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8.5 access access control acl action Activities activity address Address Book addressbook Admin Administration Administration Client administrator adminp adminstration help documentation agent agent manager Agents AJAX alarm Alarms alias android api application applications archive archiving Articles attachment attachments authentication autosave background backup blog book proposals bookmark Bookmarks browser Bug button calendar calendar entry calendaring Calendars catalog category certification client clipboard cluster clustering collapse color column comment comments Community compact compatibility configuration connection Connections connector connectors console contact contacts content context menu control controls copy crash css customization DAOS database databases Date DB2 dde DDM debug debugger default delegation delete deletion design design element design elements design inheritance designer Designer Help Documentation desktop Developer development DevWorks dialog dialogbox directory display Document documentation documents dojo domino Domino Administrator domino designer Domino Directory Domino server download drag and drop DWA DXL e-mail eclipse edit editing editor Email Embedded embedded view encryption EndUsers Enhancement Err Error event events Expeditor export extension library facebook fidelity field fields File files Filter fixup flag folder folders Follow-up font Form formatting forms formula Forum Forums forwarding Foundations frame Frameset framework ftsearch full-text Function group groups gui Help hide History hotspot html http IBM ical icon icons ID ID Vault ideajam image images imap import Inbox index inotes install installation integration interface Internet iPhone ISV java Javascript Journal language LDAP LEI Library licensing Limit link linking Linux list location locations lock logging login lotus lotus connections Lotus Notes lotus notes clients Lotuscript lotuslive lotuslive-connections lotuslive-engage lotusphere lotusphere2009 LotusScript LS ls09 mac mail Mail features mail rules mailfile mailrules mail.box marketing meeting meetings menu menus Message Recall mime mobile multiple nab Name names navigation new mail notification Notebook Notes notes client Notes8 notesuidocument Notes.ini notes_client Notification nsd NSF Object office OneUI ooo OOP Open OpenID out-of-office out of office Outline outlook Password Paste performance plug-in plugin policies policy Popup portal preferences presentation Presentations preview print printing Productivity profile properties property Proxy Quickr read readers recent contacts Recent_Contacts recovery Refresh registration replace replica replica-id Replication Reply reservation Resource resource reservation resources restore rich text richtext right-click roaming Roles Room router rss rules sametime sametime_connect save schedule Scheduling Scroll search security selected documents selection server Sessions Settings shared shortcut sidebar signature Size smtp social networking sort sorting spam speed spell check spellcheck spreadsheets SSJS sso status style styles support swiftfile symphony symphonyPost3.0Requirement Synchronize tab Table tables tabs tags task tasks template templates Text Time todo Tool toolbar tools totals traveler type-ahead UI undo unread upgrade URL usability user Userinterface user_deletion version video view views voting wcm Web web browser Webservice widget widgets Wiki wikis Window windows workflow working set working sets workspace workspace icons xml xpage xpages @dbcolumn @formula @function


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8.5.1 ACL Action Actionbar ActionButtons Actions addressbook aesthetics agent agents AJAX alias API appearance application applications Arrays attachment attachments attribute Authors autosave background bar Blog book proposals bookmark bookmarks browser Bug button Buttons cache calendar cancel category centralize change Checker ckeditor Class classes client clipboard code collapse color colour column column properties Column values as separate entries columns command comment comments Compact compositeapplications computed fields computed_text conditional conflicts contacts content assist control controls copy core controls create css custom controls Database Database Icon Database launch datasource Date date time Date_Format DB2 dde debug debug lotus notes designer Debuger debugger default Default_Fonts delete design design element design elements design inheritance design refresh designer designer agents designer client Designer Help Documentation Developer development dialog dialogbox DialogList dialogs dim Directory display Document documentation documents dojo domino domino applications domino designer domino objects drag-and-drop DXL eclipse edit editor education element Embedded embedded view enhancement Err Error error handling errorcode errors event events expand export extension library Field Fields file Folder font fonts for Form formatting forms formula Forums frame Frameset framework ftsearch full-text Function GUI Help hide hide-when hide-when @thisName hierarchy History hotspot html http i18n icon icons id IDE image images import indicator InfoBox inherit input enabled integration interface issummary Items java javascript javascript xpages @functions JSF json keyboard shortcuts keyword label layout legend Libraries Library link Linux Lists lookup Lotus Lotus Notes lotus script Lotuscript LotusScript lotusscript debugger LotusScript_Editor LS LS-editor LS2J Mac Mail manager menu method Mobile multi-value Name Names native os fields navigation notes notes client notes8 NotesDatabase notesdocument notesdocumentcollection notesuidocument notesuiworkspace NotesView notesViewentry notes_client number numeric object objects OneUI OOP Open open source openntf Outline panel parameters passthruhtml PDF performance picklist picture pixels pop-up preview print printing private Profile Prompt properties property QueryOpen Readers readviewentries refresh remove replace replace design replica-id replication report required resource resources Rich rich text richtext right-click Roles Rows save schedule Scrip Script Script Library scripting Script_Library search searchview section Security selected documents selection selection formula settings shared sidebar soft deletions sort sorting source Spell split view SQL SSJS standards style styles Sub subform Synopsis tab tabbed table Table tables tabs tags template templates Text themes title Tool totals type type-ahead types UI UNID pronunciation usability userinterface validation Variable variables version view views view_column visibility warning Web web browser web services Webservice when widget width Wiki working set working sets worklight workspace xml xpage xpage validation xpages xpages editor .net @command @dbcolumn @DBLookup @formula @function

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a access access control accounts acl activity address address book addressbook Addressing administration Advanced agent Agents alarm Alarms all day event anniversary App Store application applications appointments archive archiving attachment attachments attachments authors autosave birthday block Booking Bookmarks Browser Bug busytime button cache.ndk calendar calendar entry calendar option calendar preferences calendar profile calendar reminder pop-up calendaring Calendars capturing categories categorized change chicklets citrix clear client Client install clipboard Close close window cluster column compact Computed configuration consistency contact contacts context context menu conversations copy crash ctrl+tab database database properties box databases date field Day-At-A-Glance debug decline default delegate delegation delete deletion deployment design designer desktop development dialog dialogbox dictionaries dictionary Directory display do doclink Document documentation documentlocking Domino Domino server double-click double click Download drag and drop Drag & Drop DWA e-mail eclipse edit mode Editing editor Email embedded eml endusers Enhancement enhancements error Errors export fast feature federate Field fields File files Filter fixup flag focus folder folders Follow-up follow up Followup font formatting forward forwarding frameset google group group calendar groups gtd gui gutter Headers Help highlighter Home Lotus Users homepage Hotspot html http ibm ical icon icons ics ID id vault ideajam image images imap import Inbox indicator inotes installshield tuner interface international Internet invitation invite invitee invites iPhone java Javascript journal keyboard keys labels language letterhead licensing link linking linux list local local replica location locations lock logging login lotus Lotus Notes lotus notes clients Lotus Notes SwiftFile lotusscript lotus_notes_improvement mac mail Mail-Signature Mail features mail rule mail rules mail template mailbox mailfile mailrules mailtemplate marketing meeting meeting invitation delegate Meetings menu menus message recall messages mime modal mouseover move multiple nab names navigation new email new mail notification Notebook Notes notes notes client Notes8 NotesDocument LotusScript notes_client Notification Object office ooo open open menu out-of-office out of office outlook Page passthru password Paste pdf performance Personal personal address book plug-in plugin policies policy POP popup preferences preview print printing privacy private mail productivity Profile promote properties Proxy Purge RDS read readers recall recent contacts Recent_Contacts recipients recovery Refresh rendering repeating repeating meetings repeating_entries repeats replica replica-id Replication Replication Tab replicator Reply reservation Reservations resize Resource resource reservation Resources restore return receipt rich text richtext right-click Roaming roles Room rooms RRDB/C&S rss rules run sametime sametime notes integration presence save save as saving Schedule scheduling screen screens Scroll scroll view column search search archive searching security Select selection sender sent server setting Settings setup shared shortcut sidebar signature site Size smarticon smtp snooze sort sorting spam speed spell check spellcheck sso standard start stationary Stationery status bar strigi subject subscribe subscriptions support swiftfile switch symphony synch synchronize tab table tables tabs tags task teamroom template templates Terminal Services text threading Time Timezone to To Do todo toolbar Trash troubleshooting truncated tuning type-ahead ui undo unread unread marks unreadmarks updall Upgrade URI URL usability user userinterface user.dic user_experience view viewer views web web browser Welcome Welcome Page widget Window window manager Windows Word workspace workspace icons workspace page xpages zoom ZOOM-IN ZOOM-OUT





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Welcome to IdeaJam™

You can run IdeaJam™ in your company. It's easy to install, setup and customize. Your employees, partners and customers will immediately see results.

Use IdeaJam to:

  • Collect ideas from employees
  • Solicit feedback and suggestions from employees and customers
  • Run innovation contests and competitions
  • Validate concepts
  • Use the power of "crowd-sourcing" to rank ideas and allow the best ideas to rise to the top

IdeaJam™ works with:

  • IBM Connections
  • IBM Lotus Quickr
  • Blogs and Wikis
  • Websphere Portal
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • and other applications.

IdeaJam has an extensive set of widgets and API's that allow you to extend and integrate IdeaJam™ with other applications.

Learn more about IdeaJam >>

Should we have an ideaspace for ... Verse? or Mail?
Make the columns of the design element lists customizable
App for learning Lotus Script, Lotus Notes Interface
Make a Better "Manage Views"
Auto Filing Inbox Mail
Support for very high log activity in HTTP server
Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts
Improve the XPages extension library
Create Computed Text with the same text style as the current paragraph
Integrate Worklight into Designer
Add 'Group by Date' view option to iNotes as it is in Notes client
Enable moving Notes workspace page
Allow HideWhen on multiply selected outline entries
XPages template/framework based on (incorporating) IBM Design Language
Automate synchronization of Notebook from Notes client into mail like contacts
Search capability in Server Console
4.2.11 WSDL documentation Element for WebServices
Add HTTP2 support to Domino
Send mail to all users in an Organisational Unit
Warn/prevent user when using non-autorized chars in folder name
Remove the duplicated warning when opening an inherited design element
Allow export (as structured text) from a document
Consistent 'Alias' field on the first infobox tab of all design elements
"Hide from typeahead" directly from typeahead list

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