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Symphony Icons Look Too Much Alike

: Symphony
: symphony, icons, color
Tim Paque2757 - 07 2008 (8)

In the effort to 'brand' symphony, the yellow icons are so similar folks can't tell one from next.  Please at least color the inside of the symphony Icons so they are more intuative.

Also since The names are long, and all start with "Lotus Symphony ... " the ... gets ...


Lotus Notes R8.5 : when inside a view, importing data from an MS Excel or Symphony worksheet

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: notes8.5, notesclient, import, excel, symphony, r8.5
Cristian D'Aloisio1221 - 23 2009 (4)
In Notes client R7 I could import data from a Lotus 1-2-3 worksheet from a Notes view context, but in R8.5 is not possible anymore.
What about introducing a brand-new MS Excel or Symphony importing option?

Provide a public update site

: Symphony
: symphony, updatesite
Naoya Moritani479 - 25 2008 (0)

It would be nice if Symphony could be provided via an update site, so that we can make the most of existing installations of Expeditor/Notes8.

Several advantages of this deployment model

  • This can minimize the download size.
  • This makes it easier for existing users to keep up with latest ...

Save directly into a Notes database

: Symphony
: notes, symphony, saving
David Hablewitz15237 - 28 2010 (0)
From the Save dialog, Save a file directly into a Notes database.  (similar behavior to using the Quickr Connectors).

Spreadsheet to support more than 65535 rows

: Symphony
: symphony, spreadsheets, performance
Cindy Kou5700 - 26 2010 (0)
migrate OO3.3 code (1M-row support) and pay attention to performance

Allow us to choose if the Symhony Icons will be created on the desktop or not.

: Notes Client / Other
: symphony, icons, desktop
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 20 2009 (0)
The Symphony Icons will be created by default on the users desktop (all users profile). There is no way to remove these icons with the installshield tuner.
The problem is now... if the user has only user rights, he isn´t allowed to delete the symphony icons (because they are ...

Stop making me close the property boxes!

: Symphony
: symphony, ui, preferences
Rob McDonagh862 - 20 2007 (4)
The Symphony apps all launch with right-docked property boxes open. Don't want them open? Maybe 'cause you're not on a 3000x2600 screen like most IBM people appear to have? Well, close them then. Every. Single. Time. There is no preference. There is no memory of previous choice. There is only ...

Allow Symphony tools to be used as OLE objects inside Notes

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: ole, symphony
Knud Højslet3343 - 17 2011 (1)
In Symphony version 3 you can embed objects from other Symphony tools (e.g. a spreadsheet in a document). But you cannot embed any Symphony object on a Notes document, only MS-Office tools. 
Hopefully it is not a big thing, but please make Symphony a fullblown alternative to MS-Office.

No calendar alarms if in presentation mode of Lotus Symphony Presentations

: Notes Client / Calendar
: symphony, calendar
Florian Bieber751 - 06 2009 (1)
If you are in "Lotus Symphony Presentation" presentation mode, it should be possible to disable alarms from the calendar.

Symphony API integration in Agents

: Symphony
: lotusscript, java, symphony
Andrea Baglioni206 - 24 2010 (5)
 A way to integrate "com.ibm.symphony.javaapi" in server-side agents (java/lotusscript).

Ability to rotate graphics and clip art

: Symphony
: symphony, graphics, clip art
Neil Shan185 - 07 2010 (0)
When you add a graphic or clip art, you can flip it vertically and horizontally. It would be nice to be able to rotate it as well.

Lotus Knows: Split Screens for Multiple Tabs = Increased Productivity!

: Notes Client / Mail
: notes, symphony, view, display, productivity
Enzo Frati135 - 18 2009 (2)
Ability to view your tab'd aplications within your Notes client on separate screens.
This would be particularly useful for integrated apps like Symphony with its doc and spreadsheet tools.
Essentially allowing you to view both apps on a single (or dual) screen without having to flip back and forth between ...

Insert copied cells in the spreadsheet of Symphony

: Symphony
: spreadsheets, symphony
Leonardo Noach759 - 30 2010 (0)
Insert copied cells is an old functionality of MS-Office very useful missing in Smartsuite, OpenOffice and Symphony.
You can move some rows o columns in MS-Office in two steps instead of three steps in Symphony.

In MS-Office you can select some rows, then select cut and finally select ...

Full Symphony integration in RT editor

: Notes Client / Core/Frameworks (Incl. sidebar, rich text editor)
: symphony, editor, richtext
Alex Kassabov1469 - 11 2008 (2)
I love the inline spell check in the RT editor.  But why stop there?  Must Notes always hang on the brink of greatness?  I want to see full Symphony support: auto correction of text, capitalization of first letters of sentences, smart hyphens, smart quotes, etc., etc., etc. 

Connector for Symphony (Office): Save as PDF

: Quickr
: connector, wordprocessor, spreadsheets, symphony
Michael Tassati3928 - 28 2010 (0)
The new menu for Quickr Connector in Symphony is great!
As new feature i wish "Save in Quickr as PDF".

Reopen any open tabs on restart

: Symphony
: userinterface, symphony, tabs
Anders Åslund185 - 28 2010 (0)
I Lotus Notes there is an option:
Preferences -> Windows and Themes -> "On restart, reopen any tabs that were open when I closed the client".
This is a very good feature in Lotus Notes and I wish that it also would be available in Lotus Symphony 3

Add Lotus Organizer to Symphony

: Symphony
: symphony
Johan Koopman699 - 27 2010 (0)
Include Lotus Organizer in Lotus Symphony for free and make sure it integrates seamless with Notes 8.5.1 (with the agenda and contacts) As well as it integrates seamless with the competition.
And have it running on the iPad.

Assign Macro to Button - Spreadsheets + Doc+Pres

: Symphony
: macro, symphony, spreadsheet, office
Richard Austin115 - 27 2008 (1)
I have performed some research before posting this thread and it appears that a macro created in symphony can't be assigned to a 'button'. 
A macro can indeed be created, saved, etc and a button can be created from various different objects... so logically the two can be integrated?

Maintain slide animations

: Sametime / Web Conferencing
: sametime, web conference, powerpoint, symphony
Phil Salm426 - 18 2009 (2)
Maintain slide animations in Sametime web conferences.

LotusLive Files - Provide a connector

: LotusLive
: lotuslive, lotuslive-files, lotuslive-engage, lotuslive-connections, connections, symphony, lotus connections
Eric Larson2223 - 19 2011 (0)
The Connections Files widget (Notes sideshelf) is now very functional and cross platform. We need the same for LLFiles. Optimally, it would be the same widget...just supporting multiple backends.
Really optimal - would be a single widget/connector (Win/Mac/Linux) supporting LL Files, Connections Files, QuickrJ, QuickrD, FileNet, ContentManager, Sharepoint and ...

Enhance Symphony with better transitions in presentations

: Symphony
: transitions, presentation, cool, enhancement, symphony
Mattias Hermansson154 - 30 2010 (2)
Why does we not enhance the trasitions in symphony presentations like the Mac users have with Keynote '09, look @ this Example, It think that if we had that kind of capabilities in symphony it would attract alot of people ! dont  u think ?

More easy zooming in Symphony

: Symphony
: symphony
Gottfried Palinkas142 - 30 2011 (0)
could we get the nice slider (as LibreOffice/MS Office today) on the bottom to resize the view ? For me much more handy then this 'old' behavior from Symphony3 today.

Migrate Symphony Plugin for Lotus Web Content Management from 1.3 to 3.0

: Symphony
: symphony, wcm widget, plugin
Jürgen Zirke66 - 21 2010 (0)
There exists a plugin in Greenhouse that is supposed to publish data from Lotus Symphony 1.3 to WCM 6.1 which eases the work of publishers considerably. This should be migrated to the current versions, i. e. Symphony 3 and WCM 7.


: Notes Client / Mail
: view, hand, notes, symphony, firefox
Al Perkins95 - 16 2008 (3)
I want exactly what I can do in Google Maps for Notes, Symphony, Firefox, i.e., any application that has a moveable screen.  O.k.  what am I saying?  If you go to Google Maps, and search for a location, when that location becomes available the cursor becomes a hand.  That hand ...

Make Domino Server a Online Office Server like Google Docs and others

: Domino Designer
: xpage, online office, open office, symphony
Marius Jaeger1947 - 02 2012 (1)
With ZK SpreadSheet on  http://www.zkoss.org/product/zkspreadsheet there is a Spreadsheet Application available that we can integrate into XPages. But the installation, configuration and develop is not easy and the other office application's are not available.
So IBM should do:
1. Install OpenOffice / Symphony with the Domino Server Setup.
2. Extend ...

Ability to exclude Symphony for remote Smart Upgrade downloads

: Domino Administrator / Admin Tools
: smart upgrade, symphony
Bill Schroeder736 - 05 2009 (3)
My organization does not intend to use Symphony. We have many remote home office workers who connect to the corporate office over DSL modems. Smart Upgrade downloads (Notes 7.0.x) in the past have taken a few hours for these people. Now that Symphony is included in the kits for 8.x, the ...

Policy to Set File Types to Automatically Create with IBM Lotus Symphony

: Notes Client / Other
: notes, policy, symphony
Matt Cook602 - 05 2009 (0)
Add the IBM Lotus Symphony-File Type Associations preference to Select the file types to automatically create with IBM Lotus Symphony to the Symphony policy settings document in the Domino directory.  Currently this is set by default to Open Document Format in the Lotus Notes client.  In a scenario where a phased ...

Postcode Widget for Symphony

: Symphony
: postcode, mapping, symphony, marketing, google maps, kml
Roy Lee45 - 02 2011 (0)
I would like a widget for symphony which will convert a list of postcodes into Longitude and Latitude co-ordinates so that they can be presented to the google maps api in a KML formatted file.
Converting one postcode is easy, but becomes very time consuming for ...

A Jug of Wine, a Spreadsheet, and Thee - What would you like to see?

: Lotusphere / Session
: symphony, spreadsheets, presentations, documents
Ben Langhinrichs7009 - 14 2007 (3)
Acting on Bruce's suggestion, I am soliciting ideas about what you would like to see in my session, "A Jug of Wine, a Spreadsheet, and Thee".  The abstract is:
It is not enough to have productivity editors; now you are expected to be productive. In this session, learn how ...

"Project Concord" server/editor/app in Quickr?

: Quickr
: project concord, symphony, web editor
Joseph Hoetzl4703 - 28 2010 (0)
I wonder what the plans are for integrating Project concord functionality in and amongt Quickr?
From the labs description - "Project Concord is a collaborative, browser-based office application suite for creating, editing and sharing documents. Project Concord will leverage the collaboration, task management and file sharing services of LotusLive ...


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Checking Out-Of-Office status of others
Tool to show unreferenced design elements for easy cleaup
Bring sametime audio and video into the web browser using WebRTC
"Window Title" for views
QuickR application/widgets for Android/iPhone
Create Computed Text with the same text style as the current paragraph
@Function and LotusScript to "View..Customize This View" dialog
Extend the 'User detail' info of a database
Print of calendar in color
Shared Actions belong under Shared Elements
Facelift all web enabled templates with xPages
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