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Bruce Currier5051 

During server configuration, let me name the group added to template ACLs instead of assuming it is LocalDomainAdmins (29 Mar 2011)

While I like the idea, just wanted to let you know that I actually do use the LocalDomainAdmins group (just because of this reason) so I don't have to manually add another group to all the templates.

Lotus Forgot Series: Make MTBF an integral part of the server software (was in the Sandbox) (29 Mar 2011)

And if the sandbox can't come back and the code can't become part of the install kit, at least maybe put stuff like this out on OpenNTF.org

Add clients log.nsf file to roaming profile (29 Mar 2011)

That would be true if I always had remote access to the PC's. I don't. Alot of the time, we are trying to walk people thru things over the phone. By having the log.nsf centrally located, it would help see if they are having re-occurring issues that need to be addressed.

Automatic deletion archive database (29 Mar 2011)

Already requested here: { Link }

I wish FilePath would consistently return a relative path whenever possible (05 Aug 2010)

I voted for this as long as it's selectable as an option. Don't want to break all existing applications/

Policy to control client startup speed enhancements (29 Jun 2010)


I would love for this to be unnecessary. I'm just saying, if there are any of these things left, they need to be centrally managed thru policies. At this point, I can't roll-out the vmarg.Xmx value change in the jvm.properties file company-wide. And I want to make things as fast as possible for all my end-users so thery have fewer things to complain about.

Setting to block replication of a replica if it has not replicated within the purge interval (20 May 2010)

Or at least have it only replicate one-way - from the server down to the local replica so it gets updated properly.

Make iNotes mail Redirector Application Cluster Aware (17 May 2010)

I've only got about 200 users, but almost 1/3 of them are INotes only users. We cluster servers across the WAN so even if cost wasn't an issue, an IP Sprayer isn't much help.

Create a full install kit for Fix Packs (like 8.5.1 FP2) (17 May 2010)

I guess, I would like the best of both worlds. If I'm upgrading from V7.02 to V8.5.1FP2 (which I'm in the process of doing), it would be nice to have a full install kit (even thou using SmartUpgrade it runs thou 2 installs back-to-back). However, if I'm upgrading someone from V8.5.1FP1 to V8.5.1FP2, the incremental upgrade is really nice. SO my vote would really be to have both so I have the option of installing whatever I need to.

Abort a 'quit' command (Tell quit stop) (13 May 2010)

I would be OK with an "are you sure prompt" to be answered, but once the shutdown has started, I feel it needs to complete and then bring the server back up cleanly.

CTRL BREAK to end formula agent execution entirely (10 May 2010)

Or better yet, at least ask whether to stop processing the current document and continue the agent or stop the agent entirely.

New mail notification for a mail in database or shared mail database (22 Feb 2010)

This is where we use the Team Mailbox template from OpenNTF. That template allows for setting up an auto-notification to whatever group of people you want when it recieves a new message.

Allow anyone to add tags to my idea (22 Feb 2010)

Great idea, as long as the admin can control whether they want this feature turned on or not.

Time bar to let you know when an ID and mail box file will be completed (22 Feb 2010)

Or maybe there could just be an initial guess as to how long it should take and if it's going to be over some time (like 5 minutes), pop up a warning box with the estimate and ask if you want to continue.

The option for Notes to pull the mail signature from the Domino Directory (22 Jan 2010)

I promoted this idea, but I would like to add that I would like to see this as a policy setting so you could decide whether to implement this or not and for which users.

Improve Admin Client Scrolling (09 Dec 2009)

I voted for this, but that would only be if we continue to have a separate admin client. My preference would actually be to get rid of the admin client --> see { Link }

iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (03 Dec 2009)

I think that this request is just too broad and not specific enough to vote for. I think with the current version of INotes, they've got pretty good performance. If there were specific UI and/or functionality peices that yahoo or gmail had that you wanted Lotus to implement in INotes that would be something to be able to vote on.

Rewrite Trim / FullTrim function (25 Nov 2009)

I wouldn't make these the default behavior's of the TRIM/FULLTRIM functions, but adding them as optional parameters would be great.

Give the end-user a simple method to set a default font SIZE. (07 Nov 2009)

And once there is a preference, than there should be a policy so the administrator can set a company-wide default if so desired.

Rename Lotusscript Functions and variables and auto-update all references (29 Oct 2009)

I think this is a really good idea, but maybe to alleviate Peter's concern, there could be an option when renaming on whether to update all references.

Default Application Refresh Design to Current server, not local (26 Oct 2009)

Theo, I would be fine with defaulting to the last server used as well. I guess my real complaint is that defaulting to local is not normally the option that most people want.

Resource Reservations: Calculate rooms and resources utilisation (14 Oct 2009)

I voted for this because I think this would be useful. The problem I see is in the implementation. Would you calculate the utilization for a 24 hour day if the resource was only ever going to be used for 8 hours a day? What about weekdays vs weekends?

Admin Client for MAC OS X (21 Jul 2009)

Personally, I would rather see the admin client go away and all the functionality moved into actual applications (like I heard was one rumour going around). This would let the admin functions be done from any platform.

Allow the user to hide their Voting history from their profile (18 Feb 2009)

I voted no on this, but if it also included a way for the admin of the site to decide whether to implement this at all, then my vote would change to yes. This way, companies that wanted to allow anonymous voting could while companies that wanted to know who was voting could.

Saving E-mails outside of Lotus Notes (19 May 2008)

Personally, myself, I think this is a bad idea, but as an admin, this is the number one reason why every year we have to fight with the executive team to stay on Notes/Domino and not migrate to Exchange. They think they want it (but I doubt that many of them would really use it once they had it).

Stop collapsing folders when I remove a folder (13 Mar 2008)

Mary Beth, I'm currently at V7.02. Hopefully will start my 8.01 migration within the next month. We're specing out the server and scheduling the local var now. We're also using this as an opportunity to setup a brand new domain (so we're not continuing to pull all the "bad" ways of doing everything since our current domain started out at version 4.6) and to move to Linux for the server. Can't wait!

@Name [TOLF] parameter for returning "Lastname, Firstname" (05 Mar 2008)

Could it be as simple as linking in to the First Name, Middle Name, Last Name fields that are already stored in the NAB? This way, whatever is the proper way of specifying a specific name, your application could use it as long as the administrator setup the person document correctly.

Allow multiple "personas" (04 Feb 2008)

I have found a temporary work around for this. I've been using the Team Mailbox template from OpenNTF for awhile now. Since this can create a "persona" for it's mail-in DB that hides the actual person who is using it (i.e. no "sent by abc" added to the message), I did some testing and this will let someone manage e-mail addresses for 2 different email domains from a "single" mailbox. For the person's main account, you create a real Notes mail account. Using the Team Mailbox template you create a mail-in DB for their secondary address(es). In the mail-in DB, enable the auto-reminder agent to send a notice to their main account. When the receive this notice in their main inbox, they can click on the doc link to reply and/or forward this message.

Add option for Private Mtgs in Room Reservation Database (29 Jan 2008)

I would think you would need/want to have the "reserver" name visible as well so they can be contacted for any issues regarding the reservation (i.e. bumping).

When deleting user, delete archive & roaming files as well as mail file (17 Dec 2007)

My process is that when a person leaves they go into a special "deny access" group so they can no longer access the system. When I finally get the OK to delete the account, I manually copy (if they exist) their mail file, archive mail file, & Local NAB to a secured file system on one of our servers. Then I go thru the normal "delete user" process thru Domino.

Out of Office Corporate Calendar (28 Nov 2007)

I already use the Team Mailbox on OpenNTF and would love to see a similiar app for calendars.


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