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Limited use entitlement for Activities

: Connections
: connections, activities, notes, domino, limited, use, license
Matt Buchanan1879 - 22 2008 / (1)
Much like Sametime was introduced to R6.5, give passport customers who use Notes/Domino a limited use to the Activities part of Lotus Connections. In my (humble, of course :) opinion, Activities is a much better fit functionality wise with Notes/Domino than it is Connections anyway.

Add a "Community Calendar" to the Communities

: Connections
: connections, community
Mario Costa2411 - 19 2009 / (4)
One of the things I miss the most on the Connections Communities is the lack of a community calendar. Communities usually have events, calls, meetings, and so on ... it would be very usefull to have a community calendar functionality ... then it could support iCAL and we would be ...

Admin interface

: Connections
: connections, administration
Urs Meli1609 - 30 2008 / (2)

There are a lot of admin-features (configure dogear, removing dogears from  users) built in connections, but they are only available through the unfriendly wasadmin interface. It would be awfully usefull if connections had a webadministration / configuration interface.


Allow multiple assignees for to-do's in Activities

: Connections
: connections, activities, to-do, assignee
Matt Buchanan1879 - 18 2009 / (1)
In Activities you can assign a to-do to a single named individual, or 'anyone' - if assigned to 'anyone', then any member of the activity can mark it as complete.
What I think might be quite cool was if you were able to assign a to-do to multiple named ...

Syndicate content from an external blog to your Connections Blog

: Connections
: blog, rss
Scott Gentzen256 - 05 2008 / (2)

What I would like is have the ability for Connections to pull an RSS feed from my blog and repost it in my Connections blog.  I would set up a feed just for a particular Connections community and only send items to that feed that I think are releavnt in the ...


Quickr and Connections should adopt same method of managing user images as Sametime

: Connections
: quickr, photo, image, ldap
Stuart McIntyre1491 - 11 2008 / (6)
The Lotus product range is very inconsistent when it comes to manging user photos.
You can paste them into a Domino directory to use in Notes. Sametime wants them added to the jpegPhoto field in the LDAP directory.  Whereas Quickr wants them available via a WebService (but gives no ...

Activities - Dynamically sized edit-boxes on Web Interface

: Connections
: activities, connections, feature-request, userinterface, functionality, usability, interface
Alex Forbes303 - 23 2008 / (2)
Currently, when editing a Comment, To Do or other entry in the Activities web interface, you can only see about 6 or 7 lines of text in the edit box. This makes it very hard to edit entries of non-trivial length. I would like to see an option to make ...

Service Provider licensing model for Social Software

: Connections
: licensing
Tom Strasheim105 - 21 2009 / (1)
IBM should provide a licensing model for service providers to offer their great Social Software products for delivery by hosting companies. The current per user model does not fit well with social software offerings since an effective social community should be viral and not constrained by per user licensing..."we would ...

Newsletter feature - with HTML options and distribution list mgmt

: Connections
: newsletter, lotus connections, communities, mail, email, html
Joyce Davis532 - 27 2010 / (2)
Although Lotus Connections has a "mail community" feature, it's an all or nothing proposition. A great newsletter feature would include:
  • Ability to create content in HTML
  • Editing workflow to allow review cycles prior to publishing
  • Ability for community members to opt in/out
  • Email notifications in the format the users ...

A detailed guide on how to use Tivoli Directory Integrator

: Connections
: tdi, tivoli directory integrator
Tinus Riyanto2850 - 02 2011 / (4)
A few months ago I had the chance to try and use Tivoli Directory Integrator. The goal is to try and sync information (from Active Directory to a Lotus Notes Database and between Lotus Notes databases). After installation I thought that I would try the sync between nsf first. It ...

Add external blogs to the Connections list

: Connections
: blogs
Charles Salmon214 - 13 2008 / (0)
for the "hot blogs" area on the right of the blogs page, allow blogs hosted elsewhere (inside the firewall) to this list based on popularity

Redo the business partner portal

: Connections
: business partners
Lisa Whitsell440 - 29 2009 / (2)
Make it easy to get to the information you are looking for and rank partners based on search criteria. Have phone staff search this area when they take calls to ensure customers are routed to partners that can help them effectively.

Multiple Activities Sites Abound, but only one entry in Client exists

: Connections
: multiple activities, activities
Keith Brooks6783 - 23 2009 / (3)
While I understand IBM's perspective is one Activities server to a company, what if you have more than 1? what if you belong to Bleedyellow, greenhouse, IBM's, test domain, live domain, other live domain?
sure some follow you in the location doc switching but what if you don't switch? ...

Make It Easier To Post Comments

: Connections
: comments
Peter Presnell26490 - 20 2010 / (0)
IMHO any enterprise 2.0 blogging solution should include the capacity for people outside the company to identify themselves and add comments without having to have a profile registered with Connections.  To be effective this should include popular identification models including accounts from poplar public social software products such as FaceBook ...

Activities - More status options

: Connections
: activities, connections, feature-request, userinterface, functionality
Alex Forbes303 - 23 2008 / (1)
Currently you can only mark a To Do or Activity  as "Complete" or "Incomplete". Having only a boolean choice between these options makes it difficult to see, at a glance, the bigger picture of the activity and makes it harder to collaborate.
I'd like to see a system where ...

Edit version details for Files

: Connections
: files
Peter Presnell26490 - 17 2010 / (1)
After adding a new version of a file it should be possible to edit the description assigned to a specific File

Trust Public Social Networks

: Connections
: social networking, social, public, profile
David Greenstein101 - 05 2011 / (0)
I would like to see Connections give us the ability to present the user with a "Log In With (Facebook|Twitter|LinkedIn)" button.  Let us utilize an existing social network instead of having to build another one.  This is obviously for public facing Connections deployments.  These existing social networks already have user ...

Connections plugins for Linux

: Connections
: connections plugins
Zoltan Szabo5388 - 21 2011 / (0)
We need Connections Files and Profiles plugins for Linux also. In general, all plugins should be availabla for all platforms.
If IBM sells this technoligie as "paltform independet"

Profiling the homepage

: Connections
: connection, profiles, homepage
Roberto Boccadoro117 - 13 2010 / (1)
Show a given set of widget to a user according to a profilation made ( by org, by company, by an LDAP attribute,...). Every group of users see a different homepage according to their profilation.

Deafult to Home Tab

: Connections
: tab home
Rob O'Donnell76 - 11 2010 / (0)
Give the user the ability to control which tab is the defaul upon sign-on.


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allow copying file path from database properties infobox
provide admin tool to force-stop Amgr & Runonserver tasks
use one column value in another column
get a list of readers and authors for the selected document
Support for very high log activity in HTTP server
use @Newline in @Failure text
Integrate Worklight into Designer
Clicking the Quickflag icon on an already flagged e-mail should remove the flag
Domino Designer available for Linux and MAC Os
Inbox Zero for Notes
When inserting a new row into a table: take current format of the neighbour rows
modify, copy, paste multiple ACL entries at once
make profile a first class design element again
Simple archive settings => all docs of 2009, ....
I wish evaluate() would throw errors (again)
I wish @Eval returned errors much like other @Functions
Archiving Emails (Selection Criteria)
Wiki Archive
more options to program customized view setup & changes
I wish NotesUi objects could open an ACL dialog
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