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Sticky comments in SmartCloud Meetings - possible?

: LotusLive
: smart cloud, smart meetings, smart cloud meetings, smartcloud meetings, comments, sticky comments
Laura Gilligan25 - 27 2013 / (0)
In almost all the SmartCloud meetings that I attend where there is large number of attendees, a great deal of comments have to do with questions about what the call-in number is, where the charts are posted, etc. Since the chats keep scrolling, previous answers to these ...

Ability to Sort ToDos by Assigned To:

: LotusLive
: task, tasks, todo, activity
Jason Levine1100 - 28 2013 / (1)
In the ToDo List of SmartCloud Activities, there are two sections for ToDos:
1) Tasks Assigned to Me
2) Tasks Created by Me
In the section Tasks Created by Me, there are only two options for sorting tasks:
1) Last Updated
2) Due Date
Using Activities ...

Entitle LLNotes subscribers to Files/Profiles

: LotusLive
: lotuslive, files, profiles, entitlement
Eric Larson2223 - 26 2012 / (0)
Similar to the recent entitlement included in the Notes CAL, IBM should entitle Files/Profiles features in the cloud for LLNotes users. Customer could then upgrade to full LotusLive Connections/Engage. 

Sharing Multiple Files / Manipulating Multiple Files in Folders

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-files, files, sharing
Jason Levine1100 - 16 2011 / (1)
When viewing files withing a folder, there are handy little checkboxes on the left hand side that allow for multi-select and then you can remove them from the folder in one go. Fantastic!
From the same view, if you click on the down arrow beside a file, there are ...

Ability to move meeting recordgings to LotusLive Files

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-meetings, lotuslive-files, lotuslive-engage, recording
Jason Levine1100 - 02 2011 / (0)
Currently, the recording of a meeting must be downloaded to local disk from the LotusLive meetings archive in order to upload it to LotusLive files.
It would be fantastic to be able to simple have a link beside the "Download | Delete" options to move to LotusLive Files.

Manage Activities in View without Opening the Activity

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-connections, lotuslive-engage, activities
Jason Levine1100 - 21 2011 / (0)
It is possible to perform certain functions in manage an Activity without opening the Activity proper:
Mark Complete | Prioritize | Edit | Delete
These are accessible by clicking "More" which on a wide screen, is no where near the title of the Activity in the view ...

creating new template from existing form lotuslive

: LotusLive
: lotuslive, enhancements
Mikko Hellemaa53 - 18 2011 / (0)
I'd love to save the LotusLive Form template before it's completely ready, also would be nice to copy and modify the existing templates, instead of creating a new one everytime.

Automate Sharing of LotusLive Files attached to ToDos, Comments, Entries and Such

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-files, lotuslive-connections, lotuslive-engage
Jason Levine1100 - 13 2011 / (0)
It has happened several times that I start an Activity, create a ToDo in which I add a file from LotusLive Files and assing the ToDo to someone only to be informed later that the someone cannot access the file.
It would be fantastic to have two checkboxes in the ...

List persons notified about a comment

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-connections, lotuslive-engage
Jason Levine1100 - 13 2011 / (3)
It's great to be able to replace email with comments in an Activity or ToDo however the CC field of email does have some value in letting you know who has been informed already.
It would be great to have line of text at the bottom that would simply indicate

Enable Editing the Description of Activities and ToDos in iPhone/iPad

: LotusLive
: iphone, ipad, ios, lotuslive-connections, lotuslive-engage, todo, activities
Jason Levine1100 - 11 2011 / (0)
LotusLive with an iPad has been very useful; it is possible to create Activities and Todos with assignments and notifications however it is not possible to enter content in the Description field for Activities and Todos.
It can be a real burden to remember to go and provide the ...

Add Link to Recorded Meetings to Dashboard

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-meetings, recording
Jason Levine1100 - 11 2011 / (0)
At present, after recording a meeting, the following is required to access the recorded meeting:
  1. Host a LotusLive meeting
  2. In the top menu, select Recording > Start Recording...
  3. Accept the terms and conditions for recording (this was done when the recorde we are trying to access was made.
  4. ...

Threaded Discussions in LotusLive Meetings and Events

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-meetings, lotuslive-events, threaded comments, discussion
Rupert Clayton212 - 06 2011 / (0)
 When LotusLive Meetings or Events have many participants the chat area can get very busy. Offering the ability to show threading for comments/discussions would make this more productive during the discussion and for later follow up. I'd see two components:
  1. Making reply options available in the LL Meetings/Events ...

Support ability to host AppShare from Citrix in LotusLive Meetings

: LotusLive
: citrix, meetings
Eric Larson2223 - 06 2011 / (0)
 Old wiki entry says "may work, not supported". 

Include comment section in "Add to my network"

: LotusLive
: network profile, connection, profiles
Eric Larson2223 - 12 2011 / (0)
When requesting to add someone to your network, it would be helpful to be able include a comment with that request.
IBM Connections and LinkedIn include this feature. 

LotusLive Files - Provide a connector

: LotusLive
: lotuslive, lotuslive-files, lotuslive-engage, lotuslive-connections, connections, symphony, lotus connections
Eric Larson2223 - 19 2011 / (0)
The Connections Files widget (Notes sideshelf) is now very functional and cross platform. We need the same for LLFiles. Optimally, it would be the same widget...just supporting multiple backends.
Really optimal - would be a single widget/connector (Win/Mac/Linux) supporting LL Files, Connections Files, QuickrJ, QuickrD, FileNet, ContentManager, Sharepoint and ...

LotusLive Notes - Add support for POP3/IMAP

: LotusLive
: lotuslive, mail, imap, lln, lotuslive-notes, outlook
Eric Larson2223 - 19 2011 / (3)
New subscribers to LotusLive Notes/Traveler often want access to the same mailfile from Outlook (transition period, Outlook features, etc...). LotusLive Notes does not support this.
Both on premises Domino and LotusLive iNotes supports this. I think LotusLive Notes should as well.

LL Notes Web should support calendar import

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-notes-web, calendar, ics, import
Eric Larson2223 - 17 2011 / (0)
Even LLiNotes has this feature (import .ics file). Shouldn't the flagship Notes web experience also contain this feature?
Of course, you can do this with a Notes client but not all LL Notes users want to install it.

LL Notes Web should support exporting of contacts

: LotusLive
: lotuslive-notes-web, contacts, export
Eric Larson2223 - 17 2011 / (0)
 You can import Contacts from a .csv file (in the More menu). Why can't you export them?
I know you can do this with the Notes client but not all customers who use LotusLive Notes want to install it.

Logout for iNotes Document Libraries

: LotusLive
: inotes, web, logout, security
Harald-René Flasch535 - 25 2011 / (3)
Using the iNotes Web-Template (WebMail) users have the possibility to log-out (+ even delete all cookies etc. when using a public computer).
But when viewing a Document Library on the web there is not logout option ....

Fix context menu issue in iNotes

: LotusLive
: firefox, inotes, context, menu
Harald-René Flasch535 - 22 2011 / (1)
I am using Firefox and iNotes (e.g. for reading e-mails on the go).
When I'd like to use the iNotes context menu (e.g. in the mail list - right click on a e-mail) then the iNotes context menu appears but it is hidden by the Firefox context menu.


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Clicking the Quickflag icon on an already flagged e-mail should remove the flag
Propose to download attachments before forwarding mail (Android)
put sent items in folders
Traveler refresh by pull down
Provide A doc-Load option in each object to load just the first 40k of rich text fields in a doc
Calendar current time visual indicator
IBM needs to implement some of the ideas on this site
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Synchronize Alarm Snooze Behavior in Notes to Work Like iNotes
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