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Ability to access Lotus information from within Second Life (11 May 2010)

I agree with Paul. There are a lot better places for IBM to invest its development time.

IBM should automatically notify customers when SPR's are fixed. (26 Apr 2010)

It's easy when you don't have a dozen or more open. It's even easier for IBM to put the pieces together for customers. They have our contact information. They have our SPR's. They have the PMR's. They have the release information. Seems pretty trivial to me, but I'm just a (potential) customer.

No Opinion Is a Vote (18 Jan 2010)

In general I agree with Peter. All votes *should* be meaningful, even one of No Opinion. However, if I'm going through the Unvoted list I will often click No Opinion on the stuff that doesn't interest me just so it will go off the Unvoted list. Maybe instead of skewing the voting system with inappropriate votes there could be some other mechanism for saying you don't care about something. For example, I don't use Symphony, Traveler, Quickr or Websphere <anything>. Maybe I could set my preferred Idea Spaces on my profile and only those would show up on my Unvoted list.

Sametime IM and Gateway servers should be split off and simplified from the meeting server functions (12 Jan 2010)

@4/5 - What I relayed is what I was told by Adam Gartenberg when he was the Sametime product manager. I read the license agreement you linked and it appears they changed the terms. Now they give you the crippled Sametime server for "free" then make you pay for the server license it runs on. That's totally asinine and devalues the offering.

@6 - The only Domino Express license that allows clustering is the Utility server. You can layer licenses, though, so you could purchase both a Collaboration or Messaging Express license and a Utility Server Express license for the same machine and use clustering. At that point it may be more cost effective to use a Domino Enterprise license, depending on your user count.

Traveler should support the 'Apple Tablet' from the git-go when it ships (12 Jan 2010)

Sorry, Windows 7 support is far more important to me than anything from Apple. I would rather IBM spend the resources there first.

Sametime IM and Gateway servers should be split off and simplified from the meeting server functions (06 Jan 2010)

@2 - You won't need any additional Domino licenses. In a nutshell, Domino includes Sametime Entry entitlement and if you choose to use the included Sametime entitlement, IBM will give you a Domino license to run it on. You will need separate hardware and a server OS license, or you can virtualize and run Sametime Entry on CentOS.

Extend Eclipse Communications Framework to work with Sametime IM (17 Oct 2009)

Demoted because this is an Eclipse idea, not anything specifically to do with Sametime.

Comment notifications from IdeaJam should have a valid FROM (16 Oct 2009)

Thanks for trying! :-)

Comment notifications from IdeaJam should have a valid FROM (16 Oct 2009)

Matt, the notification for your comment came from (unknown sender).

to charles@cubert.net
date Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 1:42 PM
subject IdeaJam Comment Notification
mailed-by ideajam.net

Do not clear/collapse focus of selected view items after action taken. (15 Oct 2009)

What actions specifically exhibit that behavior? It can probably be coded to not do that since it's mostly likely using formula or LotusScript to clear the selection.

Add a mini game to the Lotus Notes splash screen (15 Oct 2009)

Peter, I think he's talking about doing this during the loading splash screen, not upgrade/installation.

Support Microsoft Server Terminal Services (without Citrix) (15 Oct 2009)

Is this just a statement of support, or does it not work? I'm still setting up my test environment and don't have Windows Terminal Services running yet.

Database property to clear users view-resorting-settings on database open (15 Oct 2009)

I can see this being useful, but it's really tricky. Sometimes users may want to keep their sorting, other times they won't. How do you make this distinction without it being obnoxious?

Replace notes hierarcial names with email address (15 Oct 2009)

Can anyone explain a compelling reason for *keeping* the Notes hierarchical name structure? I've always found it anachronistic, and now that I use Outlook I think it's just plain silly.

Attached emails not in sent emails (15 Oct 2009)

I think what you're saying is you would like an automatic cleanup of attachments on Sent mail. That is something I might go along with.

Add a mini game to the Lotus Notes splash screen (15 Oct 2009)

This is a horrible idea. The Notes client needs less bloat, not more.

Lotus Notes Virtual Folders (14 Oct 2009)

I don't disagree that tagging would be nice, but don't you dare take away folders. I
*hate* the lack of folders in GMail.

@1 - No, Notes folders are nothing at all like tagging.

Allow cascading fonts in rich text (14 Oct 2009)

The idea is clear, but I don't see a real world use case for it.

New Mail Notifications with local replicas (14 Oct 2009)

Can this be closed since it's already in Notes?

Implement "Live Scrolling" in Mail Views (14 Oct 2009)

You've always been able to scroll through a view in the Notes client, so what on Earth are you talking about?

Paste-method for NotesRichTextItem (14 Oct 2009)

It's a good idea, but this isn't technically possible due to the way Notes interacts with window managers and how clipboard API functions behave. You'd have to change Notes, which would be a good thing, but you'd also have to change every operating system.

Hyphenation for Richtext (14 Oct 2009)

I don't understand the issue. Why do you want to hyphenate richtext?

Object Model Maps (14 Oct 2009)

One of the best tools I ever had was the old R5 object model posters. Those helped me get up to speed faster than any other piece of documentation. I had the same experience with VB.Net 2005 and the .Net 2.0 framework.

@3 - I never found them as a PDF, and I picked up mine at Lotusphere back in 2006. They are no longer available from the IBM Publications website so you can't order them.

Attachments to be added to comments (05 Oct 2009)

This is a repeat. I know I added the same idea probably two years ago, but it's not showing up in my list.

Changing the color of unread email from black to red (05 Oct 2009)

This can be marked as closed since it's fixed in 8.5.1.

Reference to another uidoc (05 Oct 2009)

I agree with Peter. You can sort of get around this by using framesets and navigating through them, but it makes for some tortuous application logic.

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts (05 Oct 2009)

@5 - No, it's nothing like that. The rules would be per-instance of replication or save conflict, not an attempt to aggregate them across multiple updates.

Give acces to DB2 stored procedure inout and out parameters (20 Aug 2009)

You can do this with the LC LSX. How are you trying to do it?

There is a need for referential integrity (20 Aug 2009)

This is easily fixed by using the DocumentDelete event of the database. I agree that having the parent/child relationship enforced would be a good thing, but I disagree with the overall direction you're going.

Notes is not a relational datastore and it shouldn't try to be one.

Why could not NSF be OPTIONALLY converted into a hybrid DB consisting of two naturally coexisting and harmonizing with each other parts: unstructured and structured (relational-type)? (20 Aug 2009)

Use the right tool for the job. If you want an unstructured document repository use Notes. If you want structured relational data use a RDBMS. If you want to mix the two together, use XPages.

Enable search for multiple notes databases simultaniusly (20 Aug 2009)

That's been in the product for years. However, it's per-server, not per-database, and not available if you are using local replicas. You choose which databases on a server to include in the search, then you can search across all of them simultaneously. You can't search just a subset of databases simultaneously, though.

Allow XPages in the Notes client (04 Feb 2009)

FREE Domino! (03 Feb 2009)

In order for IBM to make this work they would have to somehow limit features in the free and commercial versions. Currently they don't, and there are no facilities in place that would allow it. This would be a nice to have feature so you don't end up using features your license doesn't allow and getting nailed for it later, but I'm not sure it's worth the investment.

Ability to add an image to a comment (14 Jan 2009)

*bump* :-)

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters (30 Sep 2008)

Do they even do speaking gigs? I knew Alton did, but I've hever heard of the Mythbusters doing anything like this. Does anyone else remember Grant from Battle Bots?

Domino HTTP Server Administration (29 Sep 2008)

Actually on reading the title I assumed it was about webadmin.nsf. One thing to be careful of is there are some things that aren't in webadmin.nsf.

Quickr Portal or Quickr Domino (29 Sep 2008)

If you're talking about discussing the functional differences between Quickr Domino and Quickr Portal, as well as the points that clearly indicate a customer should choose one over the other, then I can see it being a BP session. But simply as a discussion of the differences then no, I don't see any reason for it being a BP session. Maybe a BDD session or another track would work.

Domino Clustering and Server Migration Made Easy (25 Sep 2008)

@6 - Andrew, I submitted an abstract for it as a Show-n-Tell session. If it gets selected I expect you to show up and throw stuff at me.

Domino Clustering and Server Migration Made Easy (09 Sep 2008)

Thanks for the positive feedback.

Martin, that's why I was considering doing this as a Show-n-Tell session instead of Best Practices. I'm not sure where/how/if those two tracks overlap.

Provide unconference space and let us run it (09 Sep 2008)

Coffee is controlled by the Disneybots. That's not up to IBM. However, I'm not sure if there would be something against someone setting up a coffee maker in their room, filling some carafes, and making it generally available. :-D

Lotus Notes and Me: Maximizing Personal Productivity with Lotus Notes (09 Sep 2008)

As long as it's not heavy on MindManager Pro or other commercial products it could be a good thing. It should be as generically Notes-oriented as possible.

View Multiple Idea Spaces/Filter Unwanted Idea Spaces (22 Jul 2008)

I stopped using IdeaJam because of this.

Add Connections Features To Notes (11 Jun 2008)

The fine folks at the University of Paderborn in Germany showed a functional beta of Activities on Domino at Lotusphere 2007. You can download it from their website.

Ability to show in-memory documents in a view (10 Jun 2008)

I honestly don't get why this is relevant or necessary. Why would you want to show a document in a view that you have no intention of saving to disk? I can't grasp the use case for this.

Support iPhone (09 Jun 2008)

I'll throw in my $0.02. I don't use an iPhone. I don't know anyone who does outside of the Yellowverse. My users are asking me for a faster Notes client, easier navigation between multiple-NSF applications, a workspace that roams, sensible error messages, icons (in Notes 8) that aren't so tiny they need a magnifying glass to distinguish between them... They could care less about mobile phone support.

Make Subforms Objects (09 Jun 2008)

So you think this is a good idea, want to see it, but still you demote it? Isn't the point of this that we're supposed to tell Lotus what we *want*, not what we think is possible?

Viral Videos Presentation session (19 May 2008)

Isn't this was the Lotus Salon thing was supposed to be about? I never visited it at Lotusphere, so I'm not sure what the point was. I probably wouldn't participate in this, either, but at least it's something positive (hopefully).

Notes client HELP dynamically linked to Lotus community of contributors (19 May 2008)

You might be interested in Martin Scott Consulting's Domino SuperSearch: { Link } . I'm not affiliated with them in any way, it's just a great tool. :-)

Create a $100m VC fund for IBM/Lotus UC2 applications (19 May 2008)

I think this is a great idea, but I also think the person proposing it has a very obvious conflict of interest. No offense Carl, it just comes across to me as you saying "IBM needs to write me a big fat check".

Allow Subform ABOVE the Actionbar (19 May 2008)

@15 - That's exactly how I do it today. Coupled with shared actions it does exactly what Theo wants. It would be nice if there was an easier way, though.

Buttons should have a 'No Focus on Click' property (19 May 2008)

I have worked around this by using keybd_event (a Windows API call) to stuff a Shift + Tab into the key buffer, then running my code from there. It's a hack, and sometimes it doesn't put the cursor back exactly where it was. Something built in would be nice.

A community-powered Lotus Designer Help (19 May 2008)

MSDN offers the same thing: { Link } . There is Community Content at the bottom.

Assume subscript 0 in when referencing variants (19 May 2008)

Instead of this, I would support something in the editor that automatically appends the (0) to the end if you hit a space after the fieldname. But it should ONLY work if you use one of the object methods for accessing the fields, such as GetItemValue. Nothing should be done to encourage the use of extended field syntax.

DWA light Support for Opera (19 May 2008)

I just don't see this as relevant enough to spend dev cycles on. Sorry. :-\

Saving E-mails outside of Lotus Notes (19 May 2008)

Make the setting policy controlled, let the companies that need it use it, those that don't can disable it. It's no different than message recall.

Programmatically prevent document printing (16 May 2008)

You can block Print Screen on Windows. Here is code: { Link }

automatic data types (21 Apr 2008)

I actually prefer having the datatypes explicit, but I would like to be able to declare and initialize in one step.

Stream to Attachment (18 Apr 2008)

I'm demoting this because it's not important to me. It's an okay idea, but not anything that I see a real use for. Saving the attachment, editing it on disk, then reattaching it isn't a big deal to me.

I wish collapsable sections could be expanded/collapsed programatically. (18 Apr 2008)

Michael, could you describe what @Commands you would use? As far as I know you can't programmatically set the focus on a section even if you do know its name.

Restrict access to server configuration info (17 Apr 2008)

Harkpabst, Extended ACL causes a lot more problems than it solves. I'd really like to see all the configuration stuff pulled into a separate NSF so it could be more easily controlled.

Symphony Icons Look Too Much Alike (15 Apr 2008)

This is duplicated: { Link }

Replace letterhead logo with Directory photo (29 Feb 2008)

I want letterhead to die a horrible flaming death, not make it even more obnoxious. :-p

Export Emails with Attachments to Office or Symphony Format (26 Feb 2008)

I know this is possible in Outlook, but I've never understood why anyone would want to. Can you give a use case for it?

Recipient name type-ahead (26 Feb 2008)

Bastian, you have to be working from a local replica. Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me, either, but that's how it's implemented. I think Alan Lepofsky did a writeup about it.

Allow parentheses without Call keyword (26 Feb 2008)

I'm still not convinced that Call is causing enough of a problem to do anything about it.

Lotus Support Contact Database (26 Feb 2008)

They do have a database of that information. When I call in I give the my customer number and name, and they read back my contact info.

Lotus Support Contact Database (26 Feb 2008)

@1 - Because finding the link to open a ESR on Lotus' website is way more difficult than it should be. Try walking someone through it over the phone sometime.

Create a way to synch the existence of databases between cluster members (22 Feb 2008)

David, I'll assume you're talking to me (my name is Charles, not Chris). I have an agent that runs at 9 PM that scans the cldbdir.nsf and verifies whether things are in synch. Any database that should be replicated but isn't is created on the other servers at that time.

I was genuinely torn about whether to promote or demote this. I demoted this because it's easy enough to fix that I don't want Lotus spending any development cycles on it. It's a good idea, though, and should eventually be part of the product. It's just not important enough to me right now.

Allow document links to design elements (22 Feb 2008)

Rob, I know how to create such a view. When you open the design note it just displays the design element in the default form in Notes. It doesn't launch it in Designer. As far as I know it can't be made to launch in Designer.

I really don't understand demoting an idea when you aren't sure of a workaround.

Design Refresh as push technologie (22 Feb 2008)

Would one of you C API gurus mind sharing the code? :-)

Make a "action menu" agent available in right-click context menu (22 Feb 2008)

Starrow, it could easily be cached the way so many other things are in Notes.

Create a way to synch the existence of databases between cluster members (22 Feb 2008)

I do this today with scheduled agents. It would be nice to have some built in process for monitoring and reporting, but it's really not that hard to do yourself.

dynamic methods in lotusscript like the notesDocument class (22 Feb 2008)

I don't care about saving anyone characters. I care about maintainable code. This isn't.

Domino / Quickr / Sametime on one server (for SMBs) (21 Feb 2008)

Greenhouse or bleedyellow will help them get their feet wet.

Allow parentheses without Call keyword (21 Feb 2008)

The parens do more than let you know you're passing parameters. It lets the interpreter know you're expecting a return value. Call tells it not to return anything.

Suppose you invoke a function, such as Messagebox(). Using the parens tells the interpreter to return a value, but you didn't give it anything to return into. It could be a typo, where you just forgot to put "retval = Messagebox()". Currently it would give you an error so you could catch it before you move on. If the compiler allowed this as valid syntax, when the box pops up and you click Yes the If retval = IDYES will fail and you're left scratching your head and going back to the code.

It may make less typing for you, but it doesn't improve the language overall in any compelling way.

full support of HTML and JavaScript for workspace.dialogbox (21 Feb 2008)

I'm just not sure why you want to use HTML for this instead of the native Notes elements, particularly since you specify this is for the Notes client. I guess that's the point of this idea, to add that functionality. It's not something I would ever use, so I'm demoting it.

full support of HTML and JavaScript for workspace.dialogbox (21 Feb 2008)

I'm really not sure what HTML in a dialogbox would give you. The example of a div with a border can be achieved with a table, so that's completely doable today. Could you give me an example of something you have tried that simply couldn't be done?

Add color to the lotusscript debugger screen (21 Feb 2008)

@John - Remember what happened the last time you tried to guide a discussion? :-)

@Rob - I asked Maureen about this specifically and was told the Eclipse debugger will not be used in 8.5, even for the full-screen editors that are getting ported to Eclipse. There is no guarantee that anything in Eclipse will be exposed in Domino Designer "by default".

Ability to add an image to a comment (19 Feb 2008)

Okay, thanks.

Quickr Basic (18 Feb 2008)

If only they would finish Quickr Personal { Link } . So much for Mike Rhodin standing on the stage at Lotusphere and proudly proclaiming that everything they had announced at Lotusphere 2007 was delivered by the mid-year.

Set a fixed size for an NSF (18 Feb 2008)

I'd like to set a starting size even if I don't enforce a hard upper limit. If it's something that you know is going to be huge, like a document repository, setting an initial size will help keep it less fragmented.

Ability to add an image to a comment (18 Feb 2008)

Bump. Any follow up regarding where on the list this might be? :-)

Locate field in Designer (18 Feb 2008)

The new LotusScript, JavaScript and Java editors coming in 8.5 are only going to be for Agents and Script Libraries. All other design elements (Forms, Views, Pages, etc.) will continue using the current split-screen editors. I wouldn't get my hopes up that the development experience for those is going to be improved much in Designer 8.5.

Option ExtendedSyntax False (18 Feb 2008)

It's a great idea, at least for someone like myself who never uses extended syntax and ends up confused when I run across it. However I only promoted this on the assumption that autocomplete in Designer 8.5 is going to be *flawless*. Today autocomplete works often enough to be frustrating when it doesn't, and Ctrl+Space works so infrequently I gave up trying to use it. If autocomplete isn't going to be perfect I can't support taking away the shortcuts that make development easier.

Use large flat-panel monitors for Speedgeeking (11 Feb 2008)

I saw the screen on the stand beside Chris Miller and had this exact same idea! :-)

Break mail into component databases (11 Feb 2008)

You can create a new replica of a user's mail via policy. I don't think it would be that big of a deal to add more databases to that.

Lock the toolbars (07 Feb 2008)

I was told at Lotusphere the moving toolbars in Notes 8 are a bug and will be fixed, but nobody would give me an SPR or even hint at a release.

Automatic resize of the dialogbox when table size changes during editing. (07 Feb 2008)

When using NotesUIWorkspace.DialogBox if you set AutoVertFit and AutoHorzFit to False you will get scrollbars. I'm not sure about @DialogBox.

Replication-based events (05 Feb 2008)

This is similar to my idea: { Link }

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts (01 Feb 2008)

Nick, I reported that and was told that it was something in my implementation! :-p

Save my 'workspace' as a 'workplace' (27 Jan 2008)

Domino Designer 8.5 introduces Working Sets so you can group databases together there. Since they're both Eclipse it would make sense that it could be used in both.

Full DXL round-trip of DESIGN ELEMENTS (27 Jan 2008)

@4 - It doesn't work now because it's broken. It neither exports nor imports with 100% fidelity across all design elements. Some design elements work better than others, though. DXL is buggy and poorly implemented, or as Rocky says, broken.

Add an idea space for "Templates" (04 Jan 2008)

What about server templates?

Feature standout contributors on the home page (04 Jan 2008)

What purpose would this serve? I didn't think ideajam was a popularity contest.

GUI Improvement - design forms/pages by using HTML (02 Jan 2008)

You don't discuss what doing the design in HTML would do to solve the problem you illustrate. If your problem is specifically with embedded views, try this trick from Slawek Rogulski, as documented by Don McNally: { Link }

RSS Feeds - Should we create a dedicated page to list them all? (02 Jan 2008)

Thanks Matt, that's exactly what I was looking for. :-) I guess there is something to the idea of making the feeds more visible. I probably wouldn't label it as "RSS", I'd go with something more generic like "subscribe to content".

RSS Feeds - Should we create a dedicated page to list them all? (02 Jan 2008)

What I would really like to see is a feed that will show when comments are posted for the ideas I have submitted. Currently I have subscribe to every idea individually and it's getting cluttered. I don't know if that's possible, but it's on my wish list. :-)

Sign-up/Reservation for Hands-on Sessions (28 Dec 2007)

I agree that the current system doesn't work but I'm concerned about people signing up and not showing. Since there would presumably be no punishment for that it won't be any better than what we have now.

Deferred Mail (28 Dec 2007)

The I don't think it's all that difficult to implement if you do it purely client side. Use a NotesTimer coupled with a folder for deferred e-mails. You aren't going to get a high level of precision but you can get something that's mostly good enough.

@4 - If Outlook is closed the user is prompted whether to send or cancel the e-mail when they reopen it.

Automatic detection of replication/save conflicts (28 Dec 2007)

@1 - $ConflictItems is only created for replication conflicts so it's of limited use. :-)

Asynchronous Replication (28 Dec 2007)

Are you saying you would like more documentation, or does it not work as indicated?

Rounded Corner tables (21 Dec 2007)

11 - You just set the border of a table to an Image with rounded corners, such as CalEntry - Details Border from your mail file. There is no trickery involved.

Statistics on Email Group usage (21 Dec 2007)

I agree with you, there needs to be something built in to help with this. Just updating the Group document with the last date/time it was used for mail delivery would be a help.

Prevent Transcript Save disables Screen Capture as well (21 Dec 2007)

JR - the same thing applies to the "prevent copying/forwarding" setting on e-mail. We all know how to get around it by clearing the $KeepPrivate field, but crafty end users just hit the Printscreen key on their keyboard and away they go.

I train people that "prevent copying" and "prevent transcript save" are like the lock on your house: it only keeps the honest people honest. In my environment all e-mails and chat transcripts are saved on the server. I make it clear that if they don't want something ending up in the wrong hands their best bet is a face to face conversation.

Ability to mark a field as required without having to code (21 Dec 2007)

@3 - So how do you propose to let end users know what is required? Wait until they submit the form for validation? That's annoying and I hate forms that do that.

Add a screeshot to the comments (21 Dec 2007)

This is a repeat. See { Link }

formula field properties (21 Dec 2007)

The official name for that is the Programmer's Pane. :-)

Facility to bind java objects to a Notes Database (19 Dec 2007)

I have no interest in Java, but I would like to see code that loads at the Notes client level that can be accessed from any Notes app you open. In particular I'm thinking of RDBMS connections. I can get them global to a specific Notes database, but I would much rather have them global to the entire Notes client.

If you're speaking generically I'll promote this, but if you're focused solely on making Domino more like Websphere Lite, I'm not interested.

IBM should give Mr. Ben Langhinrichs full programmatic READ access to the Lotusphere schedule (19 Dec 2007)

Patrick, yes, Ben could opt not to do this. But he does choose to offer it, and it is in IBM's best interest for him to continue doing it, or to pick it up and do it themselves.

Also, without Ben's pressure *NOBODY* would have information about session repeats. As far as I can tell repeats are not published yet on the official Lotusphere agenda site.

Rounded Corner tables (19 Dec 2007)

I found the rounded corners in R6 when I pulled apart the Calendar Entry form and started using them way back then. It's also interesting to note that "border-image" is part of the CSS3 spec: { Link } . Yeah, that's from 2002. IBM was way ahead of the curve.

Function to test for an empty List (LS) (13 Dec 2007)

This has driven me nuts for a very long time.

A special category for ideas regarding standard templates like mail (12 Dec 2007)

Templates are applied at a server in most cases.

Top Ideas in the Sidebar: We need your input (12 Dec 2007)

I would show either ideas with no activity or just a random selection from the current idea space. In each idea space there is already a view for Popular ideas, so having it repeated in the sidebar isn't absolutely necessary.

While you're changing it I would like to see you add something to the header to make it clear the ideas listed are for the current idea space, such as "Random Ideas From [idea space]". The first time the What's Hot list changed I thought something was broken. :-p

IsDocChanged Property/@IsDocChanged (12 Dec 2007)

Thanks for the research. The technote was last updated 2005-09-27 and ModifiedSinceSaved is not in the Designer 8.0 help. :-) And there is still some logical inconsistency in the way it is currently implemented since it doesn't get set in every instance a developer would expect it to.

@Command to specify the insertion point in a field (11 Dec 2007)

What are you thinking insertPoint would be? A character offset? A paragraph mark (which is invisible)? The reason I ask is shat if the RT field has sections, tables and other stuff in it?

IsDocChanged Property/@IsDocChanged (11 Dec 2007)

ModifiedSinceSaved is an undocumented feature and it's not completely reliable. If I recall correctly it is only updated when a user actually changes a field. Computed fields won't update ModifiedSinceSaved, but you will still get a prompt to save the document.

Layers Not Bound by Frames (07 Dec 2007)

@5 - Yes, you can, but it would still be nice to not go through so many hoops.

Bring your power strip! (07 Dec 2007)

Great idea, Richard. I'll be sure to bring one with me. :-)

Allow resetting the code execution point in the debugger (07 Dec 2007)

Craig, I don't want to make any assumptions. :-) They obviously had to rip apart the IDE-ness of Eclipse to give us RCP and Expeditor, so who knows what they might decide to add back in. The more specific we can be the better. That way the expectations are clear.

Layers Not Bound by Frames (06 Dec 2007)

Layers let you do the things that were previously impossible, but they do take some serious out of the box thinking. Anything that can be done to make them even more flexible would be greatly appreciated.

ViewTemplate for multiple views (06 Dec 2007)

@1 - I can understand *why* that works, but it's still a pretty messed up implementation. It needs to be made more transparent -- and documented.

Add support for MySQL (30 Nov 2007)

MySQL is currently supported through ODBC drivers.

Scheduled agents should have a Target of "None" (30 Nov 2007)

Could you explain why this is an issue?

A pattern wiki (30 Nov 2007)

I'm conflicted because I'm really tired of the continual pointless change for the sake of change. As your tags point out, patterns are little more than best practices. So why not call it a "best practices wiki"? However, I'm all for any improvement in documentation, so no matter what it's called it can't hurt.

Paste images as "Device Independent Bitmap" by default (30 Nov 2007)

"The third is that there is a NOTES.INI setting to allow all pasted images to be saved as GIF."

This is the first time I've ever heard that, and a quick look through notes.net didn't turn up anything. Could you share the magic? :-) I'd love to push that out via policy.

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (27 Nov 2007)

@18 - How about allowing you to only put, say 10% of the ideas you voted on into your "hot list"? This would encourage participation while still letting people indicate what is most important to them. I do think the bookmark function Rob McDonagh asked for is still relevant and serves a different purpose.

ALL speakers need to provide presentation slides (26 Nov 2007)

Chris, Andrew and Ben, I think the point here is that some speakers *NEVER* post the content. None of you fall into that category (as far as I know). :-) I don't think anyone is asking for the content before the conference, but it should be available at least by mid-February.

I'm glad that IBM is taking a tougher stance. And I'm equally glad my session wasn't selected, there is no way I could have completed it in time. :-p

Default lotuscript code templating (26 Nov 2007)

If you're truly doing something like use "myStandardUtilityLibrary" AND you're also doing the rest those declarations, the blindingly obvious solution (to me) is to put the declarations into the script library. I must be missing something since so many people seem think it's a god idea.

Since so many people are promoting this can anyone explain why a script library isn't good enough?

Add the page navigation to the top of the screen. (08 Nov 2007)

This needs to be marked Completed. :-)

Blog widget for My Ideas (08 Nov 2007)

And it's broken now. (And gone from Matt's blog.) :-(

Add a way to see the top ideas by idea space (08 Nov 2007)

I think the Top Ideas on the sidebar should be only for the current idea space. If I'm looking at Idea Jam ideas why do I see stuff about Domino Designer?

Right-click > Open in Client from Designer w/Notes 8 Standard is broken (07 Nov 2007)

I tagged it as a bug, and it's an idea because I want it back just in case it's not a bug. :-) Oh well.

Display a "user ranking" number beside profile links (07 Nov 2007)

What purpose would this serve?

Right-click - Reorder menu from Inbox (06 Nov 2007)

You mixed a lot of ideas together. I agree the context menu needs to be reordered, but I don't agree that everything under the sun needs to be on it. Having Forward next to Print makes no sense, but I also don't want to see nine levels of cascading menus. Because of that I'm demoting this idea. If you want to separate them I'll definitely vote for cleaning things up, but I won't promote adding even more to it.

Calculate quota without considering whitespace (06 Nov 2007)

Steven - If Hold and Retry works for you, great. To me it's not a substitute for having all quota enforcement able to ignore whitespace. I had multiple mail.box's each hit 64GB because of Hold and Retry, so I don't use it anymore.

Calculate quota without considering whitespace (06 Nov 2007)

@1 - You've never managed a server where someone tries to send a huge file to everyone in the company. :-)

Iterators/Generators for all collection objects and an interator interface (06 Nov 2007)

It has always driven me nuts that I use Forall x in myarray but I have to go back to a While Not doc Is Nothing loop to iterate through a NotesDocumentCollection.

Reply-With-History to reference and save only one copy of the email (05 Nov 2007)

I'd settle for just collapsing the sections by default.

Let People with Editor access compact a mail file (05 Nov 2007)

I'm torn on this one. In an environment with mail quotas it's awfully helpful for users to be able to compact their mail file on their own and not bother the IT staff. On the other hand, I also understand the impact this could have on a server's performance. And giving users access shouldn't be used as a substitute for regularly scheduled maintenance. I'm going to go ahead and promote this for now and see how it plays out.

View/Page navigation (02 Nov 2007)

Michel van der Meiren has done Flickr style navigation in Domino: { Link }

Offical server side chat logging in relational DB (02 Nov 2007)

I'd promote this 1000 times if I could.

Are the Promote and Demote actions clear? (02 Nov 2007)

Take a look at the comments here to see how ComputerWorld does it: { Link }

That's pretty clean and simple. What about an up arrow and a down arrow with opacity so you can show the total number behind? Just show the number until someone mouses over, then show an up arrow that's green and a down arrow that's red.

Testing Idea Jam RSS Feeds (02 Nov 2007)

How about a per-idea comment feed? Just having the idea feed isn't very useful to me because it doesn't tell me anything. Maybe it's supposed to and it isn't? I'm using Netvibes.

My Ideas (02 Nov 2007)

Ah, so that's the profile people keep talking about! :-) That's extremely not obvious.

Option to add another image to an existing idea (02 Nov 2007)

Are you talking about adding an image to a comment, or to the original idea? You say both, so I'm not sure what you mean. I already suggested adding an image to a comment { Link } . I don't like the idea of adding images after the fact to a submitted idea, so I'm demoting this one.

'Watch' Idea (02 Nov 2007)

I know there is a per-idea RSS feed, but I agree it would be nice to have something like the eBay Watch feature. I'm already overwhelmed with my blog feeds and I would prefer to keep IdeaJam separate.

Add more statistics to Profile (02 Nov 2007)

I don't see a link for Profile, so what profile are you talking about?

Are the Promote and Demote actions clear? (02 Nov 2007)

Computerworld uses a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Like Jerry I don't have a problem with it now, but something graphic would stand out more.

Autocompletion for tags (30 Oct 2007)

I, for one, don't use del.icio.us and have no idea how they do things. Inline autocomplete would be more useful for me.

Disable the default encryption for new databases (24 Oct 2007)

Eureka! New Flavor of Jam (24 Oct 2007)

Type ahead for more than just Names... (24 Oct 2007)

Allow Notes Database icon to have 24-bit (=16.7 million) colors (24 Oct 2007)

Blog widget for My Ideas (16 Oct 2007)

Should the idea jam include products from Lotus ISV's? (16 Oct 2007)

What web browsers are you using to access the idea exchange? (03 Oct 2007)

Anonymous Promoting/Demoting? (03 Oct 2007)

Should we show who voted and how for an idea? (02 Oct 2007)

Usability issue with desktop icons (02 Oct 2007)

Read/Unread Marks for Ideas (27 Sep 2007)

Single File Expeditor Download (27 Sep 2007)

Stop making me close the property boxes! (27 Sep 2007)

User-definable session data (27 Sep 2007)

Doubleclick on workspace = File - Database - Open (22 Sep 2007)

Solution Exchange (22 Sep 2007)


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