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Graceful termination of agents that run longer than server time limit (06 Jul 2010)

Peter: Even if Terminate() was run when an agent is over the time limit (is that true???) it's not sufficient unless you code significant workarounds and it's much more elegant to do it through exception handling.

Use of class in default HTML rendering of design elements, particularly views (08 May 2010)

I don't like this idea. If you want your table like that, you should class the table or some surrounding element (like a div, or the body itself) then use CSS of

.foo th {text-align:center;}
.foo td {text-align: right;}

Or, if you always want it the same for any table headers or cells:

th {text-align:center;}
td {text-align: right;}

Either of these ways are much cleaner, I think.

Or am I misunderstanding what you're asking?

Add formula @IsDocBeingPrinted (08 May 2010)

and also have an onPrint event.

Window title should be evaluated after the fields are evaluated (02 Apr 2010)

Agreed. Window title should be evaluated after the fields are evaluated.

Hide fields properties in the document properties. (02 Apr 2010)

*blush* It turns out there IS just such an idea already posted. { Link }

Enhance field level role asigned security feature. (02 Apr 2010)

I second Peter. This would be hard to do but a huge benefit.

Hide fields properties in the document properties. (02 Apr 2010)

I vote 'no' mainly because I'm against 'security through obscurity'. If there's information you need hidden, and you've got a user who's smart enough to try the document properties to look at it, then hiding the properties is a poor fix at best given that there are so many other ways, such as private views, Shift-F9 ( { Link } ), etc.

It would be nice to be able to have "readers/authors" functionality at the field level, which would solve your problem in a secure way and make coding much easier than separating the sensitive info a separate document. I'd vote "yes" to such an idea.

Open class/object in new tab (01 Apr 2010)

Relevant tangent: Peter, have you seen this? { Link }

Provide List of SSJS Reserved Words in On-line Help (20 Nov 2009)

Also useful for learning. I've used "reserved words" lists in the past to learn things I otherwise wouldn't have found/remembered, like a vocabulary list.

Add a Close button to each item in the additional document dropdown (20 Nov 2009)

Maybe the File - Close All command? You can add that to your toolbar, too.

New Mail Notification Pop-up (20 Nov 2009)

I hate mail popups. They are distracting. I would not use this feature.

That said, others use it, and it would greatly improve the perception of Notes, so I vote yes.

Option to import into a rich text field directly from memory, bypassing a file (02 Sep 2009)

Would also like to see NotesEmbeddedObject.ExtractToStream to do the reverse.

LotusScript: Generic 'core dump' error handler (20 Mar 2009)

I voted yes.

Mark: In the mean time, if you're willing to slow your code a little, you could keep all of your variables in a variant list.

dim lstVars List as Variant
dim db as NotesDatabase
dim session as NotesSession
set vars("db") = db
vars("strTemp") = "temporary string"
forall v in lstVars
if Not isObject(v) then
Print listtag(v), cstr(v)
Select Case typename(v)
Print listtag(v), db.title + " (" + db.Server + " " + db.FilePath + ")"
Case Else
Print listtag(v), "??? (" + typename(v) + ")"
End Select
End If

.. or something like that. If you want to tightly type all of your variables you'd have to have a different list for each type. At that point you'd probably want to create your own "VariablesContainer" class that has a CoreDump() method (that your error handling would call) and properties like
Property Get StringVar(strName as String) As String
Property Set StringVar(strName as String) As String
Sub DeleteStringVar(StrName as String)
Property Get DbVar(strName as String) As NotesDatabase
Property Set DbVar(strName as String) As NotesDatabase
Sub DeleteDbVar(StrName as String)
etc etc.

To prevent strName value typos, you could also force declaring variables to the VariablesContainer object as well by making a DeclareVar method (or set thereof, one per datatype).

I'd never thought of this until now, so my idea is admittedly half-baked. No idea how much it might or might not slow down your code. When dealing with objects, this wouldn't be too bad because you could register it and forget about it, but with non-objects you'd have to use VariableContainer every time you want to change it, which could be a nasty cost when, say, replacing a counter integer you're using while looping 1000 times. Hmmm.... maybe that could be mitigated by writing scalars to the VariableContainer within the error handling rather than using the VariableContainer every time you reference the variable?

Continue statement in LotusScript (11 Dec 2008)

A great language makes the right things easy and the wrong things hard, and replacing GoTo with Continue would still be code that would be better expressed without either.

Call me a zealot if you like. I realize that some people would strenuously disagree with me, and I even agree in at least one exception. ( { Link } )

Reload script library code in Notes agent at compile time (07 Aug 2008)

I was just about to create this one... Glad I searched first instead of duplicated it.

"Grey Out" hidden view columns in designer (12 May 2008)

I initially was going to vote no on this, but as I thought about it I liked it a lot, provided you're talking about the background of the hidden area, not the color of the text.

Show vote with comments (09 Apr 2008)

I'd go the other way as well, with the vote icon next to their name in the comment headers.

Folders for RSS Feeds (06 Mar 2008)

Agreed. I think the RSS feed reader needs a lot of improvement.

For me, the current ND8 RSS reader was excitingly great, until it became frustratingly limited, and then I found myself jumping ship and downloading RSSOwl, which is an open source Eclipse-based RSS reader. After tweaking the browser-specific preferences I'm very happy with RSSOwl. Check it out, Craig. { Link }

I know IBM will never embed an open source app within Notes for some very good legal reasons, but if they could adopt/coopt/re-use code from a good RSS reader, it would be so much better than what they have now.

Conditional Formatting Of A Field's Background Color (29 Feb 2008)

I'm voting yes, for the aim of the request, but I definitely agree more with Theo. A computed css class formula would be amazingly better, and not just for this, For example, negative numbers could automatically appear in red characters.

Better Beer (19 Feb 2008)

@6: Completely agree!

LotusScript Editor element for Classes (31 Jan 2008)

Voted yes, but Maureen demo'd this for Lotusphere. I think she said it will be there for 8.5.

8.5 will have an outline for JavaScript libraries, too.

(Note: I'll still also be using the free script browser tool by TeamStudio because I allows me to all references to a given object, accross all agents and other script libraries. It is too easy. Check it out at { Link } )

Add Support for OpenID (31 Jan 2008)

Absolutely. This would be pretty crucial to Connections, too, where we could then do mashups with Activites and Dogear alongside external content.


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