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Spam Rule Option: "Add to Domino Domain Spamlist" (29 Dec 2011)

Wayne = Oh, great, something else for the Admin to check. That database would have to be manually acted upon at least once a day. And the volume in it could be unmanageable for an Admin at a large organization. I voted no because this has already been resolved by many industrial strength anti-spam appliances. If you want the user to have some sort of control, most of them (if not all) allow the use of an End User Quarantine. If you want to use a Lotus branded product, look at Protector.

Allow to specify a maximum size for email archives (27 Dec 2011)

I understand why you want this, however I struggle with deciding how this would be implemented. Automcatically spin off a new archive when the limit has been reached? How would this update the users' Archive Settings so that it is pointing at the correct one?

If the users want to have an archive that fits on a CD/DVD, then that is just one more point for training them in proper e-mail maintenance.

Alphabetically sort notes.ini-entries in server-config-doc (27 Dec 2011)

Because I agree with Rob Novak and Jacques Page's line of thinking, I am demoting this.

Device registration workflow (07 Apr 2011)

I'm not sure about this. I think that you can achieve the required action by implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) product. As an Administrator, I would love to see more control over the devices through Traveler, but I really doubt that IBM is going to go down that path.

Add view "Recent Votes" (07 Apr 2011)

@1, the cynic in me says they would if the biggest customers asked for them. Or they were presented at the Lotus Leadership Alliance (LOLA). The rest of us need to open PMR's and hope.

Lock Lotus Traveler application and encrypt the data (07 Apr 2011)

On Android and, I believe, Nokia & WinMo, this should be possible as those platforms have IBM developed applications. iOS probably won't have this feature.

I like this idea as it makes sense for a device that may be shared, like allowing your kids to use your tablet. Many is the time when the kids wipe the Profile or app and I have to walk the real owner through the install steps.

Populating Salutation by default when we mention to mail-id. (22 Mar 2011)

Frankly, I don't get this idea. I wouldn't presume to assume that every user would want to have a standard greeting nor would I want it to be prepopulated.

Ability to copy entire ACL from one database and paste into another (08 Mar 2011)

I am demoting this, for the reason Mark described.

Please fix Domino IMAP - IDLE, TNEF conversion, bugs, performance.... (20 Feb 2011)

Thanks for the link love. :-)

Restore the notes.net url (22 Jan 2011)

Since it is working, can we mark this Idea "Completed?"

Make ibm.com a Web 2.0/Vulcan Web Site (13 Jan 2011)

I'm going to hold onto my vote on this one for a while, as I have a comment.

IBM is a big company with many competing products and services. Would any of the VPs/Product Managers/Whatever allow Vulcan to take center stage on ibm.com at the expense of their product(s)? If this idea is specific to lotus.com, then the answer should be "Promote." However, I do not believe that that the entire site will be relaunched using IBM Lotus products.

Yes, this is a pessimistic comment. Please help change my comment to "optimistic" and cause me to hit Promote.

Book Proposal: XPages - The Graphic Novel (15 Dec 2010)

Interesting and fun book idea.

New Category for Lotus XPages Development (15 Dec 2010)

Demoted, more for the editorializing than the original idea. Edit this entry, remove the last two sentences, and I'll change my vote.

Bring back the Sandbox on developerWorks (02 Dec 2010)

As I recall, IBM withdrew the Lotus Redbooks, then told us "wait, we will have the same great information to you in a wiki." Meanwhile, months went by before we saw any hint of a wiki. Now, they remove the Sandbox. Whether they take your advice or not, months will go by before there is any apparent movement toward OpenNTF or whatever replaces it (or not). While not perfect, it was still a very useful resource. And what do we have now? Nothing.

I want to make it clear that I am not throwing stones at OpenNTF. What I am ranting about is the removal of a resource without an immediate alternative. If you knew that in 2010 you were going to remove the Sandbox, then you should plan for an alternative.

And fix the TechNotes that refer to the Sandbox. Like this one, for example:

{ Link }

Paranoid mode for mail file: track user activity in Detail (17 Nov 2010)

"Paranoid mode," that's funny. However, if implemented, does that mean I have to get rid of this shirt (which I have):

{ Link }

Please enhance Traveler's ActiveSync so it can fully work with WIndows Phone 7 (and be officially supported) (20 Oct 2010)

@Bill - LOL! Point taken, thanks for the laugh.

Please enhance Traveler's ActiveSync so it can fully work with WIndows Phone 7 (and be officially supported) (20 Oct 2010)

@Bill - Regardless of the popularity, it is a WinMo phone which IBM supported in the initial (and subsequent) releases of Traveler. WinPhone7 *should* be supported by Traveler.

I promoted this idea.

Automatically delete dead mail (router) (01 Oct 2010)

@David, while that is certainly a good workaround, I think that there is some merit to Mark's idea. I am promoting this; there should be a better way.

Don't overwrite favicon.ico if it already exists (21 Sep 2010)

I'm demoting this idea based on Peter's solution.

Switch ID and location (16 Sep 2010)

Demoting this, the commenters have shown that there are methods around this.

Ability to access Lotus information from within Second Life (18 May 2010)

If it wasn't for this post, I haven't thought of SecondLife in a long time. I agree with Paul and Charles.

New Blog Template (02 Apr 2010)

Like Peter, I am demoting this idea for the same reasons.

Lotus-Notes Designer Best Practice Guide updated for R8/R8.5.x (22 Feb 2010)

I believe that Peter is right. It seems to me that Lotus documentation is being pushed to wikis. Here is a link to the Designer wiki, although there is not a section on "Best Practices."

{ Link }

Time bar to let you know when an ID and mail box file will be completed (19 Feb 2010)

Interesting idea, but I see a "time bar" as a sort of "best guess." Like you get from any MS install. Those numbers are never right. I'm promoting this, but I don't think that you will get a good number from the time bar.

Points for Votes on an idea (01 Feb 2010)

For the same reasons that Bruce and Peter note, I am demoting this idea.

Need a new domino servertask, movemail (01 Feb 2010)

I don't think that there is a need for a server task. For the number of times that this happens (rather low, usually), the manual method works just fine.

Need IBM provided URL shortening function (01 Feb 2010)

Nice idea as I use some of the existing services you mention. While I would applaud such a service from IBM, I see URL shortening getting better from outside of IBM. For that reason, I am demoting this idea.

Access Recent Files from Notes Workspace (28 Jan 2010)

Another excellent idea, Peter. However, I am very curious as to why this has a "demote vote." Too much clutter in the Notes client menus? There is a workaround? Something else entirely?

Just wondering.

Schedule Sametime on and off (25 Jan 2010)

Thanks to Bruce's comment, I understand several ways to get this done in the current Notes/Domino environment. I am demoting this idea.

I wish there was an easy way to install applications on Domino or Notes client (25 Jan 2010)

@Bruce: are you thinking of an installation wrapper, similar to the Windows Installer? All Notes/Domino applications come wrapped in a common installer that steps you through a install?

No Opinion Is a Vote (15 Jan 2010)

I'm really tempted to vote "No Opinion" on this one. But I won't. :-)

Return Receipt: Please give us a View/Folder indicator and ability to NOT send them. (12 Jan 2010)

For the amount of times I have modified my mail template to show (and remove) return receipts, I think that this is a good idea.

Let us backup Domino on POWER i while Domino is active, w/o extra $oftware (11 Jan 2010)

Craig: are you referring to BRMS? Also, most AS/400 admins I know take the server down on Saturday or Sunday and perform a full backup of the entire server. For this idea, are you talking about daily incrementals, too?

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (11 Jan 2010)

Excellent discussion. I most appreciative of, for example, Bill Malchisky and Peter von Stöckel, for explaining the reasons they voted this down. Since reading the comments, I am with those that side with "Yes" on the client, "No" on the server.

Inbox Maintenance improvment request (08 Jan 2010)

Jérôme - just reading your idea, I was inclined to demote it. I have no issues with modifying the mail template, creating an agent to perform this task, or telling people to use the All Docs view. However, after reading the comments, I now have "no opinion."

As I am feeling a bit cynical, I don't think that IBM Lotus will incorporate your functionality in the standard mail template. You, by not wanting to modify the template (or create one specifically for your organization/customers with the modification in it) puts you in a tough position.

"No opinion" from me. :-)

Linked-In/PAB Synchronization (30 Dec 2009)

@5 I understand and empathize with your position. I would like to see the same thing. However, in the grand scheme of things, I think that we will be waiting a long time for some of those fixes as they don't register very highly on the Task List for Domino. Even with that said, I like this idea.

Email archive is part of the person's mail: it should be easy to access local & server replicas from the archive section of the mail file. (17 Dec 2009)

Wow, someone has been spending a lot of time with archives. :-) Excellent ideas, however.

Disable to open or copy mails in the mail.box (17 Dec 2009)

I agree with Craig and Peter's argument. I've demoted this.

Server NSDs: Send to IBM automatically when created (17 Dec 2009)

If Microsoft is really acting upon (or even reading) all of the user sent crash reports from the millions of users of the Windows operating system, IBM Lotus should be able to implement a similar system. I agree with Bruce, this option should have the ability to be enabled/disabled for the servers.

Periodically verify Recent Contacts against Corporate directories (14 Dec 2009)

I think that @2 explains the way to "fix" this, so, like @2, I am demoting it.

iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (04 Dec 2009)

@6 I am sorry that you are having issues. Have you looked at the Release 8 Forum:

{ Link }

You could also post your issue to IQJam:

{ Link }

And, of course, there is the Lotus KnowledgeBase:

{ Link }

iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (04 Dec 2009)

I agree with @4. There isn't enough in this idea to really determine how to vote. For that reason, I am demoting it unless more information is supplied.

Idea Jam Reference # (01 Dec 2009)

Interesting idea and one that would be quite useful, as you point out.

COMPLETED - Create a Redbook on Domino Development Best Practices (12 Nov 2009)

I like this idea, and have promoted it. However, I see IBM/Lotus pointing you to contribute to a wiki as that is more cost effective than a Redbook. A PDF would be nice, though.

Give the end-user a simple method to set a default font SIZE. (07 Nov 2009)

Excellent idea.

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (05 Nov 2009)

@Rob: I've felt that if I demote something, the author deserves some reason for that vote. However, an Idea to force that behavior isn't a good idea - it may make some people not vote at all. I feel that if more people demote an idea AND post a reason, there would be some social pressure on the overall community to do the same.

But I could be wrong. :-)

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (05 Nov 2009)

As Bruce and Peter point out, there is already an avenue available to anyone that wants to contribute to the improvement of Notes. Further, IBM's position on Lotus Redbooks has changed, which means that you could also contribute to the future of documentation (like the wiki's) remotely. Because of that, I am demoting this.

Replace Admin client with Applications (NSF DB's) to do admin functions (02 Nov 2009)

I suppose at some point this will make sense. However, with the number of organizations that run pre-8.5.x servers, I don't think that there will be much thought to putting the Domino Administration client out to pasture. Yet. As for Linux and Mac versions, WebAdmin is a fairly good alternative to an Administration client. But I like the idea and have promoted it.

Don't allow voting on completed ideas (30 Oct 2009)

Would it make sense to include "withdrawn" ideas, too?

Make one place for all Lotus information and discussions (23 Oct 2009)

I feel your pain and applaud this idea. However, I cannot imagine the amount of work that would have to happen for this idea to work. While I don't think that we will ever see such a thing, I am still promoting it.

Add "Mark Private" option to the default options in Calendar preferences (19 Oct 2009)

As you point out, the user already has this option when creating new entries. If the user wants to be notified prior to the calendar event, s/he has to check the box just below this option. Focus will already be on the box and I don't think that a Preference setting should be necessary.

Bring back the Admin Manuals (15 Oct 2009)

While I applaud this Idea, I am demoting it as I feel that IBM has made the jump to on-line (especially the wiki's) and the days of Admin Yellow Books are long gone.

Product Activation by Telephone (14 Oct 2009)

I agree with Sean and Lawrence. Every Foundations install with which I am familiar had internet access and I see no reason that will not be the case in the future.

Admin Client for MAC OS X (14 Oct 2009)

WebAdmin works well enough for me that I see no reason for IBM to fund a Mac Admin client. That, coupled with VM on the Mac (as pointed out by @4, Bill) has made me demote this idea.

Create view listing all active mail addresses on the server (main + aliases) (23 Sep 2009)

For the same reason as Peter, I am demoting this idea.

Create an IdeaSpace for "Lotus Marketing" or alike (07 May 2009)

Another idea, along the same line:

{ Link }

Mail in-out proxy for DMZ (20 Feb 2009)

Because of the availability of appliances that have this feature, I have demoted it.

Allow the user to hide their Voting history from their profile (19 Feb 2009)

If this is an idea for an entire IdeaJam site, my vote is "demote." If it means that certain IdeaSpace's can be set to anonymous voting, then it is "promote." But until there is some clarification, I've gone with "No Opinion."

Remove IMAP Support From The Notes Client (18 Feb 2009)

My first inclination was to demote this. However, @8, @9, and @10 have swayed me to promote the idea, even though I don't like the title "Remove IMAP Support ..." It is, in my mind, "fix it or remove it."

Make Available the Business Development Day Session Slides (02 Feb 2009)

Prevent address book to replicate with another one it has not seen in xTime (29 Jan 2009)

I demoted this solely on the basis of your last paragraph. You had my vote for a better method of protecting your Domino Directory, but limiting it to only servers makes it difficult to fix problems that could be corrected by a local replica (the opposite of what you describe).

My Ideas, where are they found? 2 menus down (08 Jan 2009)

Agreed, "My Ideas." I envision a button similar to the "Post my idea" after you log in. Maybe below "Post my idea."

Allow multiple values in the SMTP_Port field, enabling 25 and 587 (06 Jan 2009)

Please don't take offense to this, but what scenario would make this important?

Just wondering.

Open Source the Domino Product Line (22 Dec 2008)

I demoted it, but feel that I ought to provide you with some of my reasoning:
1) Domino is more accessible now than ever. Especially to the SMB market in Lotus Foundations. Without looking for it (I am lazy), IBM has made rumblings of putting Domino in the cloud (hosted). They have very aggressive pricing in the non-profit and education markets.
2) Expecting that C developers will fall all over themselves to add to the code is tough for me to fathom. Especially since they have no understanding of why it is as it is (institutional knowledge).
3) I feel better knowing that IBM holds sacred the building blocks of the security for the software.
4) There are too many organizations (or decision makers) that view Open Source in a negative way. Once they discover that IBM is no longer developing the software, I feel that the migrations away from the platform will increase.

Open Source the Domino Product Line (22 Dec 2008)

@Ray Bilyk - Excellent reference! :-D

Out of the box FAQ template for users (10 Nov 2008)

Would a wiki suffice?

{ Link }

Allow meeting invitees to propose adding another invitee to a meeting invitation. (16 Oct 2008)


but the users want it nonetheless

Those same users will probably scream when, as pointed out earlier, their meetings are overflowing with attendees. I agree, send an e-mail/call/ping the chair and have that person decide whether to add the new individual.

Improve the quality of the manuals! (09 Oct 2008)

I would think that documentation will be added to the wiki:

{ Link }

instead of in a Redbook.

A better sandbox – Building a Domino environment for testing (27 Sep 2008)

I am sure that you thought of this, but will you also show it on VMware (or similar)?

Domino HTTP Server Administration (19 Sep 2008)

I think that you should add something on webadmin.nsf. Also show that, with it, you don't really need an Admin Client for non-Windows workstations.

Provide unconference space and let us run it (18 Sep 2008)

You provide more information on your blog ( { Link } )about this, which is much more descriptive than what you have posted here. Thanks for that post.

I think that, in some regards, the BoFs fulfill part of the unconference rules. However, thinking logistically, how would you pull this off? You need to gather a group of people together to determine the agenda and then the times. At Lotusphere, that might be like herding cats. Further, you need to publish the times/locations. Finally, I think that the only day(s) that this would be feasible would be Saturday and/or Sunday. After that, things ramp up quite quickly.

I like the idea, but I am having a hard time working through the specifics.

Give us New Letterheads! (29 Jul 2008)

Every year, around the holidays, I get quite a few hits for holiday themed letterhead. So many, in fact, that I did a SnTT post on it:

{ Link }

I think that there is a need for more or easier methods of creating letterhead.

Return receipt requested indicator in views/folders (11 Apr 2008)

I'm with Matt and Theo, this is the first change I make to my mail file. Might as well just include it. :-)

Field Validation for Short Names (05 Apr 2008)

@Andre: I understand that a space is valid for some entries, but what I am specifically referring to is any internet address alias. I believe that the actual internet address field does do an @Trim (or similar), so there is *some* validation going on.

I appreciate the comment. Thanks.

Ability to auto-disable out of office agent upon return (04 Jan 2008)

@Joyce: AFAIK, R8 will automatically disable the OOO when the user says that they will return. HTH.

Rounded Corner tables (21 Dec 2007)

Mr. Interface, Chris Blatnick, blogged about this:

{ Link }

Make a STOP button (21 Dec 2007)

Like many of us have noted, this would be huge for the end-users.

On Server Registration, allow me to copy server security settings (21 Dec 2007)

Why stop with the basics? What about extending this to other server related items, like the option for Internet Sites, Messaging Configurations, Clustering, and so on?

Sametime Logging to a Domino NSF (07 Dec 2007)

I hope that you aren't thinking of one Sametime server platform for this feature (like Windows severs). There are some of us that run Sametime on other platforms. :-)


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