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David Killingsworth4000 

Admin client that runs seperately from the Notes client in Windows (23 Mar 2009)

This is truly a pain. If my admin client is busy connecting to a very remote slow server and opening a database, or performing some other task, I can't switch to my notes client and quickly check my mail.

This has been a frustration since day 1 with the admin client.

More useful templates (17 Feb 2009)

Many of the things I have pulled down from OpenNTF seem pretty good to me.

We are a heavy user of OpenNTF 1.7b Mail Experience, which I recommended to the company I'm working for. that's 2800 users. There wasn't any documentation, so I spent two weeks writing a manual on how to use it. I contributed it to the OpenNTF Mail Experience project when I was finished.

I've worked with Vince Shuurman periodically on it, and I can tell you that it's not "half baked"

Additionally, we needed a Brazilian Portuguese translation of it. I asked Vince the best approach to go about it. We hired a local Brazilian Notes consulting shop (who had never heard of OpenNTF miraculously) to take the default Brazilian 7.03 Mail template, and customize it with the OpenNTF 7.02 template changes. We paid for the customization, and Vince was kind enough to consult his time on the best approach to getting it done (versus just translating the English version) and I submitted it to Vince as a contribution on OpenNTF.

I got involved.

I do agree with the idea though. It would be much better if we could have some awesome applications right out of the box, and the Help Desk application on OpenNTF would be an easy win. As would be advanced document library or server inventory databases.

I thought one of the annoucements at Lotusphere was that IBM was going to have developers improve some of the applications at OpenNTF. Is this idea asking IBM to go one step further and include those template as part of the Domino install?

One thing that I would like to see is a simple application for Domino Admins like me who are not advanced developers to setup a simple FAQ team website with Ajax views. This would allow us admins to show how easily it is to setup a web application.

I setup a Domino based website for our team with FAQ, downloads, info number for our hotline and the service desk etc. This was to showcase what Domino could do and be sort of a start to an almost non-existing Intranet. It was simple enough to setup, but kind of failed because the Java views look like SHIT.

Console Commands to dir & display contents of text files underneath data directory (17 Feb 2009)

Sorry, that's called Diagnostic Reports or Fault Reports database.

Console Commands to dir & display contents of text files underneath data directory (17 Feb 2009)

If you have fault recovery database setup in your environment, this information gets emailed to the fault recovery mail-in database.

This is set in the diagnostics tab of the * server configuration document.

Need a process to undelete a user. (17 Feb 2009)

I suggest that IBM implements a "Disable User" feature. We do this manually now by changing the user's name to **Disabled** John Doe for a period of 1 to 3 months. After that, we manually delete them.

This Disable user feature could be handled by AdminP and after 30 days or so it would appear in the Pending Administrator Approval views in admin4.nsf much like renaming a user does.

Incidentally, if you delete a user accidentally, you can restore a backup of the NAB and copy the person document and paste it back into the production address book.

Another little trick you can do is if an admin accidentally modifies several person documents (with an agent for example) or deletes several users accidentally during the middle of a busy business day, you can go to another server on the other end of the replication chain (one that your hubs have not replicate the deletions to yet), and refresh all person documents. The refreshed person documents will have a later date than the deletion stubs will and the deletion stubs will be canceled out and the person documents copies back into the NAB on your hubs.

We have had this a few times when an admin select 100 or so person documents and ran the wrong agent against them.

Add cell phone to the telephone column in the Domino Directory (17 Feb 2009)

At first I was going to offer no opinion on this one since it is a simple template modification.

But then I realized that Home number does appear there by default. I've never noticed that before because no organization I have ever worked in that has used Domino has ever populated that field for any of it's users.

Don't enable repliaction for all Locations for new Replicas (09 Feb 2009)

Here is a similar idea that should probably be linked:

{ Link }

When appending a view column, should inherit the text and title font settings of the column to the left (04 Feb 2009)

This is a great idea and such a simple one too.

In Admin Client, Files tab, ability to Right-Click to open in Designer (13 Jan 2009)

Please also close this similar idea -> { Link }

Open in Designer (from Administrator Client) (13 Jan 2009)

This can be marked closed! It's in 8.5!!!

Allow multiple values in the SMTP_Port field, enabling 25 and 587 (09 Jan 2009)

I understand this idea, but I would be really surprised if there is not already a notes.ini setting to change the port on which SMTP listens on.

I run my own linux server using WHM/Cpanel. It's common for small web hosting companies to setup their SMTP servers to listen on Port 25 and port 26.

This is because many ISP's block traffic on port 25 other than to their own SMTP gateways to cut down on their customers from sending spam through their networks.

There are business cases to use your own SMTP server if you have one (not your ISP's) while connected to your ISP at home.

I do this all this time. I have Thunderbird configured to send mail to my own server on port 26.

Automatically Refresh Server Lists in Domino Administator (09 Jan 2009)

This is annoying and so is having the server pull down not up to date when performing File/Database/Open, Database/Replica New, and many other actions.

IdeaJam Facts (09 Jan 2009)

I vote yes on this one. We all love gratification, especially when you don't have to go looking for it.


After re-reading this, I realize that he is talking about cluster replication....so disregard my comment above. It doesn't apply.


After reading through this it looks like he is highlighting the issue of having 8 cluster replicators on a hub server for example.

Let's say you need to shut the replicator down: (tell replica quit) shuts all 8 of them down.

To start all 8 of them back up you need to issue load replica 8 times.

Of course, I may be wrong...maybe there's not an idea in there at all.

Add Domino program directory to path on Windows platform automatically (05 Jan 2009)

I don't understand why this is getting so many negative votes.

There are several other major commonly used windows applications that set a path statement during install of their product. PCAnywhere is an example.

@Vitor) Even with partitioned installs, the program directory is a single directory.

Example: c:\lotus\domino\ contains all the program files, where as e:\lotus\dominodata1\, e:\lotus\dominodata2\, e:\lotus\dominodata3\ might be all of your partition data directories.

New view export/import formats (*.XLS) (05 Jan 2009)

I recently had this with a user who had alot of contacts in a spreadsheet and wanted them imported to his contacts view of his personal address book.

After a bit of research I was able to figure out how to do it, but explaining to the process to the user too quite a bit of time and patience. It would have been much easier if it would have worked with a simple excel file instead of the WK1 thing.

Incidentally, I hope everyone knows that they can select documents in a view and then select "Edit/Copy Selected as Table" and then paste that directly into an excel spreadsheet. It works really well and I use it all the time...not sure of any limits though.

Idea Spotlight (05 Jan 2009)

The problem with the what's hot is that they almost exponentially compound on themselves.

Kind of like the top 10 sellers at an online MP3 music store.

Improve discoverability of old ideas via a "suggest" feature based on user voting behavior (05 Jan 2009)

This idea makes me think of Bruce's blog post here
{ Link }

I love statistics and I like this idea except the part where it says "the system suggests some ideas that I might be inclined to vote on, based on [snip] what has been promoted/demoted by other users who have voted similarly to me.

I don't think the last statement should be included in the suggestion process otherwise, the same people will vote the same way on the same things which COULD sway the results into pockets of groups.

The idea space should be flatter and broader with ideas and comments on ideas overlapping to provide an alternative view to problem solving.

What I mean by this is that if all the "cool admins" vote a certain way and they all vote on a particular topic, good ideas or good comments from someone who is not part of the "cool admins" click might not get a suggestion to view the idea. This might have two results. One could be that less alternate views on a suggestion to solve a problem. The second could be a second round of the stagnation phenomenon that Bruce mentions in his blog post.

I would agree to it if it were changed to "the system suggests some ideas that I might be inclined to vote on, based on what has been voted on by other users who have voted similarly to me.....but maybe that's what Jeff meant in the first place.

Replication - Deafult Replication Server Issue (31 Dec 2008)

This is a good topic for improvement.

We have alot of users that have local replicas of their mail files and replicate with their home servers or hubs.

This issue causes us alot of grief with local IT support staff in remote regions not fully understanding this and mis-configuring.

This also causes us issues when our users travel to other locations.

Make an SMTP/POP3 only version of the mail client part of Symphony (30 Dec 2008)

It's really hard to compete with Thunderbird for free and at home....and for that matter, hard to compete with openoffice.org.

Add more options to event trigger notifications (12 Dec 2008)

Larry, you couldn't be more correct.

In some of our cases, the notifications come because a mailbox is corrupt and the router cannot deliver the message to the mailbox. The notification only lets us know that a database is corrupt, but does not tell us which one.

We have to go to the log and scan through at the exact times that the notifications messages were sent to see which database(s) were corrupt.

Allow design replace/refresh from Admin client (10 Dec 2008)

Not sure about R8, but in R6.5 / 7.03 this method only works when selecting a single database.

If you select more than one database, both File\Database\replace and refresh design are greyed out.

"You cannot use the Administration program while the Domino Server is running" (20 Sep 2008)

Yes this one sucks.

Improvements for the Diretory Catalog (configuration form) (20 Aug 2008)

To be more clear and articulate what the author of this idea is requesting....

The Pull down tabs/buttons in the Red Boxes in the diagram above currently DO NOT exist.

He's asking for pull down's so that we can select fields from the directories directly without having to manually type the field name in.

Improvements for the Diretory Catalog (configuration form) (20 Aug 2008)

Totally agree.

Server Policies (13 Aug 2008)

This idea has some weight, but consider these points.

You can already configure the * server configuration document which new servers will inherit their settings from.

Individual configuration documents will override any settings that are set in the * configuration document.

The problem I see here is that anyone can go to any server and modify a notes.ini file.

It might be what you are suggesting is that we do away with notes.ini and move all configurations to configuration documents and make them more granularly controlled.

I'm giving this a neutral vote. You've got a good idea, but I think it requires a major change to the way the Domino server is configured.

Some organizations may want many of their servers to be exactly the same. Some organizations may need to have each server configured completely differently.

Edit: After second thought, I'm promoting this. Sometimes, it agitates me when we set a notes.ini setting in a configuration document. Then we remove that notes.ini setting altogether from the configuration document. We have to go in and manually remove that notes.ini setting for it to be removed from the server.

This can sometimes leave unwanted debug settings, etc. behind.

Ability to do combined search in Mail and Archive Mails (07 Aug 2008)

It makes sense.

In the meantime, you may want to try a 3rd party Archiving solutions provider.

Coffee... please coffee (07 Aug 2008)

For those of us who don't drink coffee (or other caffeine) or smoke cigarettes...

How about...
Have the masseuses ready for free 15 minute massages between the sessions.

Add Domino program directory to path on Windows platform automatically (30 Jul 2008)

@Jens) What do you mean that notes.ini should not reside in the program directory? That is where it is installed by default, except on partitioned servers.

Immediately delete mail message (30 Jul 2008)

I think this is a good idea too.

We have several requests each week because people reach their quota, delete messages, sent messages, and junk they don't want, and then ask us to compact their mail file because they only have editor access and cannot manually compact it themselves.

They are effectively unable to receive/send mail until a compaction occurs, or we increase their quota.

Give us New Letterheads! (30 Jul 2008)

Letterhead repository?

Add Domino program directory to path on Windows platform automatically (03 Jul 2008)

Understood, but don't you have to select "This is a partition install" during installation?

In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers! (03 Jul 2008)

I've had to run c:\program files\IBM\lotus\notes\nsd.exe -kill on 8.0 and 8.01 lots of times. So much so, that I don't use my 8.01 client as my primary admin machine. I still use a 6.5.6 machine as my main machine and 8.01 (now 8.5 beta 1) is sitting next to me.

There were times when I just left 8.01 to crash and itself down overnight. I've never had the experience that it cleaned itself up properly.

antiquate (abolish) cache.ndk (19 Jun 2008)

It does create alot problems, but he other idea that you mention suggests a way to alleviate those problems.

Not sure EXACTLY how it works, so I don't want to promote abolishing it.

Run consistency check on the background? (19 Jun 2008)

The server already does this.

Hopefully your server doesn't have to consistency check log.nsf though. :)

Manual replication to all servers in the domain (03 Jun 2008)

Sorry Martin,

NONE of the following work:

rep LocalDomainServers names.nsf
rep LocalDomainServers@Domainname names.nsf
rep LocalDomainServers/Domainname names.nsf

Any other ideas?

Don't Move Deleted Junk Mail to Trash (03 Jun 2008)

I voted this down for two reasons.

There is a "Delete All" button in the Junk folder. This is located on the mail tool bar above the message list.

Secondly, beginning in 6.5 soft deletions are enabled by default and the default soft deletion expire time is 48 hours.

this means that all messages in your trash are automatically deleted after 48 hours.

Lastly, it doesn't matter if you remove the junk mail from your trash folder or not, it does not reduce your mail file size until the mail file is compacted.

Typically, compaction of all mail boxes (or databases in general) occurs via a program document on Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday.

What would be the point of removing junk from your trash after being aware of all of the variables outlined above?

Manual replication to all servers in the domain (03 Jun 2008)

So you could use replicate LocalDomainServers names.nsf?

That's a excellent tip if it works.

This is a side-effect of the ideamjam concept, is that little known tips/tricks get wider exposure to those who might otherwise not learn about them.

Update unreadmarks automaticaly (27 May 2008)

More attention should be paid to unread marks. In a Domino/Notes mail environment, we get lots of user complaints and comments about confusing unread mark inconsistencies.

For Domino application only shops it's not such a big deal.

Saving E-mails outside of Lotus Notes (26 May 2008)

You can export an Internet message as an .eml file with the OpenNTF1.7b template.

Using the More - Forward MIME to RFC-822 option

Clear cache.ndk (11 Apr 2008)

Additionally, give the administrator the ability to issue a clear cache command from the server console or policy to the clients through some mechanism (perhaps similar to the broadcast console command, or a one time policy feature).

I have found two situations where cache.ndk actually got in the way:
1. When changing the IP address of a server and the clients all had connection documents to the Netbios name. Cache.ndk was caching the old IP address instead of letting the machine pick up the new IP address. No matter what we tried, only deleting cache.ndk would allow the Notes client to resolve the new IP address.

2. When we did a mass upgrade of mail templates from R6 standard to OpenNTF1.7b (using load convert) in an environment where we have clustered mail servers, the Monday morning after the mail template upgrade, many of the clients had save/replication conflicts in their inbox view instead of messages. Deleting cache.ndk fixed the issue. It seemed that something was cached in the cache.ndk and it only happened at sites where the mail servers were clustered. In sites where there was only one mail server, the issue did not occur.

install the homepage.nsf only when we install the webstuff (31 Mar 2008)

What happens if you decide to turn on the HTTP at a later date, long after you've installed the server?

There would be no homepage.

Support Mail Template Customization (31 Mar 2008)

Just this past week after making this post, we had to call IBM regarding some piloting we are doing on R8. We are using the R8 OpenNTF Mail Experience template.

The first thing that IBM told us was to replace the design of the mail file with the Standard R8 mail template. They pretty much refused to help us until we tried that.

(of course this was IBM China)

Install Modemfiles as "optional" and not as default (31 Mar 2008)

ha ha ha.

Yes. I can't believe this wasn't posted earlier.

I'd also like to see "RIGHT DOUBLE CLICK CLOSES WINDOWS" a default option...though I know it won't work in java views.

I set that on hundreds of desktops over the years until we could implement Domino policies.

Make Mail Rules execute against mail retrieved via POP (27 Mar 2008)

@David - Perhaps Bob is a Lotus user as well. seems like a harsh initial comment. Even if he's not, I don't think this site is called customeronlyideajam.net

I have to laugh and agree with your third sentence though.

Support Mail Template Customization (27 Mar 2008)

With the work that Vince Shuurman and Bruce Elgort has done on the OpenNTF Mail Experience template and to see what IBM has added to the 8 template from the OpenNTF Mail Experience template...we can see that IBM has noticed what we the community want.

I support this idea, but want to add that IBM should utilize some system, such as ideajam, to take votes/comments/input/and feedback and implement those in the production standard mail template.

I'm a heavy user of the OpenNTF1.7b (for both R6.5 and now testing the R8 version). We have 2000+ users using the OpenNTF template, and we still get complaints on the usability of Notes compared to Outlook.

The acceptance of the Notes Client in a significant way hinges on the mail template. Let's face it.

If IBM were to get more input from us, it would ease the need for so many customers to customize the template and cause us so much headache when server upgrade time comes.

If you step back and look at the fact that OpenNTF.org was created by a group of inidividuals banding together to create a better mail template...IBM should realize that they need to listen to our ideas.

That being said, I also support the extensions requested in this idea.

An IBM provided NSD crash file analyzer (26 Mar 2008)

The tool in the Sandbox is pretty good for determining patterns and getting a rough idea of what is wrong.

I suspect that IBM has something much better though, because when I send them the same NSD, the people on the phone have a much more precise idea of the exact thread that caused the problem.

No offense to those that answer the phone at Lotus Passport support, but I'm in HK and the Passport support is supported out of IBM China. Often times, through the language difference issues, I can tell that I "might" have more Domino/Notes experience than the person on the other end of the phone. So I'm guessing that they are not "that" well versed on domino stack threads.

Maybe I'm wrong though.

IBM should provied an Open Space for all developers to share thier Sametime Plug-Ins with others (26 Mar 2008)

I was just looking for such a plug-in repository today...which led me to come to ideajam to post the idea. I'm glad that you've beat me to it.

I'd like to add that I would like to see these plug-ins publishes at openntf.org.

Bookmark.nsf (26 Mar 2008)

There is currently the concept of "roaming user" which allows a user (via profile) to replicate their Personal Address Book, bookmarks, and personal journal, along with their mailfile, and mail archive to a roaming server. Additionally, a few of the notes.ini settings are stored in their PAB.

desktop.dsk and cache.ndk are not stored on the roaming server.

Not sure if this helps. I'm still promoting the idea because awareness of roaming profiles (at least in the organizations that I've worked) seems low. It also seems to be an important issue for travelers and could be made a lot easier to manage.

Make OpenNTF much more user friendly and easier to collaborate in (26 Mar 2008)

Enable a tags field for projects so that it is easier to find projects by tags.

Prevent Transcript Save disables Screen Capture as well (18 Mar 2008)

Everyone has cameras on their phones now, and most laptops have bluetooth. What's to stop a person from video recording the conversation and having it up on youtube not 5 minutes after the conversation has ended.

Allow users to change their password through the sametime client (18 Mar 2008)

I cannot believe that there has not been more discussion regarding this.

Create a way to synch the existence of databases between cluster members (18 Mar 2008)

Update: I attended the Lotusphere comes to you in Hong Kong recently and in version 8.01 or 8.5 (I can't remember which) there will be a server cluster feature/option which allows you to do exactly what I described.

You can configure clustering on a server basis instead of a database by database basis. So by putting a server mate into a cluster, it will synch the databases automatically, instead of letting you (or requiring you) to create the replicas manually that will be clustered.

Replace letterhead logo with Directory photo (18 Mar 2008)

I like this idea. personally, I don't find any value in the letterhead logo, other than being a "mood" option for some people and allows a very tiny bit of creativity and character when customizing how your message appears to other.

I vote on this idea if it were an option that could be enabled or disabled.

This would work very well in large organizations where putting a name with a face is very important.

It could also help in distinguishing/remembering who said what in a very long email thread when catching up on email after you've been out for a few days.

Allow multiple addresses for group and mail-in database docs like person docs do (22 Feb 2008)

I like your idea for other reasons.

However, what you are wanting to accomplish can be down without the idea you have submitted. Create a global domain document with your primary domain (new company domain). On the 3rd tab called conversions, there is a field called "Alternate Internet domain aliases:" enter the companies old domain there, or any other domain that you want to be valid.

Of course, you have to have MX records for all domains and they have to point to your inbound SMTP gateways.

person or group document only needs one of the domains in the Internet address field.

if your primary is domaina.com, list domainb.com and domainc.com in the alternate domains field.

Then usera@domaina.com can receive mail if it is addressed to usera@domainb.com and usera@domainc.com.

Create a way to synch the existence of databases between cluster members (22 Feb 2008)

Could you elaborate Chris? What do your scheduled agents do

I realize that it's not that "hard" but it is tedious.

A simple click process would eliminate alot of time spent on this particular housekeeping task. Checking your servers every day to make sure that one database that is one is also on another is not at the top of my priority.

Additionally, I submitted this idea because though, cluster servers don't usually go down, and we have to failover to the other cluster....when it does happen, we want to spend our time working on getting the original cluster member back online, not dealing with angry users who can't access their applications/mail files.

Lotus Notes Express (22 Feb 2008)

I understand the concept behind your idea.

The reason why we as Domino administrators/developers have such a hard time in every single company out there with people complaining about having to use Lotus Notes instead of Outlook or Exchange, is that many people use Outlook at home because it comes with the operating system.

They've seen it before, it's familiar, and it's pretty user friendly.

Lotus Notes is radically different, and it's not always intuitive as a User Interface.

I'm not voting on this item, but I do understand what you are trying to say.

A better alternative would be to push even harder beyond Notes 8.01 to force IBM to improve the UI.

Add email or event notifications to Program Documents (14 Feb 2008)

Yes, good point.

Way to synch HomeMail server with admin server on the mail file or admin server column in files view (14 Feb 2008)

Yes, I'm aware of that, and in a perfect environment that's obviously the way to go.

I see some imperfections in the existing adminp method (Please correct me if I'm wrong, or not aware of functionality)

I'm dealing with an environment in which the Admin's have not been trained on how to use AdminP properly, so there's 3 years of just creating the new replica and then changing the person document manually at the time the person actually moved to the new location. If they remembered to delete the old database, then great. If not, more cleanup in the future.

I understand that this is definitely an issue of administrator training, but how do you go about cleaning it up?

In our case, an added level of training should be to modify the administration server at the same time they change the person document.

The other issue/question that I have with the adminP move home server method, when does it change the home server in the directory?

If we use the Sao Paulo to Singapore example, communications links to both sites might be pretty slow, and the database might be 2GB. So we'll initiate the new replica creation a week or two before the actually person moves to give replication enough time to create the replica.

If adminP changes the home server in the directory at the time the administration approves the mail file deletion on the old server, the user can continue to work in their old site with the proper home server set.

If adminp changes the home server in the directory at the time the request is made, then the user has the wrong home server set for a week or 2 before they arrive at their new location.

Perhaps, I should change this idea title to "Add administration server column to the files view in the administrator client" so that it would be easier to see where the administration server is without having to open the ACL of each database manually.

The other issue with the existing adminp method is that if you move a user's home mail server, the replication stub is created on the new server with adminp. Database initialization and replication do not occur unless at least one of the two servers have a connection document to each other, or unless the mail file also exists on the hub server.

Perhaps, that's another idea. AdminP warning when generating a new replica on a new server that replication cannot occur because there is no connection document between the source and destination server.

I hope this post is not sounding too much like a rant.


"do not create database redirection file" when user will be deleted via adminP (13 Feb 2008)

Can you explain this further? Why do you get 1800? where does that number come from?

For those of us that are not on R8 server yet, what does the redirection file do?

Allow embedded images to be saved to your computer. (13 Feb 2008)

Another variation on this is that if I open an HTML email that has a link and is covered by an image, I cannot right click and save the link to be pasted somewhere else.

I have to click on the image, which opens the Notes Browser, then select the link from the browser bar.

Right-click - Paste Special (13 Feb 2008)

This idea is pure gospel!

Copying from anything else (Firefox, IE, Excel, etc.) often times looks like total S**T when pasted into Rich Text.

Recently, I stumbled onto ALT-E-S-T keystrokes to produce the popup dialogue for paste special (found on one of the more prominent Domino bloggers posts), but even that is a little hard to key in.

Break mail into component databases (13 Feb 2008)

In R8, you can configure the contacts (local names.nsf) to replicate with the mail file via the replicator tab. This is a huge leap forward.

Previously, we used the OpenNTF1.7b Mail Experience template, which has a contacts view. In the contacts view, there was a "synch contacts" view that would synch the contacts view with local names.nsf. Sadly, this could not be automated.

In some cases, we place copies of the user's local names.nsf on the server, so that they can access the contacts from remote locations (if they don't have a laptop).

This is a real pain.

I like the R8 method best.

IBM should make Lotusphere information broadly available (13 Feb 2008)

I work in Hong Kong and getting to Lotusphere is quite a trek timewise, and that's extra time that I'm not supporting our environment.

The cost of flight, hotel, miscellaneous expenses, AND the significant cost of the conference itself can be quite a burden for many companies, not to mention companies that have more than 1 person supporting their Domino environment.

There is a Lotusphere comes to you series, which is like a roadshow of the highlights of Lotusphere, which will arrive in Hong Kong on March 4th (as well as many other cities in Europe and Asia). This is a one day only event. I have attended Lotusphere 7 times in the past, and I found that even after 4 or 5 days in Orlando, I still could have used more time attending sessions, meeting people, talking to Lotus developers, learning about 3rd party solutions, etc.

I was on the web almost every day this year during Lotusphere finding out as much as possible.

I found that there is a company that will sell you the DVDs of the sessions (at around US$100 per DVD)

There were no other webcasts

Second Life didn't have any real IBM/Lotus presence

Most of the information I got from Lotusphere was from 3 or 4 bloggers who updated their site periodically (most didn't update until they got back), though I did read a few stories in online sites like information weekly, etc.

The fact is that there are alot of long time IBM/Lotus supporters, admins, and developers that are hungry for Lotusphere information, but for one reason or another cannot attend the conference itself - without having the intention of being too cheap to pay the Lotusphere fees.

Submit more results to NotesBench (01 Feb 2008)

yeah, whatever happened to the NotesBench initiative.

I would also like to see more results (and not only ones on IBM Blade server hardware).

Make the Files view exportable to .csv from the administrator client (01 Feb 2008)

In some cases, an admin may not use the web admin client, or the HTTP task may not be loaded.

Domino Upgrades ReAdd Removed ServerTasks to the Notes.INI (30 Jan 2008)

In some environments, we don't want design to run at all in the domain except to segregate the templates and design task on to a specified server, as part of a multi-tiered pilot/dev/production phased approach of application development.

Automatic database clustering (30 Jan 2008)

amen brother

Prevent multiple replicas on a single server (30 Jan 2008)

I wouldn't want to PREVENT a replica from being created on a server, but I would like a message to be generated on a server when two replicas are on a server (say at the time of replication) so that the message could be triggered via events4.nsf, and a notification sent to admins.

There are too many legitimate situations where you might want to have two databases in the same server with the same replica id.

Display mail.boxes content in one view (30 Jan 2008)

This would be beneficial when there are more than one mail.box on a server, and the server is in a remote location.

All of our servers have 4 mail.boxes, accessing them over slow lines is painful when cleaning them out.

The flip side to this idea is that if you have a bad mail.box, you would still want the individual views in the admin client for each mail.box.

Typically though, if you have mail stacking up, or a bunch of dead mail, there is going to be roughly the same amount of messages in each mail.box.

Notes Maintenace Application (30 Jan 2008)

{ Link }

Notes Maintenace Application (30 Jan 2008)

This already exists in OpenNTF.org

Open in Designer (from Administrator Client) (30 Jan 2008)

I have cussed the admin client a hundred times because this feature is not present.

If you are looking at the files view in the admin client and want to modify the design in any way, you have to remember the filename (there is no place to "select and copy" the filename) and then open the designer client and add the database.

If you double click the database, the database will open, but there it does not add the database icon to the notes client workspace.

If the database icon is on the Notes client workspace, you can right click and choose open in designer if you have designer or above access in the ACL.


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