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Allow export (as structured text) from a document (25 Jul 2013)

Interesting coincidence (or not?) that you posted this today, as I just posted { Link } last night. Obviously, this requires a 3rd party product, so your idea may have to do with IBM making such a thing available natively, but our software already does this without requiring a view and including all rich text content as well.

Book proposal: The Diaries Of A Whimpy Notes Programmer (16 Dec 2010)

I have to say, I think this would be great fun to write, although I'd need somebody who actually knew technical stuff to feed me content. It might even be that a few co-authors would be needed.

My only concern is that like Keith Brooks' "Troubleshooting Lotus Infrastructures", this would be better suited as a mini-series, with multiple parts that focused a bit more.

Book Proposal: XPages Expression Language (16 Dec 2010)

The most notable thing about the Sharepoint tech books is that there are lots of them. I think it is valid to have a book even if another covers the topic, because the authors can approach it different ways that may help different people. The Head First books, for example, appeal to some, while other series appeal to others.

Book Proposal: Introduction to Domino Designer 8.5 and XPage Development (16 Dec 2010)

While I understand that this is meant to be a primer, my one concern is that it bites off more than can be digested easily in a shorter eBook. I think I'd rather see more depth in a smaller range of focus, but that's me.

Book Proposal: Troubleshooting Lotus Infrastructures (15 Dec 2010)

I think this would be a great mini-series: Troubleshooting iNotes, Troubleshooting LotusLive, Troubleshooting Connections, etc. Each would be a separate book, but they could share a format and style. There would be little point in making it one book, both because few people would need all the parts and because it would be impossible to keep up-to-date.

Book Proposal: YALSB (15 Dec 2010)

I think LotusScript is a long way from being dead or legacy. Sure, there are plenty of people using Java, but I'd say a majority of Notes/Domino developers still use LotusScript on a regular basis. Certainly the sessions covering LotusScript remain popular at Lotusphere, so a book might be popular too.

Book Proposal: Extension Manager on Linux (15 Dec 2010)

I'm not sure, but it seems like a book on Extension managers in general, with mini-chapters on platforms such as Linux and Windows, would have more appeal. This may be too narrow a niche.

Book Proposal: SQL Plus NSF have your cake and eat it too (15 Dec 2010)

Of course, this raises the question of whether you would like to be the author as well, but we can handle that when and if we find out that people like the idea.

Add programmatic support for exporting to and importing from .eml format (14 Dec 2010)

For what it is worth, our Midas Rich Text LSX allows you to export to .eml format. I know it isn't native, but it is there and works for all versions of notes back through R5 and up to 8.5.2. Just an FYI in case you need a solution quickly.

Set table cell background color via LotusScript (14 Oct 2009)

Another major Notes/Domino release out the door, and still rich text programming in Notes falls short. After all, this feature has been available in our Midas Rich Text LSX since Version 1.20, release Feb. 9, 1998.

Allow cascading fonts in rich text (14 Oct 2009)

@Charles - The same real world case as with HTML or CSS. If I create content that looks good with a particular font, I'd like people to use that, but if they don't have that font, I'd like to be able to specify a secondary choice, or even just "sans-serif". There are times when content looks significantly better in a serif font or a sans-serif font, but for now, if a reader doesn't have that font (whether in Notes or through the web), they just get a default font, which may look terrible.

Rename Traveler to Traveller (28 Aug 2009)

As Andre points out, it IS in "proper English", but just in proper American English.

Put the unread count in the workspace tab (28 Aug 2009)

Isn't this what View - Show Unread does now?

Computed for Display Rich Text Field in the Lotus Notes Client (28 Aug 2009)

I fully support the idea, but it belongs in the Notes Client idea space. I think you (the author) can change that, which would then give the idea greater visibility.

XPages - Native support for RDB access (07 Jul 2009)

To play devil's advocate just a bit, why would this be more widely used than the NSFDB2 features that were requested for years and not extensively used when they were available?

Create a hotspot via LotusScript (09 Jun 2009)

Queue the obligatory "That's been available via LotusScript in the Midas Rich Text LSX since 1997." I'm betting IBM adds it before Midas turns 20.... Maybe.

Client to web conversion (02 Feb 2009)

You might want to link this to { Link } as they seem related.

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (28 Jan 2009)

@Colin - I have been assured that IBM watches this site. So, perhaps I just did.

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (28 Jan 2009)

Well, since Gregg mentioned the product I was building in his idea, it is probably only fair to invite anybody who wants to try out the beta of the product (iFidelity for Lotus Notes) by filling out the form at { Link }

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (14 Jan 2009)

Colin - OK, that is valid (and I should have mentioned it). Sections and tabbed tables are two of the big limitations, and both do relate to what Bill said. While it is possible to replicate either with some JavaScript, and while the iFidelity engine can generate such JavaScript, it is not on by default because various mail systems restrict or cripple the use of JavaScript. I'm not sure how either IBM or we could address that cleanly.

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (14 Jan 2009)

Bill - Absolutely. The goal, as I understand the idea (and certainly as our iFidelity product works) is to provide a precise version of the mail in another system so that the other user sees just what the Notes sender saw. There should be no loss of formatting capabilities.

Improve/Resolve E-Mail Rich Text Formatting in Domino (11 Jan 2009)

Colin - For what it is worth, the same engine (with some specialization) is used for CoexEdit, which is, of course, available for custom apps. If IBM had the engine, they could use it in many places where rich text (CD records) to HTML or MIME, and HTML or MIME to rich text, are required. If they built their own engine, presumably the same would be true.

Open Source the Domino Product Line (22 Dec 2008)

@Dan - I think this is a key point. Even if IBM were willing or interested, an open source project is only going to succeed with developers who want to work with the code and make it better. Even with extensive experience of the C API and a fairly good understanding of many of the complex data structures and such, I have no desire to go in and muck with the internals of the code base. I can imagine few in the Domino community who would, and fewer outside the Domino community.

Are we ready for a Virtual Lotusphere Annex? (18 Nov 2008)

Bruce - I absolutely agree. In this case, I think I have the advantage that a good deal of the infrastructure is in place, the promotion is already done, and the idea is a fairly logical extension of the current use of the database. That by no means guarantees success, but in computer terms, the database degrades to the status quot ante, which has been remarkably popular by itself for years. It may even be an idea I can introduce and build up to due to the consistent audience. Those are my thoughts, at least. I'd be happy to hear any more ideas/concerns you have as well.

Show vote with comments (08 Apr 2008)

I like the idea of putting a "comments added" denotation up on the vote part and a thumbs up or down next to the comment, but I wouldn't want to mix the two too much. In other words, rather than "Fred Smith voted for this idea and made the following comments:", I'd rather see the current "<thumb-up> Fred Smith (08 Apr 2008)" enhanced with "<thumb-up> Fred Smith [comments added] (08 Apr 2008)".

Attachments placed in their own pane and not at the bottom of emails (25 Mar 2008)

If I could alter the suggestion slightly, I would request that the unaffiliated attachments (those not in a rich text field) could be put in a designated spot as part of the design. This would allow a mail template where they showed up as they do in Outlook. Since those attachments are already singled out to be put somewhere, it would be nice to say where.

Option to set a default workspace page to open (19 Mar 2008)

Well, at lot of people in IBM still use it, and there was active talk of updating it for 8.0, but time interfered, so there is a chance.

@Name [TOLF] parameter for returning "Lastname, Firstname" (05 Mar 2008)

It could be, but would then require a lookup to the NAB, which is not presently needed, which could an unpredictable performance hit. There are also lots of names which are not in the NAB but which would need this sort of call.

On the other hand, it would certainly be more likely to work, and if the performance hit were documented, it might not be a bad compromise.

Voters should specify their "use type" (05 Mar 2008)

I have reservations about this idea. Sometimes I am a user, sometimes a developer, sometimes an ISV, depending on the topic (e.g., SameTime user, Domino Designer developer, rich text ISV). Many Notes developers are admins as well. How do we divide our loyalties in a reasonable way?

@Name [TOLF] parameter for returning "Lastname, Firstname" (03 Mar 2008)

But IBM has to think of such things as multiple languages. Given that you have a fairly simple workaround, I think it would be unwise of IBM to jump into this.

Notes native JOIN capability in a notes view (03 Mar 2008)

I actually added such capability back in R3 with my old @YourCommand Toolkit, but I am not so sure IBM should be spending time on this now.

@Name [TOLF] parameter for returning "Lastname, Firstname" (03 Mar 2008)

I'd love such a thing, but it has huge problems with it. How do you account for "Maria von Trapp" and "Mary Anne Fleming", for example. The first should return "von Trapp, Maria", whereas the second should return "Fleming, Mary Anne", and there are much more complex variations. I made an effort to handle this in the sessions database, and the formula I came up with was:

@Unique(@Trim(@Transform(Speaker; "S";
@If(S = "TBD":"" | @Contains(S; "TBD"); "TBD";
@Do(R:=@Transform(@Explode(S; " "); "W";
@If(@Matches(W; "{a-z}*"); W+@RightBack(S; W)+", "+@LeftBack(S; W); @Nothing)); @If (@Trim(R) != ""; @Trim(R)[1]; @RightBack(S; " ")+", "+@LeftBack(S; " ")))))))

and even that makes assumptions that are unwarranted. It still doesn't handle the Spanish tradition of dual surnames such as "Alberto Gonzalez Ruiz", which would properly return as "Gonzalez Ruiz, Alberto". For these reasons, I have demoted the idea, much as I would like it for convenience.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (21 Feb 2008)

Slawek - Before you go adding a new idea for that, such enforcement would not be difficult, but it should not be at the Option level, but rather a property of the NotesDocument class, since it is not really a compile time property but rather a run time property, and one which LotusScript could not identify, but the class object could. Since LotusScript is an OO language, we should allow the object the right to complain about such things.

Keep the C++ API alive (21 Feb 2008)

I'd say there is no chance whatsoever of the C API going away. The C++ API has just never been as well received, well maintained or well documented.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (19 Feb 2008)

Stan (and Julian, sort of) - Interesting, I guess I hadn't thought of the distinction between extended notation as an object vs. extended notation returning the array as being part of the problem. So, in that light, JavaScript using the fieldname but returning an object is less objectionable, and less prone to error, than LotusScript's extended notation? I can see that would make a difference in syntax checking, which would address part of Nathan's concern, although obviously it is too late to change now. Still, it helps to see why people don't like what seems like a reasonable feature. It isn't solely because of the dynamic determination of the field but that it returns an array which can then be confused as a method. Thanks for elucidating that.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (19 Feb 2008)

Stan - No, you don't get it. There is no real property "Table", but there is a property "Font". The logic is that instead of saying

Set rtchunk = rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 1")
rtchunk.Font = "Arial"

you would say

rtitem.Table.Font = "Arial"

Thus, if you said

rtitem.Table18.Font = "Arial"

Set rtchunk = rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 18")
rtchunk.Font = "Arial"

but only because the implied property "Table18" was interpreted at runtime. Does that make more sense?

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (19 Feb 2008)

Nathan - No, you don't get it. There is no real property "Table", but there is a property "Font". The logic is that instead of saying

Set rtchunk = rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 1")
rtchunk.Font = "Arial"

or perhaps

rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 1").Font = "Arial"

you would say

rtitem.Table.Font = "Arial"

Thus, if you said

rtitem.Table18.Font = "Arial"

it would mean

Set rtchunk = rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 18")
rtchunk.Font = "Arial"

but only because the implied property "Table18" was interpreted at runtime. Does that make more sense? The place where this gets really interesting is when you say:

Call rtitem.Layer.AppendRTChunk(rtitem.Table2.Row3.Column1.Graphic)

which is somewhat clearer than either

Call rtitem.DefineChunk("Layer 1").AppendRTChunk(rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 2; Row 3; Column 1; Graphic 1")


Set rtLayer = rtitem.DefineChunk("Layer 1")
Set rtGraphic = rtitem.DefineChunk("Table 2; Row 3; Column 1; Graphic 1")
Call rtLayer.AppendRTChunk(rtGraphic)

Option ExtendedSyntax False (or NotesDocumentExtended False) (19 Feb 2008)

Nathan - I don't use it currently for either Midas or OpenSesame, so it wouldn't cause me any great immediate pain. I have only used it for smaller LSX projects, although I have been tempted to allow Midas to use syntax such as rtitem.Table.Font = "Arial" which would be possible with extended notation. (Table would be a chunk defined as "Table 1") , which would allow you to set the font to Arial in a very quick shorthand.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

This is why I just demoted it rather than commenting at first. I appreciate the people who wanted to know my reasoning, but I don't see it shifting views much, as the inevitable battle is over whether extended notation is "good" or "bad", not over the choice to have a syntactic check or not. Stan cuts right to the chase - this is a step in the direction of organizations "imposing" this restriction, not a harmless choice as Nathan wants to portray it. If that is what people want, so be it.

As an aside, search the Gold forum and see how many code samples use extended notation. Those samples will all fail if this control is imposed. Think about it.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

Extended notation is built in to the LSX Toolkit, which means a couple of things. First, the basic functionality is part of the LotusScript class logic, not a special feature of NotesDocument (even if that is the only base class that uses it). Second, other people, including me, have built it into other classes, so NotesDocument is not the only class. It is simply the place where in made the most sense in the base Notes classes. I think, although I am not sure, that is was also used in some SmartSuite classes.

So, while it might be easy to check for NotesDocument, it might be quite hard to check for an LSX class that uses. It is possible you could intercept the call at a lower level, but it might be quite involved.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

Dan - As far as I can tell, extended notation has nothing whatsoever to do with optional type declaration. That is far more related to Option Declare than to this idea.

Paul - Please tell me how

doc.Title = "This is the title"

is vastly less maintainable than

Call doc.ReplaceItemValue("Title", "This is the title")

It might possibly be more maintainable with

Call doc.ReplaceItemValue(fieldname, "This is the title")

but this option would not either assist or prevent that. There is nothing more "hard-coded" about the first than the second statement.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

I'll post a revised version of the comment I made to Nathan...

Religious wars on style don't need to be fought in public. There is nothing inherently bad about extended notation. If you don't want to use it, don't. If you feel it is important that developers working for you shouldn't use it, tell them so. Don't make a simple language harder because you wish you were working in a more advanced language. LotusScript is what it is, and part of the power is the simplicity. Adding a setting that would make perfectly reasonable code, including much of the sample code found in forums and elsewhere, not syntactically correct because of a pseudo-religious opposition seems hardly fitting, and certainly makes life harder for junior developers who wouldn't understand why perfectly reasonable sample code doesn't work.

For what it is worth, I use extended notation frequently. I put it in samples I give people. I would be upset if they started writing back and saying "That code you posted doesn't work" and I were to find out that the reason was that somebody chose to impose their stylistic views by force. There are times I choose not to use extended notation, but I think this bit of objecting to its use is ridiculous and makes a lot of code harder to read and harder to use for beginners, which is part of why I think more advanced users do it - to show their superiority. Just my opinion, of course.

And for what it is worth, I find being asked to justify this somewhat objectionable. People have a right to think ideas are good or bad without being called out to justify those positions. This is a bad idea, so I demoted it. Enough said.

Emoticons in Lotus Notes Client (e.g. eMail) (13 Feb 2008)

When you say "Emoticons", do you mean the little images, also called smileys? It seems like it would be possible to add them pretty easily as image resources, just by creating a dialog box and making the hotspot on each add the matching image resource.

Performance Tuning FAQ or Utility for Notes 8 (08 Feb 2008)

Rob - I agree that corporate standards are an issue, but it is a heck of a lot easier to get an organization to change its standards if an official FAQ from IBM states that such and such a video driver is causing performance issues with a product. That would likely be one of the real values of such a FAQ, at least if it were official. Even if it were not, it would be something to point to rather than, "I think it's those pesky video drivers!"

Performance Tuning FAQ or Utility for Notes 8 (08 Feb 2008)

I wish I knew enough to write this myself (a few people have asked). The only really concrete suggestion I have found is to not load the Productivity Editors automatically, which did seem to speed things up quite a bit. I have plenty of power and 2GB of memory on my machine, but it still isn't fast. Of course, providing the Basic configuration both solves the problem and makes it worse, since it provides such a stark contrast.

IBM should make Lotusphere information broadly available (08 Feb 2008)

For anybody who does not know, I am still updating the 2008 Sessions db with links to any speaker who has slides and/or sample databases posted on their website. The database can still be downloaded and replicated if you want to get access to that sample database that would make a session more valuable, or to a session which you were not able to attend. These are simply links to public websites, but all collected in the database for easy use. Just an FYI.

Keep the C++ API alive (08 Feb 2008)

Bastien - The C API won't go away. There is a separate C++ API, and it might go away. Which do you use?

@Formula Editor widget (06 Feb 2008)

Er, because I've never heard of it before. That's the problem with having used Notes for so long, I guess, they go and add useful things to solve problems you convinced yourself had no solution two versions earlier. Thanks! I've gone ahead and withdrawn the idea.

BloggerJam - Ideas on topics to blog about (05 Feb 2008)

@Bruce - I was there, but I meant something a bit different. Nothing against the Completed view now, but if a feature makes it into Notes 8.5 or whatever, we are not so likely to know about it through IdeaJam, but rather through a bunch of other venues. In a BloggerJam type site, the Completed view would be the way to find already written articles. So, again, nothing against the current design, just that different emphasis would thend to come from a different sort of problem being solved.

Let's face it, if 5% of the IdeaJam ideas for IBM were implemented in Notes 8.5, it would be seen as a huge success. If only 5% of BloggerJam ideas were written about, it would be seen as a failure, I'm guessing. They are just different systems with different goals, that's all.

Allow Text Popups to be computed (01 Feb 2008)

You can already do this using Create - Hotspot - Formula Pop-Up, although I am not sure why they made it a separate item rather than a radio button on Text Pop-Up.

Regular Expressions (01 Feb 2008)

For what it is worth, we support them in Midas 4.0 with a few different methods, such as RegexLink, RegexKeywords, RegexReplace and RegexHighlight. To give you a small feel, see { Link }

Keep the C++ API alive (30 Jan 2008)

Randy - Because it is never kept up to date, it tends to have too many bugs, it is not supported on all platforms, it requires a separate installation to work, and there is a perfectly good C API which works on all platforms and does not have the same problems. Back when the LotusScript/Java APIs were way too limited to suffice, the C++ API (actually a successor to another higher level API) was added to bridge the gap between the complexity of the C API and the simplicity but lack of power of the LotusScript API. These days, the people who are likely to go down to the level of the C++ API are usually sophisticated enough to go down to the C API, which is where they should be, in my opinion. That doesn't mean you can't use it from C++, I do it all the time, it just means portability, stability and full support.

Keep the C++ API alive (30 Jan 2008)

I think it is more trouble than it is worth. Also, IBM has been discouraging its use for about three years, so I think the process of letting it die is well underway.

IBM should make Lotusphere information broadly available (28 Jan 2008)

To clarify, IBM would not have to pay to have me add the slides to the sessions - I would do that any day if they allowed it. As for paying me for the sessions db itself, I'd probably be satisfied with just a bit more cooperation. (Although I can't say I'd turn down a complimentary Lotusphere pass or something as acknowledgement)

IBM should give Mr. Ben Langhinrichs full programmatic READ access to the Lotusphere schedule (09 Jan 2008)

When I have gotten a copy of the schedule, it has been in a large Word document. Hard to believe, isn't it? At some point, it is entered into a database, which is what is used on the website, but since repeats are not in that db, I am pretty sure that is a late step in the process.

Pose questions/ideas to speakers before and after sessions (09 Jan 2008)

Absolutely. All versions are replicas (and in fact, most changes filter up gradually as I do them). So, just replicate, and you will have the latest changes, even beyond Version 2, as well as any questions people have asked so far, although that is just starting to take.

Rounded Corner tables (21 Dec 2007)

@Charles - You are correct that there are no tricks for making simple rounded corners, although Martin has done a nice job in his post of showing some variations. On the other hand, there are some tricks worth remembering when creating such borders for making them even more handy, such as this { Link } Look at the bottom of the table and see how you can incorporate writing into the table border itself.

IBM should give Mr. Ben Langhinrichs full programmatic READ access to the Lotusphere schedule (21 Dec 2007)

Patrick -

You are absolutely correct. I could just not bother, as it is quite a lot of work, but it feels good to give something back to the Lotus community. I just am not sure why IBM has such a hard time making it a bit easier. Their customers obviously value it, as I had 4400 unique downloads last year, with more using the various derivatives such as the Blackberry version put { Link } out by The Turtle Partnership. Individual IBMers certainly thank me for the session database and use it extensively themselves. It is just the institutional process which seems to have trouble adjusting to anything which is out of their direct control.

I must say on a related note, that it is really good to see IBM adjusting to the idea of OpenNTF, and now even adding composite applications samples and such on the site. This definitely shows some growing understanding of the flexible relationship between the IBM corporation and the IBM community. Similarly, greater use of wikis by IBM reflects some understanding that the borders of a corporation are more fluid than they once were. So, why not embrace a volunteer effort that has become a Lotusphjere tradition, even if they don't control it? I think they might, eventually, and with any luck before I completely tire of the effort.

- Ben

IBM should give Mr. Ben Langhinrichs full programmatic READ access to the Lotusphere schedule (18 Dec 2007)

For what it is worth, Ed Brill finally gave me the session repeat information (unfortunately in a bunch of Word tables, but better than nothing), so I just posted Version 1.0 with the current session schedules and repeats all in place. The URL will work for that. Hope it helps (but I still agree with the wish). Since I had to do more of this manually, if anybody sees any issues, please let me know.

Rounded Corner tables (18 Dec 2007)

While I actually like the idea (and promoted it), I did want to point out that there are some slick tricks available for making rounded corners in Notes. See my post called "Rounded table corners in Notes client" { Link } .

Use rules (afterwards) for already existing mails (14 Dec 2007)

Absolutely! Good idea.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (12 Dec 2007)

I like Axel's suggestion.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (12 Dec 2007)

I go back and forth on this. I think perhaps the sidebar should default to the What's Hot list, as that tends to focus attention on recent items and quickly drive them up or down while they are still fresh in the mind, but I still think there needs to be a random selection that show up somewhere to allow older ideas some exposure over time. Perhaps instead of picking a random idea, it could pick a random tag and show ideas for that tag, sorted oldest first. That could be a list of ten (or fewer) and the other list of 15 (for space consideration) could be the What's Hot list.

Don't let the database size increase affect the overall performance of the application. (12 Dec 2007)

I would possibly vote for this if it were closer to "IBM should work harder on scalability with large view sizes", or something that seemed to reflect the reality of limits. To simply say database size should not have any effect on performance is an unreasonable and unrealizable goal.

@IsVisible (11 Dec 2007)

That could be a real performance enhancement for some applications.

Plain text editing for Idea Description (10 Dec 2007)

Harkpabst is correct that it is not either ActiveX or Java. The open source rich text editor, known as FCKeditor, used with CoexEdit is a completely JavaScript based editor, and if JavaScript is not enabled, I would think you would have much bigger problems with this site than the rich text editing.

Out of curiosity, what do you see when you try to post an idea? I should think it would degrade properly to a text box, but I could be incorrect about that.

@ThisLabel - give me this @Function (10 Dec 2007)

My opinion is that this would be far less useful than you think. The original driving reason for @ThisValue and @ThisName were to support repeated fields in a table, and this is no good field label in those cases. The best guess that IBM makes is basically just the last nonblank text record before the field, and that is often not a field label at all, for various reasons.

The designer should know best what the meaning of the field by fieldname is, so @ThisName is both adequate and preferable to a guessed at label, in my opinion.

Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching (07 Dec 2007)

The problem is that the server may have the right to write temporary files but not delete them. It sounds crazy, but the original reason I started writing code to handle all files in memory was that our CoexLinks software was run on mail servers where there was no expectation of temporary files, and some customers would up with hundreds of thousands of temporary files we created which we could not delete. I'll never willingly make that mistake again, so I use memory only files if at all possible. It has made many things easier, and it definitely should work that way in the native product.

@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript equivalent (06 Dec 2007)

Absolutely, there should be an equivalent in Java. Sorry to overlook it.

Table enhancemnts (06 Dec 2007)

Just as an aside, Paul, you can create links to ideas with names rather than just URLs. You might want to edit your post so we don't have to follow each link to find out what it is. Otherwise, great Idea!

Please update the look & feel of the standard templates? (05 Dec 2007)

I'll be the tall guy cringing in the back as you show off some of my UI fiascos.

Layers Not Bound by Frames (05 Dec 2007)

If you don't think they are amazing and versatile, take a look at this { Link } or { Link } . Or look at some of Nathan Freeman and Chris Blatnick's demos. Layers certainly deserve more respect than they get.

Add function in LS to change/select attachment icons (05 Dec 2007)

For what it is worth, our Midas Rich Text LSX allows you to do this "in place", and even allows you some flexibility with icon appearance. See { Link } for some details on this.

Insert Richtext Into Richtext (04 Dec 2007)

In the meantime, as you probably know, our Midas Rich Text LSX has been able to do this since R4 in 1997 with our AppendRTChunk method { Link } .

All LotusSphere sessions put online as screencasts (04 Dec 2007)

Stuart - All Lotusphere speakers must sign an agreement that their session can be recorded and used as IBM sees fit. Some speakers modify other parts of the agreement regarding the session contents, but the IP rights of speakers are not the blocking point. Actually, every session used to be taped and you could buy all the videos, but the past few years they have only taped a very small subset of the sessions, so the first part of the wish would be that they tape the sessions at all.

Paste images as "Device Independent Bitmap" by default (30 Nov 2007)

The NOTES.INI variable is document at this { Link } and should be set as

I should warn you that I have not used it myself.

A pattern wiki (30 Nov 2007)

Axel - For what it is worth, I didn't promote your "pattern wiki" and did promote the educational wiki { Link } because your proposal was fairly incomprehensible to me due to the use of jargon. I have been a programmer and developer for 25+ years, and while I have heard of patterns and anti-patterns, they don't mean much to me, whereas this Idea was expressed in terms that are far more clear. Additionally, the idea of a strongly moderated wiki is generally unsuccessful, in my experience, because if the experts who could moderate it have that much time, they can write it themselves, but if they don't, the moderation becomes an obstacle. Finally, a wiki that is too general is unlikely to succeed with the size of active community we have, whereas the educational wiki seems a bit more focused and therefore useful. I'll post a version of this comment on that other post as well, since I couldn't figure out where to put it. - Ben

Domino DOM educational wiki (30 Nov 2007)

Axel - For what it is worth, I didn't promote your "pattern wiki" and did promote this because your proposal was fairly incomprehensible to me due to the use of jargon. I have been a developer for 25+ years, and while I have heard of patterns and anti-patterns, they don't mean much to me, whereas this Idea was expressed in terms that are far more clear. Additionally, the idea of a strongly moderated wiki is generally unsuccessful, in my experience, because if the experts who could moderate it have that much time, they can write it themselves, but if they don't, the moderation becomes an obstacle. Finally, a wiki that is too general is unlikely to succeed with the size of active community we have, whereas the educational wiki seems a bit more focused and therefore useful. I'll post a version of this comment on your post as well, since I couldn't figure out where to put it. - Ben

Paste images as "Device Independent Bitmap" by default (30 Nov 2007)

Three points to make here. The first is that device independent bitmaps are certainly not always smaller. The second is that you should normally "import" images rather than pasting them, thus allowing Notes to use the native format for GIF and JPEG images, for example. The third is that there is a NOTES.INI setting to allow all pasted images to be saved as GIF, which really does make a huge difference in stored space, but is a more portable format (ironically) than device independent bitmaps.

Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching (29 Nov 2007)

I do it without a temporary file, and it isn't that difficult (I did it for the reasons Slawek mentioned). I have no idea whether the Java agents really use a temp file or not.

Work with attachments in LotusScript without detaching (29 Nov 2007)

I do this in my products, and it is very powerful. It would be an excellent addition to the core product, probably as a Stream type object.

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements, not just LS (29 Nov 2007)

Design elements are rich constructs, not a language. You would either have to wildly oversimplify the design elements or recreate DXL, and since we already have DXL, I'm voting against this.

Option to import into a rich text field directly from memory, bypassing a file (29 Nov 2007)

For what it is worth, I have implemented this in both our Midas Rich Text LSX and OpenSesame, and it is very useful.

I wish the Productivity Editors could read Office 2007 files (28 Nov 2007)

@7 - I may be proven wong over time, but so far there is a great deal of resistance to use the new formats even among MS Office users. Most use the older binary formats for interoperability. There is a huge difference between an entrenched installed base of the MS Office application (about which there is no question) and an entrenched installed base of the new document formats (about which there are many questions, not the least of which is shown here { Link } ). We don't need to help Microsoft establish a new entrenched base, and I say that as a Microsoft partner who gets a lot of business from them.

Refresh rich text without having to open and close document (28 Nov 2007)

@Hynek - Thanks! It is hard sometimes to know what terms to use to increase searchability, but that seems like a good change.

My Favorites Widget (28 Nov 2007)

Bruce - You have spent too much time at the store. It is time to come home.

Could we have a standalone freeware NSF viewer? (28 Nov 2007)

For what it is worthm our Midas Rich Text LSX { Link } offers the ability to save as .MHT, which is the Internet Explorer web archive format. It sucks that it won't work in Firefox, but it is useful for sending a page that appears the way it does on a form in Notes. It isn't as good as having a viewer, but it is simpler and already available.

Add GetHTML Method to NotesRichTextItem Class (27 Nov 2007)

Part of the problem is that when you send an e-mail to an outside user, it is not HTML, it is MIME, which includes HTML, but also includes separate parts for images and attachments as well as the HTML part. As Sean probably knows, our Midas Rich Text LSX (see { Link } ) has offered this ability for years, but the devil is in the details. We have to allow you to specify whether the images and attachments will be referred to "in place" or exported along with the HTML or sent as MIME parts. All of this is not to say that the functionality should not be in the core product, it most likely should be, but that it is a bit more complex than just adding a GetHTML method.

Allow Lotusscript control of table cell colours etc (27 Nov 2007)

Sean obviously knows this, but in case anybody else is unclear on the "3rd party tools" he is mentioning, at least one is our Midas Rich Text LSX (see { Link } ) which does this quite easily. There is a huge difference in both performance and usability when you can change the rich text in place rather than exporting and importing, but obviously that is my biased opinion.

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

@17 - Actually, I guess a different spin on the same thing that might be easier is to simply rank your own Promoted items. Assuming you could make drag and drop work in the pseudo-view, you could simply say "this wish is higher than that wish". Then, the math of the dollar/point allocation would be implicit rather than explicit. To make it even closer, you could exclude any approved items you wanted, so you could just have three "really, really want" items on your ranked list, or thirty, and the dollar/point amounts would correspond. This would be a lot more visual and interactive than adding up numeric counts and all, but would have the same general intent. Should I make that a separate idea?

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

You all can redefine the Idea all you like, but my goal was explicitly to have a set amount, not new amounts each month. My goal is that people would have to set priorities. I don't think the UI would be hard, just a few of all the items I have voted, sorted by how many dollars I have allocated to each perhaps. Have a total clearly visible, and an entry next to each item in which you could put a number. If the $ concept gets too messy, call them points instead, but I did want more than 100 to allow some granularity.

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

Matt - I've always thought that there should be a cost, so I'm not really sure that is "coming around to Nathan's view", but in any case, I suggested the favorites idea before to Bruce, but I think it would be somewhat cumbersome to manage, and much less clear what happens when you have three favorites vs. all ten, for example.

I do like the simplicity of just voting up or down, but I have also seen the cases where somebody simply votes No for all kinds of issues, and also am concerned that Nathan is right that the top vote getter right now is a relative light weight issue that I voted for but doesn't have the importance to me of a number of other issues. I could withdraw me vote, but I think it is an OK idea, just less important and there is no current way to express that.

Cross-index the Product Showcase Catalog (27 Nov 2007)

I have provided this before in the Sessions database I provide, but it is very hard to get the categories. I'd be very happy if I could get the vendors to provide them, either to me or to IBM.

LotusScript Editor element for Classes (26 Nov 2007)

Dwight - And that would be such a bad thing? - Ben

ALL speakers need to provide presentation slides (26 Nov 2007)

Andrew is an excellent speaker, as many will agree. On the other hand, part of the problem is that every speaker is an individual, and what works for one will not work for another. I am very lucky, as IBM has always picked me when I have put in an abstract, but they almost never ask me to do more than one (too much of a good thing, perhaps?) So, with just one session, I do get my slides in on time each year, but in most of my sessions, the demos are the important part, and, like Andrew, are always freely available after the event. Sometimes that makes it hard to create the slides, since I am never satisfied with the demos and work on them up to the last minute every year, especially when the software itself (i.e., Notes, Symphony, etc.) is often changes in the interval. The goal is to give value, not to meet a deadline in early December for a session to be given in late January.

Refresh rich text without having to open and close document (26 Nov 2007)

Slawek - It certainly does. Unfortunately, it does point out one of the downsides of Idea Jam's popularity. I searched for several terms (e.g., "rich text" and "richtext") before posting to be sure I wasn't repeating what seemed like an obvious wish, but since Hynek referred to it as "RTF" and "rich-text-field", my search did not turn up his post. I think Bruce indicated a future ability to merge Ideas, which would be excellent for this situation. - Ben

Default lotuscript code templating (24 Nov 2007)

This would save immense amounts of time.

New Idea Jam Feature - Embed an idea on a web page (23 Nov 2007)

Excellent work, Bruce! I'm sure I'll use this often.

We might need a 'report user' option... (22 Nov 2007)

The problem is, you can't enforce constructive criticism. Put in a requirement to comment when voting "No", and you'll see more "I disagree" comments. We need to trust people, and enforcing a comment on negative votes just gives the message that no justification is needed for voting for ideas, while justification is needed for voting against them. The cost of voting "No" is therefor slightly higher, which actually reduces the value of the results. Imagine if everybody just voted "Yes" on each idea. The site would fade away very quickly. A requirement to comment on negative votes would not kill the site, but it would encourage the idea of no cost for voting "Yes". If anything, I'd prefer a limited number of "Yes" votes to match the realities that we have to make choices about how time is expended, not fall into the trap of thinking that all changes are cost-free.

How about a bloggable URL like a Youtube URL? (21 Nov 2007)

Kerr - Sorry about poaching. And I think the only reason I have more votes on this idea is because it was posted a week before the official "live" date rather than two months. Cheers! - Ben

I wish the Productivity Editors could read Office 2007 files (20 Nov 2007)

@5 - You may be right, but I've also sat through IBM making OS/2 handle Windows programs "as well or better than Windows" and have all the developers realize they only had to develop Windows programs. Supporting .doc and .xls files supports the hugely entrenched champion office formats without further entrenching the hugely entrenched champion office provider. Just my opinion, of course.

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (20 Nov 2007)

Craig - I greatly appreciate the sentiment, but IBM has been unable to get its act together to help in the past. There are lots of good people who mean well, but the bureaucracy is just too dense. So, while I wish I could get updates from IBM, if I wait for them, they'll never happen. And yes, it is rather complicated processing because I usually have to programmatically rip it off the web pages. Ick. Anyway, thanks for the postive comments! - Ben

I wish the Productivity Editors could read Office 2007 files (20 Nov 2007)

Gavin -

ODF is alive and well. As I have posted in a comment on another idea here, the OpenDocument Foundation (of which I was briefly a member) was down to three guys who simply fell apart. It has nothing to do with ODF's acceptance, and all the noise about even their plaintive whining has come from Microsoft and its supporters. It was stupid of OASIS to ever let the OpenDocument Foundation use the name, but they are in absolutely no way a mouthpiece for the standard or an indicator of its viability. I will repeat, ODF is alive, well and an international ISO standard being adopted at a great rate by companies and governments all over the world. We do not have to support Office 2007, and I don't think we should, beyond the already excellent support for the older binary formats, which let people interoperate easily. See { Link } for some sense about how widely spread the Open XML formats are "in the wild", and then compare

DOCX (Office 2007 standard document filetype): { Link }

ODT (ODF standard document filetype): { Link }

I get 883 .docx files and 90,200 .odt files, but even in the interest of interoperability with Office 2007, here is

.DOC (Office 2007 and before binary format, supported by Symphony): { Link }

28, 200,000 and growing

So, given these numbers, should IBM spend time supporting Open XML, and simply let people interoperate with what already works well?

- Ben

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (19 Nov 2007)

Craig - Thanks for the kind words. It has been a pleasure (well, not always, but mostly) creating this resource over the years. I'm glad it has been of assistance.

As for getting changes once LS starts, we started last year with a replicatable database. It was still somewhat of an effort during Lotusphere to actually make updates, but we also used it after Lotusphere to track links to sessions that were posted by speakers. We plan to do both things again this year, plus hope to have some other more interactive content that can replicate as well. I hope those changes make this even more valuable for you. - Ben

Give attendees a DVD/USB with all presentation PDFs on it (16 Nov 2007)

They can't use ODF because too many presenters object to the ease with which the content can be stolen. The could use HTML, but I think they have found PDF to be by far the most popular and accessible option which still offers some protection for the content.

Should the idea jam include products from Lotus ISV's? (16 Nov 2007)

Perhaps it is time to move this Idea to the Rejected category.

Give attendees a DVD/USB with all presentation PDFs on it (16 Nov 2007)

Think about what you are asking. I hate to be cynical, but IBM has trouble giving access to downloads of its core products to its customers on Partnerworld. Do you really think they can/will maintain links to a site as "non-essential" as this? I'd far rather have a copy of whatever I can.

Symphony Programmability Overhaul (16 Nov 2007)

ODF has not "self destructed". Take a look at where all the noise is coming from. The OpenDocument Foundation, of which I was very, very briefly a member, blew apart, and the Microsoft contingent has had a heyday acting like this means ODF itself has fallen apart, but nothing could be further from the truth. The OpenDocument Foundation is three guys... and the fact that they use the name (without any authorization even) does not make them authorities. ODF is doing just fine, and improving all the time/

ALL speakers need to provide presentation slides (15 Nov 2007)

To their credit, IBM has been adamant this year that no speakers will get their badge without slides, and the deadline is earlier than ever to allow editing, review (and pounding on people who don't hand them in).

Give all attendees a DVD with all presentation PDFs on it (15 Nov 2007)

At EntwicklerCamp in Germany in February they gave us USB thumb drive with the presentations. Very nice USBs, I might add, and I appreciated it much more than a pair of sandals. So, yes, I'll amend that to say DVD or USB. Honestly, whatever they give us would be better than nothing.

A Jug of Wine, a Spreadsheet, and Thee - What would you like to see? (15 Nov 2007)

Thanks for the ideas. Any ideas on the non-spreadsheet editors?

idea summary - give indication of when the idea description will no longer be shown in the view (15 Nov 2007)

Of course, you can also go back and edit your idea if it doesn't work out well.

Allow 'import' of HTML into RTF in the backend (15 Nov 2007)

I agree this should be a native method. In the meantime, for what it's worth, our Midas Rich Text LSX does allow you to import HTML into rich text, and with a great deal more fidelity and control than the native method. It is completely backend, using our own engine, so you can do it from a servre, scheduled agent, or whatever. See { Link }

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (14 Nov 2007)

Randy - If you feel comfortable doing so, send along a copy of the revised database and perhaps we can make some of those changes part of the standard design. - Ben

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (14 Nov 2007)

Matt - We have had a BlackBerry specific solution for the past few years (provided by The Turtle Partnership), and I know a couple of people have put this on a more general PDA compatible version, but I like the idea of a better web interface for iPhones and other smart phones. I'll talk to the Turtle Partnership people and see if they want to take that on. Thanks! - Ben

Creating URL link hotspot should be much easier (14 Nov 2007)

For what it is worth (probably not much), the method we came up with to simplify this with our Midas Rich Text LSX 4.00 Wiki links feature was to simple enclose the URL, then a vertical bar, then a title. Since I can't show the format here without it interpreting the URL, see { Link } for an example.

IdeaJam does not support URL links (31 Oct 2007)

Sigh! I take it back. It works from Internet Explorer and not Firefox right now, for reasons I don't know. I think it may be the interim version of FCKeditor that is in this beta. I'll send Bruce the gold version and it should fix this.

IdeaJam does not support URL links (31 Oct 2007)

Could you point me to which post this occurred? CoexEdit certainly recognizes the URL links, as does FCKeditor. I tried posting a test post just now where I pasted in a URL (without even the leading http) and it was recognized, as was another manually added URL. The only trick seems to be to hit enter after entering the URL, and even that isn't necessary if we add a parameter to CoexEdit.

Hide-When Formulas - Improve visibility in Domino Designer (16 Oct 2007)

Should the idea jam include products from Lotus ISV's? (16 Oct 2007)

Should the idea jam include products from Lotus ISV's? (16 Oct 2007)

Stop making me close the property boxes! (26 Sep 2007)


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