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Bruce Lill6687 

Lock Lotus Traveler application and encrypt the data (12 Apr 2011)

This is an OS function not an app. If someone gets the phone they get all your data. So you would protect only the mail?

I can lock my phone now if I need to.

Windows Explorer access to Document Library (12 Apr 2011)

Domino Doc had it

Lotus Forgot Series: Bring back the Diff tool (from R4) that compared two documents selected in a view (30 Mar 2011)

It was great for checking rep conflicts.

Now I use a 3rd party tool.

autozip while sending attachments (21 Mar 2011)

Are you measuring the document size or the attachment size? With the LZ1 the document will be smaller not the attachment.

And for those that need it, your link has a great solution.

I've never had a customer request it as zip utilities are in WIndows or freely available.

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (18 Mar 2011)

I have a customer like that, they like to build their own apps. They use the R7 Designer Client to do the development.

When they can't use that any more they will most likely migrate to a different platform. Not everyone needs or wants web accessible apps.

Then all you needed was to place fields, learn some @formula (and it was like 123 and excel) to build an app. Now you have to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Lotuscript.

This is no longer the tool for a manager to build a small app for his team.

autozip while sending attachments (18 Mar 2011)

The attachments are compressed (LZ1) when you add them to the document (message).

There is code in OpenNTF and add-ons that do this so the fields are zipped for internet mail.

For most users this would mean added steps to access the attachments.

Lotus Notes - delayed / scheduled send (18 Mar 2011)

I have build many marketing email apps that this was a main feature, to be able to send it at a set time such as at night.

A single dictionnary for all applications (IBM or not) (09 Mar 2011)

I could see for all lotus products but for the rest there isn't an industry standard to do it.

Provide path of the attachment when deleted from the mail (09 Mar 2011)

There is code for that on openntf.
Just because the filepath is in the email doesn't mean it's on the local drive.
You would have to know what PC it was saved on also.

Option "do not search in CreatedBy field" in Contacts (for example) (09 Mar 2011)

If they allow the designer to flag which fields actually got index it would prevent this problem and reduce the FT size.

I used to build search forms for customers when they were heavy notes users. but now you would have to also do XPage version.

Add "File - Save as PDF" option (09 Mar 2011)

Symphony provides a save as pdf, at if Symphony is embedded it should provide for Notes client use.

NoReaders field type (i.e. opposite of Readers) (09 Mar 2011)

It would have to be an added field, why not just allow the "!" operator so "![managers]" would prevent anyone with the managers role from reading the document.

The question on which should over ride go with the ACL method where you get the higher authority

Enhance / Update Enterprise Data connection services (09 Mar 2011)

When the dumped the db2nsf I thought they would enhance DECS. The view feature could have been enabled through decs and provide relational data for all users.

Ability to copy entire ACL from one database and paste into another (09 Mar 2011)

Yes, if you can change the acl you can use the admin client to do it.

Import and export bookmarks (09 Mar 2011)

Yes, if it could include the book folder and the tab location on the workspace so you could put user back to where they were

Lotus script debug snooze option (31 Jan 2011)

Even if it could be set to only debug the current db or a selection.
The time would mean it may come back on after you forgot about it.

Book Proposal: Introduction to Domino Designer 8.5 and XPage Development (04 Jan 2011)

Basically this is the Domino Fundamentals course.
I can tell you that new users need to go for XPage or Notes dev and not try to learn both. Xpage dev is web development and it has a different design philosophy. This should cover only what is needed to create views, forms and agents.

Paranoid mode for mail file: track user activity in Detail (18 Nov 2010)

I don't see this as being part of the client as you can add the functionality if needed.
You could get something like SecurTrac that would let you see it in detail what was read, changed or sent.

Free merchandising articles for IBM Lotus Software (08 Sep 2010)

IBM/Lotus has made swag available for free, it's up to you to contact the local IBM rep to request them.

lotusphere notes database (08 Sep 2010)

It would help to promote Notes to have them available, other companies make the presentations available to the public after the conference.

Standalone Domino Designer Client (08 Sep 2010)

It would save me from running the designer in a VM image so it won't interfere with the Notes Client.
Although I would prefer to have a Linux Designer which will never happen.

DDM could benefit from addng Twitter or SMS to Notifications (31 Aug 2010)

Actually the sms can be done directly through a GSM modem and not be routed as email.

It's more having the hooks in place to allow for other means of notifying someone.
Twitter or submit a web page to a site would also work.

Cleanup process for mystery problems (18 Aug 2010)

It could rebuild without causing the users to lose all the bookmarks and workspace settings.

inbox: newest first (18 Aug 2010)

I always hated having to go to the bottom to see new emails. I have my inbox and folders set to sort new to old and categorized by week ending data. It makes it easier to find emails and to see how old the emails are.

DDM could benefit from addng Twitter or SMS to Notifications (18 Aug 2010)

Extracom's ExtraTxt can do the SMS for you. I'm not sure about using a tweet to tell me my server is hosed. I guess a DM tweet would work if you are watching twitter instead of watching the server.
Although you could have a display that only monitored tweets about your servers.

I do think it should have more notification choices.

Have the TopGear guys as opening act (02 Aug 2010)

If you like cars and british humor, this show is a must see. Where else could you see a race between the different airport vehicles.

Make the Workspace the default Welcome page. Notes is not just Email, but you can't tell from the Welcome page. (21 Jul 2010)

You can make the workspace or any Notes app your home page now. You can also customize the home page.
There are a lot of companies that use it for mail only where this is the preferred home.

The only thing that would be better was if you could set a policy to have the workspace as the homepage

Problems of locking mechanism (UI) (12 Jun 2010)

With the distributed state of Domion, it's hard to make a real document lock. I would rather see the ability to merge change and to realtime show updates on the form when content changes,. Similar to what flex can do.

Delete cache.ndk on starting Notes (02 Jun 2010)

I would prefer a Delete cache action like browser have to having it delete all the time. I know lots of customers that open and close Notes as needed.

Replace inch for pixels/percentage throughout Designer (02 Jun 2010)

EM and Percentage are a better fit. But with XPages you get this in the CSS, so it may be a non-issue.

Make an IBM/Lotus Certification more valuable to everyone. (04 May 2010)

We used to get a discount to Lotusphere, it would be nice to have it back. I would add a discount for education that may help companies justify it.

Use of class in default HTML rendering of design elements, particularly views (04 May 2010)

It's all going to XPages so I wouldn't expect changes to classic web development. For XPages there are ID tags for almost everything so you can format with CSS or apply your own styles

New Blog Template (26 Mar 2010)

I can see a new XPage type blog with new features such as themes, drop in widgets, etc.

I would see this one to continue on in openntf for users that are not on 8.5.1 and greater but to have a new one that is all XPages in the client also.

Upgrading to XPages is harder then just starting from scratch with additional requirements.

Go back to the Inbox after deleting a message (21 Mar 2010)

#4 I would agree, I have a mobile client that takes me back to the view and it sucks. If Return receipts are the issues then create an idea for "ask for confirmation first". I have modified my template to do that.

CSS editor for Domino Designer (19 Mar 2010)

The Eclipse project has one that could be included.

Traveler client for Android (03 Mar 2010)

I use Touchdown on my android and it syncs with traveler.
at $10 it was cheap and is better then the moxier mail that came with the android.

Ability to tweet a search phrase to @LotusTechInfo, and be returned a search result from the wikis (24 Feb 2010)

Would the url be generic (and short)? meaning that you could retweet it to others?

could you flag it to be mobile content to view on your mobile device?

How would you select the wiki to be searched? or would there be a twitter for each one? such as @InfoDomino to tweet to.

Features that you would like to see on a mobile from Lotus Wikis (23 Feb 2010)

I am looking at the search to have word(s), Category, tag(s).
Since the tags can be set by category, the tags will change when you select the category.

The search right now give a long list (like notes normal).

Some like to scroll down, other page with few entries per page.

http:weebles.kalechi.com/notesini/mobile is paging (and simple)

this is more iphone like
{ Link }

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. (11 Feb 2010)

@6 Graham - it would be nice to see the field list grouped by form used. An add column button that would show the list and let you select the fields to use in columns.

Yes I could go for that.

I would love it if while creating a view I could select a form and have notes create a view with all of the fields in that form. (08 Feb 2010)

Would it pull just the fields on the form or on the documents using that form?
I would have to agree with Peter, too low in pirority to consider. I don't think I have ever had or wanted more then 4-5 columns in a view anyway.

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (07 Feb 2010)

@Paul - true. I have Notespad++ open all the time to handle this. Notes should do it for us.

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (06 Feb 2010)

@Carl - For users that would be Chinese and for Notes only, I would love to see a right click copy as text. to paste it

Change 'Printer Driver' from Lotusscript (05 Feb 2010)

You can in R7 include the printer name in the print commnad. But you have to know the printer name. I use this to print to pdf since I know the pdf software name"kd-pdf"

Should spell check in Lotus Notes remember your choices when you save as a draft? (04 Feb 2010)

No, I save as draft when I don't know enough to even have spell check correct a word.
It doesn't take long to spell check.

I think you mean the words you mark as ignore always. I have some but not enough to deal with. I wish all @fujnctions, lotuscript, notes workds were in the dictionary.

Provide Online Resource for Presentation Templates (28 Jan 2010)

Yes, but you can't add anything to it. This would be a site that allow users to submit their templates.

Provide Online Resource for Presentation Templates (26 Jan 2010)

Not only for presentations but spreadsheets, docs and labels.
They should do a push for getting some created. Maybe a contest for the best templates.

Maybe add an area to openntf for them

I wish there was an easy way to install applications on Domino or Notes client (25 Jan 2010)

Exactly, Lotus Foundations allows it and all Domino servers should. It should have checkboxes for acl changes, group creation, signing ect.

Schedule Sametime on and off (25 Jan 2010)

You can just book meetings for yourself and set the sametime preference to show you are unavailable during the meeting.

Between that and having it show offline when you aren't on your computer should cover everything.

Allow me To Access INI Settings From Preferences (23 Jan 2010)

It would be really nice if the entries were grouiped by functionality.
This should be available for the server from the admin client. THe configuration doc is nice but it's hard to read the list for set values.

at least make it alphabetical.

About design document (22 Jan 2010)

@1 Yes, A regular page or form with a name $DesignNotes, $Help, $Using that could be used instead of the hardcoded using & help would be really nice.

Allowing it to be a form would provide a way to easily update it by non-designers also.
Take it a step further and allow a selections $help/Setup, $Help/offline... by allowing the the page or form to be cascaded.

Provide a no cost Domino web server for small design/development companies (21 Jan 2010)

Not from IBM but from openntf there is. Besides the idea is to get developers to build their own site. I just joined a MS push for PHP devs. Free visual studio pro, win 2008 web server and sql 2008 if you build a site in 6 months.

With foundation and a PHP interface to Domino (or rest) this could have been an IBM drive for mindset.

I wish there was an easy way to install applications on Domino or Notes client (20 Jan 2010)

@Peter when I mean user it would be the admin for the server and possibly the end-user for local client. After all the installer would not know what the user is, just the security settings on the server would prevent or allow installation like it does today.

The developer would create what is needed for the installer to work, like the windows installer.

The idea is to have the ability to see something on OpenNTF (or vendor site) and click to get it installed.

Make Stationery selectable in New Message action within the Inbox (16 Jan 2010)

If they jsut added the new message with stationary menu entry under the New it would work. It's a pain to find it under More.

I'm not admitting ANYTHING. But maybe we need some separation between "open in designer" and "delete database" (13 Jan 2010)

A bad mouse and your toast or it's a test to see if you should be designing or not

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (12 Jan 2010)

@27 - If a db is on a server it has a backup and I make sure it's replicated somewhere else. I can honestly say in 20 years of Notes admin, I have never deleted a database on a server by mistake.
@28 - a client is controlled by end user, server by trained professionals (OK maybe not all are trained nor professional but some skill) that is a big difference.

Domino should fully support Windows Server shadow copy & VSS for backup (12 Jan 2010)

I have a few customers that use this currently for their Domino Servers. While they use SANS, It's the MS showdow copy. I liked how I could go to the last 3 copies to retireve a file a user screwed up.

On Windows platform, make database deletion a recycle bin affair (10 Jan 2010)

At the client level only, there is now need at the server level since backups are performed. Also if you delete on a server by mistake the only copy, you will learn to be more careful.

I voted No, as I would like the client to be the same across platforms. If you wanted an undelete for notes client that would be different. The user doesn't look inside the Trash for deleted for anything else the delte in Notes, why would database be different.

Allow Prohibit Design to be placed on parts of the design element (08 Jan 2010)

I like yours better.

"View - Customize this View" needs to be durable, and not reset randomly (08 Jan 2010)

Since being a designer, I've never actually used this features. This is close to what I was looking for, all it needs is to allow for categorization in the sort selection and to show hidden columns.

If this was fixed and allowed the user to save across design updates it would fit my needs.

Allow Prohibit Design to be placed on parts of the design element (08 Jan 2010)

@Ben - if we prevented any features that a developer my miss use, there would be no coding. Does it matter if I prevent a column or action from changing during design or I did it directly? Not all design elements just columns and action buttons.

If they allowed something like subforms (subcolumns) then the view could be designed to include them like the domino directory does for some of the forms.

Allow Prohibit Design to be placed on parts of the design element (08 Jan 2010)

Actually, I agree that it would be hard, but having something that lets you merge design elements would be nice. If you could have hide-whens on columns that let them show and cause sort or to hide would also solve it.

@Ben - since this would be done by a designer, that would be taken care of . It would be mapped by column name so coding wouldn't change.

Problem is I like my mail New to old categorized byt week received. It makes processing your inbox real easy. I just hate having to update the changes for each release, especially when you do beta testing.

Allow storage of Domino person document on an external directory and authenticate against it (07 Jan 2010)

I have spent a lot of time building LEI or agents to pull personal data from other systems like HR. It works but when it screws up, it screws everything up big time.

Enable a :15 clock for editing a comment (06 Jan 2010)

It would be nice, I sometimes find misspellings or grammatical errors after hitting submit.

Allow for a different Notify setting for Appoinments versus Meetings. (04 Jan 2010)

@2 are they to make it more confusing or to make it easier to use?

Add a "Back to Unvoted" button when opening an idea from that view (04 Jan 2010)

I would also agree with Bill, it's when you are reading comments in the unvoted or other views that you can't get back to where you were easily.

Return to view button to take us back to the last views we were in.

Indicate Required Fields (04 Jan 2010)

And it should prompt us multiple times just to be sure. That way we can feel like we are using Vista.

Add Carousel Control To Xpages (03 Jan 2010)

It's an interesting control, but it more an example of show then usefulness. As long as it doesn't take from anything else, I'll vote yes.

Linked-In/PAB Synchronization (30 Dec 2009)

With the client java api coming, I think we will see things like this on openntf. I guess that someone could do this with a plugin and let you select the site (linked-in, facebook, gmail, etc.) and send or receive contacts.

Sync PNAB and NAB (09 Dec 2009)

There are many sync agents out there that work already but it would make a nice openntf project. It would have to let each user select what they want to sync to. Or how about federated address book, like the calendar.

I have done sync agents but always for a CRM app since the mobile directory took care of the domino directory.

UNID is pronounced.... YEW-NID (Or not.) (09 Dec 2009)

I go with the letters but it ends up sound more like:

Periodically verify Recent Contacts against Corporate directories (07 Dec 2009)

I tend to go to the recent contacts view and purge everything after I make contacts out of the people I do need.

This would be similar to what you want, since most recent contacts are not in the corp directory.

"optionally" audit user activity in log.nsf (04 Dec 2009)

If you have used Securtrac you would see that this is a lot of information to track and store.

It should be in a separated db, not were everyone can find it. You would have micro-managers looking to see when you connected,etc.

Some couldn't be tracked easily by the server, how would you know a client changed locations?

Create another site that is open to generic ideas to be voted on (03 Dec 2009)

The linked site is secure : (
but even beyond that just a site for ideas of a more fun nature.

ideajam, the next google

iNotes web mail should be same as yahoo or gmail in performance,efficient and in UI (03 Dec 2009)

I haven't found anything to like about gmail compared to iNotes but I use 8.5.1
I only use gmail as a backup and testing area.

When saving an attachment, have a button to open it after the download (01 Dec 2009)

I usually don't open the attachments, just save them. If I need to open them then I just do it in the client.

Also with the sidebar plugins for file browsing and mail attachment control, you can handle it all there.

Replace Admin client with Applications (NSF DB's) to do admin functions (24 Nov 2009)

With my idea to add more functions to the catalog, this could be combined and at least make a minimal admin client

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (21 Nov 2009)

You can do it remotely while in a session. And have them use twitter to keep you informed

Birthday sync (20 Nov 2009)

Now with 8.5.1 it can be a federated calendar, that would only require a view be added to the personal address book or to the mail file. Then users can easily add it if they want to.

Free Lotusphere tickets for top 10 innovators on IdeaJam (20 Nov 2009)

For the top ten who are not already going for free as a presenter.

Allow GoToField to go to non-editable fields (20 Nov 2009)

@Patrick yes they are, letting them work in Notes Client would let it be usefull for both and fulfill this idea.

Add features to the catalog to make admins life easier. (19 Nov 2009)

You can't view all databases with a certain ACL in the admin client. You can't set acl and roles with multiple dbs selected. All you can do is add or modify an entry groups of entries or use the normal ACL dialog. So all the admin client provides is a list of databases.

While these would be nice in the admin, the amount of effort to add them there versus adding code to the catalog would make this easier to do in a release. It would also let this be handled by any client not just the admin client. It could then be incorporated into the Admin client easier, just like the Domino Directory is supported.

Accept Submission for non-Lotuspehere Presentations (19 Nov 2009)

It would be an incentive to finish the presentation and get some visibility. I think being able to vote on the presentation would be nice. I found few attendees actually voted.

I plan to do 2 of my proposed abstracts and Lotus wiki entries anyway.

Group document: where is this group being used? (18 Nov 2009)

This would be hard as it can be acl and or mail use.
For acl as Dan pointed out the catalog can show that as there is a view by name in the ACL.

single font option for rich text (18 Nov 2009)

The question would be where and how would you set this?
As part of the paste or a field setting so there can be only one font in the field?
A richtext lite variation.

Automatically switch to workspace page (17 Nov 2009)

I would love it to let me select which tabs to show also. This is more a benefit to consultants who change location often. The designer working set should aslo be saved for a location.

Suggest a type when defining a variable (17 Nov 2009)

With the new code templates this could be done by the developer. But it would be nice to have it based on previous use.

Drag'n'drop to shift items in Domino Designer 8.5 working set (16 Nov 2009)

The working sets help but when you have a large number of dbs and go between them, it's useless.

To be able to re-organize the list and have it stay that way would be nice.

Show documents from many databases in one view. (14 Nov 2009)

With QueryViews, they have the basics already, all you would need is the ability to pull from other views. It even allows the unid to be used to open the doc in the other db when clicked.

They seem to feel everyone will go XPages, so why add to the old stuff.

Display a document collection in a temporary view (14 Nov 2009)

Would be great for full text search results.

Group Fields by Type in Document Properties dialog (14 Nov 2009)

By having the filedname, type, value, etc in a table then you could click on the column header and sort how you want. There are times I would love to sort on value so I can see what field is being updated.

Replace letterhead logo with Directory photo (14 Nov 2009)

If the image isn't sent but referenced when you open the email, then there is little impact to network and internet mail users wouldn't get it.

Don't make mandatory entries in the 'Open List' (13 Nov 2009)

With widgets and CAs added to the open list, this is more importatn. I would like to either delete or move the useless ones (at least for me) such as the eb browser, links, etc.

Lotus Notes integration with SAP (13 Nov 2009)

Also the client has a DLL to allow SAP interaction. At least R7 does, I don't seem to find it with the 8.5.1 client

Allow GoToField to go to non-editable fields (13 Nov 2009)

How about allow the in-document links to work like they do on the web. Then you can use if for both apps.

Need to have a this is spam flag on Ideas (13 Nov 2009)

I was thinking more about entries that are sales or link drops where the idea is to get your link out as much as possible.
I think it would be like a flag, if an entry has a lot of spam flags, it's probably not relevant to the community. Otherwise you would have to have an admin read every entry. With people posting sites that could be harmful, you want to remove them as soon as possible.

I have been on sights where you can flag a discussion entry as suspect, then the site admin or monitor can see what to check.

COMPLETED - Create a Redbook on Domino Development Best Practices (12 Nov 2009)

@Gregg - Yes, I think it would end up as a wiki (hope they improve the format soon) as that is what Lotus likes.

@Rob - I agree

Allow Administer to setup list of words not full text indexed (09 Nov 2009)

@2 the Org name is on every document already, so searching for it will return all docs. john smythe/Mycompany - searching for Mycompany is a waste.

Allow Administer to setup list of words not full text indexed (07 Nov 2009)

It used to have a list you could edit around R5 time frame. The first thing you added was the company's name (from the O=). I do miss it.

Take current redbooks and put on web to be updated (04 Nov 2009)

@Rob, there will be an XPage best practice coming out shortly, but I agree that the general web stuff has improved and should be updated.

Replace Admin client with Applications (NSF DB's) to do admin functions (02 Nov 2009)

If they do it in XPages then it could run on the web or client.

Custom Domino HTTP Error Message Configuration (29 Oct 2009)

There are forms current for http errors:

With all of these you can add code to check the field MessageString and dispaly more info to help the user with their problem.

Also you can set an error page per server for 404 errors on files stored in the OS file system.

Won't these work?

Be able to select Notes interface or XPage based on client version (29 Oct 2009)

@Peter I would agree that launch by version is not good, but some way to programmatically choose a type of interface to launch is needed.

The question will be where that control can be placed to support future changes.
Will XPages in the client always be part of a CA app? The ability to control the launch in the database script or Frameset may be the solution.

It has to be easy for the developer to control so applications can easily support older versions of the client.

View - Show - Page source from the Inbox (28 Oct 2009)

I've added this to the mail template to let user's forward possible spam. It's been very valuable but it is seldom used. Since there is a similar feature in one of the openntf mail templates it could now be incorporated into the Lotus mail tempalte.

Allow XPages in the Notes client (28 Oct 2009)

It seems you got your wish with 8.5.1

Special settings for alarms when a meeting is out of my availability hours (25 Oct 2009)

I would prefer to have multiple notifications that can be status based. If online then just the popup, if offline then sms or phone call. Each with their own time. So the popup is 15min and the sms is 40 min.

Make one place for all Lotus information and discussions (23 Oct 2009)

@2 - I would agree so it could be a required field with multiple choices and include "all releases" as sometimes the problem isn't released based.

The forums seems grouped abnormally, 6 & 7 are together but 8 and 8.5 are separate. They should be by product.

The rest could be done with a mashup like what IBM has promoted.

Disable modification of Hide when settings on RichText Fields (23 Oct 2009)

I used to have this problem when I started with Notes, but you soon learn. I have used hide whens in rich text fields many times to have the content reflect current environment.

The problem is when there is a hide when on the field and in the field they sometimes interact.

How would the end user know that they can't add a hide-when?

Catalog task should intercept database creations/deletions in realtime (23 Oct 2009)

Thats why as an Admin, I always plan ahead. Emails get sent after the environment is configured.

I launch the catalog task on each server to force an update early if needed.

Running in real time would have an impact on performance while only giving marginal improvement in functionality.

Make "Mail File Copy of Contacts" used for iNotes the User Default Address Book (23 Oct 2009)

You would still need to sync as many apps use the personal address book and journal including smartphone client syncs.

You can easily add the Contact view to your mail file and set the notes ini to use if for lookup using names=. The Notpad feature is the same just add the view to the mail template.

I have the view so I can verify the contact names.

Comment Field (21 Oct 2009)

@5 - also some elements are now harder to modify as they have been hardcoded such as the outline and Java views.

I always hated to have to click folder to get to my folders but if you move the actual folders to the top level of the outline, the graphics and unread have problems.

Out of office (no end date for long absence) (19 Oct 2009)

If a person is gone for more then a month or so, it is forever in the business world. So if they retire or are absent for a while, the mail should be forwarded to the person now in charge of the absentees work. If I email someone at a company, I don't need to know they retired or are absent for a while, I need someone to answer my emails.

Since it's business mail and not personal, let the new recipient decide on the response.

Hover text for all "visual clue" icons in Domino Designer (18 Oct 2009)

I would prefer that the help text for the element is dispalyed so the designer could chose what to display.

For view icons allow for it to be set in the column with an icon # and text to display. THis is because the icno could have different meanings in different views.

Push Holidays to user mailfiles (18 Oct 2009)

To be able to push the company holidays and special events would be great, if it can be policy based then it could handle dept dates like sales shows and training classes.

Auto Filing Inbox Mail (18 Oct 2009)

I'm with Christopher, it would be nice to see the list include the folder the original msg is in and the swiftfile choices, but I don't want it to automatically do it.

Since I don't include the orginal in the reply, it would be nice if it file the orginal only if it is in the inbox.

Add full gzip support to the Domino server (18 Oct 2009)

With 8.5.1 gzip is fully support for static files along with the ability to have them gzipped automatically by the Domino Server.

I would agree with Mark ( @11 ), it wouldn't make sense for supporting dynamic content. The idea is the gzipped file is cached on the server to improve performance. It would be nice if the automatic creation would include file resouces and not just File System based files.

The server creates the gzip in the same folder when it either doesn't exist or the gzip file is older then the original.

Show birthdays from my contacts in my calendar (18 Oct 2009)

Now with 8.5.1 it can be a federated calendar, that would only require a view be added to the personal address book or to the mail file. Then users can easily add it if they want to.

Swiftfile: Update and Promote (18 Oct 2009)

The biggest obstacle for IBM is to make the swiftfile work for all supported client languages and supported OSs.

I wish it would let you add some rules and support multiple ID's (and mailfiles) on the same workstation. Supporting other clients would be great, I tend to forget about it since I don't use windows alot.

Configure the applications to open an attachment (17 Oct 2009)

You get the View Attachment that will use the built in viewer that will work or save the attachment to a folder and use windows.

Adding more choices will confuse the average user that just wants to open it.

Clipboard and screen capture outside Notes pushed automatically into new notebook entry (15 Oct 2009)

I added an action button to open the journal and compose a new doc, just to be able to save web pages and things. Since I have Notes open all the time, this isn't bad. A sidebar app would be a little better.

Date Time Calendar Time Controls on web (15 Oct 2009)

xPages will not be the only way to do web dev. I have a lot of customres that will propably not ever use it. When you have to support normal web dev (HTML type) it's easier to have them edit pages or forms then try to teach xPages.

xPages in the client helps but I have most of my web apps look entirely different from the Notes side due to different audiences.

The dojo control can be used on normal web pages with a little coding. It would be nice if it worked like the rich text editor where you can select to use or not.

Runtime for NSF's (15 Oct 2009)

If they can't run Nomad, they wouldn't do well with a demo anyway. I miss lotus's old screencam product since it could create a demo that looked like the real product.

Add Auditing Feature to Server Design Task (15 Oct 2009)

I could do without the long list of actual changes and get just a summary by db of elements that would change and one that are prohibited. Most problems I have come across is when a designer forgets and leaves the prohibit design change flag on so future updates don't complete.

iPhone Interface (15 Oct 2009)

This might be an app that could be built using phonegap.com. Then it could go across to other phones.

Create a Redbook or wiki article on how to configure ESM within a Portal cluster (15 Oct 2009)

You should move this to the Lotus Technical Information space. Lotus watches it for ideas on redbooks.

Include Transport Layer Security (TLS) support in the Domino server (15 Oct 2009)

I set it up for smtp on domino servers and thought it was the same as ssl for web sites. What is the difference?

Enable WebDAV for all Notes documents (14 Oct 2009)

It would be nice to have it store in forms. What webdav systems out ther let user update data in forms? All I have worked with saved files (html & images) like FTP.

I would like to be able update forms or create pages instead of file resources

Allow embedded ideajam widget to accept authentication from selected websites. (14 Oct 2009)

This would be only from selected sites that ideajam.net trusted. The one particular use would be to have it embedded in the Lotus Wikis. A user browsing there could vote or enter an idea without having to come here and register first. It could just authenticate them or pass the profile over. They could be adding ideas for wiki or redbook content.

This would give it the ability to have broader audience access to the ideas.

create a Development and Test environment (08 Oct 2009)

@4 the problem is what is standard for one is not the same for otheres. Since you can build the solution now, fairly easily and it would be a significant coding for IBM to incorporate it in the client and server why do it. You would still have the issue with inter-database accessibility needing to be manually update.

With the eclipse client I think you'll see support for a svn type system in the future.

Make the agent cluster aware (08 Oct 2009)

LEI provides this ability for agents, it could be added into Domino. The problem would be to indicate which server is main and which are secondary. Each secondary would have to check with main to see if it ran and if it's down to notify the other servers that it's going to run the agent. When the main server comes back on line it would see that that agent has already run.

Separate DominoBlog template from restrictions of Domino release cycle (08 Oct 2009)

Now your wish will happen. With IBM releasing the templates to OpenNTF, you'll be able to get updates outside of Domino releases.

IBM Should Change the Slide Templates (08 Oct 2009)

The font size should be half the age of the average person attending the session. So about 24pt or greater.

I add info to the notes area of the slides and have the pdf show that. So I just bullet the main info and expand upon it in the notes section if needed.

Like Andrew, I want you to listen to me and know the slides have all the info you need.

Lotus Notes Data as XML Source (08 Oct 2009)

Would this be from the client or the server via http?

Tool: Flex integration with Lotus Domino Applications (08 Oct 2009)

Wait for the Domino REST API (I think targeted for 8.5.2). It will allow Flex (and other technologies) to access Domino Data.

create a Development and Test environment (08 Oct 2009)

I always use separate servers and even separated domino domains. This is more to prevent test code updating prod. I never use the same repid, to easy to cause problems.

Then setup a location document for each environment.

I use db profiles instead of hard coding references to other dbs.

I have a configuration manage db that updates all db profile docs in each environment for me. So all I do is copy a prod db to test and have the config manager update the references. To move from dev to test to prod I use Teamstudio's build manager.

Take current redbooks and put on web to be updated (08 Oct 2009)

Here are a few I would like to see updated and in the wiki:

Domino 7 Performance Tuning Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Domino Infrastructure

Lotus Domino Domain Monitoring
Implementing IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator 6
Troubleshooting Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) 6
Understanding Lotus Notes Smart Upgrade, REDP-4180-00

Allow fixup to be run monthly via program document (06 Oct 2009)

It would be nice to be able to run any server task monthly.

using cron or windows schedular means that it's outside the Notes admin client.

Doing archive once a month is an example. It means backup only needs to be monthly on the archive server.

Enable Domino on Lotus Foundations to be configured to use standard HTTP ports 80/443 (18 Aug 2009)

There is a add-on product to do this from Baehrware.
I have a similar idea already entered here.

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (08 Apr 2009)

@19 - here there are 3 thing to do, promote, demote, or ignore it. I think @3 idea of a simple list would be fast, easy and provide some info that would be helpful to all.

It doesn't complicate any thing as the hoover would show a list to select from, so it could be done in one click.

Enable XPages to use all built-in DECS/DCR Data Sources (27 Mar 2009)

It should allow for the use of connection documents so the DBA's can control the username/passwords for the RDBMS instead of having the developers put them in to the design elements.

Would be more secure then.

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (26 Mar 2009)

@Bruce they could enter a comment if they really wanted to. The comment shows the person's name were this would just show a list with a count next to each when you hover over demote:

4 - Bad idea
5 - Already available

Now coming up with a basic usable list is going to be the fun part. In Rob's example the Other entry could be added to the next user's reason list.

Pop-up comments box when Demote is clicked (26 Mar 2009)

I would agree with Rob, a generic list to give the author and others why you don't like the idea.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (03 Mar 2009)

This has brought up some nice ideas.
It would be nice to have programmatic control over the search in a view. This could be done through a search property for the view that would allow one or more of the following:

1: List of Forms and/or fields that are searched in the view.
2: search string added to all searches but not displayed to user.
3: Have a search form be able to be displayed in place of the search bar. It would let you control what fields could be searched on and the building of the search string.

It's clear that the searching needs to be updated.

Add an SQL activity to allow for an sql statement to be entered (19 Feb 2009)

Yes, I forgot that part. For repliction.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (19 Feb 2009)

If you can get an exec to type in that formula then you have smarter customers then me.

You can't programatically fill the view search bar via Notes.
You can't change the advanced search to make it easy to use.
They don't want to select a query.

The users just wants to enter a search value and see results, thats all.
also have the results appear in the view.

From the web, it's easier to manipulate the results. I use agents to do the search so I can fill table widgets.

It's been a problem for years. I use Omnifind and Google search appliance because they can be told what to index.

Provide controls to restrict which fields FT Index includes (19 Feb 2009)

@5 you miss one point just because the field is hidden, doesn't mean it's value isn't shown. Only the developer knows which fields have values that will be visible to an end users. We had to use an external search engine for a knowledge db. Why because people wanted to search on a name an see all docs created by that name. It would show any doc that had the name in any field. You can create a search form but it's a pain and hard to use. If you could force the user into a particular search form when they did a search in a view that would be a help.

Decs, DCR LEI Redbook (11 Feb 2009)

To take the current lei, decs, dcr, etc. redbook content, put on the web and update them. They should be for all support LEI releases and the examples need to be real examples to DB2, Oracle or MS SQL and not MS access.

I should be able to see exactly how to do a virtual document using LEI8 and db2. The pros and cons.

FREE Domino! (04 Feb 2009)

They could release a version allowing only a fixed # of user (say 5 users). This would be similar to the Lotus Foundation setup.

The benefit would be to get more developers interested in using Domino. Allow for personal use.

Notes native JOIN capability in a notes view (25 Jan 2009)

@4 If the Query View is in the same database as the documents, then the #NoteID you select to return is used to open the document. In the SQL command you select which fields from which documents are returned. It's like having a view container and you have controll over what it's filled with. This is more like a web view where you can build the link to be what you want and not driven by Notes.

DB2 Query Views cause unexplainable slowness with SQL queries (25 Jan 2009)

The command line doesn't take into consideration the readers fields and the user's access. In a query View the user's access is based on the db2 username in the person doc or the default view access that is set. This is what takes the time.

Integrate Quickr into Lotus Foundations (25 Jan 2009)

You can easily provide the same functionality with out quickr and it's quirks. I would rather see Lotus Connections migrated to Foundation. I have quickr at customers sites but it's never been used as much as the discussion and blogs templates. It was forced on the users since some executive thought it looked nice.
With no Notes interface it's just a website that could be replaced with an opensource app. If your a MS shop they you may like it. For Mac and Linux users, it's nothing special.

Scripted activities should 'print' to LEI log (10 Jan 2009)

Yes, and it prints with the name give to the LCCSession

Support Scanners (05 Dec 2008)

The problem is Outlook only has the latest version of windows to support.
I found most of my twain scanners don't work under Vista.
How would Lotus be able to support Linux, Mac, XP and Vista?
There is a twain driver for notes that is free.

Getting relational with db2 (14 Nov 2008)

Hey its going to be a jumpstart!

Getting relational with db2 (27 Oct 2008)

It does require purchaseing an enterprise version of db2. Then you can do that. The current license restricts the use to Domino based data only.

Don't force Domino to use only SSL for web access (25 Oct 2008)

Yes, currently the apache server uses port 80.
I really don't want to resort to PHP to build apps. I'm having to purchase a SSL cert just to allow Domino to host web apps and nothave the unknow cert error for self certs.
I can make the home page redirect to SSL & Domino but it's a pain and it dosen't get spidered by search engines.

Integrate Quickr into Lotus Foundations (25 Oct 2008)

There are easier ways to add a website they to force them to have quickr.
I would not want to have to support a user running into problems with it.

Getting relational with db2 (12 Oct 2008)

It ships with Domino 8. I've used it in production for web apps and notes apps. It's great for apps that need alot of views, especially date range views. You may have to wait for a support person who know s both but they do have them.

Add GetHTML Method to NotesRichTextItem Class (28 Feb 2008)

If you set the fields to store as html/mime you can pull it as mime content. The RTF field works a little different then but it works. I use this to let users enter help for the web into a rtf field, pull the html and store in a text field to allow for clean up. I have code to remove all font tags.


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