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Create empty NotesDocumentCollection (02 Mar 2010)

The CreateDocumentCollection method of the NotesDatabase class is still not documented in Domino Designer 8.5 Help.

Refreshments ALWAYS Avaialable (28 Jan 2008)

Isn't that what they give us the backpacks for? To stuff as many bottles of water, cans of soda, dinner rolls, etc. from the coffee breaks and meals into your backpack as possible so that you can snack whenever you have the urge.

Split sessions between hotels by track (28 Jan 2008)

I also wear both hats and plan my agenda on the sessions that are of most interest to me (dev, admin, hands-on, etc.) in the given time slots. I know going in that I'll be missing some good sessions because of conflicts, but, it's a real treat for me to go from a dev-related session to an admin-related session in the same hotel.

ALL speakers need to provide presentation slides (16 Jan 2008)

Yowza! Most of the session abstracts already have their session presentation PDFs posted on Lotusphere Online. Both color and B&W slides. This is great!

Ability to auto-disable out of office agent upon return (16 Jan 2008)

@Joyce - Then I suspect that the OOO type is agent based. You can run either (agent-based or service based) in Release 8, but you have to have a "pure" Domino 8 server cluster to implement the router service OOOO type. Have you completed your upgrade to Release 8 or are you still running a mixed environment (Release 8 and pre-Release 8). When you complete your upgrade, you should consider implementing service-based OOO and it will reserve the issue related to your idea post.

Check availability before sending invitations (15 Jan 2008)

To help with the "pink and green mess", a new feature in ND8 allows you to uncheck individual invitees in the scheduler to exclude them from the free time search while you look for an available time slot.

Sign-up/Reservation for Hands-on Sessions (10 Jan 2008)

@8 - Actually Matt, in addition to marking this complete, I may also have to change my identity. From reading various blogs, it seems as though there are quite a few folks that are upset about this. Many people that went to the registration site didn't get in to any of the hands-on sessions. Some didn't even get an e-mail announcement, while others didn't get a chance to check their e-mail before the registration for the hands-on sessions closed out.

I'm thinking that the registration process could have been implemented in a much better (and much fairer) way. Maybe I'll leave this idea open for suggested improvements to the registration process.

Sign-up/Reservation for Hands-on Sessions (10 Jan 2008)

Just received an e-mail from Lotusphere regarding reservations for hands-on sessions. Sweet!!!! They are obviously tuned in to IdeaJam!!!

Ability to auto-disable out of office agent upon return (03 Jan 2008)

In Note Domino Release 8 you can implement Out of Office as an agent or as a router service. Implementing as a router service will automatically disable Out of Office for users when their Out of Office period expires (among several other advantages over agent-based OOO).

Bring back cert-lab at a discounted prices (03 Jan 2008)

Yep, it was just a rumor. I just saw a post from the Lotus Certification Program folks that said that the certification exams at Lotusphere 2008 will be only $75 this year. That's 50% off the price for many of the exams (ND8 Upgrade exams, etc.).

Allow me to set the 'From' field when sending e-mails programatically (26 Dec 2007)

Although this sounds like a good idea, it's really "spoofing" when it gets down to it. Why not use the Principal field. When it exists in a mail message, most e-mail clients use the Principal field in lieu of the From field in most contexts.

Admin tool to Add/Remove Database Icon From User's Workspaces (26 Dec 2007)

There is a Database Redirect feature in Lotus Notes and Domino Release 8. The Domino Administrator 8 client can create the database redirects from several contexts (Move Database, Delete Database, and Create Database Redirect).

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (24 Dec 2007)

I'll bring my Guitar Hero controller. I don't want to brag, but I've been told that I rock.

Need your great ideas for Lotusphere booth giveaways (11 Dec 2007)

Neon-colored luggage tags (hi-visibility orange, green, blue, etc.). Put your logo, IBM biz partner logo, or whatever on them -- just as long as they are easy to spot on the baggage carousel at the airport. I wind up buying these darn things anyway. But, I wouldn't have to if I could get them free just by spending some time at a vendor booth listening to all you have to say about your wonderful products ;-)

Does anybody use the Random Idea feature? (06 Dec 2007)

I don't use the "Random Idea" feature, but I might use a "Random Vote" feature :-). You know, for those ideas that you're leaning both ways on.

Mark documents read for all users at once (05 Dec 2007)

Release 8 has a few new MarkAllRead/MarkAllUnread methods in some classes that you could use for processing users who are not the current user.

Disable-when Formula for Action Buttons/Menu Items (01 Dec 2007)

@1 - Yes there are always workarounds that you can include in your design to create *similar* behavior for the limitations in Domino Designer. However, why make it that complicated for the developer? I do use the technique that you described, but it still doesn't provide the exact UI behavior that truly *disabled* controls have in other client software (including the Lotus Notes, Domino Designer, and Domino Administrator client products). The "gray" buttons with no code still gain focus and fire events. Truly disabled controls do not.

Bring your power strip! (29 Nov 2007)

If you're the one hauling around the power strip, would it be considered bad form to accept tips from those that are sharing your power? Also, what would be considered a reasonable tip in this situation?

Create empty NotesDocumentCollection (29 Nov 2007)

@7 - It isn't a technique that I use often, but at times I do have a need to create an empty document collection (for folder processing, workflow processing, etc.). Having an empty collection is not the goal though. The goal is to have total programmatic contol over which documents are included in the collection and not be at the mercy of methods of other classes that are used to create a collection.

Hide-When Formulas - Improve visibility in Domino Designer (28 Nov 2007)

@8 - I believe that in a Lotusphere 2007 session (maybe in the developers lab), Maureen Leland alluded to something like this as a possible enhancement in the next release of Domino Designer (8.5?), which will be Eclipse-based. Instead of "hide/when formulas", they were being referred to as "visibility formulas".

Bring back cert-lab at a discounted prices (26 Nov 2007)

Sounds like this is just a rumor. I just got an e-mail from one of the IBMers in the Lotus Certification Program. They are indeed planning to staff the certification labs at Lotusphere 2008. They aren't sure how the rumor got started.

Bring back cert-lab at a discounted prices (26 Nov 2007)

Last year they didn't post any information on the Lotusphere Cert Prep/Cert Test Labs until the first week in December. And like Matt, I hadn't heard that had almost closed the labs either. These labs have been so popular that I find it hard to believe that they would do away with them. In fact, I think some companies count on their employees picking up a certification or two while they're attending the conference. I'm anticipating that they will post something about the certification labs, including discounted exam fees, within the next couple of weeks.

Give attendees a DVD/USB with all presentation PDFs on it (20 Nov 2007)

Hey, maybe we'll be getting those flash drives after all. It looks like the sandals are a no go. I just received this e-mail from Lotusphere registration:

"During your conference registration process, you were asked for your shoe
size. We wanted to inform you that a small change has been made to one of
our sponsorship deliverables and we will not be distributing
sandals/footwear at the Conference."

Bring back the Lotusphere CLP Discount (16 Nov 2007)

@3 - I couldn't agree with you more. In fact, I submitted a BOF session on the subject of Lotus Certification. Hopefully it will get selected. We really need to address the "braindump free-for-all" that has been going on for about the last year on the IBM/Lotus Certification private site. When someone posts on that site asking for "actual exam questions", I don't care how they try to spin it. They are cheating and they know it. The folks at IBM need to make an example of those people that are cheating to get their certifications. Take their damn certifications away from them.

Give all attendees a DVD with all presentation PDFs on it (15 Nov 2007)

And IBM's cost for a USB thumb drive to hold presentation PDFs can't be much more than the sandals we'll be getting in our welcome pack (or whatever it is they needed our shoe size for).

Give all attendees a DVD with all presentation PDFs on it (15 Nov 2007)

I put comments similar to yours on my Lotusphere end-of-conference survey every year. You know, the one that you have to submit as a ransom payment for your conference t-shirt. Why not a t-shirt AND a DVD with the presentation slides PLUS the Lotusphere video that they shoot every year with the attendees' interviews, etc. But no more black t-shirts. I thought the t-shirt design/color (white) last year was really nice.

Computed View-Column-Titles (15 Nov 2007)

I've used passthru HTML in column titles to display images for the column titles on the web, so there is a few things you can do to be creative. But you're right, in the Notes client all you get is fixed text values. You can write label formulas for action buttons, so why not title formulas for columns.

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (15 Nov 2007)

Ben - I've e-mailed you the database with these changes. I didn't spend much time making the changes, so don't expect much. Hopefully it will at least give you some ideas that you can use.

Soliciting ideas for Lotusphere 2008 Sessions database (14 Nov 2007)

Ben - Thanks for putting this database together every year. I use the database for prioritizing the sessions that I plan to attend before I add them to the calendar. There are just so many good sessions that it's a difficult task to lay out your schedule so that you can fit most of them in, even with many of the popular sessions being repeated.

I actually modified the design last year to create actions to prioritize the sessions from the views (primary and 1st 2nd and 3rd alternates). I also created view icons for the priority rankings. This made it much easier to plan my final agenda.

How about letting us park at the Swan/Dolphin for free? (13 Nov 2007)

@7 - What has been your experience with the call times for cabs from the Swan/Dolphin? Do they get their fairly quickly in the late night hours (just in case a guy wanted to take in some night life on the Boardwalk)?

Free beer for overflow sessions (07 Nov 2007)

@2 - Well of course, I carry several. But, those or for the wine that I pilfer from the receptions and the Wed. night party. I'm talking about beer. Free beer. As a consolation for having to watch a session from an overflow room.

Select/Copy replica IDs (06 Nov 2007)

I agree that this would be convenient, but there is a method that you can use to select and copy the Replica ID for a database rather than write it down to enter it manually:

In Design Synopsis dialog box (File > Database > Design Synopsis), select the "Choose DB Info" tab, check the "Replication" checkbox to indicate what information to include, and click the OK button (no need to select any design elements if all you want is the Replica ID). The Design Synopsis document is displayed with the database Replica ID selectable.

Lower the price (02 Nov 2007)

@Keith - I tried to get a large group discount going last year through LotusUserGroup.org ({ Link } Debbie Lynd indicated that she would look into it if there was enough interest, but there were less than a dozen folks that responded (a minimum of 20 are needed for the large group discount).

IMHO the certified community *is* a large group, and by definition should be eligible for the discount regardless of company affiliation. I think that offering the CLP discount for several years and then taking it away from us hurt IBM/Lotus' relationship with the certified community more than if they never offered it in the first place.

Add more statistics to Profile (02 Nov 2007)

@Henry - I guess I was comparing/contrasting with sites like MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc. But yeah, I guess you're right. IdeaJam does indeed fall under the "social networking" category. My first thoughts about this site was that it was just going to be a "beauty contest" for ideas. It has already become much more than that and I suspect it will continue to evolve.

Lower the price (02 Nov 2007)

...or bring back the CLP discount. I'm sure that most independent contractors hold a Lotus certification or two (or more). Hey, there we go. Base a Lotusphere CLP discount on the number of certifications held for currently supported IBM/Lotus products. That would be an added incentive to get certified, which would then lead to more evangelization of the products, which would then lead to IBM/Lotus taking over the world (or least gaining market share).

Keynote Seating (01 Nov 2007)

Looks like they are running two Opening General Sessions this year and attendees will be assigned to one or the other. Maybe this is in response to the mess that they had last year.

From the Lotusphere 2008 Website:
"..we'll have two Opening General Sessions on Monday morning. And there will be an interesting alternate keynote for you to attend when you're not in your assigned opening general session..."

Allow URL links to be clicked in edit mode (01 Nov 2007)

Agreed. You can do this for DocLinks, Attachments, etc. Why not URL Links.

Right-click, Arrange by..., in workspace pages (01 Nov 2007)

Great idea, but you are talking about a per-workspace-page action, correct? Not an action that would rearrange all pages on your entire workspace (stacking/unstacking replica icons does this).

I have a couple of workspace pages that I want things "just so", never to be touched or rearranged (kinda like the tools that "appear" to be scattered about on my workbench -- hey, I know where everything is!). This would be a great feature for those workspace pages that have just evolved into a cluttured, unusable mess (kinda like my teenagers' bedrooms).

Ideas, anyone? (01 Nov 2007)

@Bruce - Of course. But the onus will be on the session presenters to [1] actively solicit feedback/ideas on their session from this audience; and/or [2] review the content on this site for information that relates to their session topic.

I submitted an abstract for a BOF session on certification (the Lotus Certification Program, the value of certification today, the demise of the "CLP Love Fest", etc.). If this session is selected, you can bet that I'll use this site to solicit ideas/feedback.

How about letting us park at the Swan/Dolphin for free? (01 Nov 2007)

This year I'm going to Lotusphere "on a budget" since I'm not sure if my client will allow me to bill any hours while I'm attending the conference (i.e. a "working vacation"). I've stayed at the Swan/Dolphin or the Y&B Club for about the last 5 Lotuspheres, so I've been a bit spoiled by the convenience of not having to rely on transportation to/from the conference center. I did stay at one of the off-site (cheaper) hotels prior to that, but decided that the convenience was worth the extra money.

Having a shuttle service is nice, but it does have it's limits. If you wish to attend an early/late BOF session or do some post-conference networking, you're SOL unless you have a rental car. Not being able to park on-site at the conference center is a major pain.

Ideas, anyone? (01 Nov 2007)

The Lotusphere 2008 session survey for attendees should be coming out fairly soon (if prior years are any indication). It sounds like the track managers have just about got their session selections finalized. Last year the BOF sessions were determined by attendee interest from the survey.

Add more statistics to Profile (01 Nov 2007)

I agree. Stats would nice to see.

Not to turn this into a social networking site, but I would also like to see an "areas of interest" and/or "areas of expertise" section in the profile.

Create empty NotesDocumentCollection (31 Oct 2007)

Exactly James. Without a New method to instantiate an object of this class, we have to be a bit creative (and as a result, less efficient) by using methods of other classes to create the empty collection (bogus search, responses to a bogus profile document, etc.).

If I create subs/functions that take a NotesDocucumentCollection as one of the arguments, I want an easy method for creating an empty collection and then adding the documents that need to be processed by the sub/function to the collection.

Hide-When Formulas - Improve visibility in Domino Designer (03 Oct 2007)


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