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Create an IdeaSpace for "Lotus Marketing" or alike (05 May 2009)

Can't wait to see how many of my own blog posts and comments would end up recycled on such an IdeaSpace.

Support iPhone (09 Jun 2008)

It's important to get this matter in front of APPLE as well as IBM. Let them know. And be sure to mention how many mobile devices you already support!

{ Link }

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (19 May 2008)


So would you have a switch some kind indicating whether 0 was a non-null entry?

After all, if the field is "daysLeft" then 0 is valid data, isn't it?

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (02 May 2008)

To clarify, I've gotten the huge Eclipse error box plenty of times. And every time, it's been AFTER the NSD task has cleaned up my errant processes. As long as when NSD starts and says "Lotus Notes has encountered an error," you *don't* click Cancel, then for me, it always closes what it needs to close so that I can restart the client.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (23 Apr 2008)

@13 - Then, sir, your experience is substantially different from mine. I haven't had to kill individual Notes processes except by my own choice for the last 18 months.

If there are specific crashes that do not activate the NSD clean up in the Notes Standard client, I'd love to hear them. The only time I've ever been able to crash the Eclipes client independent of the underlying Notes basic tasks was when I was mucking around with SWT plugin code that was specifically doing stress-test thread jumping. Otherwise, in my experience (which is 10 hours a day of Notes coding for at least 6 days a week for the last year and a half,) I can only squeeze a crash out of the Notes basic tasks, and the NSD cleanup process always does its job flawlessly.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (22 Apr 2008)

@10 - I don't understand what kind of documentation you would want. The process is automatic. If you are running Notes 8.0.1, and it crashes, the NSD process says "hey, we see you crashed... hang on while we get information about what was happening at the time so we can send it back to IBM." If you let that process complete, and don't click "cancel" on the dialog that pops up, it cleans up all the tasks.

@11 - A test in 8.5, which is not GA code, means absolutely nothing. If you have specific reproducable instances where the current gold release of Notes crashes, and then fails to clean up, I'd love to hear them. And I'm sure so would Silvia Pighin or Jan Kenney, the managers of the beta programs that you must be a part of in order to be running 8.5 Designer.

Please note that in all cases, killing the process that cleans up errant processes means.... you guessed it.... you still have errant processes. That seems pretty obvious on the face of it.

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (22 Apr 2008)

A client crash in 8.0.1 shuts down all processes in an orderly fashion. You simply have to wait for the crash manager to complete.

So, this request has already be fulfilled in the current release of the product.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

AH HA!!!

"other people, including me, have built it into other classes"

This explains so much!

And yeah, I actually wouldn't want to break your LSX.

Option NotesDocumentExtended False perhaps?

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

@21 - Agreed, and that's why I went and asked those individuals for explanations -- so we could have a discourse about it, instead of blindly picking parties in the voting booth.

And truthfully, I'm not in disagreement with what Rob and Ben and others have pointed out as the advantages of extended syntax. Which is why I didn't suggest it be deleted from the source code. I would just like to be able to control the default behavior of the compiler, much as I can set a myriad of other options today.

I mean, it's not like the code to check the validity of members on a product class isn't there. It runs for EVERY OTHER CLASS except NotesDocument. So it seems quite likely that there's some special case that says "if it's a NotesDocument, then SKIP all this" in the compiler. And I'd like to be able to say "no, no... even if it's a NotesDocument, go check just like if it was a NotesView or NotesSession or NotesEmbeddedObject."

But I don't want to require that you check. Or that Rob checks. Or that Ben checks.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

LOL.... well, I guess this is a more polarizing issue than I would have guessed!

I suppose that's what IdeaJam is for, after all. Okay :)

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

I suppose I should provide a little more background on what I thought was a no-brainer idea...

I'm generally pretty good at avoiding extended syntax. I do that for two reasons: 1) performance (IBM says there's a hit, if a small one); 2) forward compatibility (how many people had apps break in 6 because they had a field called "Lock"?)

If that's not important to you, no problem -- just don't turn on that switch. Or turn it off when your compiler barfs.

But I wished for it today when I was debugging something that kept erroring on...

If document.IsRepsonse Then...

How nice would it be to catch that at compile time and never have had to deal with unit failures on it?

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

@7 - Sorry, Ben. I'll never ask again.

LMAO at your use of "impose their stylistic views by force."

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)


@3 - Karl, Option Declare breaks a lot of code if you turn it on, too. And yet it's best practice for just about every Lotuscript engineer I know.

You wouldn't turn it on unless you were going to modify the code it affected anyway. It's JUST LIKE Option Declare.

Does anyone think that Option Declare is a bad idea?

Set a fixed size for an NSF (18 Feb 2008)

One example is a keyword control database. I could see performance reasons to want to say "make this 50MB," because that's not so large that I care about the space, but is probably 2 or 3 times more than I need. By keeping it a fixed size, I don't have to worry about how the OS deals with expanding files and the resulting fragmentation. I can feel confident that index lookups are happening in a contiguous space, even when I've made a significant number of individual changes.

It's an edge case, for sure. But this might be a stepping stone to more relational-like features. For instance, if I have a fixed-size source, perhaps even with some kind of limited index update, some of the performance concerns that prevent Lotus from permitting view-based @DbLookups might go away.

Disable Notes 8 Typeahead For Selected Names fields (07 Jan 2008)

On a Names field, I see: [ ] Look up names as each character is entered

I can turn that off.

It might be because I'm on 8.0.1 beta, but check for yourself in 8.0.0 It's on the field options tab in the properties box, where you also control the display of delimiters.

Ability to recover roaming IDs (07 Jan 2008)

This is coming in the 8.5 timeframe. Kevin Cavanaugh has discussed it publically. There's a secured centralized ID storage facility being built for Domino that will manage this stuff for you.

I'll vote the idea up anyway, simply to add to the number of positive votes for stuff that IBM is already delivering. :-)

CopySelectedAsTable method on NotesUiView (04 Jan 2008)

Wonderful idea. The NotesUIView class is actually missing a lot of stuff. Right now, I'm wishing it had a .CreateViewNav that respected column resorts!

And while we're at it, how about .ResortByColumn if the column is sortable?

Persistent Login for HTTP (03 Jan 2008)

I'm not 100% certain that you *can't* do this without a DSAPI filter today. In today's architecture, you're talking about an LTPAToken that's written to disk at the client. I bet there's SOME way to do that.

I'll still support the idea, though, 'cause it really should be a checkbox on a web site config form.

Turn off Notes 8 Spelling Checking on a Form (27 Dec 2007)

Oh, and 3 guesses what DP suggested the checkbox. :-D

Turn off Notes 8 Spelling Checking on a Form (27 Dec 2007)

This is actually in 8.0.1, you can control this on a field-by-field basis.

On Server Registration, allow me to copy server security settings (21 Dec 2007)

It's a good idea, Chris, but why don't we just build it into a customized version of the directory? "Clone this server" as an option in the server doc?

Option to display a document within a frameset (20 Dec 2007)

You can do this, but it's not nearly as easy as it should be.

Make a STOP button (19 Dec 2007)

@5 - Theo, the thing that made me think about this was overhearing my boss tell our financial controller that she could stop a hung reply message by hitting Ctrl+Break. I think it has excellent end-user applications.

The only reason I'd want to policy-control it per John's suggestion is because so few Notes apps have graceful handling of a Ctrl+Break event today. But this would just make us all write better code.

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (28 Nov 2007)

This is actually a pretty good idea, but it's got one new issue.

I register and allocate my 1000 dollars.

Then I register with a different email address, and allocate another 1000 dollars.

Now, put a credit card number behind this idea, and I'm 100% on board. But then, you'd start to undercut the commercial proposal I'm putting together for Bruce. ;-)

Default lotuscript code templating (26 Nov 2007)

"Since so many people are promoting this can anyone explain why a script library isn't good enough?"

Easy. There's no cost to promoting an idea.

Andrew's probably right that this is low-hanging fruit. It might not even be necessary for IBM to be the one to implement this in a Designer-in-Eclipse world.

However, I would also have thought that someone like Andrew would just write himself a toolbar item that would copy his preferred template agent from some static db into the current one.

Default lotuscript code templating (26 Nov 2007)

The default library is great, but why would you ever need anything else? Just declare those standard variables in the library, and set them on the Initialize. Then "predefine functions" becomes built right in.

If you really need something more sophisticated than that, may I suggest good ol' copy/paste? Not copy the source code, but write the agent template and the copy & paste that.

Allow all icons to confirm to the .ICO defacto standard. (24 Nov 2007)

Why not just leapfrog and go to .PNGs?

Symphony Programmability Overhaul (23 Nov 2007)

It's distressing that anyone in Lotus circles asked the question that Gavin just did. It's not his fault, but it's indicative of just how well that MS FUD campaign via ZDNet worked. :-(

Programmable embedded views (14 Nov 2007)

Dan, I actually have a model for this that will let you do single-category views. Are you coming to Lotusphere? I was planning to debut the technique at my interface presentation.

I might be convinced to help you out with some ideas in advanced if you want to email me: nathan.freeman@lotus911.com

Embedded Frameset for Forms (09 Nov 2007)

{ Link }

Right-click - Reorder menu from Inbox (05 Nov 2007)

We don't need MORE options on the right-click. We need FEWER options. Dramatically fewer. A small enough set that it's easy to right-click and leap to something urgent.

Bring back right click "Open In Designer" on a Workspace tab (02 Nov 2007)

Mary Beth Raven has already stated that removing it was accidental, and it will be added back.

Allow Properties Dialog to be Resized (02 Nov 2007)

Discussed? Alan, that's also how all the Symphony apps work! It's no secret... the property box is getting deprecated, slowly but surely.

Property Dialog Enhancement (02 Nov 2007)

I'm voting down not because I don't think this is a good idea, but because I think it's basically moot, since the trend is to get rid of the properties box as a whole. Look at Symphony for the new direction! :-D


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