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A community-powered Lotus Designer Help

: Domino Designer
: designer, help
Cristian D'Aloisio1221 - 15 2008 (4)
After my previous post, I took a look to the new Notes/Domino Wiki that was kindly suggested by Amy and Mary Beth:

I think that the suggested wiki is a big step made by IBM to give structured feeback about several issues related ...

Add A More Detailed Index To Designer Help

: Lotus Technical Information / Domino Designer
: designer, help
Peter Presnell26654 - 05 2010 (6)
The biggest thing I miss with the new Eclipse help for Domino Designer is the presence of a detailed index that includes all the classes, methods, properties etc that are contained in the various languages.  I keep using the original NSF help because of this one feature.   Being able to ...

Improve cross-reference from Help for LotusScipt / LotusScipt Classes / @Functions / @Commands / etc to SSJS, JS

: Domino Designer
: domino designer, help
Alexey Katyushyn3058 - 27 2011 (2)
Improve cross-reference from Help for LotusScipt / LotusScipt Classes / @Functions / @Commands ...

Need an @ThisFieldHelp Function

: Domino Designer
: design, @function, new, help
Bob Brodsky300 - 13 2007 (1)
When the @ThisField and @ThisValue functions were announced at Lotusphere I chatted with Damien about the need for an @ThisFieldHelp function and he saw the need for it. Unfortunately he left Lotus.
When using the @This... functions and a field value fails a Validation formula then the only meaningful ...

Info tooltip when scrolling a view

: Notes Client / Other
: scroll, help
Carl Tyler5446 - 31 2007 (0)
When you are using the scroll bar in Notes views, it would be great if it popped up with help like 1-2-3 and Excel do showing you the line you are going to stop on, so as you scroll the scroll bar you can see you've reached the Ms or ...

Show Me button for Lotus Notes Help

: Lotus Technical Information / Other
: help, adminstration help documentation, designer help documentation, help search usability
Foua Vang2495 - 28 2010 (1)
IBM Lotus Notes Help/Lotus Domino Administrator Help/Lotus Domino Designer Help - it would be nice if next to each topic in Help there is a "Show Me" button that would show a video clip of how to do this and/or it would take the user to screen shots that shows ...

Independence application windows LND from each other

Vlad Sh10443 - 13 2010 (0)
Modal window in any application of the Notes Client, Domino Designer, Domino Administrator, "IBM Lotus ... Help" is blocking them all! There comes a temporary collapse...
Example: RALS in Domino Designer; for this operation is not possible in a client run parallel Update design, but even impossible to simply read ...

Display the chapter and section that a help topic appears

: Notes Client / Other
: adminstration help documentation, designer help documentation, help, help search usability
David Hablewitz15237 - 16 2010 (0)
If you search for a topic in help and find something that you want to read the whole topic, it is difficult to find the document in the Contents view.  Sure, there are related topics listed at the bottom of the page, but that navigates through the chapter haphazardly.  Yes, ...

Move the Welcome page entry in the Help menu

: Domino Designer
: welcome page, designer, help
Bas van Gestel2808 - 09 2010 (2)
 Maybe it's just me, but if I want to use the Help: I select Help from the menu and automatically click the first entry., which happens to be the welcome page.
IMHO it would be more logical to have the Help Contents as the first entry, since that is ...

Add context-sensitive help to the context (right click) menu

: Notes Client / Other
: help, context menu
David Hablewitz15237 - 10 2010 (1)
First, add a context (right click) menu for dialog boxes.  Then add an entry for context-sensitive help to the context menu, (i.e. "What's this?")   There used to be a tiny question mark in the top of all dialogs that could be clicked on for help.  That is gone.  You ...

Database Catalog Entries

: Notes Client / Other Database Applications
: catalog, help, about
todd kravos191 - 17 2008 (1)
Catalog.nsf aka Database Catalog has quite a bit of useful information on the "NoteFile" document:
ACL, Policy document (aka: Help doc) etc
Sadly, ACL information gets truncated (long heiarchies) and renders this information quite useless.
Most notably, the "Link to database Policy document" is a link to the database's ...

Search Product Wikis and Technotes button in Help

: Lotus Technical Information / Other
: adminstration help documentation, designer help documentation, help, help search usability
Foua Vang2495 - 01 2010 (1)
IBM Lotus Notes Help/Lotus Domino Administrator Help/Lotus Domino Designer Help - it would be nice if next to each topic in Help there is a search button that would search the product wikis and technotes, etc... for whatever topic the user is on in help for additional information, etc.

entry in the installer for "do not remove old Help DBs"

: Domino Server / Other
: help, upgrade, update, installation, installer
Bastian Wieczorek8075 - 27 2008 (3)
When we moved from R6 to R7 and not from R7 to R8 we updated at first the server like mentioned from IBM. BUT such a upgrade will also remove the Help DBs. But many user need them, because there client level ist R7.
What I wish is a ...

Printing a Help doc prints the right hand pane, not the doc selected in the view

: Domino Designer
: help
Barry Lewin412 - 13 2007 (1)
The Print option in all the help windows does not keep the focus of the currently visible page, rather it prints what was originally selected in the left hand view

Contribution of engineers/users to documentaiton

: Websphere Portal
: documentation, help, portal, websphere
Anton Vahčič43 - 09 2010 (0)
BAsically ideas is to use the knowledge of users and engineers to help and actively contribute to documentation. Sometimes documentation can be written very well, sometims - well - ...
The idea is basically same as with WCM... One can contribute to the documentation or part of it ...

Notes client HELP dynamically linked to Lotus community of contributors

: Notes Client / Other
: help, community, search, lotus technical information
Jamie Colpean925 - 13 2008 (4)
Ok, I am only dangerous as a developer...but have to believe this is possible.  I, like many others, rely on both the Notes HELP applications PLUS Notes.net PLUS Sandbox PLUS OpentNTF PLUS Searchdomino and on and on.
The one thing that all of the users and developers of these ...


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