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Provide unconference space and let us run it

: Lotusphere / lotusphere unconference
: lotusphere, unconference
Dan Sickles1710 - 09 2008 / (2)
: Open
A few folks have suggested space for unconference sessions. Let them organize the unconference on the fly. IBM would just provide the space....and coffee.

Document life-cycle events for design notes

: Domino Designer / events
: events
Dan Sickles1710 - 22 2007 / (0)
: Open
QueryOpen, PostOpen, QuerySave, QueryClose etc. for all design elements. The would make all kinds of tools much easier to develop.

Implement Javascript 1.8 and E4X in the forthcoming Javascript/JVM engine

: Domino Designer / javascript xml
: javascript, xml
Dan Sickles1710 - 26 2007 / (1)
: Open
It's clear from Lotsusphere abstract AD208 that the Javscript on JVM engine that we knew from Workplace Designer will be in a future version of Notes. This will include the Notes back end classes and Eclipse/Expeditor UI classes. I don't know what version of Javascript/ECMAScript is supported so here ...

dxl, html, rss/atom and json methds on notes objects

: Domino Designer / html dxl rss atom json
: html, dxl, rss, atom, json
Dan Sickles1710 - 09 2007 / (0)
: Open
All with appropriate parameters.
doc.html() view.html() doc.dxl() form.dxl() doc.rss()  view.atom() doc.json() outline.json() etc...
along with Axel's XPath idea:
forall x in o.dxl(<xpath>)...
import/constructor methods would be nice too.

Lotusscript console/shell

: Domino Designer / lotusscript shell
: lotusscript, shell
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (1)
: Open
A console/shell for Lotusscript. That's all. In Designer and optionally embeddable in applications. We're gonna use Groovy, JRuby, Jython and Rhino too. I use python now...but only because the Lotusscript shell isn't available yet.
This and the dynamic/functional ideas posted here would give us a very powerful real-time tool.

Iterable data folder

: Domino Designer / notesdbdirectory iterator lotusscript
: notesdbdirectory, iterator, lotusscript
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (0)
: Open
Make it simple to process databases by folder. NotesDBDirectory needs ti disappear under something simpler..
Apps03 = new Server("Apps03/West/ACME")
forall db in Apps03("sales/West")   //only DBs in sales/West
forall db in Apps03("sales/West/*")  //recursive under sales/West
forall db in Apps03("sales/West") if Left(db.filename,3) = "07Q"  // filtered
forall doc in Apps03("sales/West/07Q3Forecast.nsf")  //specific ...

Iterators/Generators for all collection objects and an interator interface

: Domino Designer / lotusscript iterators
: lotusscript, iterators
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (1)
: Open
Allow filtered forall iteration of databases, views and servers.
Apps03 = new Server("Apps03/West/ACME")
forall db in Apps03("sales/forecasts/West")
    forall doc in db.AllDocuments if doc.form(0) = "prospect"....

forall doc in (view | NotesDocumentCollection).....
I want to get out of the how to iterate business ...

Pull-parsing XML API for Lotusscript

: Domino Designer / lotusscript xml parser
: lotusscript, xml, parser
Dan Sickles1710 - 05 2007 / (3)
: Open
And a lightweight lazy pull-parsing XML API to handle large XML docs...like Stax in java or elementtree in python. DOM and SAX are great to have but are rarely what I need. Please make enormous, huge and exceedingly large XML files easy for us.

Add a simple List in Lotusscript

: Domino Designer / lotusscript list
: lotusscript, list
Dan Sickles1710 - 03 2007 / (3)
: Open
The Lotusscript List type is great but in any other langauge we'd call it a generic map. A simple generic list type would be very useful too. Most languages have both.  Give it a literal construction syntax :
monthlist = ["Jan", "Feb","Mar]
mydoc.months = monthlist
mydoc.months += ["Jul","Aug","Sep"]

Embedded scripting

: Domino Designer / scripting
: scripting
Dan Sickles1710 - 03 2007 / (1)
: Open
When you get to Java 6.x, please include a scripting language and give us the ability to embed it in our applications. Chhose one language and make it easy to plug in any other JVM language. Rhino might make sense as javascript is so widely know. I'll vote for Jython, ...

Objectified XML in Lotusscript

: Domino Designer / lotusscript xml
: lotusscript, xml
Dan Sickles1710 - 01 2007 / (0)
: Open
Access XML in notes items via native lotusscript:
custname = doc.body.customers[2].@name
zip = doc.body.customers[2].address.zipcode

forall state in  doc.body.customer..state
end forall
or similar.
This is doable now with dxl and e4x(Firefox, Rhino) or groovy. It would blur ...


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