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Ability to sort functions/subs alphabetically in Script Library/Agent

: Domino Designer
: script library, agent
Rishi Sahi1677 - 02 2009 / (5)
It's should be possible to arrange functions and subs in script library alphabetically or drag an drop. If script library contains 20-30 functions , it's hard to manage and find.

Add a way to change Agent Type

: Domino Designer
: agent, type, formula, lotusscript
Bas van Gestel2808 - 30 2010 / (1)
 When I want to create a Formula agent, 9 times out of 10, I accidentally create a LotusScript agent first (since LotusScript is selected by default).
I end up deleting the agent and creating a new one using formula. 
In previous designers you would just change the type ...

Using Notes://. Add support for query_string parameters in Notes

: Domino Designer
: notes, protocol, parameters, query_string, agent
Theo Heselmans6404 - 17 2009 / (5)
I'm using "Notes://...?open&Code=123" as a url from a browser. This works perfectly. However, I need to be able to read the query_string provided in the url. Trying this with e.g. an ?Openform, resulted in an empty string.
I also tried opening an agent using Notes://...myagent?Open, but this didn't work ...

Agent Manager - schedule ahead...

: Domino Designer
: agent, manager, agents, lotusscript, java
Bill Buchan585 - 04 2008 / (6)
I've seen a LOT of workflow processing agents in Notes. And the one thing they all have in common is that they have to waken up at a regular interval, check all pending documents, and move around document status.

What any workflow system needs is the ability to ...

Allow a Redirect in WebQueryOpen

: Domino Designer
: agent, webqueryopen, wqo
Theo Heselmans6404 - 26 2008 / (4)
When using a WebQueryOpen agent, I sometimes have the need to redirect the user to another 'page' depending on some settings/fields.
Using a 'print' statement at the end of the agent would do just fine.
One practical example:
Redirect the user to a registration form, if he/she has not yet ...

SQL Interface for Notes Apps

: Domino Designer
: sql, agent, interface
Sean Burgess5186 - 19 2007 / (7)
Notes "might" be taken a bit more seriously if developers could write standard SQL to get data out of it, especially for web applications. Don't bring up the NotesSQL driver, cause although it still works, requiring someone to install something to get to web data flies in the face of ...

Asynchronous agent triggering or add agents to agent schedule list

: Domino Designer
: agent, lotusscript, notesagent
Tomas Ekström1591 - 11 2007 / (2)
Problem today!
  • If the agent triggers another agent the runtime limit may be reached for the calling agent since it has to wait for the called agent to finish.
  • When triggered from the console (tell amgr run 'db-path' 'agentname') the agent has no runtime limitation.

Scheduled agents should have a Target of "None"

: Domino Designer
: agent
Michael Sobczak2964 - 29 2007 / (5)
I've never understood why a scheduled agent must have a document collection built.  Why can't I select "None"?

Run Agent More Than Once a Day at XX Minutes Past the Hour

: Domino Designer
: agent, schedule
Corey Davis1739 - 10 2007 / (2)
Currently when agents are scheduled to run more than once per day every 1 hour, for example, they will run based on the last time that the agent ran which is dependant on when agent manager is launched in Domino.  For example, if the server comes up and loads Amgr ...

Agent: "Run With Debugger" menu option & hotkey

: Domino Designer
: agent, debugger
Mark Demicoli11707 - 25 2010 / (6)
It would be handy to be able to select "Run with Debugger" from the context menu of an agent in design mode.


Make a "action menu" agent available in right-click context menu

: Domino Designer
: agent, right-click, context, menu
Alois Gruber1701 - 28 2008 / (2)
If I build agents that run from the action menu, it would be convenient to have some of them available in the context menu througout the database. Just like view actions can be available in the right click context menu

Ability to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of agent

: Domino Designer
: agent
Alexey Katyushyn3032 - 29 2012 / (12)
It would be nice to be able to call notesAgent.RunOnServer without waiting for the execution of the agent. It would be possible to introduce an optional second parameter IsWaitExecution, the default value is True. Example:
Call notesAgent.RunOnServer( [ noteID$ ], [ IsWaitExecution ] )

Share Java codes for agents, XPages etc. in a Notes application

: Domino Designer
: java, agent, web services, xpages
Starrow Pan4653 - 12 2014 / (0)
Thanks to XPages, Java development takes a bigger role in Notes dev. However, while an agent, web service and XPage app can all be written in Java, the compilation paths for them are different. An Java agent can use a Java script library but not a Java code or package ...

Change how Imported Java agents work

: Domino Designer
: importedjava, agent
Matt White9265 - 11 2008 / (0)
I write all of my Java agent in MyEclipse and then import them into Domino using the Imported Java agent type. This is great, but then when you want to go and change an agent and just refresh one class file, when saving the agent every class file is actually ...

Agent context menu in editor tab eg. "Run Agent"

: Domino Designer
: agent, designer
Mark Demicoli11707 - 19 2013 / (0)
Description by example:
I'm particularly interested in Agents at the moment but this is relevant to other design elements.  I have multiple agents open in designer which I'm coding/debugging.  Each time I want to run one I have to locate it in the agent list in each application's Application Tree, which is ...

@function or command 'ComputeWithForm'

: Domino Designer
: function, agent
Christopher Boote6055 - 30 2013 / (3)
A function or command in function langauge that does exactly the same as the Lotusscript/java ComputeWithForm method

For a new design element to copy a comment into description

: Domino Designer
: ls-editor, library, agent
Vlad Sh10384 - 11 2011 / (0)
I ask to do that when you create a LS-library or -agent text the comments would be automatically inserted in the description (Description: <here>). 

Agent - Treat content as HTML

: Domino Designer
: agent, agents, passthruhtml
Patrick Kwinten22008 - 08 2008 / (4)
for ajaxian approaches it is not desired that agent print out by default html as you can see in the attached image. it would be nice if you could check a box which makes sure that web agents do not cast out more than you desire.


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Abort searching design of form
Make the columns of the design element lists customizable
Allow sorting results of view.FTSearch by view order
Y'know that right-click lookup user on emails? That would be really useful in the dialog it opens.
Make location of Slide-in notifications adjustable and sticky
Make the Notes client check the attachment size BEFORE sending the email
Desktop Policy Settings Doc needs settings for full text index on local mail replicas
IBM Should Change the Slide Templates
Remove the need of recycle()
Make a Better "Manage Views"
Enable moving Notes workspace page
Improve the XPages extension library
In case of client crash - zap the need to use zappers!
Allow HideWhen on multiply selected outline entries
Create Computed Text with the same text style as the current paragraph
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