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New ODS: multiple files instead of a single file (02 Sep 2015)

The beauty of the Domino database is that everything is in a single file. Moving to other platforms is always a huge surprise in how complex everything is. Sending a Domino application to someone is as simple as attaching a single file. Try to do that with a DB2 app or any other platform.

To me, I don't think that this should be changed. However, I would definitely be willing to separate the view indexes from the database in a similar manner to the way the full text index is separated. This would probably give you the most bang for the buck and would be easily recreated if the database was moved to a different server. It would also resolve issues with large view indexes causing compact and access issues on databases.

LotusLive Notes - Add support for POP3/IMAP (27 Sep 2011)

The reason this isn't supported is that IMAP is tied to a sever name and doesn't work in a cloud implementation. There are ways around this, but it really isn't worth the effort when Traveler and iNotes Lite are viable options.

Changing cases of characters (27 Sep 2011)

Title Case is known as Proper Case in Notes.

Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1) (27 Sep 2011)

It's even worse than only supporting TLS 3.0. TLS is only supported for SMTP connections and not HTTP connections. Therefore, any FDCC machine using IE cannont connect to a Domno site using HTTPS because TLS is the only HTTPS connection allowed.

File and print share (07 Mar 2011)

Foundations is Dead! Was the perfect offering for SMBs.

Drag existant mail into body of a new message (.EML?) (07 Mar 2011)

Isn't that what forward is for?

Create Domino Internet Application Server w/ OAuth/OpenID/FacebookConnect Support (07 Mar 2011)

@Peter If they can develop new interfaces for their cloud offering's, they can do it for this also.

@Paul IBM would only be able to support this on servers that are licensed by the server capacity, not ones that are licensed by number of users.

My reasoning for having it as a separate license/server would be to allow BPs to put it in a non-Domino environment more easily. Adding this capability to a Utility server should also be in the cards.

Lotus C API Forum (04 Mar 2011)

You mean you don't already have the 7 other people who actually write Lotus C API code in a private skype chat? LOL

Include Transport Layer Security (TLS) support in the Domino server (23 Feb 2011)

With more gov't sites requiring HTTPS, Domino is going to be shut out as a development platform for any site using an FDCC machine. I have run into this in the real world and have lost bids for work because of it.

Centrally-controlled remote access for end-users (07 Feb 2010)

My only concern is that this would be a Window only solution and since Foundations supports 3 client platforms, it would go against the idea of the platform.

I'm not admitting ANYTHING. But maybe we need some separation between "open in designer" and "delete database" (12 Jan 2010)

Written like someone who has a few battle scars.....

Connect to more than one Sametime server in Notes client (17 Jul 2009)

I agree with Joseph. I think the Sametime server in location documents has been depreciated in 8.

Implement DAOS in Lotus Foundations (10 Jul 2009)

I am wondering if DAOS wasn't enabled due to the complexity it brings to the backup proceedure. I would expect them to enable it in the future since it would really take the disk space issue away in a lot of cases.

Product Activation by Telephone (29 Aug 2008)

If that is the case, they can always work through their business partner to get the activation completed on their server. That's what the local BP relationship is there for.

IsDocChanged Property/@IsDocChanged (20 Dec 2007)

One of the betas for Release 6 had a function called @Test that returned True if the field had been modified. I really wish they hadn't removed that in the Gold code.

the option to have document ID returned by a picklist (20 Dec 2007)

Isn't this basically what the PickListCollection method is for?

Show data type, form for Database fields (20 Dec 2007)

The only issue I have is that it's possible for a field name to have different field types on different forms. Not a best practice, but possible.

URL Command to get the XML representation of a notes document (20 Dec 2007)

even better if there was a flag to send the data back as JSON

Making @DocNumber available for calculations in view (20 Dec 2007)

You can use it in views, but it has to be buried inside a JavaScript function. Not very efficient.

Database properties showing who made the last design change and when (20 Dec 2007)

Maybe a better idea would be to have an "All Design Elements" view in designer that you can sort.

Add GetHTML Method to NotesRichTextItem Class (20 Dec 2007)

I am not looking to be able to do more than be able to display the contents of a richtext field in a browser just like it would if a form containing that richtext field were used to view the document. I know this is already part of the Domino HTTP engine since I have a number of read only forms that display richtext data great. But when I want to create a report or just send data back to a AJAX request, I would love to be able to easily just send back the code that would be generated by the Domino server if I was using a form instead of an agent.

Categories for your Emails (11 Dec 2007)

Categorize is still one of the System Actions you can add to any form, so in reality, this functionality is still there.

Open NTFs on Server (10 Dec 2007)

I also tend to use the administrator to find templates on the server.

Allow an ID to be selected to sign a database with (10 Dec 2007)

@Michael- Think about the amount of work you are proposing vs giving the administrator the ability to simply select an ID when signing a database. The method you are describing really doesn't help with on the fly signing nor would it work on local databases.

Allow .png and .svg image resources (12 Nov 2007)

Can I get a shout out for .ico files also?!?

Field DisplayName as RFC822 phrase on mail address (12 Nov 2007)

So why not just use the Alternate Name?

Internationalisation (02 Nov 2007)

I am thinking that a dd-mmm-yyyy format might be good. Any thoughts?

Make Comma the Tag Delimiter, Allow Multi Word Tags (29 Oct 2007)

One thing bad about using the space as a separator is the fact that you can't have multi word tags. That's always bothered me on del.icio.us. I can't stand camelcased words.

Imporved Vote Tally Box (29 Oct 2007)

I think this information might be better served in a hover pop-up as opposed to being in the vote box.

Allow Properties Dialog to be Resized (29 Oct 2007)

A type ahead search on the field name would also be a wonderful thing.

Generate as TextArea field property (28 Oct 2007)

Generate as TextArea field property (19 Oct 2007)

Generate as TextArea field property (19 Oct 2007)

SQL Interface for Notes Apps (21 Sep 2007)

Move Withdraw my Vote button (21 Sep 2007)

Single File Expeditor Download (20 Sep 2007)

Pop-up Status Bar doesn't update in Notes 8 (17 Sep 2007)

A way to disable all scheduled agents in a Database or a Directory (17 Sep 2007)


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