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Allow multiple addresses for group and mail-in database docs like person docs do

: Domino Server / Directory
: groups, alias, username, fields
David Hablewitz15237 - 20 2008 (3)
A person can receive mail for multiple addresses by putting them in the Username field.  Groups and mail-in databases do not have this ability, so another group or mail-in database must be created for each possible address.  That's a nightmare when the company changes their internet email domain.  (like going from @federalexpress.com to ...

Statistics on Email Group usage

: Domino Administrator / Messaging Router
: groups, email, statistics
Chuck Hauble795 - 21 2007 (4)
We need some statistics around email group usage, such as last date used, # of times used, etc.. It is very difficult  to determine if groups can be removed without this type of information.

Google Calendar Synchronisation

: Notes Client / Calendar
: calendaring, groups, google
Pete Suffolk250 - 13 2007 (6)

I'm thinking of writing a tool to synch Notes Calendar entries with Google Calendar.

This would be bi-directional so diary entries could be made in Google or Notes.

I'm also thinking of having a Google Group Calendar.

So, do you like the idea? If so, if you have specific requirements, ...


Total count of users in a group.

: Domino Server / Directory
: groups
Carlos Flores1212 - 13 2009 (2)
This is more of a nice to have.  When opening a group with large amounts of users, it would be nice to have a total count of the users that are in that group.  Sometimes this is asked by management, or people want a total number.

Supporting groups in Domino Server program records

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: domino, administration, program document, groups
Mark Skurla165 - 07 2011 (4)
Ok, long overdue, as I know this would really help me in my Domain and I've heard for many years at Lotusphere and different forums, but looking to get some more "Customer" feedback for this enhancement we;d like to make for 8.5.4.

I already coded and tested ...

Auto populate Groups by OU

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: groups, auto populate, ou
Vincent Pihouee433 - 29 2010 (1)
The Auto Populate group feature in Lotus Domino 8.5 is very usefull but very limited for only 1 group: The one with all your employees by server.
It will be good if we can use it for /OU as well.
- Example:
Members of the group will be: all users using the Mail ...

Effective Access showing all group membership

: Domino Administrator / Other
: groups, access control
Mike Woolsey5040 - 17 2011 (2)
 I use the "Effective Access" dialog a lot to determine when a user really needs a different access level, discover when it's not the application's ACL but the server that's blocking him, and process "what-if" situations.
One thing that's been problematic has been trying to get all the user's ...

Group expiration

: Notes Client / Other
: groups, expiration
Joe Puglisi632 - 26 2007 (4)
How about a simple expiration date on group documents? Similar to certificate expiration, prompt the owner(s) with a few simple steps to confirm the group is still needed. Then maybe a cleanup agent to remove expired groups.

Auto-populate groups for Server Clusters

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: clusters, groups, auto-populate, configuration documents, server
Alan Dalziel1450 - 17 2009 (0)
When a server cluster is created, an auto-populate group should also be created and updated when cluster membership is changed.
Would be very useful for managing clusters via configuration docs etc.

Have an option 'hide in type-ahead' for groups (& regular contacts)

: Notes Client / Contacts
: groups, contacts, recent contacts
Mathieu Pape7680 - 17 2012 (1)
This does already exist in 8.5.3 for recent contacts but not for groups (nor regular contacts). Very handy if you need to mail to certain (often large) groups like for announcements, but don't want to take the risk to mail this group by mistake for non-announcements.

Enable Editor Access Security on Auto Populate Fields on Group Documents

: Domino Server / Directory
: auto-populate, groups, directory
Matt Cook602 - 05 2009 (1)
Currently authors (owners and administrators) for a group document can configure auto populate settings.  In an environment where group ownership is delegated to the business owners, it isn't desired to have them to be able to enable the auto-populate feature for the group.  If auto-populate is enabled and no home ...

Out of Office - You should be able to select server groups to exclude in OOO Notifications from .... and have that work.

: Notes Client / Mail
: ooo, out of office, mail, groups
Craig Wiseman21821 - 10 2013 (0)
  Previous to R8.0.1, you could choose to exclude emails from people in server-based groups when setting up your Out of Office notifications.
  Since IBM couldn't figure out how to make this work properly (?!), this was removed in R8.0.1 (see: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21315515 )
  While you can ...

Restricting access to Large Distribution Groups (eg. over 100 members)

: Domino Administrator / Directory
: groups, restrictions, lockdown
Bosco D'Souza329 - 22 2009 (5)
A gruntled employee got disgruntled one day and blasted out an email with curses to all of management all the way to the top, and copied a few key distributions groups effectively sending out the blasphemy to nearly all of the company.  Of course he was fired, but the email ...

When Deny mail to Groups, add exception

: Domino Server / Directory
: router, groups, directory, mail, inbound, control
Jamie Colpean925 - 21 2008 (1)

Currently you can either allow or not allow inbound email to Groups in the Domino Directory.  I would like to disable inbound mail to all groups except for an exception list.


Boolean operators on LDAP group based access control

: Websphere Portal
: portal, ldap, groups, security
Andrew Frayling52 - 21 2008 (0)
Would be great if portal resources (pages, portlets, etc.) could be granted to a combination of LDAP groups rather than automatically being OR'ed, e.g. a page or portlet only being available to a user who was in the "HR Administrators" group AND the "School of Physics" group.
Access control ...

Add Send "Meeting Request" capability to Sametime Groups

: Sametime / IM/Chat Client
: sametime, meeting invitations, groups
Pranjal Sahu257 - 11 2013 (0)
As of now we can only Send Announcements and Email to a Group Created in Sametime .This should be enhanced to Send "Meeting Requests" also.We will not have to create separate groups for sending meeting requests if we have this functionality

Creation of Automatic Groups in Sametime based on domains

: Sametime / Contact Management
: sametime, groups, contacts
Pranjal Sahu257 - 09 2013 (0)
Many a times we need to contact people through Sametime.And we have a lot of difficulties searching for that person on our Sametime List if he has been already added to a group created by ourselves.For instance if you have some 1000 contacts in your sametime list ...

Internet Address in Multi-Purpose Group

: Domino Administrator / Other
: internet, address, groups, e-mail
Lala Hussain50 - 28 2012 (2)
Some help please if possible.  If I setup a Multi-purpose group with a number of users and specify a Internet Address of say ABC@Domain.com then any external emails to this address would then be sent to the list of users in that Group.  However, if I also wanted a Mail-In DB which ...

Group document: where is this group being used?

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: groups, domino directory
Stephan Holowaty195 - 18 2009 (4)
Object: Group Document in NAB
Use Case: Administrator opens group documents and does not know where this group is being used explicitly. Getting this information is pretty painful, especially in less-well-structured directories.
Action: Add an embedded view to the group document with document links or db links which ...


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