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Lotus script debug snooze option (30 Jan 2011)

I'd rather have a better more robust debugger that you can switch off immediately or configure for use with different databases

Redesign the Replicator Page (24 Nov 2010)

also add to the summary which server was replicated with. Higher visibility for the Send/Receive/Partial options. I don't immediately notice when these are set as they a pale grey on pale grey!

Check receipient access to doclinks/db links when a user sends email to Notes users (15 Nov 2010)

this seems too complicated to implement. What would be better is if there was a more descriptive (and friendly) message displayed when a user follows a link to a document they do not have access to. Currently it states the document has been deleted which is just confusing for the user.

Get Rid of "Copy as Table" in instances where it doesn't work (18 Aug 2010)

or make it work properly with multi-value views!

Prevent IdeaJam from accepting ideas from intoxicted Geek (08 Aug 2010)

Hi Mark - can't say I feel this is needed, but thought I'd take the opportunity to ask what the future of QAF might be?

{ Link }


I wish FilePath would consistently return a relative path whenever possible (04 Aug 2010)

agreed - perhaps a new property of RelativePath?

Allow editing image shared resources in designer (03 Aug 2010)

just allow the storage of the path to a suitable executable, whether its MSPaint, Photoshop, paint.net etc.

quite common in some apps, eg. Faststone Capture (screen capture software)

Delegate folder to another mail-box (07 Jun 2010)

linked idea: { Link }

Setting to block replication of a replica if it has not replicated within the purge interval (23 May 2010)

similar to Bruce's suggestion - force the creation of a new replica from the server, over-writing the existing local replica

Add formula @IsDocBeingPrinted (23 Apr 2010)

and also delink the Hide When Printing option from Hide When Reading option

Would like to set Policies based on Computer name (17 Feb 2010)

Guillaume - based on your real-world example, I have reversed my vote, but I think the better solutions would be a policy based on an Active Directory container rather than the computer name itself

Identify and or filter out duplicates in a view. (17 Feb 2010)

Carl - I suppose only you can define what a duplicate is in your own context. no two notes documents are exactly the same as they will have different IDs and timestamps etc.

Does setting the property 'Force Unique IDs in index for ODBC access' give you what you want? This filters out duplicates in the first (sorted?) column. Its in the last property page for the view

Identify and or filter out duplicates in a view. (17 Feb 2010)

if you are filtering out duplicates, then what exactly do you need the duplicate document for?

de-duping a db isn't very difficult. The technique I often use is to use a view which shows the NoteID of the docs, export the view to a CSV, use MS Access Find Duplicates query wizard (followed up with a Select Max() query) to identify the lines you want to delete, export the NoteIds of those lines back to a single or multiple document (depending on how may etc) and then use an agent to loop through and mark those documents with a flag so you can be sure it has identified the correct docs, then if satisfied, delete the docs with the flag

Make NTFs viewable in Web browser (17 Feb 2010)

I don't believe this is necessary, but I would like to be able to configure a one-click method of updating a db design from a template so that changes can be tested

Would like to set Policies based on Computer name (15 Feb 2010)

what if the computer name policy conflicts with the user policy? - this sounds confusing. We have directory groups that list desktop users and laptop users

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. (13 Feb 2010)

essentially we are talking about a field list as you would typically get in a SQL database query designer

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (08 Feb 2010)

I ♥ Notepad++

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. (08 Feb 2010)

yes - this would be useful for importing and debugging

Allow drag-from-notes-to-outlook and drag-from-outlook-to-notes (07 Feb 2010)

I'm promoting this idea as per @Craig's suggestion

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (07 Feb 2010)

as far as I am aware, this is only really a problem when pasting into Notes text fields. If you paste Rich Text into Notepad, it pastes as plain text. Notes should do the same thing, i.e. paste rich-text into plain-text fields as plain-text. No Paste special needed.

Need IBM provided URL shortening function (31 Jan 2010)

perhaps i.bm if that's possible

About design document (22 Jan 2010)

I like this idea, but I would also like to see the Help\About and the Help\Using elements migrated to standard pages

The ability to designate the page as the Help/Using or Help/About or 'Designer notes' as suggested here could be set via a page property

The option for Notes to pull the mail signature from the Domino Directory (21 Jan 2010)

Crossware's mail signature tool is excellent, but this should be part of the core product

I'm not admitting ANYTHING. But maybe we need some separation between "open in designer" and "delete database" (14 Jan 2010)

*cough* yes from me!

Independence application windows LND from each other (14 Jan 2010)

yes yes yes all the way back to R4

Inbox Maintenance improvment request (11 Jan 2010)

I have added an Unfoldered view to our template for this purpose. It shoudl be in the template by default IMO

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

this would seem to be a simple and effective solution to the quick accidental deletion. Gets a Yes from me.

UNID is pronounced.... UHN-I.D. (Or not.) (09 Dec 2009)

August 25 2009: { Link }

my £0.02: you-nid

Periodically verify Recent Contacts against Corporate directories (07 Dec 2009)

this entire feature irritates me, but especially for this reason

The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks (03 Dec 2009)

so much this. Also after embedding you can't change the database, you have to re-embed

Different search dialogs (02 Dec 2009)

absolutely. At my current company, when I first joined, nobody even knew the 'starts with' search even existed as its not intuitive. This is an excellent idea.

What would be it's 'entry point' though? It would replace all 3 types of search, but would it be initiated by pressing any keys (like starts with) from the Search bar (magnifying glass icon) like Full Text search or by the binoculars icon (as in view search).

My preference would be to abandon the binoculars/find text entry point, keep the 'starts with' entry point and allow the Search bar to do all three options (as per your mocked-up dialog)

Support for workspace using drag and drop (24 Nov 2009)

also - be able to select a blank area of the workspace before adding an icon so it appears where you want it to!

Writing to copy the field value in the FileName box database properties (24 Nov 2009)

Absolutely. This request has been posted before: { Link }

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (22 Nov 2009)

@Peter - nice one, but I fear it may go warm and flat. Anyone planning on LCTY in London?

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (21 Nov 2009)


then all I'd need is flights paid, hotels paid and then my major project which is meant to go live on Jan 17 to be put on hold. hmmmmmm.

Reach attachments by keyboard shortcuts (20 Nov 2009)

every aspect of the UI should be accessible with just a keyboard

Faster Notes Client !! (15 Nov 2009)

Normally I would just consider such a suggestion as pointless, but the mail eclipse app does seem to have some very frustrating slow points in it. Even simple things like waiting for the selected document to appear in the right-hand frame.

Allow GoToField to go to non-editable fields (13 Nov 2009)

perhaps a ScrollToField would be more appropriate

Give the end-user a simple method to set a default font SIZE. (07 Nov 2009)

What @Bruce said x 2

Set defualt replica on Bookmark bar (06 Nov 2009)

yes - this causes confusion to users who end up on local replicas without realising it

Allow sub-classing of standard Notes classes (04 Nov 2009)

I understand now :D

Allow sub-classing of standard Notes classes (04 Nov 2009)


could you post an example of what you mean and how it could be used to solve a specific problem

Add a Close button to each item in the additional document dropdown (27 Oct 2009)

nor me. Rob - do you mean the Task button? I don't use it so am not sure. It's on the left as I recall though.

Post a screenshot.

Default Application Refresh Design to Current server, not local (25 Oct 2009)

I always work with local replicas of templates for design refresh, so this would not suit me. I wouid prefer someting more configurable so that a design refresh could be perform with just one button press.

Allow copying of entire folders from one mailfile to another (22 Oct 2009)

Great idea!
not sure about why you would need to rebuild a mailfile this way, but the idea of transferring entire folders has been posted before: { Link }

Comment notifications from IdeaJam should have a valid FROM (16 Oct 2009)

same as me, but also the entire body is blanked out in my yahoo email as there is (presumeabley) something wrong with the HTML formatting. The etxt of the message appers if forwarded (when the HTML format gtes stripped out)

Reproduce "freeze pane" Excel feature in a Domino view (12 Oct 2009)

absolutely. Similar idea for category row freezing: { Link }

Set Selection for Embedded views when they are embedded (09 Oct 2009)

Peter - yes that would be adequate - I just want the ability to display a matrix of data based on a dynamic selection criteria.

I also lean towards the thinking that 'views' could be split into standard views (as curernt) and as purely embedded views so that they could use a different structure/indexing.

I very rarely use the same view as amain view and an embedded view as I tend to format them quite differently

pure embedded views could then have properties that describe their embedded circumstance and be able to properly interact with the host document or page they are in

Apply attribute change to multiple design elements with a single command (09 Oct 2009)

a huge yes from me. In the meantime check out the Ytria tools for Notes

View column spacing (like cell spacing in a table) (08 Oct 2009)

yes me too

Send as versus Send on Behalf of (08 Oct 2009)

this would lead to all sorts of accountability and auditing issues

Debug indication (07 Oct 2009)

I'd also like to see directive that can be placed in functions such as %NODEBUG so that the debugger will always skip that procedure even if you attempt to step-through it.

There are often times wehen you hit F8 when you meant to hit SHIFT-F8 and then have to loop through a million lines of code that you know already work. Using the drop-downs to find the procedure entry point so you can add a breakpoint isn't always that easy

and while we are at it - debug in colour (as per code editor) and fix the anoying bug that always places the current line at the bottom of the code window!

Does Lotus Notes need to become more standard, modern and faster for its end users? (02 Oct 2009)

I often wonder if IBM has enough people working on Lotus Notes. Does anybody know how mnay there are in the relevant design, development and test teams.

I so often read blogs from IBM insiders that say they haven't enough time to implement this or that feature.

Simple archive settings => all docs of 2009, .... (02 Oct 2009)

I have implemented simple agents in the mail template that allow users to select docs that are over 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month old. They then just need to 'Archive selected documents'

Archiving dioes need tyo be simplified though. If only server based archiving is in use then ther are far too many menu options left over that are not applicable.

Also the users onlty have one archive destination available yet still have to choose it.

Use @Formula to change field font color (02 Oct 2009)

I'd like to be able to change any text attribute with formulae

I'd also like to be able to copy and paste colours instead of having to remeber the rgb value and its position in the pallette

Display number of unread mails for others to work smarter. (30 Sep 2009)

I really can't see any benefits to this

Allow admin to specify fields to appear in search by Field dropdown (24 Sep 2009)

the alternate text should be the unimplemented field label: { Link }

Use the columnName in @DBColumn (instead of columnNumber) (14 Sep 2009)

yes yes yes!

It's time for NOTES.INI to become a proper database (14 Sep 2009)

I agree that a plain text .ini file is perhaps quite outdated, and even a little dangerous for the unititiated, but making it an .nsf is a circular error!

I like Peter's idea

Remove the option to delete database when removing a bookmark. (14 Sep 2009)

@Peter - licking it shoud be fine but it may make a mess of your screen :)

outline - inidividual settings for selected / highlighted levels (14 Sep 2009)

the properties for an outline should be with the outline itself, not the embedded outline object on a page/form

Read Only Fields On Forms (14 Sep 2009)

sounds similar to my idea here: { Link }

use of use @ThisName in Hide-When formulas (14 Sep 2009)

perhaps the syntax checker should raise an error if @thisname/@thisvalue is used in a Hide-When formulae

Rename Traveler to Traveller (14 Sep 2009)

only if we can rename 'color' to 'colour' and 'center' to 'centre' while we are at it!

Please always have a "Properties" or "Document Properties" in the right click menu (14 Sep 2009)

ewe-enn-eye-dee?? I understand what this is, but not why you have written this way. I am now too afraid to type the real word itself. Will the internet break?

Vote on Comments (18 Aug 2009)

I agree with Jan

comments can add to or clarify points in the posted idea or provide an option that the Poster did not consider.

Give us back a Lotusphere Europe (18 Aug 2009)

check out Lotusphere Comes To You
{ Link }

There is a need for global variables at the level of a Lotus Notes application (18 Aug 2009)

yes - in view selection for example!

Include Address Source in Ambiguous Name Dialog Box (18 Jun 2009)

already suggested: { Link }

Allow the designer to use a person's credentials to troubleshoot items tied to a specific user with out switching to the User's ID. (04 Jun 2009)

I'd vote twice for this if I could

Copy location under a hotspot (28 May 2009)

previous requests...
Copy URL link to clipboard option { Link }
Copy link address entry in contect menu { Link }

Post Your Idea button (18 May 2009)

Hi Bruce. This screenshot hopefully explains it { Link }

back in Nov 07 the Post Idea button wasn't visible when creating/editing an idea as per my suggestion. However it is visible in Edit mode again.

I feel this is confusing as per my original idea.

Post Your Idea button (18 May 2009)

I notice that this has been reverted?

Organize Actions, Tools and More button better (12 May 2009)

ABSOLUTELY! and well put, as a Notes developer for 15 years I am still uncertain of where things are in the menus. The Actions\Folder and Actions\Folder Options are especially confusing!

The Actions menu is a hangover from R2/R3 days. It is this kind of UI inconsistency that is at the heart of Notes user non-acceptance IMHO.

Create an IdeaSpace for "Lotus Marketing" or alike (05 May 2009)

having just attended Lotusphere Comes to You in London, I can only agree. I came out buzzing with excitement (alright not literally) about 8.5/Symphony etc but as soon as I get back to work, I almost feel as though I am alone in trying to get the messaeg across.

Ability to add rooms to received meeting invitation (08 Apr 2009)

indeed - in fact any resourse.

It's often the case with video conference meetings, that the chair sends and invite with the room on their side booked, but not the room on the recipients side booked. so the reciepient than has to manually book a VC room

Usability tests (08 Apr 2009)

Hi Victor, I expect you are correct but your post is just too vague to act upon.

You need to cite clear examples of problems encountered and how you feel they could be improved.

Option to import custom image in "Design Icon" interface (23 Mar 2009)

You can use Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Paint.net ({ Link } free) or GIMP ({ Link } free) to manipulate your icon

I would rather see effort spent on allowing at last 256 colours for an icon and the ability to use an image resource as the icon instead

Improvements to "shared folders" (17 Mar 2009)

linked idea: { Link }

Blueskills.net site immediate security review required (15 Mar 2009)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Additional Exceptions options in Out-of-office rule (04 Mar 2009)

Linked idea: { Link } (not very favourable)

Ability to sort functions/subs alphabetically in Script Library/Agent (04 Mar 2009)

NotesHound contains a tool for doing this, but it should be part of the core product

Attach file without being in the body field (04 Mar 2009)

The Attach icon should be disabled if the cursor is not in a rich text field.

For a specific application, such as Mail, then a custom attach button should form part of a toolset above the rich text field. It should always be available (in edit mode) and when clicked, move the cursor to the rich text field (if it is already).

Or even better, move attachments to a seperate field altogether in the mail memo (as has been suggested elsewhere)

I have voted for this idea nonetheless as I feel an improvement could be made regardless.

Enhance disclaimers to full featured signatures (18 Feb 2009)

I agree. We use Crossware Mail Signature to do this.

{ Link }

Runtime for NSF's (12 Feb 2009)


haha - thanks for that - it sounds like my horoscope. I'm currently trying to do QENOS - { Link } ;D

Auto Correct Spelling and Capitalization (12 Feb 2009)

I agree. I'd like the same kind of correction that you get with MS Word such as correction of DOuble FIrst CAps

I'd also like the same functionailty as you get with Shift F3 in Word, which toggles selected text between lower, upper and proper case

Ignore URL links during spell check (12 Feb 2009)

attachment names are also spell-checked which is unneccesary

Runtime for NSF's (11 Feb 2009)

take a laptop?

Make it easier to add mutiple servers to server favourites (19 Jan 2009)

I'd like to see server lists managed centrally so that you can add and remove them straightforwardly. This would then apply to the admin favourites as well as Open database dialogs etc.

Currently after decomissioning a sevrer, it is very difficult to track down all references to it in old bookmarks etc dn the names of the server can persist in lists for a long time

debug on conditional breakpoint (08 Jan 2009)

this would be better addressed by allowing Watch conditions and then breaking when a condition is True

Better Notification of Unsent mail (08 Jan 2009)

Promoted but for an option without a popup

Make Truncated documents more obvious (05 Jan 2009)

I do this manually on library type databases with an inline warning inc a hotspot for the wonderfully named @Command([EditUntruncate]) (why not [RetriveEntireDocument] like the menu command???)

Less cryptic errormessages (22 Dec 2008)

I understand that this appears to the user simply as Type Mismatch.

You get the detailed message if you are running it in debug mode.

I'm not 100% certain though

Specific template for mail-in databases (TeamMailbox from OpenNTF ?) (16 Dec 2008)

agreed - we make great use of the openNTF Team mailbox. It doesn't have archive capabilities though which is a shame, but it is far superior to the standard mail.ntf for shared mailboxes

Add "merge across" function for tables (11 Dec 2008)

Absolutely. And this is a good time to link to this idea: { Link }

Use different color on private calendar entries (09 Dec 2008)

yes - I recently discovered that you couldn't colorise entries based on category. I thioguht I'd eventually found a use for the category field!

Maybe you shoudl be able to select the colour of the entry from the entry itself, which would over-ride any general colour settings

Disable "move mouse when typing" behaviour (01 Dec 2008)

I'd got so used to this that I'd forgotten how annoying it is. It's existed as far back as R3 at least and may even go back further than that!

Make PostDocumentDelete subject to ACL (22 Nov 2008)

never had this issue, but agree that if you can't delete, then there shouldn't be a post-delete.

Add LS function to determine if debugger is running (21 Nov 2008)

I'd also like to see some kind of ForceStepOver directive command so that if you have a proc that you are happy works, but loops a million times, you can add the directive to it, and then the debugger steps over the proc even if you accidentally step into it.

Make all the UIs independent threads (21 Nov 2008)

and be able to open any client more than once

Never mind (06 Nov 2008)

ooh - tough scheduling clash. It's like when a wedding clashes with the FA Cup Final :D

Calendar Entry reminder pop-up to not steal focus from other applications (07 Oct 2008)

here is the TweakUI link for those who don't know about it...
{ Link }

Calendar Entry reminder pop-up to not steal focus from other applications (07 Oct 2008)

thanks for the info Vitor. I am using 8.0.2 and it is certainly still happening, so maybe the SPR didn't make the final cut

Automatically open calendar if user only has access to public documents (16 Sep 2008)

Yes! but as a configurable database property.

Make null numeric values zero? (11 Aug 2008)

I've promoted, not because I want Null to equal zero, but because this issue is a real pain at times, and I woudl like to see some resolution

I would rather have IsNull(myField) return true for number fields that are ""

Null doesn't equal "" either!

Perhaps an 'Option Null' clause in the declarations to change th behaviour - that way backward compatibility will not be an issue (I think!)

Disable "Are you sure?" when saving a Shared Column (01 Aug 2008)

I'd also like to link this to my idea...

{ Link }

Give us New Letterheads! (01 Aug 2008)

our brand teams would love to be able to use brand imagery in letterheads

Reply To All should not include me in the list of intended recipients (01 Aug 2008)

I'd also like to see an inline warning dislpayed when you have chosen to Reply to all.

I'm sure we've all done this inadvertantly!

Reduce Refresh Design from Seven Clicks to Two (23 Jun 2008)

same idea heere: { Link }

Drafts - unsent count? (19 Jun 2008)

perhaps the count for folders should be expanded to document count (unread count)

Optimise LotusScript Conditional evaluation (16 May 2008)

I'd rather be able to use isNull(doc.CFRDays(0))

Make @IsCategory return a simple True or False that can be used in other formulae (16 May 2008)

I've amended my idea slightly to make it more clear

Make Ctrl-A a toggle (07 May 2008)

I promote for CTRL SHIFT A

"Grey Out" hidden view columns in designer (03 May 2008)

I use the same method for hidden fields on forms - the column and title text are both in red

Better visibility of selected bookmarks/design elements (01 May 2008)


can you post some links to these screenshots


Real Time or Update Button for DiskSpace Indicators (23 Apr 2008)

I never use them, but this certainly makes sense

Prevent Design running against database (23 Apr 2008)

@2 - this is how I work - it is very effective. Each template has it's own filename, template name and db title - the template name and db title are always the same to recduce confusion

View Columns - allow different Sort and Display values (22 Apr 2008)

this is already achievable

label property for fields/items (13 Apr 2008)

I did search first! nothing came up. Honest guv.

Allow a "Save As" feature for design elements (05 Apr 2008)

I'd also like to be able to Save a subform as a form and vice versa

Form Properties (02 Apr 2008)

as long as it simply sets SaveOptions as a default, in the same way that setting Anonymous form just sets the $Anonynous field then yes. In fact it seems odd that it has been ommitted from the form properties

Raise the limit on the number of mail rules above 100 (27 Mar 2008)

100 is clearly an arbitrary limit, but it seems to me that if people need more than that, then perhaps they need more dynamic rules.

I assume the rules are to put mail in folders according to the sender?

if domain a then folder a
if domain b then folder b etc

whereas a rule of...

if (list of domains) then create/place in folder called 'domain name'

would be simpler.

Have you analysed the user's rules?

Application (Database) Block List for Debugger (27 Mar 2008)

debug scope ought to be at a database level.

I'd also like to see debug directives that prevent or force debugging at procedure level

Choosing a Notes field type from an alphabetically sorted list (20 Mar 2008)

I'm not so worried on the sort order, but I would like to be able to select an entry in the list by pressing the relevant key, as you can with most lists.

Push Holidays to user mailfiles (17 Mar 2008)

I'd like to see them renamed from Holidays to simply 'Special Dates/Events' with Holiday being part of the categorisation for the date.

Allow Subform ABOVE the Actionbar (14 Mar 2008)

this seems a prescriptive suggestion. It might work better if action bars themselves were shared { Link } and insertable as a resource at any position

8.0 Client Prints Mail Different - Please allow to toggle between new and old method.... (13 Mar 2008)

this sounds more like a bug to me. There is no purpose to printing out the Swiftfile folders

Customizing the option to search IBM technotes on error in the Notes 8.0.x client (07 Mar 2008)

I hadn't until now really given this new feature any thought. It does make me wonder though what use it serves end-users if they get the opportunity to search technotes on every little error they get in an application.

UI only editable fields (07 Mar 2008)

would it be the same as using this in the translation formula...


background color text pop-up (06 Mar 2008)

it either uses the Windows colour for a pop-up or was set that colour based on the Windows default for pop-ups is my guess

Allow embedded images to be saved to your computer. (05 Mar 2008)

an inline image should have the same options as an attachment for saving/deleting etc

Allow only numbers in a number field (03 Mar 2008)

this should either be left as is or an entire (optional) input-mask solution should be put in place to accommodate date fields as well, however I find that Input masks are quite difficult for end users to use, and you always get the problem of internationalisation with regard to phone numbers, zip/postal codes etc.

Notes native JOIN capability in a notes view (03 Mar 2008)

I have never seen a notes DB2 database. How does the view behave when the row is built from more than document? When you open the row - which document is opened?

Easier to create links for end-users (previously known as "Hotspot Resource Links" ...) (28 Feb 2008)

agreed - this should be much much simpler for end users

entry in the installer for "do not remove old Help DBs" (27 Feb 2008)

just yesterday I manually deleted my 6.5 help files. I left R7 in place.

In fact I have never been aware of the installer removing old help files

Copy attributes between elements (22 Feb 2008)

this would be ideal, but I doubt it could ever be achieved, especially as it's difficult enough keeping the attributes of one field that gets copied and pasted. However - gets my vote

Feature to see the total size of selected docs OR display a total for size column in mail folders (20 Feb 2008)

yes - I've been meaning to add this one for a few weeks

very handy for users trying to reduce their mailfile

Eliminate modal dialog boxes! (19 Feb 2008)

agreed - the preferences dialog is a retrograde step in many cases

Birthday sync (19 Feb 2008)

absolutely - setting how long someone's birthday will last is creepy.

Add Bidi icons as default icons in toolbar (16 Feb 2008)

I have no experience whatsoever of any other system language other than English, but this seems a perfectly reasonable request

Locate field in Designer (15 Feb 2008)

the object list is rather clunky. It's often not easy to tell which object is selected, and trying to get at the field beneath a hotspot is often quite tricky.

Select if application is stacked on workspace (14 Feb 2008)

re @1
I try to get used to bookmarks with every new version of the Notes client, but I just can't do it.

I find that I can locate a database more by it's position on my workspace, rather that by it's name or icon.

The R6/7? feature to open bookmarks as a workspace page was almost the best option, but that has now gone in R8 (unless someone can enlighten me!)

Add email or event notifications to Program Documents (13 Feb 2008)

might be easier if there was a view in log.nsf for program events only

Automatically guess the folder where to file an email (12 Feb 2008)

my opinion on this is that Swiftfile (enhanced or otherwise) should be on by default

When pasting text from a browser into a text field, please remove leading- and trailing spaces. (12 Feb 2008)

it also takes too long to paste text copied from HTML

When pasting Rich Text into a Text field, please PASTE it... (11 Feb 2008)

agrred - you can paste rich text into Notepad and then re-copy and paste into a text field so this workaround shouldn't be necessary.

also - why is an Excel selection pasted as a bitmap when it clearly should be pasted as Rich Text

{ Link }

Store Journal, Contacts, Bookmarks in Mail file (08 Feb 2008)

I'd rather see contacts and journal as part of the mail file only and bookmarks, desktop, locations, accounts, connections and other configurations in a seperate config db stored on the server with local replication.

Programming API for the Mail Database, Personal Address Book and Domino Directory (08 Feb 2008)

@1 yes - as a class not an API

Performance Tuning FAQ or Utility for Notes 8 (07 Feb 2008)

the start-up time for the Standard client is currently preventing me proposing it for general use, so this would be very useful indeed.

Better Beer (07 Feb 2008)


indeed you are correct Stan. Known to the locals as 'broon'

Automatic resize of the dialogbox when table size changes during editing. (06 Feb 2008)

if you add blank rows to the bottom of the table being used in [sizetotable] then the dialog resizes as you type, however this shouldn't need a workaround

Allow font size in 'use formula for choice' in formula window (06 Feb 2008)

I'd prefer to move all formulas from the properties box to the programmer's pane

Saving shared actions should run error processing (06 Feb 2008)

that could be time consuming if you have several changes. Perhaps some kind of prompt instead, or perhaps make the Compile LotusScript option more readily available, such as via a button in the Script Library design list

Out of Office enabled in Calendar forms (01 Feb 2008)

I've considered this before, but perhaps all that is needed is a link to your OOO that when followed sets the OOO to the date of the event in your calendar perhaps?

Enable "Preview in Notes" Smart Icon when editing an agent (01 Feb 2008)

agreed - there is too much clicking around in Notes to get things done

Insert as attachment (31 Jan 2008)

I've always felt that there needs to be some portable container format for Notes documents

Prevent local replica from pushing deleted docs back to server (31 Jan 2008)

perhaps make the purge interval for deletion stubs more of an obvious property

Make NotesDocument.Added Property accessible (30 Jan 2008)

I'd also like to see how a document was added to a database...

Created by [person] on [date] in [originaldatabase] via [compose/script(agent)]
Added by [person] on [date] via [compose/script(agent)/replication/paste]

Lock Picture Size (30 Jan 2008)

even if you don't end up resizing it - trying to get a handle on the hotspot can be quite awkward

Better Beer (30 Jan 2008)

The words 'promote better beer' were all in alignment. what more do you need!

workspace management (30 Jan 2008)

synch workspace with bookmarks option would be ideal

update task should include database name in error message (29 Jan 2008)

as should any message concerning databases/tasks etc

Usability improvements to 'Permanent Pen' (28 Jan 2008)

in 14 years of using Notes - I have never got my head around this feature so any improvement to it would be good!

Design Refresh as push technologie (28 Jan 2008)

would this not just be the same as a Load Design command?

Eggs Everyday for Breakfast (24 Jan 2008)

admit it Mike - we are really just jealous, as we are stuck in England in January instead of being in Florida.


Ability to use recovery password during client configuration (24 Jan 2008)

but did you actually recover the id befor trying to use it (i.e. reset the password on it) or did you just try and use the id without recovering it?

Eggs Everyday for Breakfast (22 Jan 2008)

IdeaJam has taken on a rather surreal flavour during LotusSphere - especially for me as I'm not there.

Eggs, bonfires, Disney!!! What happened to moans about the Properties dialog!


Better rendering when pasting in web content (21 Jan 2008)

Pasting an Excel selction as a bitmap is truly bizarre. It should paste as rich text/html by default.

A "Deleters" field (21 Jan 2008)

also - a Delete Database privelidge inthe ACL

Notes Maintenace Application (18 Jan 2008)

I agree that this isn't user friendsly. Perhaps it could be initiated by an adminisstrator to run on the workstation?

I also use a batch file to this depending on how 'tired' my computer is (actualy 3 seperate files which I combine as necessary)...

1) del "c:\program files\lotus\notes\data\cache.ndk"
2) "c:\program files\lotus\notes\ncompact.exe" "c:\program files\lotus\notes\data"
3) defrag c:/f

Change focus in meeting reminder when snooze time is changed. (16 Jan 2008)

I agree - I have accepted alarms many times simply because I was typing in another window.

To me - it's is all part of a general fault with Windows - I don't think any application should be able to pop up a dialog or window in front of me that steals the focus when I am using another window, especally if I am using the keyboard at the time (i.e. the focus is in a text box). The topmost window in the z-order should always be the one I have elected it to be!

I only have experience of Windows so I don't know if this is a problem in other Operating Systems

Comments within Admin settings (11 Jan 2008)

I was just about to post a similar wish: Comments to be available at view level for admin views - e.g. replication connections

DeveloperWorks database icon/clip art gallery (10 Jan 2008)

Bastian - nice icons

Sort Mail by Subject - Plus (10 Jan 2008)

I appreciate what you are saying, but do you not get what you want by looking at a thread conversation?

DeveloperWorks database icon/clip art gallery (10 Jan 2008)

wow - I've gone back in time!

I usually resort to a google search for a suitable 32 x 32 or scaleable size icon - drop it into Paint Shop - reduce the colour depth to 16 colours, paste it into the Notes icon editor, save it, look at it, cry, then delete it and draw something simple instead.

Comment option for Shared ACTION (10 Jan 2008)

then in that case - a yes from me

Duplicate recipient dialog to be displayed when mail is sent via code (10 Jan 2008)

re Mike: perhaps - but there are many ui functions that do not operate in background agents - msgbox and @prompt for example.

I suppose I ought to clrify the wish by saying that this would/could only apply in front-end document processing

Action Bar Controller (10 Jan 2008)

Ytria and Noteshound both offer this

Rename db filename option (09 Jan 2008)


I admit it seems as though there is little to gain, but it would be a more intuitive option. The Notes client has often been criticised for being less than user-friendly. I just feel that the File Management in the Admin client ought to be a little easier to use, hence this idea and my linked idea

Comment option for Shared Column (09 Jan 2008)

where do you mean? There is a comment option in the shared columnn properties which shows in the design list

Multiple email signatures (09 Jan 2008)

we use Crossware Mail si for Notes to manage our sigs. It is excellent.

{ Link }

Fixed Width Table Columns (08 Jan 2008)

More table enhancements: { Link }

@Random for lists (23 Dec 2007)

re Richard: good point - I assumed a random order.

To achieve a random element is already possible anyway

textList:= "London" : "Stockholm" : "New York" :"Bagdad";
r := @integer(@random * @elements(textList));

@Random for lists (21 Dec 2007)

Should this function be required - it would be better as one of the custom parameters of @sort?

i.e. @Sort(textList;[Random])

I suppose that this could be useful to Reality TV companies that need to give out results 'in no particular order'. Not that I ever watch them of course :)

what would you use it for?

Prevent Transcript Save disables Screen Capture as well (20 Dec 2007)

preventing screen capture is useless anyway, as what's to stop anyone taking a photo of the screen?

Rick at '1 is right - if you type it, be prepared to see it again someday!

Deselect all shortcut (20 Dec 2007)

Its sometimes CTRL+D in other apps

Ability to tell AdminP to not remove a name from a document for deletion requests (20 Dec 2007)

perhaps an adminp property on every reders/authors/names field

allow update
allow delete

Add abiltiy to retrieve external data to Lotus Spreadsheets (10 Dec 2007)

for me - Lotus Spreadsheets is unuseable because of the lack of this feature

Rename 'Administration Requests' (10 Dec 2007)

another option is to use the document properties of the Admin Requests entry in the directory and allow only your administrative groups and servers to read the document. It will not then be visible to general users

Adding a bookmark in the client = adding it in Designer (10 Dec 2007)


indeed - bookmark management needs to be thoroughly reviewed in general

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb (10 Dec 2007)

is this spam?

Adding a bookmark in the client = adding it in Designer (10 Dec 2007)

I spend enough time removing bookmarks I no longer need from the Designer client as it is - so this is a No from me

View Column Total - Option to Remove Grand Total (07 Dec 2007)

agreed - simply for Barry's comment above

Table enhancemnts (07 Dec 2007)

re: @2 - have done!

Table (Appending and Inserting Rows) (07 Dec 2007)

with the added option of insert row above or below so that the attributes of the row above or below are used as they are not always the same (split/merged cells etc)

Table enhancemnts (07 Dec 2007)

re: @5 David - my main gripe is that when working with tables, that cliking between one table and another, is that the properties box switches to text properties, and I have to switch it back to Table properties

Please update the look & feel of the standard templates? (06 Dec 2007)

I'll be the one on the other side of the Atlantic, not getting to go to Lotusphere yet again :(

Create a "Date of Birth" Field Type (06 Dec 2007)

I agree with Richard - a field property to control the range of years available in the picker

Make Filename field scrollable in Database dialog (06 Dec 2007)

agreed - { Link }

Workspace Search Facility (06 Dec 2007)

many of us don't use bookmarks as we find them awkward!

@IsRichTextEmpty and LotusScript equivalent (06 Dec 2007)

agreed - having to calculate/store an abstract just to do this is cumbersome

Change @DbTitle into @AppTitle (06 Dec 2007)

I'm agreeing with this, as I hate seeing older terms used in the programming languages, but only on the condition that backward compatibility is retained somehow.

Search Field Name Or Opening of Field Properties box by Providing field name. (06 Dec 2007)

I use the Teamstudio tool for this so personally it is moot

Transfer a folder of documents between databases (06 Dec 2007)

Peter - how would you do that effectively with a folder in a mailfile?

Allow resetting the code execution point in the debugger (06 Dec 2007)

anyone who works with IDEs such as Visual Studio, or even MS Office as well as Notes will be aware of many limitations of the Notes 'IDE'

My favourite gripe is that the line of code being executed when debugging is always at the bottom of the pane, so you can't see what's coming next without scrolling!

Set number of items to display in Combobox dropdown (28 Nov 2007)

and the width of the drop list as well as the width of the box itself

Native Title Desrciption to Form Fields to assist Field Search (27 Nov 2007)

field names can change usage after creation - especially in old legacy systems. The ability to give each field a descriptive name to show for display would be enormously useful, especially if there was a @ThisDescription formula to go with it.

Transfer a folder of documents between databases (26 Nov 2007)

fair point. At the moment I do this as an administrative function anyway simply to copy from one mailfile to another

Better color management (22 Nov 2007)

or at the very least be able to copy and paste colour values!

Additional field: 'IBMs statement' (20 Nov 2007)

agreed - otherwise it can feel rather futile

Google Calendar Synchronisation (13 Nov 2007)

I like it as long as you do it for Yahoo calendar too ;)

Do not allow replication if xx days since last replication" (13 Nov 2007)

or the option to determine how long it has been since last replication in order to force replication, or prevent editing of a db etc

Keep the header information intact when forwarding a mail message (08 Nov 2007)

mail threads can be long and confusing enough as it is.

It's easy enough to View Page source and copy the information for the few times you are likely to need it

Internationalisation (08 Nov 2007)

Henry I agree totally with you - I think the Japanese use yyyy mm dd but am not really sure, however we are stuck with our customary date formatting whether mm dd or dd mm and as long as any application allows the use to set the format then all should work well

Table (Appending and Inserting Rows) (08 Nov 2007)


Right-click - Paste Special (05 Nov 2007)

I don't know if it is a Notes issue or not, but pasting sections of Excel sheets as a bitmap is totally useless. The default Paste for this should be RTF/HTML which is only accessible via Paste Special

Right-click - Reorder menu from Inbox (05 Nov 2007)

also add Mark as Read/Unread to the context menu

Post Your Idea button (02 Nov 2007)

that could do it!

Property Dialog Enhancement (02 Nov 2007)

not just me then!

Move Lotusphere to Nashville or Lexington (02 Nov 2007)

well if we are suggesting new locations - how about London!

I want a toolbar icon for font colour selection. (01 Nov 2007)

and the ability to copy/paste colours


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