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Vlad Sh10433 

Make values in the infobox selectable (06 Aug 2013)

Yes, a lot of similar ideas here.

CTRL +/- to Zoom in/out of window port (19 Jul 2013)

CTRL +/- in browsers is responsible for the scale of the page.

Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField (22 Jun 2013)

@Tinus Riyanto

The cache is located at each user on the locale.

For the server, there is no difference, read the document from a different database or from one. In any case, the power of modern hardware this will be enough :) Other documents in 99% of cases are read more than a few profiles. From the LotusScript we read profiles a lot more and no drop in performance occurs.

Better to have the ability, than it does not have. Even more so when it is useful to many.

Mail print as PDF or export as PDF (12 Jun 2013)

I think the client will not die from one additional function. But on the other hand I understand that it is unlikely to be implemented.
P.S. Can be implemented on Java - will work on any platform.

Upgrade the admin client. Still has Notes 7 status bar even. (12 Jun 2013)

It is very good that it has not been touched - work fast and stable.

Have an option to copy an URL from an e-mail (or other) (09 May 2013)

Related { Link }

Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField (09 May 2013)

Christopher Boote
Thanks for the help!

Add server and database as optional parameters for @GetProfileField and @SetProfileField (04 May 2013)

Johannes Madsen
I apologize for my English. If you can help to properly form the subject, I will be very grateful.

Design Element PostSave event (29 Apr 2013)

How is this event different from the rest?
The essence of the idea is not clear.

Checking Out-Of-Office status of others (16 Jan 2013)

+ give the opportunity to do this programmatically (@-formula, LotusScript, Java).

Major overhaul to Domino Administrator Client (27 Dec 2012)

Notes Client modifications aimed at transferring from native to a Java-interface. The same is expected for the Domino Administrator. Another possible web-interface, which is also a negative effect on the speed. Other variants will not.
Bearing this in mind, I want to Domino Administrator left alone. There are more important things that need to be engaged. Such as old storage nsf by capabilities is far behind mongoDb and couchDb (for example, the ability to store data in a JSON), poor API for working with XML, and so on.

Major overhaul to Domino Administrator Client (25 Dec 2012)

I am against the new (Java-) interface, because the speed of the Domino Administrator is more important than a sweet wrapper.

@Formula library (07 Dec 2012)

I do not agree that we should move to LS or Java. Sometimes it is the context that is not executed in LS or Java or no flexibility. And the Shared Fields is not the answer, it is sometimes useful to get the text of the formula or formulas parts for the generation of the formula for db.Serch, etc.
The eigenfunctions can be used in the Shared fields, Shared columns, and so on.
Great idea! I voted for. This long is not enough.

Right-Click "Copy Column Value" in all views (21 Nov 2012)

Hi, Mark. I prefer the idea of not just improving, but the realization of what is missing.
But in general, yes, we can offer a lot of things... even scary.

Right-Click "Copy Column Value" in all views (21 Nov 2012)

File -> Export ?

LS2J (15 Nov 2012)

Kenneth Axi
Bad practice - always throw exceptions.

Laszlo Oravecz
LS (VB) is the division of the objects (used Nothing) and scalars (using Null or check IsEmpty()).
What you ask is impossible.

CTRL-I (fix indentation) for HTML Pages and Forms, syntax checking (14 Nov 2012)

I voted for.
However, this key combination is unsuccessful, because it is text-to-italic(sloping). Or framing <i>text</i>.

Launching Lotus Symphony in the 8.5.2 client hangs tightly (07 Nov 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Show-When formula (06 Nov 2012)

Show-When_formula = !(Hide-When_formula)
that is enough.

Skin-ing Notes Design elemens (06 Nov 2012)

CSS what does not fit?

NotesDocument.IsChanged (10 Oct 2012)

Just do not IsChanged (although this method also would not hurt), as Is involves a return boolean. ItemsChanged would fit.

New Hide-When property (10 Oct 2012)

I'm for option 2 + Admins.

RunWithDocumentContext not work when run from LotusScript (24 Sep 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Strange messages when using the Designer in the project, containing only the code LotusScript (24 Sep 2012)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Vote for comments (21 Sep 2012)

I once suggested a similar (to make separate view like forum), but my idea is not supported, then remove it at all.
I think that IBM does not need the number of votes for each idea - they always do only what they see fit.

Incorporate a 'Groups by members' or 'Groups by People' view in the NAB by default (17 Sep 2012)

1000 times yes! Tired of manually adding these views!

Extend the 'User detail' info of a database (03 Sep 2012)

If implement what you ask for, it will be impossible to recover the document.
I propose a solution that will permanently delete the document (later), and recover it.

> How long do you keep them?
This is more of an organizational issue.
I would prefer to focus not on the storage time, but to limit of removal of documents that may be important (eg registered, which were assigned a status, etc.).
So removed will only unimportant documents (mostly drafts), and the others are not relevant at the moment, but necessary for the history to move to the archive.
All these and other constraints (eg delete documents give only the author of the document or administrators) can be programmed in the event database QueryDocumentDelete. This is the only right and complete solution.

Inheritance of Database Script (03 Sep 2012)

Nikolay Yushmanov
I mean the field "Inherit from the design template", which is a necessary and missed in these design elements.

@Function and LotusScript to "View..Customize This View" dialog (03 Sep 2012)

"Customize This View" is not easy for the average user.
But to have the ability to configure it would be nice. The options are:
1. By dint of choosing of common columns - selection dialog should contain comments-description.
2. Hide / display columns for a specific user, by analogy with the ability to move the columns when in view setted jackdaw "Allow customizations".

Extend the 'User detail' info of a database (03 Sep 2012)

Put handler QueryDocumentDelete and not remove documents from the database, and for example, change Form on "DeleteDocument", that is "move" documents to own recycle bin. And access to recycle bin, restrict administrators.

Internet Password Lockout: Mitigate Username Discovery Attacks (03 Sep 2012)

Kenneth Axi
> has been X number of failed login attempts and the account has been locked - "Please contact IT-support for unlocking Your account"...
This is good, but not much. The attack can be fixed to a single address to harm a person. As a result, his work will be paralyzed. Therefore, it is important to vote for this idea.

RunWithDocumentContext not work when run from LotusScript (11 Jul 2012)

The latest version of the LND call Java-agents with document-parameter is working! Thanks!

One DAOS store for many domino servers (28 Jun 2012)

Let me explain why I'm against it.
If you use direct access to the servers to the same store, this is a long time (large files pulled from the current server and so not fast). This will lead to difficulties in the network.
If you have in mind their own store on each server, they can not be identical, because servers have different access to the documents, that is some of the documents (and their attachments) can not be replicated.
Your idea is contrary to the principles of Lotus Domino.

Ability to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of agent (28 Jun 2012)

> 9) Peter Neidhart635 (07.06.2012)
> How to you prevent multiple parallel execution of the server agent?
It is perfectly solved by using the (hard-) locking mechanism.

> 10) Mark Demicoli8588 (07.06.2012)
> Actually Peter is right Notes is not an assynchronous architecture except for the 'hopelessly fragile' NotesTimer.
Run multiple background agents and you get all asinhnonnost "problems" described by Peter.

I vote for this idea, as there are many operations where the wait for a response from the server, the user does not need. For example export data in a relational database. The user performed some action, and some data must go immediately. He does not need to wait for the result.

Multiple Servers in Domino Console (04 Apr 2012)

I suggest tabs: one console (server) - 1 tab.

Allow Full-Text search in embedded views (15 Mar 2012)

And also in the views displayed in the PickList's :)))
I suppose that quite expensive to implement (full-text search within specific categories), but I'm voting for!

Autopurge function for databases (15 Mar 2012)

Options replication of the properties of a database has the following settings: -> Space Savers -> "Remove documents not modified in the last (days)". Or I understand something wrong?

Perfection of AutoSave Workspace on close Notes Client (28 Feb 2012)

"Specifying user IDs in location documents is an ancient feature when Multiuser mode was not yet available."
This is necessary for testers / developers who have to frequently switch between locations. Change between users of operating system uncomfortable.

Marking within computed richtext field in edit mode (28 Feb 2012)

"drag n drop" not because it Computed Field, can only to Editable Fields.
With the rest I agree.

FTSearch should always search all documents, indexed or not (28 Feb 2012)

Build a work application on FTSearch - it's a bad idea.
Use <i>NotesDatabase.Search</i>.

ACL template for new Databases (28 Feb 2012)

I will support this idea, because it's great. It would be possible to transfer the templates of access control to customers. In principle, would have been satisfied with the decision to export / import ACL, but the templates better.

Richtext Field + some Text Fields: Double click on a word should just select the word - not a trailing blank behind it (28 Feb 2012)

Yes, damn it! 1000 times yes!

Reopen recently closed tabs (03 Feb 2012)

{ Link }

"Build Automatically" and "Clean" (03 Feb 2012)

> Is there a better way to manage 'core' script libraries?
You either use the inheritance at the database level, or disable it and use the inheritance at the level of individual elements of design.

Show release dates of LN Language Groups on IBM Fix List site (or other) (24 Nov 2011)

This is the same, that to admit their mistakes. Various language localization should go simultaneously with the English version.

Getcurrentlocation (10 Nov 2011)

Just let returns NotesDocument object.

Please Fix the NSF (06 Nov 2011)

> 4) Externalise the View indexes

Please Fix the NSF (06 Nov 2011)

@3 (Mark)
Lotus and FileNet have already been bought, it's time to start doing something :)

A visual user interface to the Transaction Log, per-database (02 Nov 2011)

To do this, write logging mechanism of action.

Add "Create Hyperlink" to right-click menu (28 Oct 2011)

In the "Create Hyperlink" by right-clicking on something will need to select (URL or Name), and something to enter into a dialogue. So dialog inevitable.

Pause Agent Manager (25 Oct 2011)

> 1. ... "Could be useful in debugging"
I do not think that's a good idea - disturb the task server. Correct to create the agent start/stop other agents and issue a list to choose them.

> 2.

New classes for Appointments and other mail/calendar entries (08 Oct 2011)

If this functionality will be in the Lotus-lss, which can be used for other (not mail only) applications, such as when working with the Symphony, it has, otherwise it makes no sense.

Non-breaking space character (04 Oct 2011)

I have a 8.5.2, that does not work.
Also not working in text copied from MS Word - these characters are cut.

Relaunching the out-of-office corporate calendar idea (04 Oct 2011)

+ function/method in LotusScript/Java!

Error Handling for default Domino errors (27 Sep 2011)

I do all the processing of filling the fields of all documents is on the QuerySave, and for dialogues QueryClose. I've long since forgotten that there are such errors.
What's the problem?

"Absolute Replace" option in Replace Design dialog (17 Aug 2011)

Mark (5)
To a man made a conscious decision, it should check everything, so there the idea (Absolute) is no sense.

Make Ctrl+s work whereever it should when editing XPages in Designer (10 Aug 2011)

Ctrl+S - it is a challenge of dialogue save the page in the browser.
The question must be put not so. We must have the ability to set keyboard shortcuts for the buttons or call agents in the context of the document.

A more delicatied outline for lotusscript class in the eclipse-based editor (10 Aug 2011)

It is better to have a choice (menu):
- In alphabetical order;
- By category.

Expeditor for Eclipse Orion (02 Aug 2011)

9000 times Yes!

"Absolute Replace" option in Replace Design dialog (02 Aug 2011)

And if there are elements of design (developer specifically left them) that are not in the new template?

Display more than five working sets in switcher drop down (25 Jul 2011)

Matt, you were not enough of this idea: { Link } ?

Form Fields (11 Jul 2011)

This I have already suggested, see the comments { Link }

Watch List of variables in Debugger (11 Jul 2011)

I prefer the default to see all the variables. This is one of the convenient features Designer for LS. I do not want to deal with this nonsense - to seek out and set the variables...

Watch List of variables in Debugger (30 Jun 2011)

The Watch Lists are not suitable, because necessary to introduce the variables manually. I vote against it.
A better solution would be not to add, but delete variables from the list by removing the checkboxes in front of variables.

Spreadsheet control for xPages applications (23 Jun 2011)

> In the last century
And even in the last millennium :)

Lotus Designer script debugger window vertical split (23 Jun 2011)

With the ability to change the position of the Debug window on the fly.

Integrate Lotus Workflow applications in AdminP user rename requests (23 Jun 2011)

I completely agree, rare stuff!

Allow Designer Views to be detached as windows (23 Jun 2011)

{Comment Deleted By Vlad Sh on 23-Jun-2011 20:00}

In the InputBox is impossible to catch click "Cancel" (23 Jun 2011)

Thanks, Dave!

Integrate Lotus Workflow applications in AdminP user rename requests (23 Jun 2011)

The documentation says that working AdminP with fields, which in Field Flags includes NAMES. For those fields that need to be updated, select the appropriate type of field.

AdminP has no any relation to the Lotus Workflow.
Especially that support Lotus Workflow will be over soon (or already ended?).
Withdraw this idea.

In the InputBox is impossible to catch click "Cancel" (22 Jun 2011)

I want to InputBox / InputBox$ worked by analogy with other Function / Function$: Function returns a pure Variant, and Function$ - String.

In the view-quick-search dialog, there should an "advanced search" option to find a document in the current view based on the NoteID or UNID (15 Jun 2011)

This particular feature that ordinary users do not need. Most programmers/admins can do it yourself.

Mail to all who accepted (09 Jun 2011)

Is secondary. The main thing - the idea.
Instead, nick, you can use:
<text messages>

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (06 Jun 2011)

Another variant of the agent runs in the background: { Link }
example (agent) came up with yourself ;)

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (06 Jun 2011)

That is, we have more in common than different :)
Temporarily uploaded here: { Link }

P.S. Imagine, all ordinary programmers of all post-Soviet countries are reading English literature as well as the other is almost absent :)

Smarter Decisions By DDE On View Rebuild (06 Jun 2011)


NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (06 Jun 2011)

By the way, few of us who speak English - all this "Google-Translate" :)

NotesUIWorkspace in Background Agents (06 Jun 2011)

For the current view does not know, never tried, but for the current document it works. Look here: { Link }

Notes client for wide screen (01 Jun 2011)

This must necessarily be optional.

Use backspace to undo instant corrections just like Ctrl-Z does (01 Jun 2011)

Just do not Backspace, and Shift + Backspace, as it is in the old Domino Desinner.

cursor navigation through radio button field shouldn't change value (01 Jun 2011)

To move to another field using the key Tab. Change the value of the mouse is also required.
The idea flawed.

Application open dialog using Catalog (11 May 2011)

What to do when a user works with databases on multiple servers? Server to remove from your search can not.
But I voted for.

Eclipse LotusScript editor: Correct Whitespace function (21 Apr 2011)

I use 2 blank lines between functions, otherwise everything merges and can not work normally.

Add button to Application Properties Design tab to refresh design (04 Apr 2011)

Button is not necessary, just add a field, in which to enter the server name.
You can update the design standard command from the menu "Refresh Design".

Automatic deletion archive database (04 Apr 2011)

Please, withdraw this idea

Lotus Forgot Series: Add basic development functionality back into the Notes client. (21 Mar 2011)

> We don't need a Designer client for the Mac or Linux\
That's not true.

send and file mail (09 Mar 2011)

It would be nice to have hot keys or buttons for the complete collapsing / expanding of the folder structure.

Import and export bookmarks (09 Mar 2011)

Administrators would be convenient to transfer the settings (tabs and their contents) to other computers when you install on them LN.

Drag existant mail into body of a new message (.EML?) (09 Mar 2011)

Creating attachments when you drag a file in RTF - normal behavior for the Lotus Notes, so I'm going against, if you make an exception for one particular file.

But I would have voted if the opportunity to add when you drag and, for example, pressing Ctrl, embed content, and not to create the attachment.

File and print share (04 Mar 2011)

True it relates to the functionality of Notes Client.

File and print share (04 Mar 2011)

How do I print a document in a form which has a built form that selecting and displaying documents by ShowSingleCategory? That's right - through the anus...
I support this idea!

A single dictionnary for all applications (IBM or not) (04 Mar 2011)

Must have a choice in settings outside the dictionary, and for this we must add support for all commonly used formats of dictionaries.

Ctrl-Z or Edit - Undo to undo Delete Document and undo Move to Folder (04 Mar 2011)

I am opposed because it is not standard functionality for even the operating system. We go to the recycle bin and manually restore the file - this is normal.

XPages read-write data in Oracle - SQL Server- My SQL - DB2 (21 Feb 2011)

Do not call agents, using LCConnection, from the XPages?

More time-based handling for views (16 Feb 2011)

Idea - super! Thanks!

Support the XML files XPages components, and Java deployments to a server using .NSFs (16 Feb 2011)

Yes, this is a very painful theme!!!
In addition, the developers want all embedded Java-library also worked without problems, as external.

Incorporate all the OpenNTF Mail Experience features into the standard Mail template (16 Feb 2011)

Also, please (!!!) insert fix for this problem: { Link }

Disable "instant corrections" when working on forms in Domino Designer (16 Feb 2011)

Yes! Yes! And once again yes!!!

Show app title, server and path when hovering a tab (16 Feb 2011)

Great idea, thanks!

Document level security for "delete" (16 Feb 2011)

Yes! Yes! And once again yes!
It is very necessary in order to compel a person to be at the meeting (he can remove an entry from your calendar). And there are many examples!

Convert-back / verify a Javascript-signed field (04 Feb 2011)

akin to the idea: { Link }

Window title should be evaluated after the fields are evaluated (26 Jan 2011)

John, Bas
Renamed. Thanks for the clarification!

Ability to open function in Domino Designer in a new tab window if you already have an open another function from this library (26 Jan 2011)

Suggest better: the ability to split an existing window with the script on 2 vertical/horizontal or 4 parts, such as is done in AkelPad.

Add a field for description to the roles-tab in acls (26 Jan 2011)

If u do, then it should be only for administrators, the rest of the ACL has nothing to do.

The number of displayed Working Sets (14 Jan 2011)

This is an additional click (on button "Ok"), which is not convenient.

When a user is removed from the Domino Domain and mail file is deleted remove all calendar entries where they are the chair in all mail files (13 Jan 2011)

Automatically delete - this is implicit, but because the wrong decision.
The user must in such calendar entries to see what the person was fired, and decide what to do next. Perhaps on this issue will need to communicate with another person.. removing calendar entries we do not give the ability of employees to decide.

Make Computed For Display Fields in the Form header available in the WHOLE Form (12 Jan 2011)

Vote for the adjacent idea: { Link }

Double click on frame to open content from designer (12 Jan 2011)

{ Link }

Double click on embedded element to open view or outline (12 Jan 2011)

{ Link }

New "Computed for display" field property "Calculate in backend recalculations" (21 Dec 2010)

"So I am thinking of an extra property with Computed for Display fields "Calculate in Backend"."
I think that it is necessary to correct title of this idea.

I have long wanted to say that "Save" or "Not Save" of the fields must be managed by a separate property (tick in the field of any type), similar SaveToDisk.
Thus we have:
- variations: Computed, Editable and so on,
- for all variations of fields checkbox "Store on Save" (SaveToDisk),
- Computed to have an additional checkbox: "For display", "For backend", "For ...".
That would be correct.

Reply with Stationery (19 Nov 2010)

I think that this functionality specific applications, while the sending is not the user's mail database, and from this application.

Notes Client Performance Booster (16 Nov 2010)

If you use a search on "cache.ndk", then we will see many similar ideas, so for example one of them: { Link }

Document Locking (12 Nov 2010)


> However, it now seems that you are also knocking down my ideas.
> I thought the point of this site was to put out ideas for others to vote on and add their two cents to which you have...
IBM realized very little of what is proposed here. And I do not want them to spend time on ideologically and technologically wrong decisions, which is why I am so actively vote against it.
I repeat: the right approach - is to seek the roots of problems rather than deal with the consequences. My ideas on it and been focused: { Link } , { Link } and { Link } , but few people even understand what it...

> I truly believe that enough developers/admins have been put through the ringer with document locking issues that IBM needs to address it.
Problems described by you from misuse of the functional. If done well, as I described above, they will not. With this approach, documents can be blocked only when a server crash, which happens very infrequently.
The real problem is that people do not want to understand the essence, and want their challenges decided by someone else.

> In my experiences documents don't get unlocked during a computer/Lotus Notes client crash.
Understand than a Soft-lock differs from the Hard-lock.
Soft-lock works, what each can independently verify:
1). Open any document.
2). Make dablclick on document:
- in status appears "Document successfully locked.", this suggests that the document is locked with a soft lock. You can check this by opening the Properties window (Alt+Enter) and in the list of items see $Writers и $WritersDate.
3). Demolish the Notes Client, for example, using killnotes.exe, imitating his crash, or just manually shut it processes.
4). Load the Client again and verify the same document the presence of items $Writers и $WritersDate - they will not by, because the document is automatically unlocked when crash Client.
Additional information about Soft-locking: { Link }

> Putting an icon in the view to identify locked documents is a brilliant idea.
I have in each database for that there is still a special View, selecting only the blocked documents with the action for unlocking (in case of crush server).

Document Locking (11 Nov 2010)

> There are so many bugs in document locking
Need to be remedied the underlying cause, ie those bugs.
My ideas (really reasonable) for correcting locking mechanism were almost all demoted, and now vote for to pile up hemorrhoids at each other...

Document Locking (08 Nov 2010)

Sorry, "Problem resides in the memory" read as "Server task resides in the memory".

Document Locking (08 Nov 2010)


1). To work in the user interface exists and is used SoftLock-blocking, that is, documents are unlocked automatically when client or computer crashes. All other processes can be (and should, especially for the transition on the web) converted to run on the server (notesAgetn.RunOnServer command).
2). The agent will seek out and unlock the only locked an hour before the documents. You can increase this time. Problem resides in the memory, and the agent up and running very short time.
By the way blocked documents can be marked in the views of any icon - it will be immediately noticeable.
A user who locked the document can also remove the block.
3). To control the visibility of the button and access its functionality to add the group to the ACL is not needed. Simply add the group to the Address Book on server, and a formula to hide the Action from any database can use the code:
!@Member(@UserName; @ExpandNameList(@DbName[1]; "MyGroupName"))

Document Locking (08 Nov 2010)

Jochen Sack
Anything you want can be done easily, I wrote about above:
Want to unlock documents automatically on the server, write an agent who will do it 1 time per hour.
Want to have a certain group of people (editors) could unlock the documents - give the group the ability to run agents on the server, access to the visibility of a special action, and when it is pressed, call the same agent with RunOnServer.

Document Locking (05 Nov 2010)

My opinion - you need to develop applications so that documents are properly unlock themselves at the end of a process.
I am categorically against the first paragraph - this is contrary to the ideology of access; sense from a lock, if it can remove another regular user?

Want to unlock documents automatically on the server, write an agent who will do it 1 time per hour.
Want to have a certain group of people (editors) could unlock the documents - give the group the ability to run agents on the server, access to the visibility of a special action, and when it is pressed, call the same agent with RunOnServer.
That's all you can do yourself in 10 minutes.

Extend allow screen captures and images to the limited-use entitlement (28 Oct 2010)

Ugh! And the truth .. I apologize.

In 8.5.2 if you drag more than 1 message from a view to the explorer, all them should be exported as eml (right now only 1 document is exported) (28 Oct 2010)

A similar idea: { Link }

Extend allow screen captures and images to the limited-use entitlement (28 Oct 2010)

Use the search, the idea has already been: { Link }

Using XPages Data (27 Oct 2010)

Hi Kendra.
Seems to be yes :) "nine" = 2009.
Yet it can be seen in the exercises (8) and then in a presentation: { Link }

Using XPages Data (26 Oct 2010)

Video by development can be found on YouTube, serial, called "Notes in nine".

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey (26 Oct 2010)

I wonder if it was universal, that is, for all design elements, but most need a context (data).
It has limited use - only for agents that run on the server, otherwise is needed DocumentContext.

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey (26 Oct 2010)

If you click on the icon "Debug LotusScript" and in the shortcut menu on agent choose "Start", it will not be enough?

Why Xpages? (25 Oct 2010)

Because IBM chose the direction of product evolution, this says it all.
Plus XPages that development for the client and the web is the same.
Cons - still limited ability controls, compared even with the Notes Client.
Video by development can be found on YouTube, serial, called "Notes in nine".
This is all very well, but as we say in technical forums: "Before the advent of Eclipse and XPages Dmino Designer behind the advanced development tools for 10 years. Now it has become better - it lags for 5 years." If you look at the power of Silverlight and WPF, we can see the size of the backlog in eternity, and the level of IDE (for developer) and capabilities of UI-controls (for users)...

Banners for ideaJam (25 Oct 2010)

You do not see this banner?
I'm talking about what he enormous size, aggressive look on a white background - is angry, as any cheap advertising.

Break up server document / configuration into functional components (23 Oct 2010)

The dialogue just does not need; for examle: we see what has now become a terrible "Edit Location..." on the Notes Client.

Banners for ideaJam (23 Oct 2010)

Banner in ideas, referring to { Link } have already got! I doubt very much that this is someone like

Replica creation (23 Oct 2010)

Creating a replica in Domino Administrator is miserable..
Dialogue must be the same as in the Notes-client.

Check receipient access to doclinks/db links when a user sends email to Notes users (23 Oct 2010)

I vote for, but only if such an ability to make optional.

Ability to save to log everything that is output in the status bar (22 Oct 2010)

Lotus Notes - a framework for working with databases, and why somewhere to climb on the file system and search for some files? Log analysis code is also tied to the files?
It is not appropriate.
Should be:
1. working in the settings is ticked "Enable Logging";
2. suppose, for example, this tick leads to the following settings in the notes.ini:

allow copying from the status bar history (21 Oct 2010)

My alternative idea: { Link }

Remove system error "Invalid Selection" from lotusscript function PickListCollection (07 Oct 2010)

already: { Link }
Withdrawn this idea.

Enable compression of images and graphics (05 Oct 2010)

Compression and resizing - not the same thing.
I am opposed to the compression is performed automatically, since This leads to a reduction in image quality. I'm much more important quality than file size.

For traditional Notes design elements show the properties box in stead of the Outline panel (05 Oct 2010)

I'm against it, because I like it the properties dialog.
On the normal, setting should be "show window of the properties or not".

Shortcut key for the sametime screen capture tool (29 Sep 2010)


Why then did not tie to Sametime speech recognition systems and hundreds of other programs? Then install anything will not have to :-)

Shortcut key for the sametime screen capture tool (29 Sep 2010)

In most cases, lack of standard keyboard shortcuts Windows:
PrtSc - copy the entire screen;
Alt+PrtSc - copy the current window / dialog box;
Ctrl+C in a message box - copy to clipboard text of message.
For more compound cases, there are free analogs of the software.

Save directly into a Notes database (29 Sep 2010)

Quickr - a product that is specifically designed for storing files. For most databases, such behavior will be detrimental (their arguments I described above).
I saw no real arguments to support this idea, because voting against.

NotesDesignNote class (28 Sep 2010)

... and signature design elements.
Required a method to remove compiled code items for the corresponding element of design.

Save directly into a Notes database (28 Sep 2010)

Databases are different, the forms in them are different. There are forms without RuchText field. For most of the forms is not enough of attached files, you must complete a number of fields. A logic of some applications does not imply such manipulations...
How do you propose to do this? Just an idea without implementation is not enough to vote for.

Independence application windows LND from each other (27 Sep 2010)

I agree. But my idea - it is something more: not only dialogue, but also the independence of the applications from each other.

LotusSctript: GetThreadInfo(LSI_THREAD_CALLPROC) if is called from the first procedure in the stack must return an empty string. (27 Sep 2010)

What we see on the link - a primitive implementation, where hundreds of the network.
I did not see the problem in GetThreadInfo (LSI_THREAD_CALLPROC), the problem in the implementation.
Wrote one class in the method call recording error information is transmitted the text to which you can write the name of the current class, ie, TypeName(Me), as well as the option "to go up the stack or not".
Inside the method used LSI_info(12).

But LSI_THREAD_CALLPROC and Lsi_info (12) should return "" to the very top of the procedure, so I vote for.

Use last used server as default server in Open Application dialog box (27 Sep 2010)

Such ideas were, but I still vote for.
I propose that the server is taken from the field "Domino directory server" of a current location. If it is empty, then substitute the last used server.

Give the ability to change own profile (20 Sep 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Give the ability to change own profile (20 Sep 2010)

{Comment Deleted By Vlad Sh on 20-Sep-2010 11:53}

Give the ability to change own profile (20 Sep 2010)

Something apparently corrected, because that really has to edit profile, previous attempts at all for all time that I registered here, been unsuccessful. Thank you.

Test message sent to your address with the subject "Test coming mail from VladSh".

In any case, please check profile Angelo Pampalone, as he supported my idea, perhaps he has the same problem.

The idea of withdrawing.


Mark ideas as Implemented (20 Sep 2010)

Yes, Matt, thank you!
But then need to be the button or hyperlink to report on such ideas administrator.
I think so.


Number the options listed in the Additional Options section of Preferences (15 Sep 2010)

Yes. Many people, even programmers who prefer not to enter into this sheet settings..

Number the options listed in the Additional Options section of Preferences (14 Sep 2010)

I am in favor of these options are divided into groups, such as options for dialogue...
Option "Enable persistent breakpoints in LotusScript debugger" could be moved at all in the Domino Designer's option, as a ordinary user does not need them. And so on.

Color Picker For Designer (10 Sep 2010)

I for, but.. Peter, these ideas were in bulk...

Display a list of design elements while navigating through the view "Applications" (08 Sep 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Standalone Domino Designer Client (07 Sep 2010)

Jüri, I fully support!

* Notes client crashes won't affect running Designer!
Clients often fall or, for example, when visiting a long time in the debugger, somewhere within an hour debugger is not turn on - need to restart Notes and Designer, which is a long time.
These situations a lot.

Strange messages when using the Designer in the project, containing only the code LotusScript (03 Sep 2010)

You can imagine that tens-hundreds of thousands of users do not speak english? Naturally, none of them will go on some english-language websites and make phone calls, even for me it is a problem..
IBM representative of our country was removed from his responsibilities (reception bugs from users, the translation into english and placing them where necessary) early in the 2000's. Therefore refer to them does not make sense. The most that can be heard in response: "Wait for the next service pack."

With regard to this idea, it is not to engage in sophistry, such as "click on one of the links to support / help" and so on, and take note of the bug as soon as possible to issue a correction.
I doubt very much that no one has seen these errors, because they periodically come up for about a year. This just shows how the company treat to such things (as I mentioned earlier), and what it prioritizes...

Launching Lotus Symphony in the 8.5.2 client hangs tightly (03 Sep 2010)

You can imagine that tens-hundreds of thousands of users do not speak english? Naturally, none of them will go on some english-language websites and make phone calls, even for me it is a problem..
IBM representative of our country was removed from his responsibilities (reception bugs from users, the translation into english and placing them where necessary) early in the 2000's. Therefore refer to them does not make sense. The most that can be heard in response: "Wait for the next service pack."

With regard to this idea, it is not to engage in sophistry, such as "click on one of the links to support / help" and so on, and take note of the bug as soon as possible to issue a correction.

RunWithDocumentContext not work when run from LotusScript (03 Sep 2010)

A small clarification: I do not want an answer from IBM, I just report a bug. If IBM is not interested in correcting it, even if you put a message about it in twenty places, then nothing will change. If interested, you can find and take note of any open source, the more that the source about products of IBM, that is not even have to look for.
I prefer to use open source in a convenient place to me because I do not need to be further somewhere else to register, and it sees and knows everything, and then let each of us draws his conclusions. Hence, my main idea - to fix bugs, and only then ideas. Or rather, what kind of realization of the ideas can be discussed if the product is full of bugs?..

Form Property to exclude from FT Indexing (02 Sep 2010)

For this in the Form and Subform properties have long had a special option "Do not add field names to field index".
For old design elements it is not actual, but for XPages - may be... so I vote neither for nor against.

Standardize Definition of Application (26 Aug 2010)

Databases and have been renamed due to the emergence of composite applications!
I propose that the database and is now called "databases", and applications - "applications".

ideajam ideas - Lotusphere (20 Aug 2010)

Totally agree! The problem is lack of feedback.
I know several large communities of Lotus-developers and users of the post-Soviet countries that did not come here, they say (verbatim): "All the major, including on critical issues, it was proposed in 2007-2008, but almost none of This was not implemented. This site is long dead and useless."

There are other problems. For example the fact that IBM does not expend any funds for the translation of literature (even in electronic form) for developers in our language, they say (I heard it just yesterday): "technologies are developing so fast that it makes no sense to translate them" . We book markets are full of literature on the latest development technologies from Microsoft, it means that their products do not develop? This is ridiculous. And sad...

inbox: newest first (20 Aug 2010)

I was not too hard, because View sort each column by Date in reverse order this one-time operation, but I vote for, because it rightly.

Cleanup process for mystery problems (20 Aug 2010)

Everything except "delete cache.ndk", is dangerous. I will refrain.
Although, if it be so, as suggested by Bruce, I would not mind.

ideajam ideas - Lotusphere (20 Aug 2010)

David, if it is necessary constantly to refer to someone, then why would this site?!

If it is created, it is logical that his reading and take some decisions, and therefore it would be nice if the discussion was here, not even in ten places... It is also necessary to change the status to "In Progress", if IBM took the idea to the development and the "Realized" if implemented.

xpage: display categorized views (20 Aug 2010)

Withdraw, this idea has already been: { Link }

Agent visibility based on roles (11 Aug 2010)

What does not suit the Security tab ("Default access for viewing and running this agent") to the agent properties?

In the view-quick-search dialog, there should an "advanced search" option to find a document in the current view based on the NoteID or UNID (11 Aug 2010)

Users of this is unnecessary.

Administrator / developer can easily write your agent:
Dim NS As New NotesSession
Dim NA As NotesAgent
Dim ND As NotesDocument

UNID $ = Inputbox ("Required document UNID:", "", "")
If UNID $ = "" Then Exit Sub

Set NA = NS.CurrentAgent

4091 On Error Resume Next
Set ND = NA.Parent.GetDocumentByUNID (UNID $)
If ND Is Nothing Then
Msgbox (Required document (UNID = ") + UNID $ + (") not found in the current database!),, "Lotus Notes ..."
Set NUIWS = New NotesUIWorkspace
Call NUIWS.EditDocument (False, ND,,,, False)
End If
which is easy to hide from other users access settings.
Inherit it to all databases.

Open the workspace or a workspace page in New Window (09 Aug 2010)

{ Link }

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (29 Jul 2010)

Hi Mark,

If HTTP is not used?

And if in the Server Document (Server Tasks -> Agent Manager) in the field "Max concurrent agents" is set to 1?

Conditions of performance (and settings) can be different. I think that if someone uses a functional in the specific conditions and has a problem, it does not mean that others will as well.

It may of course be you are right...
But I have for years used that documentation to the 30% does not correspond to reality, and there is already some personal experience.
And also we know how IBM responds to questions (which they support) - this is sad...

Select Multiple Documents in the view using LS (29 Jul 2010)

Yes. But most importantly for this:
NotesUIView.SelectDocuments(formula As String)

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (28 Jul 2010)

> Leo St-Jacques: "Not thread safe" means that this call cannot be used safely in a multi-threaded processing environment.

In LotusScript, to my knowledge, not implemented multithreading. This would apply to Java, but there is no such function.

Perhaps these bugs because they use Dom.Doc, Lotus Workflow? Moreover, these products will not be supported...

Indeed thousands of developers use this feature, and no one has no problems were observed. I have always used this function in large projects, there were no problems.

Select Multiple Documents in the view using LS (28 Jul 2010)

Would be more useful:
NotesUIView.SelectDocuments (formula$)
then get a NotesDocumentCollection!..
But I vote for.

Allow Administrator the termination of running Java Agents (27 Jul 2010)

And if the logic of an agent involves a simultaneous change of multiple documents? How will you identify and correct the situation when the change, not all documents are current "transaction"?
Need a clear algorithm (at Domino), which determines the agent hangs or works.

Lotus Script: record call history for for informative debugging (27 Jul 2010)

LSI_THREAD_... - this old functions. Why not use Lsi_info(14)?

Merge votes of identical ideas. (18 Jul 2010)

Another suggestion - not to create identical ideas, if any - delete.

Make it easy to select a preferred colorset for the framework. (09 Jul 2010)

There is such a thing: { Link }

Able to select and insert more than one Signature in Lotus Notes client (08 Jul 2010)

This functionality is in the mail template OpenNTF Mail Experience.

Include mini progress bar in workspace icons (new workspace) (07 Jul 2010)

and this is all on one icon of the database? :)))
uhm knowingly.

Include mini progress bar in workspace icons (new workspace) (06 Jul 2010)

@4: Replicator with open automatically, and you can watch the proceedings.
The whole thing only in the appearance of icons? Maybe it's good, but I believe in LND is more pressing ideas that are close to the critical...

Include mini progress bar in workspace icons (new workspace) (06 Jul 2010)

It is known only for the current client, that is when the client starts the replication manually. When he does, the move of replication and so visible in the progress bar, so it is also not necessary.
Moreover, the user most of my time working in the databases, rather than considering how beautiful glitter icons...

Include mini progress bar in workspace icons (new workspace) (06 Jul 2010)

And why should the user know what's going on replication? What is it you?
In my opinion this is extra functionality, which will overload the Notes client as well as the need to constantly send requests to the server to obtain information about the beginning / end of replication.

Ability to merge change and to realtime show updates on the form when content changes. (05 Jul 2010)

I think it should be done only when the document is in the mode for reading, and that - optional.
I do not relish the prospect of what I typed text will be overwritten updated text.

Handling of conflict situations (UI) (02 Jul 2010)


The agent will not be able to do this, because when translating the document into edit mode is blocked.
This functionality may be good for XPages, but in my opinion, for the forms it is redundant.

P.S. It is necessary to read all 3 of my ideas and evaluate the complex, all thought out and it will work, the main thing - to realize... While I understand that those who vote against it, just do not have experience with this functionality to properly assess the ideas, the other assumptions I have not.

Grant access to create databases/replicas on a server IN A DESIGNATED DIRECTORY (29 Jun 2010)


2. It happens that the user has remained a local replica of the old agents. It creates a replica on the server and agent (has the right, as signed by the server) starts to work - it can change the data from other databases, it can be adapted to the old model of the data, ie break the new data model. These errors are subtle, more difficult to correct them later...

Folder option: date a document was added to the folder (29 Jun 2010)

Established baskets used in primitive applications, where no means a multi-user work. In normal applications use a basket of its own design. It is well known.
In principle, this option is possible, but that it can be off and it was turned off by default.

Grant access to create databases/replicas on a server IN A DESIGNATED DIRECTORY (29 Jun 2010)

I am opposed because:
1. Starts the uncontrolled creation of databases / replicas on the server and free space in the server's disk subsystem, designed for the required databases, may be occupied by user.
2. This increases the vulnerability of the server, because might be possible to run the agents, who are currently (already) can not run.

Allow restore Of Deletion Stubs (29 Jun 2010)

If allowed to recover, it means somewhere to store information about them, that is not removed stubs at all?

Tip of the day (25 Jun 2010)

David, many people on the security policy of the company is not allowed internet access. Such companies have many.

Graceful termination of agents that run longer than server time limit (24 Jun 2010)

Good idea, but I think that it will be useful not only for the LS-agents, but also for Java.

Folder option: date a document was added to the folder (23 Jun 2010)

View can not display the data not contained in the document, ie, by placing the document in a folder, this option should be to record the date in the document. For other databases, an additional source of conflicts, so I vote against it.
You can make your own (programmatically) write the date in the document on addition.

Problems of locking mechanism (UI) (15 Jun 2010)

Something can be solved as follows: { Link }
but something like this (I wrote there something that just about): { Link }
Any other ideas? Of course it would be great. Thank you!

Problems of locking mechanism (UI) (10 Jun 2010)

Thank you for your vote and comment, Peter.
1. If IBM will not support the UI, based on the Forms, you have officially reported this state, then we will not spend time with each other.
2. If XPages will work in the Notes client, and interface documents will be built on XPages, then the above problems are also possible, because mechanism, one(?) What meaning to write a second mechanism for XPages? In my opinion, better to refine the mechanism so that it worked in Forms and in XPages.

Handling of conflict situations (UI) (10 Jun 2010)

The first sentence was not able to translate ...

"If document locking is enabled and a user opens a document in read mode they get a warning..."
This I know - this is not the situation. The situation, of which I speak (described in first paragraph) is indeed possible, that is very bad.
For some applications, the conflicts are not allowed in principle, this message allows the user to perform actions not provided for the application and the developer can not affect it, which is also very bad.

Handling of conflict situations (UI) (08 Jun 2010)

I described the reasons why I propose. This is indeed a problem and it can be solved quite elegantly.
Serious question, so I'd like to see the reasons why you vote against it.

Open a profile document in a dialogbox (08 Jun 2010)

Do you have this code not working? I'm working.
What is the idea?

Don't prompt me to remove a database from DDE if I don't have access to it (04 Jun 2010)

Both hands vote for!

Open embedded view on form/page in edit mode in Designer with double-click (27 May 2010)

Why create ideas that have been?
{ Link }

Replace inch for pixels/percentage throughout Designer (26 May 2010)

This is taken from the operating system settings. I should "Metric (centimeters), and I like. Pixels are topical for web-design, but there it can be controlled using HTML/CSS.

Improve options to open application in a browser (25 May 2010)

{ Link }

Clear product plans for IBM templates distributed via OpenNTF (20 May 2010)

Once I corrected the bugs in the mail template and some that have implemented, in response - nothing! It seems nobody do not need...
Here's the link: { Link }

User initiates action that runs under server or admin credentials (19 May 2010)

Give users access to run agents on server (in document of server) and run agents (including those that run on a schedule) with RunOnServer.

Delete cache.ndk on starting Notes (14 May 2010)

I think that cleaning the cache when you start to only during debugging, and then not always. That is the best option would be a parameter in the notes.ini. A global solution - to make the container of code (or configurations) that will be executed when you start the client.

View: Copy style from view... AFTER creation (14 May 2010)

Theo, it's a paid product. I think that this functionality should be for granted.

Allow to adjust the size of the indent in the code (12 May 2010)

Status changed to Withdrawn

Allow to adjust the size of the indent in the code (12 May 2010)

Thank you, Per!
Close this idea.

Allow to adjust the size of the indent in the code (07 May 2010)

By the way, this setting is in a text editor AkelPad. Correctly calculated and for TrueType-fonts. The project is Open Source.

create multiple fields wizard function (05 May 2010)

So you can specify the field names, well, maybe even a couple of other properties. All properties are still set to be impossible, it will be the same setting properties, as in the field. Is that set for all the same properties?..
Generally I do not see the point to develop an alternative mechanism to specify properties for the fields.

Use of class in default HTML rendering of design elements, particularly views (27 Apr 2010)

Agreed. But the names of the classes are very large, which unnecessarily increases the amount of HTML-code, in my opinion they should be reduced.

Add new option in "show database" command to show the number of conflicts (27 Apr 2010)

The easiest way - to add a View in which select all conflict documents; as actually we do. This View to inherite to all databases.
But I vote for.

easy way to remove document history from design elements (27 Apr 2010)

A simple way to replace a item value - to overwrite it (ReplaceItemValue). In order to value in $UpdatedBy changed, you need to enter under the user who will be prescribed in this item, and execute this code.

Directory lookups by lastname should be lastname<comma> <space>firstname (26 Apr 2010)

I followed your advice and created the idea { Link }
Thank you!

Directory lookups by lastname should be lastname<comma> <space>firstname (24 Apr 2010)

An extra comma there. By the standards of post-Soviet countries, no commas should not be, this is nonsense.

Allow Custom Contols on Xpages from Different Databases (23 Apr 2010)

The option "Inherit from refresh or replace to modify" is present in this Custom Contols just as in any element of design. Thus, you can use these controls in different databases.
I do not understand what this idea.

Hide fields properties in the document properties. (07 Apr 2010)

IMHO, a good solution - show the tab with the fields and their properties regardless of the hide of design, but only for the level of access "Developer" or above.

Autosave for Domino Designer (07 Apr 2010)

With a Note well. Otherwise, to do this option in the settings.

"Run On Server" Action in Agent design element listing (30 Mar 2010)

@ 4
IMHO, a complete solution will be, if combined with { Link } :)

"Run On Server" Action in Agent design element listing (29 Mar 2010)

Yes, it would be useful for debugging.

Sample forms to pick from when you are creating a new form. (26 Mar 2010)

I'm too old Notes developer and I need to catch up! ))

The main thing - do not lose the support of the old and the working of the functional, while they implement new.
And will it work everywhere? This is a question...

Sample forms to pick from when you are creating a new form. (26 Mar 2010)

Hi Carl,

Agree, 100%! Therefore, and voted!

P.S. I see that many have already voted against the ideas of pure Lotus... on how much they have a great desire that the IBM has improve only XPages ))

Sample forms to pick from when you are creating a new form. (26 Mar 2010)

Something like I have suggested here: { Link }

Copy As Link to Frameset (including with LotusScript) (24 Mar 2010)

Yes. And it would have: { Link }

(import) HTML 5 in RichText (22 Mar 2010)

For many years, it has not changed; it seems that for IBM, this is a daunting or even impossible task.

notesDocument.GetItemText( itemName$ ) (19 Mar 2010)

@ Michael
I do not mind. Percentage of implementation of our ideas is very small (ideas so many that will last for a couple of products such as Lotus Notes :) ), so think what is more priority.

Go back to the Inbox after deleting a message (19 Mar 2010)

"Instead he should be brought back to the ... Folder from where he opened that mail"

a new methode like notesDocument.AppendItemValue to add values to already existing items (19 Mar 2010)

Then add a methods AppendValueToItem and AppendValueToItemUnique. I think it will be useful!

notesDocument.GetItemText( itemName$ ) (19 Mar 2010)


In the header message was nothing about NotesRTItem. There are GetFormattedText, GetUnformattedText, @Abstract, @AbstractSimple.

"1. is not available in COM/OLE"
notesSession.Evaluate(...) must work.

"2. your formula will return an string array"
nothing prevents us from turning it into text using Implode/@Implode :)

If you do, so must then not only the method returns the Text and Numbers, Dates ... but I think such ideas were already here.

notesDocument.GetItemText( itemName$ ) (17 Mar 2010)

textScalar = Cstr(NotesDocument.GetItemValue(ItemName$)(0))
textArray = Evaluate(|@Text(| & ItemName$ & |)|, NotesDocument)

TypeAhead for LotusScript Libraries (16 Mar 2010)

Thanks a lot! I did not know about ...

TypeAhead for LotusScript Libraries (11 Mar 2010)

Ralf Petter
When I write "Use" and put a space, then nothing happens, but should appear a window with a list of all libraries in the current database, so you can choose the one you want. And what do you mean?

ACL profiles that let you select default acl for a database (10 Mar 2010)

An alternative solution could be an indication of the properties of the database name of the template from which to inherit the ACL. Or, utility in the Domino Administrator to copy the ACL from the selected database.

Store "Applications" and "Working Sets" in a NSF (23 Feb 2010)

There have been several related ideas: { Link } , { Link } ,
{ Link } . Must do something...

Make 'Shared Action' in to stand alone design elements (19 Feb 2010)

I implore you, do it at last!

New mail notification for a mail in database or shared mail database (16 Feb 2010)

True whether the chosen IdeaSpace?

@IsEditor (08 Feb 2010)

{ Link }

Copy As Plain Text option in Rich Text Field (08 Feb 2010)

I love AkelPad with plagins and scripts ;)

New design element for code "Open segment" (05 Feb 2010)

I also doubt it. This is to clear the conscience)
XPages - good, but their normal support for the Notes client will not soon, that is their major industrial use is impossible.

"What's Hot" must be Hot! (05 Feb 2010)

The fact that there are now - well. But it is not hot ideas (in the sense of "hot").
How many of us that are based on the principle of forums?

"What's Hot" must be Hot! (03 Feb 2010)

Thank you, Bruce, I read.
What can I say: I also thought about the evaluation of ideas, but by quality, otherwise it will lead to the discarding of ideas by skin color. Now I think that all this is difficult (everyone their opinions on the correctness and so on...). Must be some kind of optimum, which would suit everyone. While I do not know any of his acquaintances, who would be comfortable current "What's Hot".
What do we have? We have kinds of Popular, Most Comments, Recent Comments, but it is static. No dynamics, which should be in the hot ideas!
I propose the principle of forums, in my opinion, it there would be more appropriate, fairly easy to implement and easy to use!

Display Mail Sent notification in the rich client just like in iNotes (29 Jan 2010)

It is pointless for two reasons:
1. Lotus within the server sends the message almost instantaneously.
2. It is implemented entirely different principle - the default is that all messages are sent successfully, if for some reason is not sent you this will be notified. For example, if the mailbox outside the recipient is not found, then the server will perform a certain number of attempts, as he needs this for some time... And so on.
Because I vote against, I and my colleagues do not have confirmation of the obvious.

Access to image files, located in database documents from computed-text html (21 Jan 2010)

One should just replace the old Netscape engine to something more reasonable and all the related problems go away by themselves. I think that this is not done, because with the advent XPages will refuse buggy Notes-UI. But I will support this idea.

Create a Skype Connector for Sametime Client (21 Jan 2010)

Alternatively: { Link }

Open 2nd AdminClient instance (18 Jan 2010)

"Open in new window" function in the Notes Client is useless because anyway you can not open the same database twice (for example, a journal-View with the working papers and reference-View). Here's an idea! IMHO.

The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks (15 Jan 2010)

If now in Composite applications, all sharpened by a ReplicaID, then let it be a replica, but that it can be set (eg taken from profile settings)!

Generic filter in views (04 Dec 2009)

Thank. I just do not want to open a new idea; but will :)

"optionally" audit user activity in log.nsf (04 Dec 2009)

Moreover, it is "optionally".

But a lot of unnecessary; I would have left:
* user/server(also on execution of agents) errors
* user deletes a database
* user change ACL
* password is invalid (? doubt...)
* user sends an email (to whom and the subject and Date) - but only when the letter goes beyond the organization.

Generic filter in views (04 Dec 2009)

Also be able to choose several links on similar ideas.

The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks (04 Dec 2009)

> But unfortunatly nothing happend until now :-(
100%! :-(

> What about specifying the vew name too?
With the embedding if we set tick "Choose a View based on a formula", then the event "Embeded selection" described "Formula", where varying the name.
All have long been well implemented in the Outlines, there is 3 fields:
- Formula for kind of named element;
- Formula for database;
- Formula for name of named element.
I do not know, why not use the same mechanism?! Probably because IBM no longer positioned LND as a platform for development of workflow, unfortunately ... :-(

The Insert Embedded view dialog should use a db open instead of bookmarks (04 Dec 2009)

{ Link }

Generic filter in views (04 Dec 2009)

"Some of these values should be multivalue (status, ideaspace, ...)."
This is an excellent suggestion.

Even I wanted to values in the "Link to another idea" can choose from different IdeaSpaces.

Replicator fully managed manually (03 Dec 2009)

Yes, apparently you're right, thank you! Please excuse the tongue-tied - with the language problem...)

Change the sorting of ideas in Recent and Popular. (03 Dec 2009)

By number of votes can indirectly judge the quality of ideas. Assessment - this is good, but difficult; should we so complicated?
In my opinion the main thing to know that these ideas will be implemented IBM, otherwise it all becomes a game: how many points someone has earned...

Change the sorting of ideas in Recent and Popular. (03 Dec 2009)

Another offer.
"Top Innovators" show not by count of ideas, but by count of votes, that is, to graduation was not on the number and quality of ideas.
In "What's Hot" show the most discussed ideas; it is not clear on what principle they are displayed now.
I would like to see a list of ideas that IBM will realize or who are now in the implementation.

Dynamic Array Initialization Check (03 Dec 2009)

Dim ARR As Variant

If ... Then
'Work with array
Redim ARR(0)
'Don't work with array
End If

Print IsEmpty(ARR)

If you have DDE 8.5x installed and choose "view agents" from the Notes client DO NOT launch DDE (03 Dec 2009)

At the expense of the Notes client, I doubt it... Work with agents - this is still the task administrator.
My idea: { Link }

Workspace Icons: Choose any image file type as background (02 Dec 2009)

Where, then display the number of unread documents and check the transition to replicas on other servers? This information can merge with the background picture.

NotesNewsletter improvements (02 Dec 2009)

My suggestion: SubjectItemName rename or add a new method SubjectFormula, where to transmit @-formula for generate Subject. Here is the greatest limitation.

Prevent user-preferences dialog (27 Nov 2009)

Necessary determine which settings are critical to change. If you do not allow the user to change, for example "Default font ...", it is not serious.
The idea is good, but the problem is much deeper and harder it will be to implement.

Save results of Recompile All LotusScript (27 Nov 2009)

There is a "Monitoring Results", but this too seemed not something ...
RALS needed purely for the developer team. I do not know whether to impose this additional essence for storage (database) .. but in any case the work RALS with conservation outcomes - it is good.
If these records will be displayed in the "Problems" is excellent! Under this option, you will not need an additional protocol to the opening of the design elements in Domino Designer (I think that the notes :// protocol will not be able to do this).
If the tab "Problems" will be the interface to display the results of RALS (reports), then we must be able to choose these reports (from different developers and dates...).

Save results of Recompile All LotusScript (27 Nov 2009)

By default can specify log.nsf on Local; if there is a setting that allows to specify another database, it will be fine. Collecting such information for all the developers in one place I think is right.

Rename Lotusscript Functions and variables and auto-update all references (26 Nov 2009)

I agree, but let a record of all substitutions (occurrence) is stored in log.nsf.

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (26 Nov 2009)

@ Rob
> 1) I have started (but not finished) the implementation of a multiple signature in the mail-template
Is ready (based on ONTF code).

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (26 Nov 2009)

Previous link was to part 2, sorry. Part 1 here: { Link }

Help IBM with the improvement of Notes (26 Nov 2009)

A lot of pain in these lines...

@ 6) Tom Van Aken
> I'm not sure about this, but I do hope that IBM has some coding standards for Lotus applications.
Judging from the mail template, it appeared that his students wrote: haphazardly named variables, a lot of global variables in each library, and even a few NotesSession and NotesUIWorkspace within one library ... about any standards even the question.

> Are the community members willing to follow these standards instead of their own.
This is not a problem if they were...
When something interesting was this question, because I developed my: { Link } (at the bottom there is a link to continue). It's the old standards, and, sorry, they are in Russian, but Googlle translate can give at least some idea..
The main thing in the standards did not even name the variables and elements of design, and the presence of logic.

Now I took as a basis for "OpenNTF Mail Experience (R8.5)" and corrected:
- Fixed an old bug: when BackEnd-creating (from another database) of letters and opening of his on-screen field Body overwrited signature. Written for the class hierarchy to insert a signature in the FrontEnd and BackEnd.
- Fixed a bug cleaning Quick Stuff.
- Many improvements in the contacts (Person card).
- Unification of the main global variables, some libraries.
If it's someone needs...

Save results of Recompile All LotusScript (26 Nov 2009)

As to the location to save the results...
I believe that if recompiled database:
- is located on Local then save the results in log.nsf on Local;
- is located on Server then save the results in log.nsf on Server. Because it will be possible to collect this information from agent, if required.

Save results of Recompile All LotusScript (26 Nov 2009)

Excellent! Then after RALS open the received document on the screen, so as not to look for it in the log manually.

Remove all workspace icons that refer to a selected server at once (26 Nov 2009)

As developer, I do not work in local replicas, because it becomes useless to use the lock design elements when working in a team.

If the server is eliminated, then this feature would be useful.
If the server is eliminated and user is transferred to another server, it would be useful for desktop icons indicate new server. Icons of databases that are not found by ReplicaiD, should be removed.

List New programming features in What's New Section (25 Nov 2009)

Also very necessary in Designer Help were "What's New" for each version (a separate category), and not only for the latter!

Rewrite Trim / FullTrim function (25 Nov 2009)

@ Bruce

Show documents from many databases in one view. (24 Nov 2009)

The idea is good, but initially the view can display information from only one database, so I doubt there ever will be done.
Previously proposed to do this with Java-applets, but it is very tedious .. Now we all hope for XPage. It seems that the old technology eventually will no longer be supported.

Support for workspace using drag and drop (24 Nov 2009)

Colleagues, thank you for your additions!
In any case, put the application icon in place under the mouse pointer. If this place is occupied, then put the application icon in free space, located right-below.
This should be supported and when you open a database on Ctrl+O.

Lock the toolbars (24 Nov 2009)

@3 Exporting/Importing custom toolbars - excellent idea!
Both hands I will vote for, as is the need.

Support events on embedded view (23 Nov 2009)

> NotesDatabase.UnprocessedDocuments

IMHO, would be more correct to use notesUIView.Documents (for multy doc's selected) and NUIV.CaretNoteID.

Add a optional parameter REFItemName for work with hierarchies of responses (23 Nov 2009)

Hi, Peter.

We can do custom hierarchy, that is to build the hierarchy of types of responses to a different field that has a special type of "Response Reference List" with a value in the form of 32-byte number.

In the view of simply redefined item, which by default ($REF), for example, before SELECT in the view selecting formula write:
DEFAULT $REF := $RefCustom
This enables the formation of different hierarchies, for various dependencies.

So, to create such a field (type of "Response Reference List") necessary to copy now $REF somewhere, then do makeResponse another "parent", rename, resulting in $REF to $RefCustom (or another name) and then return the old $REF in place ...
And in order to get all the "child's" to the "parent" of $RefCustom, must either create an additional view to the selection by UNID or use notesDatabase.Search, that differently, but still affects the performance is not improved.
I proposed setting and functionality techniques could elegantly solve these problems.

I apologize for my English.


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