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iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (29 Dec 2010)

Mike - what version is your server? And what template is your mail file using?

In 8.5.2 there are many improvements to Domino to support mobile devices, and really, if you are on any pre-v8 series servers, you won't see any of these options.

There are a few options, using Traveler would be best, but there is also iNotes "Ultra-Light" mode.

{ Link }

{ Link }

Will IQJam Questions be easily embeddable? (19 Apr 2010)

Was just going to put this in for IQJam - wanted to tweet about an entry on there...

Include Column in Files Tab in Admin Client to Indicate if Database is Full Text Indexed (14 Apr 2010)

I'd like to see ALl of the "Beanie" tab properties exposed in columns!

Add Skins To Notes Client (24 Mar 2010)

In the case of Windows - yes, it can, and for Firefox too. If we move buttons around, change the look of default items, telling a user to click on the "Magnifying glass" only for them to tell you they don't have it because they skinned it to look like binoculars, it starts to be a problem for support.

I can see your point to a degree, and I guess I'm too old school in this respect, but what use are personas other than to increase the memory requirements of the browser?

Add Skins To Notes Client (23 Mar 2010)

I think this could become a support nightmare very quickly. I just don't see it as something that is truly useful/productive in the environments that Notes clients typically live in. Unless Lotus changes the client to be like designer, a free license, I just don't see a home user using it.

Regardless of that, have you seen:

{ Link }

I know it isn't out of the box, but it does work.

I guess, if you really want to break the mold, use xpages in a web browser with whatever theme/skink and have at it there.

Direct execution of server commands from program documents (18 Mar 2010)

Agree with the idea, and like Peter's implementation of it!

Impliment a stronger visual indication when a column has been clicked on to sort by that column (17 Feb 2010)

Oh how I would love to use CSS for all things - Action bars, columns, and more!
No more DXLing or 3rd party tooling....

But, specific to this, just had a user get confused by a sorted column...so promoted!

Save Files by Windows "save as" function directly into Quickr Connector (17 Feb 2010)

Hmm, not sure what version or Quickr platform you are on, or, what the Windows client version/os is, but I can save to a place from the Windows "Save As" dialog boxes.

Actually, do you have the connector installed?

iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (02 Dec 2009)

Hmm, not sure if this belongs in Domino Designer IdeaSpace, and also, just curious, what version of iNotes are you speaking of?

I'm not sure I like gmail or yahoo or inotes in every aspect, as usual, I'd like a mix of certain elements of them and more, but I would certainly not like to see iNotes mimic either of them.

New Mail Notification Pop-up (20 Nov 2009)

As much as I don't use this "feature", I do agree that for those who feel the need to live in their mail file, and must know the second something new comes in, the alert isn't so great.

Ctrl-Click to open doc/view/app links in new tab (17 Nov 2009)

I was just going to post this for a very similar scenario with multiple docs with one attachment per doc. Promoted!

Set defualt replica on Bookmark bar (06 Nov 2009)

Similarly -> { Link }

Put the Space Used column back in the Files view of the 8.5.1 Admin client! (14 Oct 2009)

If I could promote this more, I would! It is these little things we miss!

Navigation of properties window (13 Oct 2009)

Wow, was thinking a similar thing Erik! Would be very nice like that!

Apply attribute change to multiple design elements with a single command (09 Oct 2009)

Absolutely! Using DXL exports/imports to play with Action bars ( { Link } ) isn't fun but works, and yes, Ytria is nice too, but there is a price...

Navigation of properties window (08 Oct 2009)

There does seem to be a lot of dancing around of the properties window, especially when working on Actions and Action Bars, but certainly is annoying! Promoted!

More Theming in Quickr and better Integration of a Company's CI (08 Oct 2009)

That link is broken, it should be: { Link }

More Theming in Quickr and better Integration of a Company's CI (08 Oct 2009)

Hi Atilla,
I do play around with and use Wordpress, and I've looked into and worked with a few others.
I will say, that with Wordpress, you do have themes, and many companies sell them, and many are "free", but if you want to customize them (I am using a slightly modified inove theme at { Link } you are back into html, javascript, and CSS editing. Look at the thesis them, many people pay for it. So, if you would be willing to pay for a wordpress theme, why not pay for a company to design a custom quickr theme for you?

I am not targeting you directly, I am talking about the bigger picture of "you". I know of at least one company that would be more than happy to customize a quickr look and feel, and/or give you all sorts of whatever functionality you like. I wouldn't doubt there are others too.

Sure a lot of folks take the free themes, and are happy with the php replacements of the blog name into the "banner" area, etc.., but I don't see how that is vastly different from editing the setup_ext.js or quickr81_ext.js to add/change things around and/or, editing some css and html to change it further.

I will say that the old dojo stuff is just that, old, but you'll get a newer dojo version soon, however, I do like your "mystic way" and "referencing orgy" quotes - nice way of putting it :-) But, I don't think the relationship between the 3 "main" db's you get with place is that mysterious, and if you add a room, you'll get another db for it too. Pull up firebug, and play around with it a bit - it is a great way to figure out what comes from where and what does what...

More Theming in Quickr and better Integration of a Company's CI (07 Oct 2009)

While it can be a bit cumbersome, it certainly can be achieved with a bit of html, css, and javascript, and IE (yes, you need to use IE to upload a new theme).

I do think there isn't a great deal of info on the nitty gritty of doing it, but after my recent experience at Collaboration University, I am pretty comfortable playing around with Quickr.

I'm not sure which version of Quickr or which platform, but have a look.

Have a look here for tools:
{ Link } (Firefox with Firebug is essential

And then here:
{ Link }

or here:

{ Link }

Adding value to "entry not found in index" message (07 Oct 2009)

Hmm, are you talking about the error that is induced by poor coding or other "Entry not found" problems?


DB:= ReplicaID;
View:= "vwLookup";
clients := @DbColumn( "" : "NoCache" ; DB ; View ; 2 );
@If(@IsError(Clients); "Problem looking up data in " + DB + " view " + View; @Unique(clients))


DB:= ReplicaID;
View:= "vwLookup";
Clients := @DbColumn( "" : "NoCache" ; DB ; View ; 2 );

Does Lotus Notes need to become more standard, modern and faster for its end users? (01 Oct 2009)

Hmm, in 8.5, both F5 and F9 refresh - CTRL-F5 will now lock Notes. Is that not the way it is working for you?

Add document interlinking to Quickr Libraries. (01 Oct 2009)

Hmm, not sure if I am following you, but I'd rather never be tied to mapped drive letters, which could just as easily break.

I do see a potential need to be able to link to another document, but all I can link to is the URL of the post/page in quickr that contains that document.

I do think it would be nice if the connectors worked in documents the same way they do when dragging a link into an email for example.

Does Lotus Notes need to become more standard, modern and faster for its end users? (01 Oct 2009)

Wow, what version are you on!? Sounds like it is time for an upgrade!

Add a code or "preformmated" formatter to the description area (30 Sep 2009)

Thank you! Does the move to MooTools give you anything in this respect?

Does Lotus Notes need to become more standard, modern and faster for its end users? (30 Sep 2009)

Well, the whole F5/F9 debate is a pretty moot point in 8.5. So if the basis of this idea is solely on the whole "refresh" question, I am going to demote. If there is some other "standrds" issue that you feel needs to be addressed, I am all ears.

Have a look here as well:
{ Link }

{ Link }

Also, have you ever tried F5 or F9 in MS Office ? (F5 = Goto, F9 RefreshFields)
Further...F9's use as the refresh key in PC applications pre-dates Microsoft's choice of F5. It dates from the early 1980s, when Lotus 1-2-3 was the most popular PC application, but, it is configurable now.

Connect to more than one Sametime server in Notes client (14 Jul 2009)

Hmm, what client version are you using? I do this all day long in 8.5 -> Manage server communities - I have 3 in there - work, bleedyellow and IBM

Implement tear-off tabs (09 Jul 2009)

Oh, I agree - a very low on the list "nice to have", but wanted to get it out there...

Lotus Notes R8.5 : when inside a view, importing data from an MS Excel or Symphony worksheet (21 Apr 2009)

Lifesaver - thanks!!!

Ensure delete keyboard shortcut works if focus is on message text (04 Feb 2009)

Promoting it - I understand focus is focus, but when viewing the previewed message, the focus indicator remains on the inbox item, so it should delete the "selected" message.

My Ideas, where are they found? 2 menus down (08 Jan 2009)

Hmm, I click "My Ideas" and I get "My Profile", and then I can select "Ideas" - I just don't think that is a consistent interface for it.

The more I think about it, the drop down for other "Idea spaces" is a very logical place for it. The combo box lookup becomes conditional to include:"My Ideas" if logged in...

My Ideas, where are they found? 2 menus down (08 Jan 2009)

In the IdeaSpace drop down, second option and/or
across the:

"Recent | Popular | Comments | In Progress | Completed | Rejected | Withdrawn | Recent Comments " Add on "MIne" ?

NotesUIDocument closewithoutsave method (07 Jan 2009)

Wow, just had to modify an inherited app that was plagued by this very situation. I don't like workarounds!

Gradient background color for forms / pages (07 Nov 2008)

As much as I'd like it too, could you just put everything in a 1 row, 1 column table?

Option for a Field to have its content selected when getting focus (15 Aug 2008)

onClick event of the field:


A lot of work?

Implement onChange event on all fields in the Notes client (15 Aug 2008)

Wow, was just going to post about this one!

"This event occurs when the field loses focus and its value has been modified since gaining focus." Why do we need to lose focus...kind of defeats the name, it isn't OnChangeAndMoveOff!

Tag my databases (19 Jun 2008)

Hmm, while in principal this sounds like a good idea, could you imagine the intersting support calls you'd get:

user: "I can't find that PITA Client's Contract"
support: "Did you search for contracts application?"
user: "No, I searched for PITA Client"
support: "Well, did you put a comma in between your tags or quotes around it?"
user: "What does it matter"
support: (5 minutes later) "Here is a doc link to what you are looking for"

Tagging is nice, but corporate support of it can be a nightmare, and centrally managing every user's tags just wouldn't work for me...

Drafts - unsent count? (19 Jun 2008)

Yes, I like that format, and unless you have 6 digit counts in folders, the screen real-estate looks like it is there.

Sametime Status - Invisible (06 Jun 2008)

Yes, while it can do it that way, people tend to think that "consumer" IM features need to be in enterprise ones. Personally, I'd do without smileys as well, but...

Application (Database) Block List for Debugger (24 Apr 2008)

@6 - Chad Schelfhout -

You are going to have to eclipsify that mock up, but yeah, that would do it!

Allow a "Save As" feature for design elements (24 Apr 2008)

You mean I wouldn't have to have gct_v2.2a and gct_v2.2b-z because I add one field to the template? Come on now :-)

Raise the limit on the number of mail rules above 100 (27 Mar 2008)

While I promoted it because I don't feel restrictions like this should be there, but seriously...100+ mail rules? Sounds like PEBCAK...

Application (Database) Block List for Debugger (27 Mar 2008)

Thanks - yeah, the debug directive "stop" (if you could call it that) doesn't cut it for me!

notesViewEntry.GetTotal (14 Nov 2007)

OK, then a better option would be notesViewEntry.GetColumnTotal

Option to add another image to an existing idea (07 Nov 2007)

I guess I meant in the comments area, but yours is fine so I promoted on it.

Remove "Block this sender" option (03 Nov 2007)

^Lol! Seen that one too!

Are the Promote and Demote actions clear? (03 Nov 2007)

I "got it" right away, but maybe a little view icon 96/97? or 105/102

Allow users to have multiple signature files which I can easily choose from (03 Nov 2007)

Indeed, I'm still using the old:
@Command([FileImport];"ASCII Text";"C:\\notes\\sig.txt") on a toolbar, and I have a few of them...

Remove "Block this sender" option (01 Nov 2007)

I am not sure this is the best place to carry on this type of discussion, but maybe it is.
At any rate, how effective can blocking a sender be to block spam addresses. With today's spam bots, the "sender" is always changing.

I cannot imagine this is doing anything more that introducing overhead on the mail files.

Error when voting (01 Nov 2007)

Sure, I am running Firefox under Windows Vista Business. Sorry, didn't see any JS errors popping up - it just looks like it wasn't refreshing. Hitting the OK and then going into the actual idea did show my vote registered.

Anything else I could capture for you to assist if I should see it again, please let me know.


Embedded View - Default Focus Property (31 Oct 2007)


SetDialog%= workspace.DialogBox ( "ChartingTest_1", True, True, False, False, False, False, "Chart Test" )

And I get the attached result...(err, I can't add another image on here).

But doing that line above worked for me - tested on 7.0.2

Remove "Block this sender" option (31 Oct 2007)

So people are using "Block this sender" for real people?
If I put a co-worker on the block sender list they would just come to my desk and ask me if I got their email...

Can you please share how you are managing your mail box with the block sender "feature"?

Embedded View - Default Focus Property (31 Oct 2007)

Just curious, if you set "No Initial Focus" on the form, and have the view "go to top row" on open, does it at least get you there?

I use this in a call tracking app to get a list of "Other recent calls". But I agree, a simple checkbox would be nice.

On ideas with related ideas, use the title, not the "ugly" link (31 Oct 2007)

Odd, it appears to only be that one...

Swap F5 and F9 Keys (31 Oct 2007)

Ever tried F5 or F9 in MS Office ? (F5 = Goto, F9 Refresh (!!) Fields)
Further...F9's use as the refresh key in PC applications pre-dates Microsoft's choice of F5. It dates from the early 1980s, when Lotus 1-2-3 was the most popular PC application.
Here is to standards!

Copy link address entry in contect menu (31 Oct 2007)

Just had this very issue with a user...

Testing Idea Jam RSS Feeds (31 Oct 2007)

Working in FeedDemon, however, title of the feed is "Idea Jam RSS Feed"...isn't the latter part of the title, "RSS Feed" a redundant?

Make Comma the Tag Delimiter, Allow Multi Word Tags (31 Oct 2007)

I wouldn't got for commas, use Flickr like tags.

Spaces are ok, quotes around phrases.

Move HTML signature into mailfile (31 Oct 2007)

HTML in email should die a slow death!


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