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Gavin Bollard1561 

One-click way to add participants to a Lotus Notes Meeting Invite (30 Sep 2013)

In Outlook, people can FORWARD a meeting to someone else and it become an acceptable meeting. It's very hard to convince my people that this is a bad thing and they only hear "Notes can't do it".

It we want to remain competitive and relevant then this is the sort of compromise we need to consider. If outlook can do it, so should we.

Ignore "Re:", "FW:" in subject for sorting (23 Jun 2011)

I don't get this... why has it been on this list since 2009 if it's such a no-brainer and an obvious, easy fix.

Surely this would be a quick win for IBM?

Replace Passport Advantage with something simple (09 Mar 2010)

This is one of the few idea jam ideas that I wish I could vote twice for.

I'd love to see it all PROPERLY menu driven.

1. What brand are you looking for Picklist containing Lotus, Cognos etc...

2. What product name: Picklist containing Domino Server, Notes Client, Sametime Client, etc... (all clearly spelled out) .

3. What Operating System: Picklist containing Windows 32, Windows 64, Mac, Linux etc...

4. What language: Picklist containing ONLY the languages which are available.

5. What version: Picklist containing ONLY the versions which are actually available which satisfy all the other criteria. Also - at the top of the picklist, there should be one that says 8.5.1 (Current) - ie: Marked Current so that we know that it IS the latest.

There should be entirely separate streams for FIXES vs PRODUCTS.

http should be supported as well as FTP (FTP is blocked by many firewalls).

Add thesaurus functionality to Notes Mail (05 Nov 2009)

I don't see why you wouldn't simply use your second option.

The instructions here are brilliant for Wikipedia.

{ Link }

Text to Columns Needed (27 Oct 2009)

Yep, Me too. I use this all the time.

Improve Install Time/reliability (20 Oct 2009)

Hear, Hear...

Just the ability to install Notes 8.5.1 AND still be able to run designer would be nice.

{ Link }

One click action to remove all but current recent bookmarks in Designer (13 Jun 2009)

I was only mentioning this to a colleague yesterday. I'd be happy with a menu selection or button that said "remove everything". I don't need it to work out whether the bookmarks are recent or not.

Force BCC for mailing lists (03 Apr 2009)

Yes, that would be a really useful feature.

Actually, a popup that says... "You are about to send this email to 1,756 people. Are you really sure you want to do this?" would be cool too.

2 Default actions when double-clicking an attachment (10 Feb 2009)

I disagree. I use the view functionality constantly. It's faster to view attachments than it is to launch them and - amusingly, I've gotten quite a few "wins" from Lotus out of this - when MS Office can't handle attachments which Notes can view.

I'd like to see an "automatic attachment view" preference that can be enabled.

Give us New Letterheads! (29 Jul 2008)

There should be some way of clicking a menu option - eg: find new letterheads on the web which would allow you to browse download and install them simply. Such a feature would also help with user acceptance of Notes.

Make it possible to run two different standard Clients with differnet IDs at the same time (06 Jul 2008)

We have separate test and production environments and it's a real pain to hop between them.

Make Ctrl-A a toggle (05 May 2008)

I mostly support this idea as I'd like a shortcut to deselect all but I think it should be different. Ctrl+Shift+A would be good.

Have IBM have a paid resource(s) working on OPENNTF (12 Mar 2008)

Actually I'd like to see a bit more IBM support for OpenNTF. Maybe a paid resource, maybe some support and definitely a lot more promotion.

New Developments on OpenNTF should be mentioned at all of the LotusSphere-Comes-To-You promotions. Their newer apps should also be included on the CDs since there's obviously room available on them.

Provide more useful error messages (12 Mar 2008)

I was thinking that you might only want "extended" information enabled sometimes, hence you might put the information into a field which could be displayed (or not) depending on the application and the roles of the user currently using the app.

Does anyone else think that displaying field names etc on web applications might be a security issue?

Nice to have @command([FileSaveAsDraft] (19 Jan 2008)

This would be really useful because one of the most dangerous aspects of domino is not being able to save things unless they pass validation - including LotusScript.

I've been called away to meetings and had to leave script windows or forms open because I couldn't save. In the case of script, I just copy it to Notepad and save it there but for forms, there's no easy solution.

Change file location where Notes opens attachments (26 Dec 2007)

My C: drive is pretty low on space, particularly because of Microsoft's annoying C:\Documents and Settings problem. I'd be keen to be able to change this location so that large attachments don't add to the problem.

Let users copy text from views to the clipboard (20 Dec 2007)

I guess this is different from Copy as Table ... It's copying individual fields right?

Check availability before sending invitations (19 Dec 2007)

My experience with Room Bookings in Notes. Filled out the form and submitted it expecting to be notified about the room. A few minutes later I got an email from the room saying it wasn't available. I thought damn... I wonder what happens to my invites to people... So stopped using the calendar for invites.

I know how to use the scheduler but with some people it becomes almost impossible to navigate the whole pink and green mess.

I don't want to be notified about person availability, the scheduler can sort that out for me but I do want to know about the room availability before I send my invite.

Make The Notes 8 Sidebar More Accessible To Notes developers (15 Dec 2007)

I know this will be controversial, but I agree.

EVEN if it means providing a Notes/Style compiler where we can write in "Notes terms" things that get compiled to Java.

There has to be a way to make this more accessible without compromising it's openness and without forcing another language to be learnt.

Attach file shortcut to a new message (10 Dec 2007)

I just posted something similar because we use different terminology (didn't find yours when I searched).

{ Link }

We are saying the same thing aren't we?? I'm surprised by the low number of votes here.

Out of Office Corporate Calendar (28 Nov 2007)

Funnily enough, we're in the middle of commissioning work like this. Since we're an "external committees" based organisation, we want to be able to display certain meeting dates and times on our extranet as well.

An Idea Space for requested vendor solutions (27 Nov 2007)

I think that third parties could easily get their own ideas about gaps just from subscribing to RSS feeds for Idea Space.

However... a non-idea space project would be quite good for the things Mark said in comment 5.

Specifically, a large database which listed all known "off-the-shelf" domino offerings available where vendors could post screen shots and descriptions of their products, maybe even links to trial versions. This would be a great resource for people looking for Lotus solutions. Sort of like an online catalogue (one page per product only).

I'd probably prefer that IBM hosted that system - maybe it already exists??

Idea Spotlight (27 Nov 2007)

If you mistakenly categorize your idea wrongly (Idea Space) then you miss your audience. Unless the number of ideas becomes overwhelming, I wouldn't support this.

An improved forms based GUI for Notes.Ini variables (27 Nov 2007)

It's a low priority item but it's so simple to implement.

Symphony Interface to MS-Office Class Library (27 Nov 2007)

I heard some rumours about a lot of the MS Macro functionality being removed/downgraded in later versions of Office..

Aren't they removing VB from the MAC? Does that mean office won't do macros anymore. I wouldn't support IBM doing any work to remain compatible to a proprietary language when MS could pull the plug on it anytime without warning. (btw: as a big VB classic user I speak from past experience) .

Could we have a standalone freeware NSF viewer? (25 Nov 2007)

What if you could save a Notes Database with -Default- as reader but have a password on the actual file for the viewer? It might mean an addition to the ACL eg: -Viewer- which could be set. I was thinking that this would be useful for times when I'd like to;

a. Mail a database to a non-notes person
b. Save things into Archives

Most people seem to have mastered bookmarks in Acrobat. I'd expect the outline would translate to bookmarks and the forms to pages.

If this isn't appropriate, then perhaps some add-on to Notes that would convert the entire DB to PDF? It would achieve the same purpose I guess - just wouldn't be as user friendly.

Allow all icons to confirm to the .ICO defacto standard. (24 Nov 2007)

Being able to use the ICO format would give access to literally millions (billions?) of pre-existing icons as well as external editors. Great idea.

Clipboard access in LotusScript without API's (23 Nov 2007)

From memory, you used to be able to get clipboard content in text or RTF mode. I'm not sure if it was held in two formats or if the clipboard routines did the translation.

As far as GetDocLink when there's a graphic on the clipboard is concerned, I'd expect that if the clipboard contains wrong data, it would return blank/null unless someone has a better idea?

New Idea Jam Feature - Embed an idea on a web page (22 Nov 2007)

Sorry, just tried it on Blogger and couldn't get it to work... Not sure if Blogger has restrictions or if there's something else that needs to be done here?

New Idea Jam Feature - Embed an idea on a web page (22 Nov 2007)

Great thanks.... Do we need to vote this one :-)

Use "Script Library from Another Database" (21 Nov 2007)

I'm a little scared of this one because it breaks the "Notes has everything built-in to the database" model. I'd only support it IF the database is question was a CODE LIBRARY database only.

I wouldn't want you to be able to link two production databases which are otherwise completely unrelated.

I'd like contacts to be merged into the mail file (21 Nov 2007)

While you're at it, I'd like people-entries copied from the master/server address books to be stubs, not whole records in the local address book. That way, if the master address book was updated, people wouldn't have to update their local ones too.

(did this need to be a new idea or could it be included?)

Quicker access to Refresh/Replace Design (21 Nov 2007)

Not if you have RSI / Keyboard over-use syndrome is isn't

I wish the Productivity Editors could read Office 2007 files (20 Nov 2007)

I'm promoting this because I think it's needed but I'd recommend people use non-MS products instead of proprietary file formats. Unfortunately due to the short-sightedness of the ODF foundation;

{ Link }
{ Link }

They seem to have lost any chance they have of providing a standard file format. (who will trust the new format now?) .

So, I guess we need to support Office 2007 :-(

Symphony Programmability Overhaul (15 Nov 2007)

Does anyone have any comments on the file format now that the ODF seems to have self destructed?

Can we have a Code Wiki near the Forums (14 Nov 2007)

The sandbox is great for examples, not not really good for single routines and/or explanations.

I agree that a wiki with no ACL could be dangerous in that someone could mess up code - I'd expect that the Wiki would need to at least require a login (and possibly some other controls). I'm talking about Wiki in terms of interface style.

Quickr should fully support Mac clients (i.e. a Mac connector pack) (13 Nov 2007)

Why would losing the office connector be acceptable?

Right-click - Paste Special (12 Nov 2007)

Definitely want paste special on the right mouse, I'd also support copy as plain text since I'm forever "bouncing" things across notepad to convert them.

We could take steps to prevent the menu from expanding (see below);

Copy Special >
Paste Special >

Where copy and paste special had submenus...


Copy Special > As Plain Text
As Document Link
As Notes URL Link
Paste Special > As RTF

(More...) would bring up the dialog box.

SQL Interface for Notes Apps (12 Nov 2007)

Actually I'd like some way that our users could type an SQL command and get output to a console/window. Ideally they could save these for regular reporting, perhaps even have the results emailed to them automatically on a certain interval (daily/weekly?).

Custom @Functions (12 Nov 2007)

Yep, this would be useful - we could build a library of functions then.


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