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Banners for ideaJam (25 Oct 2010)


Ah, that one ... but this is more a kind of a "wallpaper" and no banner ;-)... Its tooooo big to be a banner.

Banners for ideaJam (24 Oct 2010)

I´m sorry but I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about...

I would prefer a simple text banner (468x60)... That can be used in my banner rotator. For the use of a widget I need to change the complete website to find a space for it ;-).

AND it might happen that badly formated widget will destroy my complete website design ;-) [CSS used only, no table elements].

Shortcut key for the sametime screen capture tool (29 Sep 2010)


sure, yes ... but this doesn´t allow to put a circle around something, to put a arrow in the picutre, or to cut out only sections. The PrtSc is very limited in features...

And ... the 3rd party software must be installed, must be maintained, ... that costs time, so why wasting it if sametime could do that ;-)

Let users set individual default custom font, color, size, background, etc. for their email AND replies. (28 Sep 2010)

... and let us control that via policy, so that we can push that out if a company has a corporate standard.

Sidebare Widget for Rooms and Reservation Database (28 Sep 2010)

A good idea... in combination with a good documentation this could allow developers to build own plugins. It is often easier to learn from a existing working plugin then starting with a "Hello World" example.

Full client install with latest fixes incorporated (28 Sep 2010)

Another good idea would bao allow us to "slipstream" hotfixes and FPs...

For example IBM could allow us to put the hotfixes and FPs into a special folder in the installer package, so that the installer pick them up for installation.

This will limit the need to build new clients on the IBM side and for us admins this will allow to install FPs and Hotfixes a little bit faster.

Create a full install kit for Fix Packs (like 8.5.1 FP2) (28 Sep 2010)

Another good idea would bao allow us to "slipstream" hotfixes and FPs...

For example IBM could allow us to put the hotfixes and FPs into a special folder in the installer package, so that the installer pick them up for installation.

This will limit the need to build new clients on the IBM side and for us admins this will allow to install FPs and Hotfixes a little bit faster.

Move the screen capture utility from Sametime to Notes client (28 Sep 2010)

A good idea... I would also like to have a "shortcut key" which works from every application as long as Lotus Notes is open.

Create an install kit that does not include Symphony (28 Sep 2010)

It take around 2-3 min. to remove symphony from the installer kit.

Here is a short howto: { Link }

So I would vote against such a package.

By the way... the tool to remove eclipse components is in the tools folder in your Notes Client installation. There is no need to download it.

license model for universities and schools (education) (28 Sep 2010)

Exactly ... students are the key for new business...

By the way Microsoft allow them to download every kind of software (not office) so that they can work with it for free. BUT there is no way to download any kind of IBM software for the students, so they will see it, and if they didn´t see it they will not know it...

Cleanup process for mystery problems (28 Sep 2010)

I would vote for a "kill cache" option... but a "reset config" or something is toooooo dangerous for the normal user. They often didn´t ask what this feature does, they try what happen... and in the end they lost there complete workspace.<br /><br />So I would not vote for that feature. But maybe it could be disabled/enabled via policy, to prevent such problems from above...

Cleanup process for mystery problems (28 Sep 2010)

I would vote for a "kill cache" option... but a "reset config" or something is toooooo dangerous for the normal user. They often didn´t ask what this feature does, they try what happen... and in the end they lost there complete workspace.

So I would not vote for that feature. But maybe it could be disabled/enabled via policy, to prevent such problems from above...

SMS (txt) user from sametime (28 Sep 2010)

I think this is more a part which should be integrated by a 3rd party.

Maybe the people from ExtraCom are happy to integrate that:
{ Link }

Every modern mobile device will notify you about a meeting via sound or popup. And with Lotus Traveler you can connect nearly every kind of device to your infrastructure.

So I think this isn´t really needed.

Failover Without Requiring Me to Exit Database (09 Jun 2009)

some more infos for: HidePromptFailoverInc

{ Link }

Domino Upgrades ReAdd Removed ServerTasks to the Notes.INI (09 Jun 2009)

I would also use the SetupLeaveServerTasks as described here:

{ Link }

Update Site for Traveler Client (03 May 2009)

A button in the menu like "Check for updates" would be also a nice option to allow the user to keep his client up to date.

He could use it to check if there exist an update or not.

Traveler on Domino for Linux (21 Apr 2009)

Yes... a good idea :)

Strip attachments from delivery failure reports (20 Apr 2009)

I would vote for this (a serverbase setting please which we can activate or not)... I have here many user who send 200 MB to there private mail address and it bounced back because of the size... the bounce/NDR will be send to there mailfile, but in this time they tried it again and WOPA... the mail size is more then 400 MB and the user is over quota.

This feature could help to fix this... the user will get a NDR without attachment and without enlarging the quota (I know teaching users will help to solve this also, but thats not always possible).

Policy setting for Recent Contacts (20 Apr 2009)

Do you know the DisableDPABProcessing notes.ini entry?

{ Link }

this can be set via desktop policy.

Out of the box FAQ template for users (20 Apr 2009)

Do you know this here:

Using the Domino and Notes 6 Help Template (helpex6.ntf) to create a Help database
{ Link }

Create an add "-jc" to Windows as a Service, install checkbox (20 Apr 2009)

oh yes... voted for it :-)

Ability to exclude Symphony for remote Smart Upgrade downloads (20 Apr 2009)

Have you tried this here:

{ Link }

This should help you to remove the Symphony from the kit.

Regarding the InstallShield Tuner... here is a howto:
{ Link }

Mail in-out proxy for DMZ (20 Apr 2009)

This can be done already with lotus domino.

Open the configuration document for a server Router/SMTP -> Basic Tab.

There is for example a option called:

Relay host for messages leaving the local internet domain:

I think this could be used for that what you wish to implement.

Ability to sort functions/subs alphabetically in Script Library/Agent (20 Apr 2009)

Oh yes... that would be really helpfull... :-)

Close ideas when implemented or rejected by IBM/Lotus (20 Apr 2009)


Yes that would be really helpful... I have here 3 ideas open which where included in 8.5 but there is no way to close it. I send a email in the past to the ideajam owner, but they are still open.

Allow users to define the font characteristics for new mail and replies. (20 Apr 2009)

Great idea... I would like to see it in the policys as well. So that we can push out company settings without changing the mailfile design.

Push out Notes.ini parameters with a Desktop policy (21 Mar 2009)

Thats possible right... :

Using a Desktop Policy to set notes.ini and Location parameters

{ Link }

More information can be found ini the admin help

Out of office (no end date for long absence) (10 Dec 2008)


a goode idea. I like it. We sometime have some user who left the company... and use this function to tell the user they sould send this email to person xy.

autom. deactivate "move to folder rule" when the user deleted the folder (10 Dec 2008)


my idea was more like "There exist a active rule, which need this folder. When you remove this folder this rule will be deactivated. Do you wish to process?"

Install Modemfiles as "optional" and not as default (12 Sep 2008)

From the Admin Help:

Support for direct dialup modem (X.PC) connections is available only in releases of Domino earlier than release 8.5. You may continue to use Domino Administrator 8.5 to configure and maintain direct dialup modem support, but only on servers running pre-8.5 releases.

{ Link }

add the option to view MS Office 2007 documents with the bild in the lotus notes viewer (14 Jun 2008)


With Lotus Notes 8.5 is it now possible to view Office 2007 files.

Subgroups in the sametime contact list (08 May 2008)

The 8.0.1 client... but the basic client... not the eclipse one (the java framework need to much space at the moment).

Subgroups in the sametime contact list (06 May 2008)


thanks for the info... BUT I posted this here in the "IdeaSpace: Notes Client" section. I wish to have subgroups in the Lotus Notes Client (basic client)... I need extra licences for the standalone client. This is the reason why it will not be rolled out in my company.

Preload DLL's for faster Performance (05 May 2008)

I think "manageable through policies" wouldn´t work due to OS restrictions. But maybe a same construct like the "Single Sign On" ... a service which can be installed as a admin.

add the option to view MS Office 2007 documents with the bild in the lotus notes viewer (30 Apr 2008)

There exist a Technote:
Unable to view attachments created as Office 2007 file formats .docx, .pptx, .xlsx
{ Link }

And a SPR LMMS6WGSYN which can be raised via PMR (if a company need this feature in a coming lotus notes version).

add the option to view MS Office 2007 documents with the bild in the lotus notes viewer (30 Apr 2008)


thanks for the info. BUT MS Office 2007 is born. We or the Lotus Notes Client couldn´t change it. I like Opendocuments and Open Office too:

(add the option to view open office documents with the bild in lotus notes viewer)
{ Link }

but the problem is now that many MS-Office 2007 documents are send out, and they will be read from the people who get them... and... if there is no Lotus Notes Client which can be used they NEED to install MS-Office 2007 to read them.... AND they will send also MS-Office 2007 documents. So not adding a MS Office 2007 viewer to Lotus Notes is the wrong way to push the ISO format.

Mail Rules should allow for Trash not Junk (29 Apr 2008)

Oh yes... a big vote for this... I have many user who create a rule which delete eMails directly... and then they ask why some emails are removed from the system...

Grey Workspace, still after all these years? (29 Apr 2008)

There is a new plugin available which can be used to "skin" the Lotus Notes Workspace.

Have a look on this page:
{ Link }

"Enabled" property for buttons (21 Apr 2008)

Hm, I prefer hiding a button... In the past I saw a very ugly windows application. There was a screen called mainscreen 32 buttons are grayed out and 3 are available to click on them. For the user it wasn´t easy to find the needed button because there are a lot of icons.

Restrict access to server configuration info (21 Apr 2008)

I clicked on "no opinion", because I use the extended ACL since R6 for me and many customer without problems. BUT the extended ECL isn´t easy. You need to do a good plan bevor you kick it in place.

Registration Dialog Box - Advance options...pls have ticked by default (21 Apr 2008)

It would be nice if we can set this via registration policy.

Allow HTML file with image in signature (10 Apr 2008)

This product isn´t usefull... because of the reason that it runs as a server task we would lost out email encryption or signaturing features.

Hello José, you are right with this what you say. BUT this what you wish to have is another feature. In this idea I need only the option to use Images in html signatures. But if you have created a ideajam for the option to move the HTML file into the mailfile I would vote for it too :-)

Creation of meetings "on behalf of" (04 Apr 2008)

oh yes... this is a great idea... a doublevote for this ;-)

If a Folder is deleted be able to Restore from Trash (27 Mar 2008)

oh yes... this is a great idea :-)

Attachments placed in their own pane and not at the bottom of emails (27 Mar 2008)

I promote this idea... BUT I would have a "show them in both places" option...

reason... sometimes I send tables via Lotus Notes. And add a description in one column and the file in another column. If these attachments would be moved into another section from my mail I would lost this option.

Raise the limit on the number of mail rules above 100 (27 Mar 2008)

wow... 100 Mailrules is a lot. And I think 1.000 user with 300 mailrules (1000x300=300.000) will have a bad impact on the router system. So I think this is the reason for the limitation.

But a autom. system which can optimize rules would be nice. For example... the user created a rule to move mails from XY into folder ZZ. After some days he remove the folder but forgott the rule. A cleanup task should deactivate this rule (I will create a new ideajam for this).

Or another example... the user blocked eMails from XY via rule 1 and via rule2 for user UU and with rule3 he blocked user WW. The autom. cleanup system should merge all these rules into only one.

Oh, and I would like to crosslink this here when we discuss the rule system:
Allow us to use X-Spam-Level in rules
{ Link }

Add a IP Adress to the Internet lockout Documents (12 Mar 2008)

I created a Feature Request/SPR for this: PSUH7CNHE9

I wish to have the information from the console.log (wrong login from IP) into the inetlockout.nsf. If you think this feature is usefull for you please raise the SPR. Open a PMR by IBM with the following content "Hello IBM, please add a customer report to/ please raise the SPR PSUH7CNHE9"

"do not create database redirection file" when user will be deleted via adminP (03 Mar 2008)

I created the SPR ASOY7BYGEY at IBM... If somebody would like a cleanup tool or a option box where you can say "create this file or not" should open a PMR with the info: "Hello IBM, please add a customer report for SPR ASOY7BYGEY. I wish to raise it. ".

Give the user a option to attach his ID to his Mailfile when he change the password (02 Mar 2008)

I think this is a security question... Some people wouldn´t like to have there ID in the mailfile... so I think the best option is do disable it by default...

But a policy would be nice ... one which can be used to control this option (Desktop Policy).

Allow us to use X-Spam-Level in rules (01 Mar 2008)

I created a Enhancement request (#NKEY7CALEQ / V80). If somebody like to raise it... please open a PMR @ IBM like this : "Hello IBM, I wish to raise Enhancement request (#NKEY7CALEQ / V80). Please add a customer Report to this, thanks" I think this would be enough...

Birthday sync (29 Feb 2008)

This idea already exist:

Show birthdays from my contacts in my calendar
{ Link }


Allow multiple addresses for group and mail-in database docs like person docs do (29 Feb 2008)

in our config we disabled this feature which jan (3) speaks from... it opens our environment to a lot of spam... So we disabled the eMails to groupnames.

I would like also a option to add more then one eMail address to groups.

Bookmark.nsf (29 Feb 2008)

not sure if some user who use a handy to sync there mails would like to download a 16MB-32MB new bookmark.ntf... if this will be implemented then this feature should look at the location document... and maybe it should ask if the user wish really download this template via handy connection...

Extended Database Properties - Attachment Information (29 Feb 2008)

I think such a feature would have a very bad impact on the database performance. So I would demote if this would be a tatabase feature... but if this can be a agent... maybe a kind of summary agent which runs at night and create some statistic docs in a seperate DB it would be ok I think :-)

Replace letterhead logo with Directory photo (29 Feb 2008)

I like the Idea but on the other side I think it would have a bad impact on the Network because of the lookup every time.

Give the user a option to attach his ID to his Mailfile when he change the password (29 Feb 2008)

Feedback from IBM: There exist already such a Feature Request: SPR # BSCT7CAJ7K but at the moment there are no plants to address it.

Lotus Support Contact Database (25 Feb 2008)

I would have it also in the webform... I can add a 2nd eMail Adress... so why not two telephone numbers and some other stuff like worktime?

Allow us to use X-Spam-Level in rules (25 Feb 2008)

Hello Christian, this sounds very interesting. Which mailrules does we need to customize? The rule form in our mailfile template?

But it would be nice to have it by default in a mailtemplate (IBM Supporting reason).

Remove "Block this sender" option (25 Feb 2008)

I need to demote it too... I really like and use this feature... also my agents. But I agree that in some environments it is a good idea to hide it... Maybe via Mail Policy?

Recipient name type-ahead (24 Feb 2008)

I use Notes 8.0.1 and I´m unable to see this?!?!

Failover Without Requiring Me to Exit Database (16 Feb 2008)

I just found this here:

{ Link }

The following scenarios have added failover functionality beginning with Notes 8.0.1:
-- when you open a view,
-- when you scroll a view, or
-- when you press F9 to refresh a view.

If a failover condition occurs in the above scenarios, Notes will close the current tab and prompt you to switch to a different replica of the database, allowing you to attempt the action again.

A notes.ini variable has been introduced to prevent the failover prompt when the server holding the current application is no longer responding, To suppress these prompts, use the client notes.ini variable:


Note: Suppressing the prompts does not prevent Notes from failing over.

"do not create database redirection file" when user will be deleted via adminP (15 Feb 2008)

this is a option in R8. But it doesn´t move a mailfile when a user is deleted. It will delete the mailfile AND will create a redirection file for the deleted mailfile.

But I was wondering too ;-), but IBM toled me this is worked as designed.

Emoticons in Lotus Notes Client (e.g. eMail) (14 Feb 2008)


yes this is what I mean... as immage ressource would be possible yes... but for each DB???

What I would like to see is a kind of Aktion Bar... a new one... with maybe 10 Smileys (the same like in Sametime maybe)... so the user can activate the action bar if he would like to use it... and can press the smileys to add them so emails, DBs, what ever... :-)

"do not create database redirection file" when user will be deleted via adminP (13 Feb 2008)


Ninke is right... I mean per year ;-). And the redirection files are a feature in R8. They aren´t bad... I really like them. BUT not when I remove a user. I think in this case a redirection file isn´t needed... If a user need the mailfile (archive reason or something else) I will not remove it, and when I remove it, I´m sure nobody will need it, also no redirection file.

Admin Client for Linux (08 Feb 2008)

I promote this idea... but the Adminclient should also include the designer ;-)

Keep the C++ API alive (08 Feb 2008)

We have many stuff here which use the C API... If it will die this would be a big problem for us.

Group topology (08 Feb 2008)

What I would like to have is a kind of tree...

It doesn´t help me to customize my directory... because it didn´t solve the problem:

"Paul Test" is in the in the Group xy_Teamleader. This group is part from xy_team, and this group is part from xy_project group.

At the moment there is no way (which I know) to see that Paul Weber is part from xy_project...

Show birthdays from my contacts in my calendar (31 Jan 2008)


yes... this is a good idea... maybe with a short checkbox "show bithday in the calendar"...

Create a replica on more than one server (26 Jan 2008)

I wouldn´t have this option in the notes client... it isn´t usefull for the normal users and there will be "a new function" which they didn´t understand... The lotus notes client should be free from all the admin stuff/tools.

IBM Lotus Client Single Sign On (26 Jan 2008)

Do you read what will come in R8.5? I saw some infos in the Lotusphere 2008. I think that R8.5 could do what you will have.

Secondary Locations - "Location Pet" (24 Jan 2008)

Oh yes... this is a great idea...

I´m working with my Lotus Notes Mailfile and with a POP3 Client often simultaneously.

I tired to use POP3 and my Lotus Notes Mailfile simulatan, but it mixed my private emails and my company emails.

Let DB Manager see "private views" (22 Jan 2008)

Sure VNC would help... but not all users are a friend from "a tool from the IT, where they can look on your PC what you are doing" ;-).

@mailserver and @directoryserver (17 Jan 2008)

thanks this is very usefull:
{ Link }

when IBM could make @LocationGetInfo as an "official" command and add a [DirectoryServer] I would be happy.

DeveloperWorks database icon/clip art gallery (10 Jan 2008)

I sometimes use silk Icons (or parts) from here:

{ Link }


Bastian W.

P.S. I would also crosslink this here
Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors:
{ Link }

"Open Mail File" button in view "Mail-in-Databases and Resources" (10 Jan 2008)

I added this button to my DB (years ago), but having it in the original template would be great :-).

Send mail to all users in an Organisational Unit (09 Jan 2008)

Yes... I promoted the idea also...

What I would like to have is the option to use wildcards (*/OU/O) in groups. So I can put a readersfield on this group and can so prevent bulk eMails.

Smaller Notes 8 Smart Upgrade kits (24 Dec 2007)

There is a tool called "Installshield tuner" which can help you to create an autom. installation. BUT it doesn´t modifized the *.cab or *.msi files. It created only a *.mst file... This means the tuner couldn´t be used to shrink down the package. The only way would be to use a 3rd Party tool and create a complete new notes installation pack.

... I never tried, but what happen if you create a small winrar file with all the new files in it including some registry settings? The notes (basic) client need only 1 regestry key so I think this could maybe a idea to play with :-).

Admin tool to Add/Remove Database Icon From User's Workspaces (24 Dec 2007)

Seamed to be similar like:

{ Link }
(New function "Clean-up workspace/bookmarks")

Implement Sender Policy Framework / Sender Rewriting Scheme (16 Dec 2007)

I just found this in the IBM Website:
Do any versions of Lotus Domino Support the Sender Policy Framework (SPF)?


The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is essentially an extension to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and allows for a degree of SPAM protection.

Currently there are no plans in place for any versions (including Version 8) to support SPF.

IBM are actively working on other anti-spam initiatives.

Other Information :
Category : Planning and Design
Organization : Techline Europe

from here: { Link }

Use rules (afterwards) for already existing mails (14 Dec 2007)

oh a good idea... it would be also usefully for sorting a bigger (+- 6GB) Mailbox ;-)

Autom. Purge agent for perweb.nsf (14 Dec 2007)

@Harkpabst Meliantrop

yes it does, but only for a poweruser, here are some reasons why it doesn´t "work" for 99% from the normal users.

1.) You as admin couldn´t enable it for all workstations
2.) The user must know how to set it up. If you try to explain it to your users it took your time and the user will ask you why Lotus Notes isn´t so easy like Outlook.
3.) The user must click on the icon. This took time or they will forgot it. Result: they will never do it (or do you know some people who delete stuff from the tempfolder???)
4.) The user will see a "strange error message" and will click on no, because he doesn´t know what this means to him. Or they will call you and ask what they sould do now and this will take your time.

Such a feature should be easy. The "remove documents not modified in the last XX days" wouldn´t work for the most users I think.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (11 Dec 2007)

I vote also for *.png, *.svg AND *.ico files ;-)

Failover Without Requiring Me to Exit Database (09 Dec 2007)

I know this technote: When does Domino cluster failover occur while in a database?

{ Link }

Add console commands to create/delete/move DB (09 Dec 2007)

Do you know this here:

{ Link }

You can also do a:

CL delete dbname

Remove the "Random Password Generator" (28 Nov 2007)

I think this is a good security feature for some... but yes... I think a option to hide it via policy (to give the user a cleaner UI) is a idea...

New function "Clean-up workspace/bookmarks" (28 Nov 2007)

oh a very great idea... I often got calls from people where they asked why they couldn´t access DB XY on Server Z... BUT Server Z is removed since 3 years ore more :-)

Maybe it can be combinated with a timestamp. So that all "chicklet" can be removed if I didn´t used them for X days/months...

Firefox instant spellchecker doesn't work when submitting an idea but does when you paste in text (28 Nov 2007) on XP+SP2 = Same problem...

Add full gzip support to the Domino server (28 Nov 2007)

Does anybody know this link here:

{ Link }

In Admin Client, Files tab, ability to Right-Click to open in Designer (28 Nov 2007)

I just found this here: { Link }

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (28 Nov 2007)

100% I agree... a 16 color icon let looks my applications very old :(


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