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David Harris357 

Track open Notes window tabs when changing locations/Domino domains (08 Oct 2009)

I can't see that working, to be honest Bill.

The different IDs are going to have different access levels, or even not be certified on some of them. For that reason, each database has to be shut in order to evaluate the new id's access.

Voting no, sorry (even though it would massively help me)

Create view listing all active mail addresses on the server (main + aliases) (24 Sep 2009)

Agreed, ($Users) and either Ctrl F or a full text search always works

Add new view "Groups By Members" to the Domino Directory (26 May 2009)

I don't like the sound of this to be honest, who actually needs this view when, as #5 points out, administrators have ($ServerAccess)?

Total count of users in a group. (26 May 2009)

Is there a reason why a message box with @Elements(Members), on an action button, doesn't cut it?

Allow multiple values in the SMTP_Port field, enabling 25 and 587 (09 Jan 2009)

David, it's not in the notes.ini, it's the SMTP_Port field in the server doc, Ports..., Internet Ports..., Mail tab. We have used this in the past when we've had two different messaging servers on the same box, for example MIMESweeper and Domino - into MIMESweeper on 25 and out on 2025, which the Domino server is listening on.

However, the suggestion is to be able to add an additional port, not to be able to change it.

Allow multiple values in the SMTP_Port field, enabling 25 and 587 (08 Jan 2009)

Oliver, not to get off topic, but yes ISPs should ban port 25 to domestic customers unless it's to their own SMTP relays. Since it's much better to enforce authentication on one port (for submission) while leaving another (25) open for server to server transfer, this should cut down on a large amount of spam produced by compromised domestic machines.

Allow multiple values in the SMTP_Port field, enabling 25 and 587 (07 Jan 2009)

Gregg, None taken.

I'm thinking for example of a home user who doesn't have a Notes client and whose employers won't allow http access to the server. So s/he has to use a POP or IMAP client. As ISPs begin to do the responsible thing, the home user won't be able to send over port 25, unless directly to the ISP's SMTP server, so s/he needs to use 587 to submit to the company server.

Admin Client for Linux (16 Apr 2008)

It can't simply be the web admin client, since there are a few things that need to be done locally with the admin client - signing local templates for one thing

Allow internet sites to be assigned different time zones (15 Apr 2008)

I like this idea as well. However, I think it also should take into account different data formats, M/d/YY, dd/MM/YYYY, etc


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Design element support in XPages format
Abort searching design of form
Make the columns of the design element lists customizable
Allow sorting results of view.FTSearch by view order
Y'know that right-click lookup user on emails? That would be really useful in the dialog it opens.
Make location of Slide-in notifications adjustable and sticky
Add launch options for Xpages app in Notes browser plugin.
Make the Notes client check the attachment size BEFORE sending the email
Desktop Policy Settings Doc needs settings for full text index on local mail replicas
IBM Should Change the Slide Templates
Remove the need of recycle()
Make a Better "Manage Views"
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In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers!
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