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Allow predefined notifications to be sent automatically when a task is completed in an Activity

: Connections
: connections activities, smartcloud activities, activities
David Hablewitz14352 - 11 2014 / (0)
In SmartCloud or Connections Activities, it would be helpful to be able to pre-define people to get notified automatically when an activity is marked as complete.  Also, it would be helpful if it had the option to notify people with a link to the NEXT todo in the activity, thus ...

Wiki Archive

: Connections
: wiki_archive
Rohit P132 - 27 2014 / (1)
Usually in Lotus Notes we have an option to archive the inbox and other folders. Could a similar approach be used to archive the wiki/activities/forums etc within a community? The archive option can be based on the Quarter/Half year or a complete year settings. This would ease out access ...

Better Administration Tools for IBM Connection

: Connections
: connection, administration client
Tinus Riyanto2865 - 04 2014 / (0)
 With all the focus on IBM Connection and its feature I find it hillarious that Administration of IBM Connection is still done by editing XML files. I am well aware that there is a 3rd party product for this like one created by TimeToAct group but their ability still feels ...

Windows desktop plugin

: Connections
: connections plugins, msoffice, plugin, plug-in
Michael Falstrup25 - 29 2013 / (0)
I would like to see the following improvements to the IBM Connections Windows Desktop plugin:
  1. Full feature enablements, which means, that the hidden files section for MS Office, that gives you ablillity to open files directly from IBM Connections into MS Office, is not active and cannot be activated. Already have a ...

Email members of activity in Connections

: Connections
: connections, email, send mail, members, activities, lotus connections
Dominykas Punis153 - 22 2013 / (0)


Ability to email or chat with all or particular group members in Connections activity ...


Give Administrators better control over Deletions

: Connections
: communities blogs wikis activities deletion removal
Sean Burgess5171 - 19 2012 / (0)
Currently, administrators have no control over what happens when an owner deletes a community/wiki/blog/activity. There is no soft deletion capability. There is no way of easily restoring it to the environment if the deletion was done errorneously or maliciously. There is no way to limit some owners to do everything but ...

Mark emails that were copied to activities

: Connections
: activity, email
Alexey Zimarev1187 - 25 2012 / (0)
When I copy an email to activity I would prefer to have an icon shown in my inbox (or sent) to see this. Otherwise I might copy the same email twice. It would also be very helpful to see it when I open this email. I would expect that the ...

In-place document (pre-)viewer for files (not only Files modul)

: Connections
: in-place viewer file
Zoltan Szabo5403 - 25 2012 / (0)
Hi All,
I QuickR for Domino there is an in-place viewer for uploaded files. This should be available in both Connections and QuickR for WS.
It's better to pre-view the contents of a prezentation or a document then downloading it. This saves network, diskspace.

Automatic redirection to Connections Mobile according device type

: Connections
: redirection mobile device detection
pierre milcent47 - 22 2012 / (0)
When i receive a connections notification in my mail whatever is the device i use, the url send me to a Web UI which is almost unusable with a mobile, despite there is a mobile URL available.
Could we have an automatic redirection to the same content but with the ...

Let's twistie again

: Connections
: discussion threads, readibility, connections
Cristina Cannone198 - 20 2011 / (0)
How about adding a twistie (pointing downward/upward) in Lotus Connections Communities'  discussion threads? The best CVs are written from the latest job downward, and this is how I wish I could read posts in LC communities at times. 
If technically doable, please add a small triangle icon beside each discussion title ...

A detailed guide on how to use Tivoli Directory Integrator

: Connections
: tdi, tivoli directory integrator
Tinus Riyanto2865 - 01 2011 / (4)
A few months ago I had the chance to try and use Tivoli Directory Integrator. The goal is to try and sync information (from Active Directory to a Lotus Notes Database and between Lotus Notes databases). After installation I thought that I would try the sync between nsf first. It ...

Connections plugins for Linux

: Connections
: connections plugins
Zoltan Szabo5403 - 20 2011 / (0)
We need Connections Files and Profiles plugins for Linux also. In general, all plugins should be availabla for all platforms.
If IBM sells this technoligie as "paltform independet"

Tag list for files, etc.

: Connections
: files, enhancement, files admin client archives, index
James Carroll267 - 30 2011 / (2)
I would llike the ability to set up a controlled list of index terms (tags) to be used to tag files, etc.  When searching by tags you'll only find those tags that are spelled exactly like the word you're using.  With IBM's attachment to TLAs, you can't always count on ...

Ability to create subforums with a further access restriction than its parent

: Connections
: subforum restriction
Tinus Riyanto2865 - 10 2011 / (0)
Currently in version 3.x forum are flat, there is no ability to create subforums. Comparing forums with community (which has sub-community) it would be nice if forums also have this.
If it does, it would also be logical that the sub-forums would have a more granular access restriction than ...

Enhance Cx for Android to integrate with browser Share feature

: Connections
: connections, android, mobile, bookmark, dogear
Eric Larson2223 - 29 2011 / (0)
With IBM's release today of IBM Connections for Android (free on Android Market) we finally have a client app for Android. After a quick config to the Greenhouse environment (https://greenhouse.lotus.com/mobile) it appear to be a pretty full function client (if a bit slow).
Bookmarks have alwas been ...

Number of rows

: Connections
: rows number
Urs Meli1609 - 07 2011 / (3)
Make the number of rows persistent.
If I select 50 rows in blogs, I'd like to have the 50 rows again in wikis or the search.
I personally don't like paging with only 10 entries.
Can't it be 10, 25, 50, 100 or continuous ? 

Electronic Writing on iPad and then store in Lotus Connections blogs

: Connections
: connections, ipad, iphone
Johan Koopman699 - 03 2011 / (1)
Recently I started to capture my customer meeting notes in my own private 'community' in blogs to "Organise my work a little better".  With tagging I am able to search my meeting notes.
Currently  I write down the notes on a writing ...

Trust Public Social Networks

: Connections
: social networking, social, public, profile
David Greenstein101 - 04 2011 / (0)
I would like to see Connections give us the ability to present the user with a "Log In With (Facebook|Twitter|LinkedIn)" button.  Let us utilize an existing social network instead of having to build another one.  This is obviously for public facing Connections deployments.  These existing social networks already have user ...

Deafult to Home Tab

: Connections
: tab home
Rob O'Donnell76 - 10 2010 / (0)
Give the user the ability to control which tab is the defaul upon sign-on.

Dogear: Plugin for many browsers to store bookmark in dogear

: Connections
: links, bookmark
Michael Tassati3928 - 19 2010 / (4)
i wish a button in my browsers (Firefox, IE, Notes-Embedded, Safari), to add links to Dogears.


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