Introducing the IdeaJam API

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Coming in the Summer '10 release of IdeaJam (due in May/June) we will be introducing the IdeaJam API. The API will be available via JSON and Web Services. Using the API customers will be able to integrate IdeaJam into mobile applications, intranet applications, widgets, and other Lotus products including Websphere Portal, Lotus Connections and many others. You may remember this blog entry where we talked about our customers developing some really cool IQJam integration points with iPhone, Android and Microsoft Office.

Based on customer feedback let me introduce you to the IdeaJam API methods:

addComment(ideaId, comment, securityKey)

addIdea (idea, securityKey)

findIdeaById(ideaId, securityKey)


getRecentComments(ideaSpace, securityKey)

getRecentIdeas(ideaSpace, count, securityKey)

getRecentIdeasByAuthor(author, count, securityKey)

getRecentIdeasByTag(tag, ideaSpace, count, securityKey)

getStats(securityKey, numberOfIdeas, numberOfComments, numberOfVotes securitykey)



getVotesForIdea(ideaId, securityKey)

getWhatsHot(timeFrame, securityKey)

searchIdeas(search, securityKey)

The API is still under development and if you have any feedback I am sure the development team would love to hear from you.