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Increase the number of nested tables (14 Oct 2010)

this is not the option of nested tables alone - if you have a rich text item nested in a table, the rich text item has a limit. if this context is at the limit you are not able to do something else in your table.

Design custom Theme for frameworks IBM OneUI (14 Oct 2010)

And update helpfiles on this subject quite detailed - at least better than XPages.

Automatic Time Slots before and after Meetings (12 Oct 2010)

For invitation messages with people in other companies, this may not be possible - other systems will not understand this informations. but the idea is nice.

Schema-aware type ahead feature. (12 Oct 2010)

This is Lotus Notes design - you may show and edit data with different forms and in this case you could not seperate data from form A and form B. This is not a mistake!!! THIS IS A FEATURE!

Recall available only for specific users (Groups) (23 Sep 2010)

This is available. Configure different policies and deploy them by Group-Policy.

Analog @Command - [NavigateNext], [NavigatePrev], [NavNext], [NavPrev] for xPages (21 Sep 2010)

also a "go back"-command.

Mark ideas as Implemented (21 Sep 2010)

I've also seen some ideas that are implemented.
A button will be a good idea!

Add a 'Disable Reply All' toggle to emails (13 Sep 2010)

but an action like that will only work in Lotus Notes (new versions) - external mail will not understand a flag like that.

Make First and Last Name editable in User Profile (11 Sep 2010)

it is maybe the primary key - if not, make it editable

Number the options listed in the Additional Options section of Preferences (11 Sep 2010)

or sort it by name

When switching locations, allow switching to the one already in use. (11 Sep 2010)

Switch location will also calculate some other options (mailfile, server, connections....) - if you are able to switch to the same location, it will need some time. if ibm will develop your idea, i hope they do not "switch" all - they should check each option, if it has changed.

Move the Welcome page entry in the Help menu (09 Sep 2010)

Sorry!!! - I've not seen you mean designer! - Yes, it's wrong!

Move the Welcome page entry in the Help menu (09 Sep 2010)

Which version do you use? I'm using 8.5.1 FP4 - Here is the help first.

enable search crawlers config for Lotus Quickr for Domino (08 Sep 2010)

@Jeremiah: No, it is not and yes, they should fix it - but is like "not supported".
It is the option "Make this site accessible to web search site crawlers" in internet site documents and in server documents.
Most other ideas in ideajam are issues to be fixed.

Desktop files search (08 Sep 2010)

I'm not a fan of local files - there is Notes, Quickr, Connections to store files. From the MS search, i know the problem of processor utilization and the required space on the disk.
For the search of different solutions (Notes, Quickr, Connections, File Server ,....) there is IBM Omnifind. It is possible then this search engine to address in Notes.

The "Start with..." dialog in the views, should have a combobox with the history of the last searched strings in a per-database-user basis (06 Sep 2010)

Great idea! But in my opinion, it is enough, if there is a history of the last n (=10, 20..) entries (anywhere).

new marketing managers for EMEA (06 Sep 2010)


Free merchandising articles for IBM Lotus Software (06 Sep 2010)

licenses are expensive enough: poor quality, developed in asia.....like an IBM shirt.

Place message on HOLD from the Mail.Box (Addition at end) (04 Sep 2010)

- good message: your server didn't go down!
- the primary problem is the sql server.
- if a mail.box is full and you have to cleanup - stop server and rename the file...now you have a lot of time for cleanup.
- every admin should have a little bit developer know how: creating an agent with simple action will bring you the action you need (5 minutes).
- DDM contains a "warning system"

In general there should be an action to "stop message".

Multi core control for licencing (04 Sep 2010)

if it is to expensive for you: it is also possible to disable cores (ms windows and linux). This agrees with licencing.

Strange messages when using the Designer in the project, containing only the code LotusScript (04 Sep 2010)

this is a support question - not an idea. you should bring an idea for better support or quality management.

Launching Lotus Symphony in the 8.5.2 client hangs tightly (04 Sep 2010)

this is a support question - not an idea

Don't overwrite favicon.ico if it already exists (04 Sep 2010)

compare hashcode of icon - if it's not domino default, don't overwrite

Symphony API integration in Agents (29 Aug 2010)

with full integration (print, export, import....)

Standardize Definition of Application (29 Aug 2010)

It will be longer, but my favorite is "database application"

Expose the SPR database to customers so others can easily get added to the request (22 Aug 2010)

Customers should read the database, but not directly post any feedback or change anything.

license model for universities and schools (education) (20 Aug 2010)

This year a hardware customer was interested to migrate to IBM Lotus Notes/Domino/Traveler/iNotes for the university. We found a not so expensive licence model but they asked MS also and they gave them Exchange and Sharepoint as gift.

Calendar overlay: documentation how to overlay application calendar (20 Aug 2010)

@David: thank you, i've changed the idea space.
If using the mail template, it works - but i have the need to use calendar overlay for applications ("show application calendar in my calendar"). For this IBM should describe how to do this.

Cleanup process for mystery problems (20 Aug 2010)

It is right - it should be perfect. I know Panagenda MarvelClient - they also can restore the desktop icons (first export them to xml). A "Repair function" should store data, delete containers and restore information.

Make Ideajam database as default application on domino (20 Aug 2010)

in my opinion, every company has needs to find new ideas and this application has found perfection by the community.

Dogear: Plugin for many browsers to store bookmark in dogear (20 Aug 2010)

@Patrick: it will be an idea. Also a status bar plug-in or only a menu entry will be an idea.

Admin Client - Server Console (16 Aug 2010)

Try @Command([AdminRemoteConsole]) (works since 4.x and is also available in linux)

expand the option to link ideas or use an other technic (31 Jul 2010)


I've made a screenshot from the idea space "Idea Jam" and "Domino Designer" - both ends with "O...".

Best regards


Graceful termination of agents that run longer than server time limit (31 Jul 2010)

Currently there is a way by using DDM (event generator) - but it is not very easy to handle this or/and nobody knows it.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (31 Jul 2010)

You could use Panagenda MarvelClient for that option. But in my opinion it there should be a comanies welcome page, because if you are using more than mail in Lotus Notes you have to tell your clients, which applications are available - they will not find them. Only Admins and Developers does have overview about their workspace (sometimes).

Monitor Multiple Mailboxes (31 Jul 2010)

It is very nice to have a Lotus Sametime bot for notice about new documents (mail) - try this. it will also bring a huge benefit for Lotus Sametime as collaboration tool.

best regards

Have the TopGear guys as opening act (31 Jul 2010)

Are they "Top"?

SMTP Forwarding Host: Allow multiple forwarding hosts (31 Jul 2010)

Use connection documents for smtp connection. If you insert two or more hosts, seperated by comma, at destination address you may use multiple hosts (without priority).

ST8.5 Create windows services for Sametime (06 Apr 2010)

at sametime informationcenter is a script to add windows services
{ Link }

Personal Homepage for Quickr Domino (19 Mar 2010)

this is an easy feature. on interests we will help you to design this (also customizing welcome page. wikis and blogs)

Go back to the Inbox after deleting a message (19 Mar 2010)

Great! But it should also be possible to work as it is now

notesDocument.GetItemText( itemName$ ) (19 Mar 2010)

@2 Vlad Sh: there is always a workaround available, but why should Lotus not extend script for easy use?

notesDocument.GetItemText( itemName$ ) (19 Mar 2010)

@1: GetItemValue(itemname$)(0) will return only the first value and does not work for NotesRTItem
"textArray = Evaluate(....)" ....
1. is not available in COM/OLE
2. your formula will return an string array

GetItemText should be the same returnvalue as NotesItem.Text methode.


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