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Allow Notes 8 Eclipse Plug-ins to be signed with Notes IDs

: Domino Designer
: eclipse, plugin, signing, security
Carl Tyler5446 - 24 2008 (0)
Currently, you need to buy an authenticode certificate to sign Notes 8 eclipse plugins.  It would be nice if Eclipse Plug-ins could be signed with a Notes user ID, and the Notes security model honoured with them.  So people can confirm different levels of access for the ID etc.

New Eclipse LotusScript Editor - things to include

: Domino Designer
: eclipse, lotusscript, lotusscript_editor, wish, 8.5.1, 8.5
Melissa Snell1766 - 13 2008 (4)
The Eclipse editor for LotusScript is on its way! Hurrah
Here are a few things that are not so hot about the current editor. Please could we have these addressed???
1) Custom classes to understand intellisense (I think this already addresses)
2) Intellisense to work even if ...

Implement code folding in script libraries

: Domino Designer
: ssjs, xpages, dde, eclipse, outline, code, fold, interface
Ben Poole1705 - 15 2010 (1)
When coding in “vanilla” Eclipse you get code folding for methods, constructors, etc. It would be really useful to have such a thing in server-side Javascript script libraries—in fact, across the board for all script libs and agents.

More samples, tutorials for Composite Apps

: Expeditor
: eclipse, notes8
Axel Janssen5023 - 05 2007 (1)
... especially integrating  other eclipse plug-ins or subprojects.
The tutorial posted in Notes.Net few  days ago was a good start. But more would be usefull. Maybe tutorials targeted at different user audiences  (those who allready have some experience with Eclipse-plug-in, those who have not, etc., those who are also Lotus ...

Drag and Drop Mails into Standard Applications (Document Library or Teamrooms)

: Notes Client / Mail
: drag and drop, notes, client, standard, eclipse, sidebar
Reinhard Steurer456 - 21 2009 (0)
We are looking for a way to "Drag and Drop" Mails from the Inbox to a Lotus Standard Application like Teamroom or Document Library. This should be possible within the new Notes Client Standard 8 and Eclipse ?!
We know quickr, but quickr follows another way.

Widget/Gadget container for Sidebar

: Notes Client
: notes8, sidebar, widget, development, eclipse, java
Rob McDonagh862 - 31 2007 (3)
Extend the Notes 8 sidebar to support adding widgets or gadgets (small, focused, Javascript-DHTML-CSS apps). Adding a new widget should be as easy in Notes 8 as it is in Apple's Dashboard or iGoogle.

Add Option To Automatically Close Projects

: Domino Designer
: eclipse, projects
Peter Presnell26639 - 23 2011 (5)
As each NSF is opened in Designer Eclipse opens them as projects but they are not automatically closed.  Amongst the many side-effects of this is that all build errors for the previously opened NSFs continue to be displayed in the Problems tab.  I would like to see the option provided ...

Progress bar for shutdown

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: progress bar, client, interface, eclipse, java
Michael Tassati3928 - 13 2010 (0)
When shutdown Lotus Notes it needs some time to end all tasks - when you restart Notes in this time, it will be slow in startup. Bring a progress bar to show that client is shuting down (or close tasks immediately).

Make Admin Panels eclipse Views

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: eclipse, admin
Bob Balfe658 - 05 2007 (2)
By having the various Domino Admin panels (Files, Groups, Servers, etc) as Eclipse views you could put them wherever you want - side shelf, in a composite app, your own perspective, etc and basically define your own admin experience.  Having that level of modularity would also allow you to have ...

Special Builder for Notes Java compilation, once Designer on Eclipse

: Domino Designer
: eclipse, java
Axel Janssen5023 - 17 2007 (2)
A lot of notes developers who want to start java development on their prefered platform are scared away by the well known recycle() and error-cleaning-up-agent-threads issue. For those with a bit more experience with and confidence in java, this is not so much of an issue. At least that has ...

Standalone Domino Designer Client

: Domino Designer
: designer, eclipse
Jüri Raidma155 - 06 2010 (6)
Completely standalone DDE, which can be installed or removed regardless of Notes Client version. Could be available as any other Eclipse IDE package.

Improve code folding

: Domino Designer
: codingfolding, editor, eclipse
Mark Sta Ana414 - 12 2011 (0)
Currently code folding in 8.5.3 only supports Java and ClientSide JavaScript. It currently doesn't support ServerSide Javascript. Also it's limited to members and functions. You can't fold code between brackets of a branching statements or multiline comments e.g.
if (foo) {
when folded becomes:

Expeditor for Eclipse Orion

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: expeditor, eclipse, html
Stephan H. Wissel1692 - 31 2011 (1)
Expeditor is limping behind Eclipse versions. Would it be time to leapfrog and make Expeditor compatible with Eclipse Orion. It would enable a full local HTML UI with all the Expeditor goodies.

Consistent 'Alias' field on the first infobox tab of all design elements

: Domino Designer
: infobox, eclipse, alias
Christopher Boote6102 - 20 2013 (0)
Currently, only the view has an infobox tab with the alias as a separate field
It should be there for all design elements

For traditional Notes design elements show the properties box in stead of the Outline panel

: Domino Designer
: panel, dde, eclipse, properties
Patrick Kwinten22013 - 04 2010 (2)
The "floating" properties is quiet annoying because you have to move it around the design area when it is on top of items.
For traditional Notes design elements (Forms, Views) it would be more handier to have the properties box appear in the Outline panel, simply because that panel ...


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Make the NotesAdministrationProcess.DeleteUser have the ID in Vault deleted/inactive
Option to make integrated Sametime Client Notes Location aware?
Remove attachements from delivery failure notification
Audit log for quota changes
WebQueryOpen and WebQuerySave agents in Sign In, Change Password and Error forms
Scripted activities should 'print' to LEI log
Compare field values after performing transulation formula
Drag, Drop & auto Create any RDBMS connection
Add Support for @ThisValue while using Enforce From Design
Replication job should skip the doc and continue with out stopping
New CopyDatabase Activity
Make 'can't run agents' include 'can't create toolbar code'
Static sql support
Add support for MySQL
Site www.whyibm.com
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