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Support Scanners (25 Nov 2008)

Doesn't matter if there are, IBM / Lotus needs to do this so companies develop all those wonder little convenient integration points. For example, "Neat Receipts" has direct integration will all of Microsoft Office, including Outlook, but nothing for Lotus Notes.

I have seen Card Scan work with Notes, but that's about it.

Meeting Rooms & Conference calls (19 Aug 2008)

That's a good one! Should keep a few developers employed for a while.

Give us New Letterheads! (29 Jul 2008)

There should also be a means to add them to the mail template without requiring Domino Designer.

I think Apple's mail templates in Leopard are model to show that e-mail does not have to boring. The world evolved from Courier 10 to where we are now; time to take another creative step forward.

Better Beer (31 Jan 2008)

@4 - Fine by me. The admission is already $2k. What's another $10?

Insert as attachment (30 Jan 2008)

Another great suggestion that really falls under the general bucket of, "Something cool that Outlook does."

Being very specific, and mocking Outlook (in a good way) this feature should technically be called, "Insert Document." This would mock the "Insert Item" feature in Outlook.

Item is to Microsoft Outlook, as Document is to Lotus Notes.

Bottom line, it's a feature I dearly miss from Outlook. The ability to attach vCards, iCals, e-mails, etc. is extremely valuable.

Better Beer (29 Jan 2008)

@ 1 & 2: Keep in mind that hotels generally speaking do not stock a wide variety of any beverage, except expensive wine.

The intent of the idea is to simply get a few selections above Budweiser and Lite Beer from Miller.

At least one amber and one dark would go a long way for those who cannot stand the super mass marketed, water based stuff.

View - Show - Page source from the Inbox (29 Jan 2008)

Many mail clients simply have a button to toggle between "simple" and "full" headers.

I would like to see Lotus create something that is an add-on for Mozilla Thunderbird called, "Display Mail User Agent." This add-on displays an icon representing the program that send the original e-mail. I believe they have well over 200 icons and can actually make the distinction between the Lotus Notes client and DWA; likewise with Microsoft products.

Notes Maintenace Application (18 Jan 2008)

Rob - The emphasis is on "end-user friendly." :)

Deferred Mail (18 Jan 2008)

@1 - Agree completely. Although I would like it to send immediately to the router, and let the server router worry about the delayed delivery time. Obviously, that brings another layer of complexity to the request.

Cross-index the Product Showcase Catalog (17 Jan 2008)

Way to go Bill! I just about to suggest something like this but wanted to see if anyone beat me to it.

The exhibitors page ({ Link } while nice that they link to the respective company's home page, they should at a minimum list the booth #, and ideally, use a little AJAX to make a map pop-up showing where the booth is on the map.

Give attendees a DVD/USB with all presentation PDFs on it (17 Jan 2008)

I would add, the actual presentations themselves. They sell them for not much a fee. One would think that if they just added $20 to the Lotusphere admission price they could include it for everyone.

Leave coffee out for longer than 15 minutes (17 Jan 2008)

Coffee - Sweet nectar of consciousness!

Move HTML signature into mailfile (28 Nov 2007)

The mail administrator side of me says no, because for the average 2-5 sentence e-mail message, the size now doubles. Meaning everyone will hit their quotas that much faster. Not to mention people wanting more disk space, the associated costs, etc.

But the business & marketing side says yes. The advertising a company logo provides outweighs the minimal costs.

Out of Office Corporate Calendar (28 Nov 2007)

Good idea Rick. This idea is why I am still surprised that IBM has never tried to acquire Logic Springs, the makers of Department Calendar. It can aggregate all sorts of entries, not just OOO. Fabulous product. Extremely affordable. { Link }

Add a second level of prioritization - IdeaJam Dollars (28 Nov 2007)

I think you have the right idea, but the wrong execution model.

If you're dealing with actual customers, I would simply take the votes with user ID in tow and put all the information into a business intelligence tool (e.g. Cognos, Intelliprint, etc.) and put the votes up against the "loyalty" of the customer, whether that's straight dollars, number of visits, etc.; that's up to the business.

But let the customers actions be the currency to add or subtract weight to their opinion.

Calculate quota without considering whitespace (06 Nov 2007)

@Alan - Wouldn't it be great if there was a website solely dedicated to disseminating tips and tricks with Lotus Notes? :)

Internationalisation (05 Nov 2007)

I've always thought both the U.S. (mm/dd/yyyy) and European (dd/mm/yyyy) date formats were illogical. One still needs to have sort routines for them.

How about yyyy/mm/dd?

Move Lotusphere to Nashville or Lexington (02 Nov 2007)

(1) There are not so many venues that can handle that kind of a crowd. A ball room than hold 6,000 people is a tall order for starters. Never mind the rest.

(2) Need to have a LOT of hotels in the surrounding area

(3) Airfare is generally speaking cheap, as are the hotel prices sine it's off season.

(4) You would be surprised at what hotel catering costs, even in lower rent areas.

(5) A good chunk of the price I would suspect is profit.

The list could go on for a while....

Are the Promote and Demote actions clear? (02 Nov 2007)

I think promote / demote works.

You could also have a ton of other antonym pairs:
Yes / No
Agree / Disagree
Yea / Nea
Up / Down
Awesome / Sucks

I do agree with another idea posting that there could also be up down arrows in addition to or in lieu of promote / demote.

If the decision were made to use both, the box itself would have to grow in size, which I am generally in favor of for a variety of reasons.

Suggested Post Idea Button (02 Nov 2007)

I would tend to agree. Some sort of visual indicator that indicates action would help push the newbie in the right direction.

How about letting us park at the Swan/Dolphin for free? (01 Nov 2007)

@Randy - The "Pop Century" hotel is about half the Swan / Dolphin. A little over $100/night this year and is very close to the Swan / Dolphin.

The hotel is "ok" it's basically Disney's version of motel. Just don't bother with breakfast there (total crap, total rip-off and EXTREMELY noisy). And make sure you ask for a room near a parking lot. It took me longer to walk to the parking lot than to drive from the Pop Century to the Swan / Dolphin.

Also, bring tons of memory for your digital camera. The Pop Century is a fantastic photo opportunity moment. You could easily fill a few GBs worth.

{ Link }

Add more statistics to Profile (01 Nov 2007)

@Randy - It is a social networking site.

IdeaJam does not support URL links (31 Oct 2007)

@Bruce - Why should one need to do the extra work? The software should know what URL looks like and act accordingly.

Get rid of .ID files (30 Oct 2007)

Would be nice to see Lotus support RSA (Secure ID) tokens in the Notes client. They do with DWA.

Imporved Vote Tally Box (30 Oct 2007)

@Matt - You're going to need to make that box bigger anyway.

Consider this - You're not even live yet. Hardly anyone knows about the site and some ideas are in the 30's. You'll hit three figures soon.

Now imagine you sell this to a company that has a "retail" presence. They want to use it guage the public on ideas. How long will it take to have a promoted count in the four or five figures?

Add picture to profile (30 Oct 2007)

Of course that means, it's probably another place to see Bruce's picture. One has to factor that in. Be careful for what you wish for..... :)

Searching for "comment" returns all comments (30 Oct 2007)

On a semi-related note, you will probably need to put your librarian's hat on for a bit and deal with words like "a" and "the" accordingly. In particular, when sorting.

Email comment notification to idea creator (29 Oct 2007)

I would add that one have the option to subscribe for a summary e-mail or at time of submission. Personally, I would rather have one e-mail at the end of the day/week/month with all the comments lumped together.

Less (e-mail) is more.

Imporved Vote Tally Box (29 Oct 2007)

Why hover over it, when it could just say it w/o user effort?

Swap F5 and F9 Keys (29 Oct 2007)

It should be a option, but manageable through policy.


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