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"Keep me informed of updates" option selected by default

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meetings, responses
Karen Hooper4022 - 03 2008 (0)
Many times we are requested by customers to change the default selection for when a person declines or delegates a meeting invitation in the mail template.  Currently the "keep me informed of updates" is deselected, customers ask us to have it on by default.  I find people don't usually read ...

Change to a Repeating Meeting (defaults)

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meetings, repeating_entries, repeating, calendar
Chuck Hauble795 - 06 2008 (0)
When a user wants to make a change to a repeating meeting a dialog box pops up asking which instances you want to change.  It defaults to "All Instances". I think a more realistic default would be "Just this Instance".  
Anyone have an idea how to change this in ...

Give me the option to snooze ALL of my Notes pop-up windows

: Notes Client / Other
: dialog, meetings, presentations, preferences
Mark O'Hara716 - 02 2009 (1)
Many Notes users like to be notified when they receive new email or have an upcoming meeting.  They have choosen to receive these notifications during their normal work day.  However when they are using their PC to show a slide deck during a meeting these pop-ups take the focus away from ...

Make it easier to find draft meetings

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meetings, draft, entries
Bill Malchisky9254 - 10 2008 (0)
This is ND8 in 2008. You have a draft folder for mail which is great. Save a meeting or appointment as a draft and then try and recall it. The calendar Lists views do not sort by icon type (requires a customization to achieve).
Why is this basic capability ...

Don't prompt to include comments with meeting changes, just display the form

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meetings, reschedule meeting
David Hablewitz15237 - 12 2011 (0)
Don't bother asking this:
Just go straight to the comments form.  On the comments form change the text of the buttons
from OK and Cancel
to Send and Cancel.
Sending without adding any comments has the same effect as clicking No ...

Easier Copying of Meeting ID and Meeting URL

: LotusLive
: meetings, meeting id, meeting url
Jason Levine1105 - 26 2010 (0)
Copying your LotusLive Meeting ID and Meeting URL to use in other contexts could be made easier by introducing functionality similar to that employed by bit.ly - there is a graphic that reads "copy to clipboard"
(this appears after entering text in the field "Shorten with bit.ly" and ...

Global Calender - cross time zone meetings

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meetings, global
Benetta Perry225 - 19 2011 (0)
Create a calendar feature which seemlessly and automatically provides the user with an immediate indicator of if the meeting time is an appropriate time for their global colleagues or clients. Please see the attachment for details

Display a more accurate warning when saving a calendar entry that is not in your scheduled hours.

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meetings
David Hablewitz15237 - 23 2010 (0)
The warning message you get when scheduling something outside your designated available times is ambiguous.  It states "This entry conflicts with an existing entry on your calendar or your availability preferences.  Create anyway?".  The warning should differentiate between conflicts and availability settings.  It should either be "This entry conflicts with ...

Ability to add meeting rooms from multiple sites to "Favourite rooms" in prefs

: Notes Client / Calendar
: meetings, notes client, calendar
Deanna Drschiwiski268 - 06 2012 (0)
We work with people in multiple sites. I have to set up meeting rooms for people across North American and India. At each site, people have preferred meeting rooms. I have to track this in a separate doc and confirm vs list in availability every time I want to create ...

Allow IE browser instant meetings without toolbars

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: sametime, instant, meetings, toolbar, xulrunner
Brian Wenzel88 - 14 2008 (0)
FREQUENT complaint of users is the inability to start instant meetings without IE toolbars.
I know that Xulrunner (Mozilla browser) can be used - and this will eliminate the toolbars. With Xulrunner however, you cannot use the Meeting/Leave Meeting option.

The IE toolbars are ...

Special settings for alarms when a meeting is out of my availability hours

: Notes Client / Calendar
: alarms, meetings, availability, availabilty hours
Jens Schwendemann834 - 13 2008 (1)
Hi all,
ok I'll try to put this a simple as I can.
Let's say my availabilty hours in the preferences are set from Mon-Fri 8:30 am - 5 pm. Let's also say some people do not follow those availability hours and invite me to a meeting on say ...

Support ability to host AppShare from Citrix in LotusLive Meetings

: LotusLive
: citrix, meetings
Eric Larson2223 - 06 2011 (0)
 Old wiki entry says "may work, not supported". 

Revolutionise Calendaring

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendar, meetings
Rob Hayden237 - 16 2009 (1)
Booking meetings for >2 people is painful in all mainstream calendar applications. How about this; instead of requiring a single date & time for a meeting, allow the chair to specify a series of options for invitees. Each invitee then gets to choose their preferred 1st/2nd/3rd option and the results ...


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