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the ability to retract votes..

: IQJam
: iqjam, votes
Paul Woodhouse40 - 12 2012 / (1)
the ability to retract votes..

Attached images to show inline

: IQJam
: ui, inline image
Simon Reid419 - 06 2011 / (1)
When users attach an image to a question or answer they should show inline, or at a minimum have preview thumbnails.

New question should default to the IQSpace you are in

: IQJam
: new question
Simon Reid419 - 31 2011 / (0)
When creating a new question, the IQSpace should default to the current IQSpace being viewed

Include the answer and question body in emails

: IQJam
: emails, answers
Simon Reid419 - 29 2011 / (0)
On all the automatic emails it would be useful if they included the body of the questions/answers not just the titles.

Disallow editing of question once it has an answer

: IQJam
: editing, question, answer
Joseph Hoetzl4698 - 22 2010 / (2)
If a question has a response, the original author should not be permitted to go and edit the question/move the goal posts.  If editing the answer was allowed, then the same rule should apply if the answer has votes against it.

Add text, "(separate tags using a comma)" to the "tags" field label

: IQJam
: tagging, ui, hinting
Joseph Hoetzl4698 - 22 2010 / (0)
I've noticed that 2 main methods of tagging things seem to exist on the web these days - flickr style, where you just use space, and have to put quotes around multi-word tags, or, strictly comma seperated.  Since these two, and others may exist, I think it would be useful ...

Ability to edit an answer

: IQJam
: answer, edit
Joseph Hoetzl4698 - 22 2010 / (1)
I see that I can edit my original question, but I don't see an edit button for the answer.  I think I should be able to edit my answer, so long as it doesn't have any votes.

Indicate Required Fields

: IQJam
: ui
Peter Presnell26531 - 04 2010 / (4)
I think it would help with the usabaility of IQ Jam if a way was provided to denote which fields are required.  e.g. I constantly make the mistake of not adding tags and then fall asleep after I hit the submit button not realizing the idea was not sucessfully submitted ...

Ask The Developers via IQJam

: IQJam
: lotusphere, development
Peter Presnell26531 - 22 2009 / (6)
Each year one of the popular sessions at Lotusphere is "Ask The Developers" where members of the Notes development community get the opportunity to ask questions of IBM developers about their plans for the Notes Development Platform.   Rather than waiting for a once a year chance to ask a limited ...

IQJam should work using Google Chrome

: IQJam
: chrome
Craig Wiseman21701 - 10 2009 / (8)
I use Chrome for most of my browsing (because it's VERY fast), and IQJam is not working for me in some areas (can you tell what's wrong with the screenshot?).
Chrome's use is growing, so I'd like to see IQJam work as well in Chrome as it does in IE ...

Mark Question As Closed (No Correct Answer)

: IQJam
: questions
Peter Presnell26531 - 07 2009 / (1)
Sometimes it is possible to ask questions that do not have a correct answer. i.e. there is no solution.  Perhaps we need a way to mark a question as closed without marking any of the given aswers as being the correct answer.

Response to an answer threaded with answer, not original question

: IQJam
: threaded, answers, comments
Joseph Hoetzl4698 - 05 2009 / (3)
I think it would be more fitting to be able to post a comment to an answer rather than have all comments counted as answers/potential answers.  Something like a "comment on this answer" button rather than just a one level deep thread.

Multiple Correct Answers

: IQJam
: answers
Peter Presnell26531 - 18 2009 / (0)
It seems I am only able to mark a single answer as being the correct answer.  In many sutuations there may be many ways to solve the same problem or a complete/better answer would come from combining the ideas in multiple asnwers.  I would therefor like the ability to tag ...

Will IQJam Questions be easily embeddable?

: IQJam
: embedded, questions
Phil Randolph1715 - 16 2009 / (1)
Has any thought been given to doing a similar construct in IQJam as there is in IdeaJam to allow easy embedding of a question on an blog or other web site?  This seems to have been a great boon for IdeaJam and wondered if it had been considered for IQJam.


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Add 'Group by Date' view option to iNotes as it is in Notes client
Publish a roadmap!
Need to be able to see which users do not have their ID file uploaded to the ID Vault in SmartCloud
Need ability to import .ics files when using a browser in SmartCloud Notes
Allow HideWhen on multiply selected outline entries
Client Version data is no longer collected after migrating to SmartCloud
Please update Domino to fully support TLS (SSL v3.1)
Automate synchronization of Notebook from Notes client into mail like contacts
Javascript editor that flags common errors between serverside & clientside
Add HTTP2 support to Domino
SmartCloud user accounts page: Change Jump to Page to Jump to User
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Remove the "Reply with Internet-Style History" button
Have the "Folder" column of the "All Docs" view also available in iNotes
Desktop Policy Settings Doc needs settings for full text index on local mail replicas
Include Transport Layer Security (TLS) support in the Domino server
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Make menu arrangement in SmartCloud more consistent and seamless
Track open Notes window tabs when changing locations/Domino domains
Save snoozed alarms
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