovation Management Software

- Top 10 Reasons You Need IdeaJam (PDF)

- Notable IdeaJam Features (PDF)

- IdeaJam Product Brochure (PDF)

- Improve the Performance of Your Enterprise with Social Networking Software (PDF)

IQJam - Question and Answer Community Software for the Enterprise

- IQJam Product Brochure (PDF)

- IQJam Mobile for Apple iPhone and Google Android Product Brochure (PDF)

LinkJam - Social Bookmarking Software for the Enterprise

- LinkJam Product Brochure (PDF)

- LinkJam Notable Features (PDF)


Hutch Carpenter: Why Ideas Are Core to Enterprise 2.0

Category ideas ideajam enterprise 2.0
Hutch Carpenter the VP of Product for Spigit (a competitor of Elguji's) has a great blog entry about how important ideas are in the context of Enterprise 2.0:

If Enterprise 2.0 rests on delivering value through collaborative, emergent and social means, ideas are the top basis for leveraging these qualities.


There are many types of content and activities – social objects – that are part of a social computing initiative. I’d argue ideas, for a host of reasons, should be considered top amongst those social objects.

Read Hutch Carpenter's blog entry "Why Ideas Are Core to Enterprise 2.0 >


Elguji's IdeaJam featured on the Lotus Solutions Catalog home page

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IdeaJam is now included in the new Lotus Solutions Catalog and is also a "featured" on the catalog home page:

Lotus Solutions Catalog - IdeaJam

IQJam and LinkJam should be included in the catalog shortly.


Elguji Partnering with RSVP Consulting within the UK Public Sector

Category ideajam elguji uk
Elguji is now working with RSVP Consulting (www.rsvp-consulting.com) to support the development of service strategies within the UK Public Sector. We are bringing together strategy, change and innovation consultancy with Elguji's IdeaJam; idea and innovation management software offering - to deliver "more for less" to the UK Public Sector.

This partnership is already paying dividends, over the last 3 months we have supported the development of an information strategy for two Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) within the UK's National Health Service (NHS). While the use of on-line engagement is relatively new within the public sector, this work engaged 150 management and clinical stakeholders, across multiple commissioning and provider organisations, to develop the strategy without the need for multiple workshops and meetings. This process enabled the PCTs to complete development work that would normally take months - within 8 weeks - more for less!

Our work with RSVP will continue to support Innovative consulting propositions within the U.K. public sector - creating an environment where the public sector can collaborate to make informed decisions that support future service efficiencies.

We're happy to be able to recommend RSVP Consulting if your organization is interested in using IdeaJam™ to develop new strategies or deliver innovation enabled business change, collaborating across boundaries and with partners - the team of Elguji and RSVP Consulting can help you.

Please contact:

Gayle Elgort - Elguji

Robin Vickers - RSVP 


Absolutely exceeding our expectations

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Since it's release in November 2009, the sales of our IQJam product are exceeding our pre-launch forecasts. Customers have been quick to deploy IBM Lotus Domino 8.5.1 servers and, with those deployments we are seeing our existing customer base, as well as many new customers purchasing and deploying IQJam. One of the key selling features of IQJam has been it's application programming interface (API). Customers have been linking IQJam to their server and support desk applications, Microsoft Office, to their company intranets as well as building some really slick Adobe Flex/Air applications.

In version IQJam V1.1 we are addressing the top two feature requests that customers have asked for - those being Lotus Connections integration and adding attachments to answers. Elguji will be demonstrating IQJam V1.1 at Lotusphere 2010 at booth no. 622.


Elguji's IdeaJam Named Twice as a Finalist in the 2010 Lotus Awards!

Category awards ideajam elguji
On Thursday, December 17th, 2009 Elguji's IdeaJam Idea and Innovation Management software was named as a finalist in the following two 2010 Lotus Award categories:

Best TOTAL Lotus Collaboration Solution

Best End-User Solution

For a complete list of industry awards Elguji has won you can look here.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 Lotus Award Winners and Finalists.


Example Javascript code to add IQJam questions to IdeaJam

Category api iqjam ideajam
Earlier today we blogged about surfacing IQJam question in IdeaJam and below is an example of the JavaScript code customers can place into their IdeaJam Control Panel to have IQJam questions appear with inside of IdeaJam. Customers will need to include their IQJam API Security Key for the "securitykey". This is sample code and will be included with IdeaJam V1.7.

<script language="Javascript">

function getRelatedQuestions(){
       try {
       var url = "/iqjam/iqjam.nsf/jsonSearchQuestions";
       var myRequest = new XHR( {
                       method: 'post',
                       onFailure: function (data) {
                               //alert("There was an error: " + data.responseText);
                       onSuccess: function (data){
                               data = eval("(" + data + ")");
                               if (data.questions.length > 0){
                                       var html = "<b>Possibly Related Questions in IQJam</b><br  /><br /><ul>";
                                       for (var i=0; i<data.questions.length; i++){
                                               html += "<li><a style=\"color: #333333; text-decoration: none;\" href=\"" + data.questions[i].url + "\" target=\"newwin\">" + data.questions[i].title + "</a></li>";
                                               if (i > 3)
                                       $("relatedquestions").innerHTML = html + "<ul/>";
                                       $("relatedquestions").style.display = "block";
       var searchin = document.title;
       searchin = searchin.split(" - ")[1];
       searchin = searchin.split(" ");
       var search = "";
       for (var i=0; i<searchin.length; i++){
               if (searchin[i].length > 2){
                       if(search != "")
                               search += " OR ";
                       search += searchin[i];
       var data = "securitykey=APIKeyOnYourUserProfile&search=" + search;
       myRequest.send(url, data);

<div id="relatedquestions" style="display: none; padding: 10px; font-size: 0.9em; background-color: #FFFFFF; color: #333333; font-weight: normal; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft: 4px; -moz-border-radius-bottomright: 4px; margin-bottom: 5px;"></div>


See the IQJam JSON API in action in IdeaJam

Category json ideajam iqjam api
With a few lines of Javascript, customers can easily add IQJam functionality to any website using the IQJam API. Below you will see that questions from IQJam are being surfaced within an IdeaJam idea. Very cool stuff and even more cool stuff coming soon. You can see this functionality live in The IBM Lotus Community IdeaJam right now.

IQJam meets IdeaJam - Surface IQJam Questions in IdeaJam via JSON

To see how you can integrate IQJam with Microsoft Office look here.


Product Documentation Updates

Category ideajam iqjam linkjam taskjam
The following are links to the product documenation for IdeaJam, IQJam, LinkJam and TaskJam:

IdeaJam - Installation, Setup and Configuration Guide

IQJam - Installation, Setup and Configuration Guide

LinkJam - Installation, Setup and Configuration Guide

TaskJam - Installation, Setup and Configuration Guide


How to drive revenue with an open source product in your portfolio

Category openntf ideajam iqjam taskjam
Part of Elguji's company strategy to help people developers learn more about IBM Lotus XPages development and to create brand awareness for Elguji included developing an open source application called TaskJam. With the thousands of TaskJam downloads have come inquiry after inquiry about other products - most of them leading to sales of IdeaJam, LinkJam and IQJam. How do we know this? Well people tell us! Additionally, we have acquired a cadre of XPages development work and consulting services as well.

While Elguji is not the first company in the Lotus ISV/BP world to offer open source or free software to help drive sales of commercial software, we certainly can attest to it's success as a tool to help drive sales of our other products and services. We encourage other Lotus ISV's to follow suite as you can almost be guaranteed that it will help you drive sales and increase brand recognition.

Some of you may be asking when TaskJam will make into the OpenNTF GPL Catalog and we can answer with "we are working hard on making that happen".


What do you do if your boss rejects your idea

Category video ideajam


The United States Department of Agriculture - Case Study

Category ideajam case study
A few days ago we blogged about the Lotus Knows Ad Campaign Case Study and, now we are happy to share the Case Study for the United States Department of Agriculture and how they used Elguji's IdeaJam product.

During the economic downturn of 2008 President Obama challenged all US Government employees to make cost saving suggestions for the annual US Budget process. This was part of a larger effort to ensure that the US Government agencies invested taxpayer dollars in programs and initiatives that have proven records of success and fix or end programs that do not. The USDA needed to reach out to all of it's employees to find ways to reduce wasteful spending.

View the case study (PDF) >


The Lotus Knows Ad Campaign - Case Study

Category ideajam case study
Elguji has been witnessing company after company innovating with our products and, in particular IdeaJam. We have put together a series of case studies that are available on our web site. The first one we want to share with you is the Lotus Knows IdeaJam that took place in August 2009. Putting together public case studies is also a requirement for IBM Business Partners participating in the Business Partner Advisory Council which Elguji is a member of.

View the case study (PDF) >


IdeaJam covered in new book from IBM Press

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Joey Bernal's book "Web 2.0 and Social Networking for the Enterprise: Guidelines and Examples for Implementation and Management Within Your Organization" from IBM Press is out and covers all things Web 2.0 and Social Netowrking from Lotus and includes Elguji's IdeaJam idea and innovation management software. A quick review of the book reveals that IdeaJam is one of the only third party applications included. Here is the description of the book from Amazon.com:

This book provides hands-on, start-to-finish guidance for business and IT decision-makers who want to drive value from Web 2.0 and social networking technologies. IBM expert Joey Bernal systematically identifies business functions and innovations these technologies can enhance and presents best-practice patterns for using them in both internal- and external-facing applications. Drawing on the immense experience of IBM and its customers, Bernal addresses both the business and technical issues enterprises must manage to succeed. He offers insights and case studies covering multiple technologies, including AJAX, REST, Atom/RSS, enterprise taxonomies, tagging, folksonomies, portals, mashups, blogs, wikis, and more. He also presents practical guidance for building robust, secure, collaborative applications by using applications and services from multiple sources with powerful tools such as WebSphere® Portal, Lotus® Connections, and IBM Mashup Center.

IdeaJam is covered on pages 267-269.

Buy the book on Amazon.com here >


Web design agency innovating with Elguji

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One of our Canadian customers in the financial services industry works with a web design and communications agency in Canada called iStudio. This agency is responsible for all of their web design work. When this company purchased IdeaJam they needed to customize it to match their corporate branding guidelines as well as the needs of the business unit interested in using IdeaJam.

Using the native out-of-the-box functionality of IdeaJam, iStudio was able to make the customers IdeaJam look exactly the way the customer wanted it to look. Mike from iStudio recently blogged about how they used the language file to add a user agreement plugin to the login panel without touching the underlying Notes/Domino design.

Adding a user agreement JavaScript plugin to IdeaJam


IQJam has shipped!

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Elguji Software is very pleased to announce that IQJam, our question and answer community social networking software is now available for purchase. IQJam has been specifically built for IBM's Lotus Domino 8.5.1. Customer demand for an enterprise class question and answer system is the primary driver for Elguji developing IQJam. IQJam customers can also expect the same world-class customer service and support that they are accustomed to with Elguji.

The demo schedule is practically booked solid so, if your company is interested in seeing a 30 minute demo please contact our Sales group.

We would also like to thank the many customers who have participated in the beta program as well as the community members who helped test on the IQJam.net site.

To learn more about IQJam please visit http://elguji.com/iqjam.


Announcing IQJam Beta and IdeaJam Fall '09

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IQJam.net Beta Launches

Elguji Software is happy to announce that their forthcoming IQJam question and answer community social networking software is now available for beta testing at http://iqjam.net. IQJam has been specifically built for IBM's forthcoming Domino 8.5.1. Customer demand for an enterprise based question and answer system is the primary driver for Elguji developing the product.

Users can login to IQJam using their IdeaJam.net username and password. An IdeaSpace for IQJam has been setup on the IdeaJam.net site for beta testers to enter their ideas on how to improve IQJam. Additionally, testers are encouraged to use the Feedback link at the bottom of every page to notify Elguji of any problems or errors they run into.

IQSpaces and Sub IQSpaces for Lotus Sametime, Lotus Connections, Lotus Symphony, Lotus Quickr, OpenNTF, Domino Development, Lotusphere, Domino Administration, IdeaJam, IQJam, LinkJam and TaskJam have are available.

The JSON and Web Services API is also available for testing. To learn more about the IQJam API visit the Developers link on IQJam.net. We'll be releasing more documentation about the APIs over the coming days and weeks, but if you have any questions, please just drop us a line using the Feedback form.

All of the administration and configuration for IQJam is browser or Lotus Notes Client based which allows the administrator to choose how they want to run the site.

Here are some screenshots of IQJam:

To learn more about IQJam please visit http://elguji.com/iqjam.

Disclaimer: IBM Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.1 is prerelease code and there are no guarantees from IBM that the functionality presented will be in the final shipping product.

IdeaJam Fall '09 to be Released

IdeaJam Fall '09 will be available for customers on software maintenance starting on September 26th. This release includes the ability to "Follow or Unfollow" IdeaSpaces (email alerts), the Top Innovators leaderboard, integration of the Dashboard with a users Profile, the ability to navigate back into a view where you left off and much more.
The full list of new features:

- IdeaJam XPages version upgraded to run on Domino 8.5.1 only
- Custom HTML Header in Control Panel
- @CommentBody@ can be used to insert the comment body for new comment notifications that get sent out by the IdeaJam
- Improved navigation on Advanced Search, Favorite Ideas and What's Hot Screens
- A tooltip now appears when hovering over the Favorite stars.
- It is now possible to configure 5 extra custom fields on the user profile. User Profile and Dashboard have been merged
- New Top Innovators function from the header menu.
- Improved navigation so that the last view position you were in is remembered when clicking the "Back to All Ideas" button
- Idea Counts Added to the IdeaSpace navigation combo box
- A new "Follow IdeaSpace" function is now available
- The IdeaSpace can now be selected for the Lotus Connections iWidget

We're also continuing our aim to deliver high quality software and so several bugs and inconsistencies reported by customers have been addressed:

- Fixed language variables bug when withdrawing votes.
- Fixed language variables bug when viewing a person's ideas on their profile.
- Removed quick login box from Registration page to avoid confusion
- Fixed security of reg_userlookup agent to allow registrations in a secure IdeaJam database
- Fixed a bug where the creator of an idea wasn't notified of new comments on their idea in certain circumstances
- Fixed a bug with high number ASCII characters in IdeaSpace names in the Statistics Flash charts
- Removed Archived comments from live views
- Fixed display of Archived Questions in the Dashboard views
- Fixed a potential XSS vector on the Search Results screen
- Fixed an error in Safari where Ideas could be submitted without passing validation
- Fixed a problem where a URL edited with the Plain Text Idea form broke the link
- Unvoted will now only show Open and In Progress Ideas
- Fixed a bug where Withdrawn, Rejected and Completed Ideas were not being archived
- Fixed a bug with Quick Login in IE6 when logging in from inside an Idea

You can see IdeaJam Fall '09 in action at http://ideajam.net.


IBM Recognizes Elguji Software, LLC for Outstanding Achievements in Business and Technology Excellence

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Media Contact
Gayle Elgort
+1 (360) 450-5022


IBM Recognizes Elguji Software, LLC for Outstanding Achievements in Business and Technology Excellence

VANCOUVER, WA – JUNE 9, 2009 – Elguji Software, LLC was named winner of the award for Innovative Collaboration Solution with Lotus® Software in the 2009 IBM Beacon Awards competition. Elguji’s IdeaJam software was awarded this prestigious award for delivering outstanding value and innovative approaches to helping clients address unique business challenges.

“We are very proud to have won an IBM Beacon Award this year,” says Gayle Elgort, President of Elguji Software. "We are thrilled to see more and more companies around the globe using our idea management and innovation software to change the way they do business - all of this in a tough economic environment.”

The IBM Beacon Awards are an integral part of IBM’s PartnerWorld program, which provides industry recognition, increased visibility and promotional opportunities to IBM global Business Partners.  Members of IBM PartnerWorld benefit from global marketing and technical enablement initiatives to drive new revenue and market opportunities through the delivery of innovative business solutions.  

“We use IdeaJam as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to support online collaborative events for our clients." says Kate Morrison, Principal, Vulture Street Innovation Software & Services, Brisbane, Australia. "The well-thought-out design of IdeaJam means we can use it to facilitate idea generation, voting and discussion for groups ranging from hands-on engineers to arts and humanities scholars. It really is a flexible and powerful tool for groups of any kind, and the Elguji team provide an excellent level of customer service and support.”

The IBM Beacon Awards recognize excellence in the development and delivery of solutions and services that Business Partners deliver to clients around the world.  More than 340 nominations were judged by a team of leading industry journalists, analysts and IBM executives, who selected winners and finalists in the 22 award categories.

"IBM is dedicated to helping our global Business Partners deliver innovative solutions that enable our joint clients transform their business operations," said Rich Hume, general manager, IBM Global Business Partner Organization.  "Elguji was recognized in the Innovative Collaboration Solution with Lotus® Software category based on their technology leadership and commitment to delivering customer value.  This award is a testament to their commitment to delivering on IBM's smarter planet vision."

For more information about the IBM Beacon Awards, including descriptions of the winning entries and details about the finalists, please visit http://www-1.ibm.com/partnerworld/pwhome.nsf/weblook/2009_awards.html.

To learn more about IBM PartnerWorld, a comprehensive program that offers marketing and sales resources, training, certification and technical support to help create new revenue and market opportunities for IBM Business Partners, visit http://www.ibm.com/partnerworld.

About Elguji Software, LLC

Elguji Software, LLC, is a member of IBM PartnerWorld located in Vancouver, Washington, USA. Elguji specializes in Web 2.0 and social networking software development. Visit http://www.elguji.com for more information.

With Elguji Software's IdeaJam, customers can:

- Collect ideas from employees on cutting costs, new products/services and new work processes
- Solicit feedback and suggestions from employees, customers and partners
- Run innovation contests and competitions
- Gather and manage feedback on new product features and services
- Use the power of "crowd sourcing" to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top
- Solicit immediate input from employees at any level and from any organization quickly and easily

IBM and Lotus are trademarks of IBM Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. IdeaJam is a trademark of Elguji Software, LLC.



RSS for IdeaSpace comments coming in V1.5 (Spring '09)

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New IdeaJam "Home Page" coming soon in Spring '09

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Back on February 25, 2009 Roland posted an idea on IdeaJam.net where he suggested the following:

I fully admit that when I go to IdeaJam, sure I'll vote on some ideas and make comments, but what I am really interested in is what is happening with MY ideas. I want to know what new comments were posted on my ideas and which of my ideas are hot or not so hot since since last time I logged in. Bruce and company most likey have their own private admin views for this. Right? This will save us the time of having to click on all our ideas to see if any of the comments are new. Then we can spend less time being self-centered and more time being altruistic and contribute to the community.

Well, in response to Roland's idea and for those of you who voted for it here is what we have created:

IdeaJam V1.5 Spring '09
The top section will list your ideas, the number of votes, comments and the last activity date. If you hover over the title of an idea you will see a pop-up box which contains the last person who either voted or commented on your idea. The "Suggested Ideas" section will show you ideas that you may be interested in. We have developed an algorithm that suggests ideas based on your voting, commenting and tagging habbits.

Spring '09 (V1.5) will be IdeaJam's fourth upgrade since it's launch in March 2008. All customers on software maintenance will be entitled to Spring '09.

We will be pushing this build to the IdeaJam.net sometime in the next few days.


Winner: CTO Innovation Award

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Yesterday during the Lotusphere 2009 Opening General Session Lotus General Manager announced that Elguji was awarded the "2009 CTO Innovation Award" for IdeaJam. Bob also announced that IdeaJam was also a finalist for the "2009 Best in Showcase".

"The CTO Award recognizes those visionary IBM Business Partners who are leading the technology charge by exploiting Lotus' and WebSphere Portals latest capabilities in innovative, leading-edge, and exciting new ways. These ground-breaking solutions are positioned to be drivers in tomorrow's new markets, fostering innovation and at an ingenuity level that stands out above their peers. Special consideration will be given to first-time nominees."

Congratulations to Gayle Elgort and Matt White for working so hard to make IdeaJam what it is.


Winner: Breakout Technology Award

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At Business Development Day Elguji was awarded the "Breakout Technology Award" for IdeaJam:

"This Award will be presented to an IBM Business Partner who offers a solution that extends the software user experience by leveraging new technology innovations introduced into the IBM Lotus® and IBM WebSphere® Portal portfolio. These technologies must be new since Lotusphere® 2008, such as XPages, Live Text, Composite Application integration with the Sidebar, and the Portal Web 2.0 client. They provide IBM Business Partners and customers with the capability to integrate and blend heterogeneous applications and data in the context of the end user's role, transforming solutions into a single seamless work environment that boosts end user and organizational effectiveness.

Submissions for this Award should be solutions that leverage these new technologies to extend business application functionality based on contexts defined by end consumer requirements. Entries will be judged based on the overall business value they demonstrate, the extent to which these solutions leverage the technologies, and the ability to demonstrate how these enhancements boost end user and organizational effectiveness.


Learn what's coming in IdeaJam Winter '09

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With Elguji's commitment to provide quarterly maintenance releases for our products we are happy to announce some of the features that will be available in the Winter '09 release of IdeaJam which will be available in the Lotusphere 2009 time frame. All of the new features in this release have come from our customers. As we like to say "we use our product to build and enhance our product".
  1. IBM Lotus Domino XPages Support - For customers running the forthcoming release of IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 they can choose to run IdeaJam using XPages or classic Domino HTTP. Both ship in a single NTF.

  2. Advanced Search - Search by IdeaSpace, sub-IdeaSpace search, dates, tags and more

  3. Reporting - Export search results to Excel, CSV or XML

  4. Web Administration - manage, configure and customize your IdeaJam from a web browser

  5. Archiving - Rules based archiving allows you to have one or more rules that determine when and which ideas get archived

  6. Delete Ideas from the Web - IdeaJam administrators can now delete ideas from the web

  7. Custom IdeaSpace and System Messages - You can now provide custom text messages that appear below IdeaSpace names to assist users. These messages can be easily dismissed by the user. System administrators can create new messages where they have the option to force them to re-display to users who have dismissed them.

  8. Improved Tag Clouds - Tag clouds now appear on all pages. The XPages version tag cloud will show tags on an IdeaSpace by IdeaSpace basis.
Learn more about IdeaJam >


Is this the best way to describe a Notes/Domino application to Joe Six Pack?

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Have a look at this 00:02:06 video and tell us what you think.


Free IdeaJam and LinkJam Evaluations

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I bet you didn't know that your company can get a free 30 day on-line fully functional evaluation of IdeaJam or LinkJam. Evaluations are secure and can be provisioned on our servers quickly. If you are interested in an evaluation, please fill out our "Request Information" form on the Elguji website and somebody will contact you. And if you have not yet seen our product tour videos be sure and have a look. You can find the IdeaJam Product Tour here and the LinkJam Product Tour here.


IdeaJam and IdeaJam Express Fall '08 are now available

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Earlier today the Elguji development team released the Fall '08 versions of IdeaJam and IdeaJam Express. Fall '08 includes the following new features:
  • iPhone and iPod Touch support
  • Multi-word tags
  • Added ability to sort and filter ideas on a user's profile
  • LinkJam integration
  • Added "Favorite Ideas" function
  • Added new administration view for user profiles to allow easy deletion of user profile documents
  • Users can now choose which language labels should be displayed. The default is still controlled from the Control Panel, but now users have the ability to choose from other languages you may choose to offer by editing their Profile.
  • Added choice for users to receive emails when a comment is added to an idea that they have commented on
  • Added new RSS feed for favorite ideas, which monitors the favorite ideas and any comments added to them
  • Added support for up to five attachments on an idea including non image based files (.doc, .pdf etc.)
  • Added "Internal Description" field to Idea form in the Notes client
  • Added "Copy as Document Link" action to the Idea and Comment forms
  • Changed Control Panel save process to allow non database Managers to update the ACL Roles for IdeaSpaces
The upgrade from the IdeaJam Summer '08 takes about 5 minutes and is available to all IdeaJam and IdeaJam Express customers.


Preparing for a Board of Directors Meeting with IdeaJam

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One of our customers will soon be testing the Fall '08 release of IdeaJam which includes the ability to attach multiple files to an idea. Not only graphical images but Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Symphony and PDF documents or any type of file for that matter. With this feature they will be using IdeaJam as a tool for their corporate Board of Directors to solicit feedback through voting and comments on meeting agenda items and other items/issues. Cool stuff


New Unvoted and Change Password Features

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IdeaJam V1.2 (and IdeaJam.net) now allow users to change their password.


Additionally users can now see ideas that they have not yet voted for ("unvoted") on an IdeaSpace by IdeaSpace basis.



Introducing IdeaJam V1.2

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On Wednesday, July 9th, 2008 V1.2 of IdeaJam will be available for download to all customers with maintenance and support agreements. An updated "Installation, Setup and Customization Guide" will also be available.

New Features

Added configuration to control the number of items in What's Hot on the sidebar

Added configuration to control Statistics, Tags, Unvoted and My Profile in the header menu

Added LinkJam integration

Improved uniqueness of statistics chart names for customers running multiple instances of IdeaJam

Added configuration to control where temporary files for statistics get saved (requires edit and save of control panel document)

Added validation to force Description to be added to a new idea

Added Change Password button to user profile

Added filtering of unvoted ideas by IdeaSpace

Bug Fixes

Fixed movement of votes when clicking the show votes link (requires updated Language document)

Fixed a potential bug that can occur when generating charts for a new IdeaJam site

Fixed missing RSS icons in Completed, Rejected, Withdrawn views

Fixed broken screenshot images in By IdeaSpace views

Improved view heading consistency across the application

Fixed suggested similar ideas for plain text version of idea form


Sherpa Software is reaching out to their customers for innovation

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Sherpa Software a leader in email management tools for IBM's Lotus Notes/Domino and Microsoft's Exchange Server has recently purchased Elguji's IdeaJam software. Sherpa will use IdeaJam to solicit ideas on how they can improve their products.

I can't even begin to explain how simple this was to configure and get running.  Our site was ready to go in honestly a matter of minutes.  It's well designed and thought-out, plus it's a Notes database.  Even some of our Microsoft guys have been impressed with the power of Domino.  Now agreeing on some of the wording and fine-tuning of the site will take some time but the initial setup and ease of ongoing changes will make this an absolute breeze.

--Denny Russell, Sherpa Software


IdeaJam V1.1.3

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New Features Added
  • Changed votes by date and week charts to only count Promotes and Demotes (ignoring No Opinions)
  • Made the display of Header Stats configurable in the Control Panel

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in Idea Linking when there are more than 1000 ideas
  • Fixed display of labels in Profile when viewing in read mode
  • Fixed potential XSS attack on Idea and Profile screens
  • Fixed potential hacker vulnerability that allowed the insertion of a non-existant IdeaSpace via the Idea form


Using the system to build the system

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Seventy eight of your ideas have now been completed and implemented in the shipping version of IdeaJam (V1.1.3). Many of these features have also been included in soon to be released LinkJam. It's pretty cool that we have been able to use the IdeaJam system to build and shape new versions of IdeaJam. We are now working on some customer success stories where you will be able learn how our customers are using IdeaJam to improve their products and services by becoming part of the conversation and willing to innovate based on it.


The Lotus developers are watching

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It's always good when we can mark an idea as complete. Maureen commented on this idea today that the feature request has been added to the Designer 8.5 client. So keep the ideas coming, the developers are watching.