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: Brad Harris170 26 Dec 2007
: / Email
An annoying feature of Notes that I would dearly love to change is as follows...

You know how when you open an attachment on a mail document, it opens it in the temp directory under the Documents and Settings\UserName\Temp\notes???? folder? Often you forget after making modifications to use 'Save As' to place the document somewhere else. Most users do not understand how Notes functions so they wind up losing the document they were working with. I am sure this happens much more than we are made aware of.

It would be nice if this default save location for temporary files were configurable so that the user can locate them, possibly by a notes.ini entry or through File|Preferences|User Preferences|Basics by adding a text box with a folder browse button for "Open attachments in...".

1) Tom McArthur1246 (26 Dec 2007)
I'm not sure that would fix what appears to be a training issue. For example, let's say a user launches an attachment (into My Documents\Notes Attachments), updates the attachment, saves the update into that folder, then later re-launches the attachment from Notes? What happens when they get the Replace? prompt? They're still just as likely to do the wrong thing and replace the file, thereby overwriting their update.

Wouldn't it be better to train them on the differences between Open, Edit and Save?

This idea looks like it would be trading one problem for another.
2) Gavin Bollard1648 (26 Dec 2007)
My C: drive is pretty low on space, particularly because of Microsoft's annoying C:\Documents and Settings problem. I'd be keen to be able to change this location so that large attachments don't add to the problem.
3) Hynek Kobelka7940 (26 Dec 2007)
I agree. But i would go even further, because data loss even due to a users own error is a major problem. Any improvements here would help people to like the product more.

- save the attachments from one document into its own subfolder (UNID as foldername ?). Right now all these files are saved into the same directory. This causes a problem with picture-files, because most image-viewers display the next image file when you scroll the mouse-wheel or similar. (So sometimes a user opens a valid scanned image of a contract and by mistake he suddenly displays his family photos which he looked at earlier that day, only because he accidentaly hit the mouse wheel.)
I also had a request with Excel-files which were attached in Notes and contained data-links between each other. If these files were detached with their original names to a separate directory (in the correct order) then these data-links might have worked.

- right now the files are deleted from the temp-directory when you close the Notes-client. I would like to have even this configurable. How about keeping them for a whole week ? So when a user calls that he made and saved some changes to a attachment, the admin will still have a fair chance to find this change.
Or let me set it the other way around: Delete the file immediately when i close the document where the attachment was from. This might be interesting for some higher security areas where the admins don't want files which are normally perfectly encrypted in a database to be on the HDD for several hours.

4) Peter Presnell28487 (29 Dec 2007)
I get a lot of support requests related to people losing changes they made for attachments. If a way could be found to locate these files easier or better still, provide a way of recovering these files back into the Notes document.
5) Karen Hooper4016 (25 Mar 2008)
Users don't know the difference between Open and Edit, @1 Launch is Notes version 5 and there wasn't an Edit option, they then changed Launch to Open and added Edit in v6 onwards. Open needs to either be removed or changed to Read Only, I prefer the remove option, but the location it saves it an issue I agree.
6) J Franchetti760 (26 May 2009)
This is a much needed improvement.


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