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Axel Janssen5023 

Retire LotusScript, Focus on JavaScript (SSJS) (29 Jun 2009)

First of all I am a big fan of Peters series about xPages. They contain lots of information, motivate other people for nearly as interesting own related postings and are nice to read.
Otherwise I see no reason why not to use different programming languages. LotusScript is a *good* language for classic notes stuff. Why replace it with another language? I guess we will have a tendency towards more languages on other platform, too. I allways suspect nasty opportunity costs as consequence of this language consolidation.
And we never had 1 language on Domino as there allways was formula language, which helped me a lot in understanding xslt btw.
I am also against a lotusScript implementation for xpages. A good LotusScript developer will learn it in a week or 2.

antiquate (abolish) cache.ndk (17 Jun 2008)

Morten hit the nail.
In each network environment caches are often very necesary.

Adding tags improvement (06 Jun 2008)

you may use camelCase or underline_between_words for "more words" tags.

Recycle bin for designer? (30 May 2008)

In other dev-environments you get that feature by versioning systems like cvs, svn or Rational clear case. Lotus should better try to integrate those instead of createing a proprietary solution on its own.

Extend @Formula using Java (29 May 2008)

I think this has a high potential of creating confusing and hardly maintainable code.
What is the advantage of Java in your SQL example, anyway? Such SQL stuff can be coded in LotusScript, too. So, Lotus could have created Lotus Script-extensible @functions much earlies.
Also I am all for layered architecture. SQL is very Backend (persistence) and @formulas are most powerfull in the frontend (view layer). This is mixing both and in the end such hybrids do not gain much popularity.
For example how many organisations are using those Lotus-Taglibs when integrating Domino from their Java applications? I haven't met anyone, though I've seen a lot of Tomcat/Websphere apps accessing Domino.
Or lotus workplace had afaik no clear separation between backend and frontend.
And the Java space has gone through a painfull learning process with using such low level APIs like JDBC in applications. Today most use some sort of extra libraries, that hide the complexities of JDBC like ibatis SQLMaps or Hibernate. And the code using this libraries which hit the database is more often than not in a special DAO layer, where it can be unit-, integration-, and load-tested.

Lotusscript is evolving (28 May 2008)

The Eclipse Object model is actually quite complex.
If there will be some LotusScript wrappers for Eclipse objects, it should be designed very carefully.
What Lotus Domino doesn't need is yet another new bunch of fresh LotusScript classes that have so many potholes as the xml classes, the richText-classes, etc.

Dialog List Choices (26 May 2008)

A self respecting jee application does also require more than just "java knowledge", but also sql, different types of xml configuration stuff/annotations, etc.

Dialog List Choices (26 May 2008)

I think for simple things as dialog list choices formula languages qualifies as "Domain Specific Language". Its ok.
Things get nasty when you have to fix/enhance an old database whith really huge formula-scripts.

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (19 May 2008)

As others said: Don't change existing functionality, but add a new short circuit operator. If a new operator is proposed I would promote, but I have to demote the current proposal, as some code may rely on the existing non-short circuit functionality. So we would break downward compability of new code.

Add Domino Document Manager Templates to Quickr (05 May 2008)

I more for concentrating on the quality of the existing product portfolio.
It can be very, very hard to port features from architecture a to architecture b. Domino.Doc did not generate much interest in the market.
Migration path for existing installations is ok, but not more.

NotesDXLImporter class should learn to talk (02 May 2008)

Robert is right.
NotesDXLImporter.Log does indeed gives very usefull information, especially with Notes 8 (much better than with Notes 6).
I feel a bit like creating urban legends, sorry for that.

NotesDXLImporter class should learn to talk (30 Apr 2008)

Will check the Log member and report about the experience.
Glenn: Congrats! You've won the contest.
If there is no text between the lotusscript tags, it will be rejected by DXL importer. A space between the opening and closing nodes makes the difference to be accepted.

Support iPhone (25 Apr 2008)

Traditionally Apple hasn't been a company focused on the consumer market. Their leader (guess name is Stephan Job, Steven Jobs, Steve Job or some such) once even said bluntly that Apple simply doesn't target the enterprise market. Now with IPhone they want to enter the Enterprise market, but thats the nearer future.

Write a DXL to XSL-FO Stilesheet to print to PDF PS PCL ecc. ecc. (22 Apr 2008)

... but a stylesheet which supports all NotesDXL would be really large and who has the time or the nerve to write it?

Improved date and time entering (15 Apr 2008)

I am all with Harkpabst.
There should be a consistent solution. Like for example adding a aditional design element to fields like "data format declaration" where we may define aditional entering formats with regular expressions.
Regular expressions, because other platforms do use it for such purpose too, its expressive and you can define nearly everything with it.
If we allow too many special cases, I fear it will confuse people at the end of the day.

Resizable StackTrace Dialog (08 Apr 2008)

This is no stack trace. It just shows some properties from the eclipse configuration.

Notes 8 Standard Client Crashes should be easy to troubleshoot (08 Apr 2008)

I think this is due to the plug-in architecture of eclipse.

DXL Editor (05 Apr 2008)

On domiclipse site there is at least a dxl viewer. Good idea, btw.
{ Link }

New Versions Should be Backward Compatible (02 Apr 2008)

If in a space with rapid changes like webdevelopment in the last years, strict backward compability can cause a lot of aditional costs. So I think an update by some script could be a better option.

Make The Notes 8 Sidebar More Accessible To Notes developers (28 Mar 2008)

I think it may be implemented later. Remember we are not simply talking about Java, but more like Java for the Eclipse framework with all its classes, lifecycles, concepts and what not. And a lot of people worked really hard to build the Eclipse framework. It will cost IBM a lot of effort to build its own LotusScript on top. And its very probable that a lot of flexibility of the eclipse framework will be lost in the process.
Also: If I have problems while coding my eclipse plug-in, I can easily look into allready existing open Source solutions. I can google questions. Helping hands from newsgroups expertise is available.
LotusScript on the JVM as proposed by Dan is a completly new language. All existing LotusScript would need to be re-implemented. Maybe a Scripting Language to build Eclipse plug-ins might make sense. But do it in groovy or an even simpler domain specific language only for eclipse plug-in dev.

As far as I understand Eclipse development it won't be much code and if people have a working example at hand, they will be able to build their own stuff without becomming hardcore Enterprise Java Framework Programmer or some such.

Java isn't that hard. Currently I am kind of a trainer for a bunch of LotusScript programmers and a C/IBM Enterprise like Websphere MQ stuff guy. They make good progress.
Am going to demote based on the opportunity costs, I estimate high opportunity costs. Very high opportunity costs.

add Groovy support natively to Notes Java Programming (14 Feb 2008)

Come on, gents.
Heck, I know that I even could do that in Notes8 using Java5.
What I (and obviously no one else) wish is oficial IBM backing for Groovy as a programming language on the Notes platform.
I think the dynamic scripting approach fits very well with Lotus Notes.
7 years a not small part of the Notes community complains about rigidities of the Java programming language. Now there is a solid, nice 'nd easy scripting language on top of Java, which gets more and more adopted on our planet.

Even with 6 demotes I still think that its great idea :-)


Allow Java(Doc) style comments in LotusScript editor (13 Feb 2008)

This has cleared my doubts. I will change voting to agree. The syntax is indeed too clunky.

Allow JavaDoc style comments in LotusScript editor (13 Feb 2008)

I don't care much if comments are started with ' %rem, //, /** or whatever sequence of characters. We use LS.doc here and from my opinion the good thing about it, is that people use a suprising consistent style to comment their code. I don't even know how to create the html-files with LotusScript.doc. The consistency it brings to the style to comment is far more important.
Therefor as a community we should adopt LotusScript.doc style commenting as a de facto standard possibly with some IBM backing. And tell people that comments should be a) short b) short c) short d) concise and e) allways updated.

a dojo wiki (07 Feb 2008)

Thanks Ben, but I would like a lotus/ibm wiki, too, where also specific information about the implementation and usage scenarios inside Domino may be shared.

Feedback from IBM? (07 Feb 2008)

To some extend I understand that transparency is a double edged sword for those folks somewhere in the IBM foodchain, as "view" can turn easily in "commitment". Though I am all for more transparency of big companies in information/colaboration age.

Integrated XSL support in domino web engine (07 Feb 2008)

I am all for processing the output immediatedly before and even after it hits the http-engine.
The one tiny bit I don't like is to add "use xsl" to each field. It should be possible to access all the fields from ONE point in the form and not spread it around all over the fields, because xpath is good enough to adress all those fields.

Keep the C++ API alive (31 Jan 2008)

I think open sourcing would be a good idea. I don't see this as a Java replacing C++ thing. Both serve very different purposes.

IBM should sponsor a 3 article series of Best Lotus Blogger Award winner (30 Jan 2008)

I did not know that :-)
If thats true, it would be sad.

Add IDE capabilities for JavaScript in Eclipse-based Designer (29 Jan 2008)


that would be even better. But then there has to exist something that Eclipse knows that it should open the javascript editor, if I edit jsHeader or a javaScript event. Its all guesswork, because I don't know the eclipse based designer.

dynamic methods in lotusscript like the notesDocument class (28 Jan 2008)

Sorry, but this would be one of my worst maintenance nightmares.
Its adding "duck typing" to LotusScript. I find this concept has allready a high potential for confusion in JavaScript.

Change Java item methods to use List instead of Vector (28 Jan 2008)

I think there'ld be very few corner cases of Vector-methods, which are not declared in the List interface. But I guess that IBM would not take that risk to change the existing api, but provide a new version.
With the time there are more and more often small issues with the old api. Tiny issues like "you have to take extra-configuration steps in pmd, checkstyle, etc" pile up.

Full DXL round-trip of DESIGN ELEMENTS (26 Jan 2008)

DXL IS USED. I know people with a very traditional notes programmer background who use it a lot.

Change Java item methods to use List instead of Vector (26 Jan 2008)

There maybe a few downward compability issues, so the only chance maybe create lotus.domino2 api, which may be a good idea, hibernate has also hibernate2 or some such. PMD, findbugs, etc. can be configured.
I am more for a lotus.domino2 api based on java5.

Allow collapsible comments in lotus script (24 Jan 2008)

I guess this and lots of more goody-helpers (TM) will be much easier to implement with the anounced eclipse based Designer. I hope that IBM/Lotus put good effort to provide really feature rich Lotus Script Development plug-ins. The existing JDT is huge. Modern IDEs are simply so much more than that often mentioned class browsing.

Debugger improvements (18 Jan 2008)

I I exept those to be fixed the one or other way, once Domino Designer is ported to Eclipse.
The Lotus team should then spend some effort about which other features of the highly successfull javaDevelopmentTools-plugins should be ported to the LotusScript-DevelopmentTools. Those features are very good, in part due to the large Eclipse user base and to the competition with Netbeans and InteliJ.

- Quickfixes
- automatic formating of the source code
- lots of code-navigation and search capabilities.

A notes formula engine parser in java with ANTLR (16 Jan 2008)

It would be really awsome if people take interest in that. I will release soon the mock framework for writing java for domino. Its based on the idea to write a little single user , in-memory database implementation of the domino java api in java without any dependencies to Notes.jar. Of course it doesn't yet support all the features of the Domino API (for example not a single method of RichTextTable, heck not even a single method of RichTextItem), but I use it myself, when I write agents and stuff and will further work on it. In part, because its fun. Now a java implementation would improve the view-selection and column-formula story of that framework (currently only @all and fieldNames are supported and all the other @formulas unfortunatedly not). Also ANTLR is interesting in itselves. I will start to dig that and if I see something like a path to get that done, you will be informed.

Open Process to enhance Domino HTTP Engine in Release 9 (08 Jan 2008)

Stan. Really sincere thanks for your input.
Would you agree more, if xhtml were be replaced by "some-kind-of-html-standard-that-probably-honours-well-formed-xml-rules?
You are right XHTML might be the wrong target. Intentionally in the right direction, but - yes - that does not mean anything.
When consuming a REST Webservice its way easier to process a well formed, valid xml document than a tag soup which is neither well formed nor valid to any schema.

I will correct that.


Generate Shell Web Service based on a Notes form (08 Jan 2008)

For my taste such a tight coupling between a form and a webservice actually would create more problems than its easen the development process.
What if you decide to change the lookup view? Regenerate the webservice? Change all the clients communitating to this webservice to honour the possibly new interface?

Bring us back the Formula Debugger (08 Jan 2008)

An alternative would be to write an openSource formula language interpreter, for example with java and an openSource parser generator like ANTLR. Lots of work, but I would like it.

Loading.... (07 Jan 2008)

I am yet no expert in Notes 8, but I think that much of the long startup time has to do with the fact, that it eagerly loads lots of plug-ins. With the time it might become clearer for administrators how to fine tune the client settings towards the optimum for the users.

IBM Lotus Client Single Sign On (07 Jan 2008)

I think SSO-Systems and applications should be decoupled. I am all for good integration capabilities for Lotus products in existing SSO solutions provided by IBM or others.

View "Unvoted by me" (01 Jan 2008)

I think it works fine as it is. The unvoted view shows the first 20 or so unvoted (if you have more than 20 unvoted :-) )
If you vote the ideas, older ideas show up in the view.

code editing while debugging (29 Dec 2007)

In Eclipse with Java its often possible, but I never use this feature.

Access external data in column formulas (26 Dec 2007)

Performance very easily can become an issue implementing this.

Facility to bind java objects to a Notes Database (20 Dec 2007)

Charles, this proposal isn't intended to make Domino Websphere lite. Its just about a facility to bind heavy objects to a database, to not have to recreate them with any agent-call.
Heavy objects are quite common in some java opensource packages, which currently can't be used for the sole reason that there is no database bound space for heavy objects.

Provide integration with Twitter in Sametime / Notes8 plug-in (19 Dec 2007)

Somebody might write an eclipse plug-in in his free time.

Rounded Corner tables (19 Dec 2007)

I second Harkpabst. Better less effort to create proprietary solution, where a standard does allready exist. Especially as there would be at least clients to support (2 browsers, safari for Mac aficionados, Eclipse RCP and Notes classic).

Action Bar Controller (18 Dec 2007)

Of course, Ytria.

Action Bar Controller (18 Dec 2007)

One of the commercial tool vendors offers just that (forgot name, will add later).

Validity Schema for Notes Documents (17 Dec 2007)

Kerr, I was thinking about xml schema, too. I am not sure. XForms is another standard which might be used. In XForms its possible to add validation error messages.
And generally might it not add unecesary complexity when re-using existing standards for similar, but not completly congruent tasks? For example sometimes I am not sure, if I like the wsdl-reuse for inter-Portlet communication or Composite Apps.
Maybe its better to create a complete new, much simpler and more specifically targeted xml-doctype for those tasks.

Special Builder for Notes Java compilation, once Designer on Eclipse (17 Dec 2007)

Kerr. You are absolutely right.
It is indeed very unobtrusive and works completly automated.
Like in the picture I am going to add.
Warning for recycle()-problems could be:
- "A Notes Object was initialized but not Recycled"
or "A Notes Database Object was recycled in a Notes Agent. You should not do that."

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (14 Dec 2007)

I would call those "Promising ideas", but be carefull with my advice on that as I don't consider my English very mainstream :-) .
Or maybe close to the logic used "Ideas which received less than 20 votes".

Set docColl=dbCur.UnindexedDocuments to get the unidexed(FT Index) documents. (13 Dec 2007)

I think its a good idea. Should be easily implementable by Lotus. Just a collection of documents which are persistently changed after the last indexer run.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (12 Dec 2007)

Best, I think, would be a set of different logics to pick up the questions to present at that prominent place. One of the logic can be picked randomly, when the page refreshes:
- ideas with >20 promotes and few demotes
- very contentious ideas >10 demotes, >10 promotes
- idea with >20 promotes which has not created a single vote for 14 days.
- top 30 ideas (the one we have now can be one of the randomly selected logics).
- etc.

Commit/Rollback Changes (12 Dec 2007)

I think it will be quite hard to implement this ex-post. But I see it as important. Especially for integration with other systems. If its there, this domino-transaction should be able to participate in 2-phase-commit transactions of J2EE/EE5. This would make integration of Domino applications in SOA architecture or J2EE/EE5 a lot more straight forward.

Global DataBase Variable - set at any place (any doc, agent), access at any place (12 Dec 2007)

I second Thomas Bahn.
A database bound object space isn't such a bad idea.
Its like a profile document, with the possibility to store more complex data-structures in it.
Like attributes in ServletContext or PortletContext.

Field Property "mandatory field" (08 Dec 2007)

I like the general idea, but have something more radical in mind.

Use =+/=- in LotusScript (06 Dec 2007)

When I remember right, the development on the language (not classes) LotusScript was closed many moons ago.
Let the marketing department declare LotusScript a domain specific language (isn't technically correct, but who cares anyway?) and lotus dev gets some budget to re-start development on LotusScript as a language.

Autocomplete/Type-ahead for custom LotusScript classes (06 Dec 2007)

I am sure we are going to have that when domino designer is eclipse based.

Basic Usage Statistics (04 Dec 2007)

I think there is something like that in the new personalization features of Lotus WAS Portal 6. I have never used it. Will look up for the name of the feature at home.

The Missing link: GetNextItem (04 Dec 2007)

Often those multiple entries are richtext-items. From LotusScript they are only 1 item.

Allow us to write in one place "On Error Goto..." for all LotusScript (04 Dec 2007)

I second Slawek.
We use a smarticon that copies such boilerplate code in a fresh agent.

Let's consider what DB2NSF does for us. (04 Dec 2007)

I've allways wondered which business value does dbsnsf aims at.
1. better performance for large data sets? (I am not sure if this is feasible)
2. support for rdbms transactions if the domino data is accessed transactionally from a platform which supports transactions? (might be great for certain use cases) .
3. easier integration with reporting tools (yup)
I think for point 3 it should be easier (at least I would guess) to have the data in an rdbms as the tools are geared to it, at least traditionally.
On the other hand, thinking Eclipse based, it might be possible to let BIRT directly operate on the nsf data. BIRT is a eclipse subproject for reporting. I played with it using relational database as data source and I kind of like it (am not the only one). There is a composite app sample in notes.net sandbox using BIRT, though I don't know how it accesses the data.

concurrent version system for c/java parts and code-bin (01 Dec 2007)

Vince, isn't it more an administrative task?
Subversion is there and can be used with apache as server.

Domino DOM educational wiki (30 Nov 2007)

One of the proposals should be deleted. Doesn't matter which. A wiki is more community driven and so the initial concepts might not be too important.
Ben, as a consultant/hired coder jargon works fine for me, as you really get into contracts easier. At least here in Germany. For me personally pattern/anti-pattern has some meaningfull reference to the real world. Other people may see that different.

Domino DOM educational wiki (30 Nov 2007)

I think we should join forces: Please set a link to my earlier proposal, which is allready linked by Fab eh Harkpabst.

Client/Browser parity for ComboBoxes and ListBoxes (30 Nov 2007)

Lotus has no command over html standards and Lotus can't eliminate existing design elements of the notes client for obvious downward compability issues.

Parity between Java/JavaScript and LotusScript (30 Nov 2007)

Sorry. I seem to be unable to understand you.
For me my job as coder is not about knowing "functions" of programming languages, but about application design & architecture, understanding requirements from customers and providing business value based on those requirements.
I suck at remembering syntax details. Google and documentation help me to minimize my flaws quite effectively.

Source Control within Domino Designer (29 Nov 2007)

Great idea.
more like commit, create tag/branch, merge?
It would be easy to implement with full roundtrip capable dxl. Just save the xml of the single design elements in the versioning system. Different versions would be also easily comparable as they are text.

A pattern wiki (29 Nov 2007)

A separate "fight club" section for those who never surrender may be needed.

Me: blablablabla java blablablabla
Mikka Heinonen: Java? Its useless. For clueless from clueless. C/C++ is faster. LotusScript is easier.
Me: It is usefull.
Mikka: It is not.
Me: It is.
Mikka: It is not.
Me: It is.

15 years later.

Me: It was indeed usefull.
Mikka: It was never.
Me: It was.
Mikka: Was not.
Me: Was.
Mikka: Was not.

have a nice day

Plain text human-readable representation of all design elements - not DXL, think Java/Swing (29 Nov 2007)

Ironically there are openSource projects which promotes xml as description language for Swing-Windows.
I have been in quite some Swing projects. The code to create the GUI isn't often very intuive & neat. If you really want to make it easier to manage/change, it actually gets quite complicated.
If you want to do it right, you end with something with a steep learning curve. There is a good Java GUI book on SourceBeat. Most people don't do it. The problem with Swing is that most Swing code out in the wild is a visualBasicuesque mess.
Describe a GUI with xml-language isn't that a bad idea.

Share a folder and all the documents in it (29 Nov 2007)

You get all sorts of concurrent access/locking and even network reliability problems.
If someone edits a mail in one of my folders, will I be locked out? Or is there some sort of versioning logic. And versioning isn't easy to understand. It took me some time to really work effectively with cvs/subversion in my java projects.
In Notes development I yet drive my collegues mad with my sometimes lenient way of working with the design locking feature.
Email should be easy.

Need better control of outlines (28 Nov 2007)

... of course as an option

An Idea Space for requested vendor solutions (27 Nov 2007)


I would prefer tags and not categories (spaces) to indicate that this solutions has some chance as ideas for a new product. As ideas from a lot of spaces can become a basis for 3rd party solutions (Domino Designer, Administrator, Quickr, Expeditor, etc.)

An Idea Space for requested vendor solutions (27 Nov 2007)

Well, more kind of technical domains like Domino Designer, Domino Administrator, Lotusphere, openNtf... Strictly speaking "technical domain" is the wrong term. Its more like domains which doesn't intersect. I think that vendor / 3rd party solutions easily intersects with existing idea spaces and if remember correctly it was explicitedly mentioned that 3rd parties can pick ideas from all spaces. An extra space vendor/3rd parties might create more confusion than good.

An Idea Space for requested vendor solutions (27 Nov 2007)

I don't know if I like the idea. So far the spaces are based on technical domains.

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

Another criteria would be cost.
Each user can choose between 1 and 5 how much effort he perceives the feature will cost IBM to implement. Of course we don't really know how complicated it will be to add certain feature, but maybe the average gives some clue.

store NSF in more relational databases, not only DB2 (27 Nov 2007)

What about supporting atleast Derby (ex-Cloudscape). IBM bought it. Its openSource on Apache. But IBMers are the main commiters and control the project.
Derby is much simpler to install and administer than DB2 on developer, test and production systems.

Staging concept makes our design flexible ....[ when you use staging variable as a number ] (24 Nov 2007)

Not sure if I understand you properly.
Why identify state in workflow with number, anyway. I am all for using text as it tells more about the intention of the status.

Keep the votes hidden for an initial period (22 Nov 2007)

Would complicate the system too much, I fear.

Prompt me with possibly similar ideas before I submit mine (22 Nov 2007)

Worth a try, though I think this is difficult to implement properly. IdeaJam users should use Tags with thought.

Use "Script Library from Another Database" (22 Nov 2007)

I vote against it, as I fear that people will start to missuse the feature and lots of cross-nsf dependencies will be born.
As you mentioned the template thing offers a mechnism good enough

Subclass/Redefine product classes (22 Nov 2007)

I think that this has high potential to make projects even more dificult to maintain.
Certain group of Notes developers will fall in deep love with this feature.
Joe is assigned to enhance CRM app. He will put all his "great" home crafted enhanced libraries in there. Now it will be NotesDocument no more but JoesDocument objects.
The following year Mike will be assigned to enhance the CRM app even more.
Now he will use MikeDocument extends JoeDocument all over the poor little app.

You may use wrapper classes. Too much inheritance isn't good OO practice.

on key method for text and numeric fields (22 Nov 2007)

I voted for it. Aditionally I want to mention that nevertheless it has its own quirks.
Java Script has that. And implemented quite differently on IE and Mozilla.
From own experience I learnt that the problem with single-character checking is often context.
The user has a Country. The first letter should be uppercase, the following letters lower case.
User types: bel
User notes that the first letter is lowercase.
He wants to fix that and navigates with the left cursor key. By itself the key listener does not know the context, if this is the first position in the field, the second or whatever.

Google Calendar Synchronisation (14 Nov 2007)

Sounds like an interesting to try to start that as an openSource project.
You may do that with Webservices as afaik google Calendar has a REST api. Maybe Yahoo calendar, too. I've done quite a bit Client side webservices using jakarta HTTPClient and some xml programming.

Better multithreading support in the client (14 Nov 2007)

This should have been done earlier. Maybe its easier eclipse based, though I am not sure as in a lot of areas its a wrapper over the existing code.

UML to Code / Code to UML (12 Nov 2007)

UML is for OO. Lotus Notes is from my understanding document oriented.
Also, if you start to take Model Driven Design seriously is a much different story than switching your code view from UML diagrams to code and back. In my Java coding I often sketch the design with UML when starting, but for my practice full blown roundtrip engineering is useless even there.

Better, prebuilt name picker for web with css (10 Nov 2007)

I am not sure if I like that idea Lotus would produce such web widgets. Reason? Evolving standards. The way the poor thing is designed, architected and coded might be legacy very soon and Lotus has a certain backwards compability reputation.
I would prefer if there were an openSource initiative on openNTF or some such.

Create a mock framework for Domino Java API (08 Nov 2007)

Maybe useless for you, for me its certainly usefull.
With such strong opinion, its certainly easy to find people to battle with.
I am tired of that.


Unvoted view doesn't show all unvoted Ideas (08 Nov 2007)

A unvoted page per idea space would be nice also.
a. Select unvoted.
b. A visual indication should appear that I am in "unvoted mode".
c. select idea space "Notes Client"
d. all unvoted of the idea space "Notes Client" should appear.

Make Comma the Tag Delimiter, Allow Multi Word Tags (07 Nov 2007)

Tags are implemented like in del.icio.us. Am a big friend of such de-facto standards. I actually like camelCase :-)

Suggested Post Idea Button (07 Nov 2007)

Not sure if I like this. For my taste this clutters the design.

rough idea for visual clues on promote / demote (07 Nov 2007)

I fear this only cluters the ui. This is an english side, I did not know about the existence of a word "demote", pro/de are of latin origin, I am german BUT had absolutely no problems to understand its meaning intuively. Could be that for people with non-european mother tongue have more problems to grasp the idea of "demote"

Internationalisation (07 Nov 2007)

Dates and time are shown differntly here. This might not show up in countries with other formats, but in Germany we use dd.mm.yyyy
In the opinion section dd.mm.yyyy is used. In the comment section its dd-mm-yyyy.

Differentiate voting button at view level between voted & unvoted (07 Nov 2007)

It actually is indicated by the view, but this info currently is only available after a manual refresh of the page. There is another idea, which asks for immediate refresh and the development team has said to deliver that in a later release.

"Recent Comments" view shows all comments (07 Nov 2007)

its not a bug, its a feature

Websphere Portal Express-Community Edition (07 Nov 2007)

There are some articles about using Pluto with Geronimo (Was AppServ CE is based on Geronimo) -> { Link }

Add new view "Groups By Members" to the Domino Directory (06 Nov 2007)

I fear that this could be a view which performs very slow and may degrade the overall perfromance of names.nsf

New function "Clean-up workspace/bookmarks" (06 Nov 2007)

There should be "Do you really want to remove the chicklet" messages, if its not accessible due to network probleems

Pull-parsing XML API for Lotusscript (05 Nov 2007)

Dan, I do know the Stax api and it does make sense.
I was thinking, that it might be to costly to implement and I would prefer 20 features or so implemented before. But thats not the point of ideaJam, so I am going to change my voting.

Full DXL round-trip (05 Nov 2007)

1 year ago, I was a big friend of full round trip dxl. I the meantime I have stated to believe it to be a dangerous illusion. There must be a reason that we don't have it now, as dxl was introduced in Version 6. The reason might be, that the data model of Notes Rich Text is to complex. I have learned illusions to be the one most dangerous thing in It-projects/products.
Better start a non-downward compatible RichText 2.0 based on openOffice standards based on a clean xml-schema. I am a big friend of downward compability, but - from my pov - this might be a case where its too costly and everybody is hoping that one time we will get a nice, clean, full-roundtrip dxl. I fear, that this will never happen.

Diagrams for Workflows (05 Nov 2007)

I fear this is to complex to build that ex-post into domino designer classic.

Offical server side chat logging in relational DB (05 Nov 2007)

yup. It should be dead-easy to turn-on/turn-off such a enterprise feature (I am no Sametime expert. user only)

Debugger for Java (05 Nov 2007)

I've seen very difficult to maintain code when even good Lotus Script developers start to code in Java following the "the class model is the same"-theory mentionedby Hynek. The code has zero (!) unit-tests, all methods have 40 lines or more, the static modifier is used on a random basis, etc.
Me developing a java agent, there must be a proper REASON. We get our money to provide business value, not to script things in randomly chosen programming languages. As reason would qualify: a business case that calls for using nifty open source java libraries as Jexl, jakarta-commons httpClient or the Java Standard Api.
For Java there are allready good IDEs like Eclipse, Netbeans or InteliJ IDEA. Using those we should write unit-tests, follow proven design principles as high cohesion, low coupling. Once the notes access is properly encapsulated we need a debugger only on very rare ocassions, so remote debugging from the ide is enough. Also a Mock Framework for Domino classes can make even the Domino access testable and debugable from inside the IDE.
I see no reason why Lotus should duplicate the effort of the Eclipse, Netbeans or Intellij developers

Embedded scripting (05 Nov 2007)

I second this idea a lot.

Add NotesUI classes to Java (05 Nov 2007)

If that were simple to implement for Lotus, it would have been done yet. Better build notes UI dev for Notes8 from scratch by base it on Eclipse RCP / JFace/swt (without downward compability for non-Eclipse Notes Clients).

Pull-parsing XML API for Lotusscript (05 Nov 2007)

I find Sax quite usefull for the big documents. Its also possible to use JDom (supports to embed xpath expressions in the code to select nodes).
Stax is great, but from my pov no too high in my personal priority list.


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