Disable the default encryption for new databases 
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: Mika Heinonen3778 24 Oct 2007
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When you create a new database, the encryption setting defaults to "Medium Encryption for Current Username". It should default to "No Encryption". Many people who are new or not so experienced in Notes don't know that encryption can make all your documents and data lost forever, if you lose your Notes ID. It's a big security risk to use encryption. Encryption also disturbs WinRAR packing ratio a lot, unencrypted databases can be packed much smaller. Also recovery of corrupted databases is much better with unencrypted databases.

Encrypted databases should be used only for sensitive data, like passwords and personnel details. For most databases it makes things only worse, it also slows down performance.

1) Charles Robinson8913 (24 Oct 2007)
File > Preferences > User Preferences > Replication
2) Mika Heinonen3778 (24 Oct 2007)
Ok, that works, but I still think it should be by default off in the preferences. Well, but then again most things are totally wrong by default, so I think it's best to have a policy or a pre-made notes.ini for all users.
3) Tripp Black871 (25 Oct 2007)
In Domino8 the default is now high encryption. Although you find this inconvenient, it is a GREAT feature. No one wants their laptop to be the latest news blurb of the private information loss. You might also want to see if it can be turned off via a Security Settings doc in an explicit or organizational policy.
4) Tripp Black871 (25 Oct 2007)
Oh, I forgot to address your "lost forever" sentence, add ID Recovery (see Administrative help) to your cert.id you use to register new people. It will send an ID file to a mail-in database each time a user is registered, renamed, or recertified. (Very helpful if someone changes their name -- that original id from the original registration is basically useless afterwards. So eitehr use ID recovery, roaming, or client workstation backups to capture the id with the new name.)
5) Mika Heinonen3778 (30 Oct 2007)
Notes 9 will get rid of ID files, then the "lost forever" will be also lost forever. So, Notes 9 will kinda fix this issue.
6) Alan Lepofsky8175 (01 Nov 2007)
Risk or losing an ID file is not a reason to lower security.
7) Richard Schwartz4594 (14 Nov 2007)
The default is settable by administrators using policies. (Desktop Settings - Preferences - Replication - Encrypt Replicas)
8) Craig Wiseman24988 (21 Nov 2007)
I'd think that this is what Policies are for. The default should stay as or be High Encryption.

If you want to change it for your Notes/Domino infrastructure, then use policies:
Desktop Settings -> Preferences -> Replication. This gives you the absolute control you're lookin for, while leaving the 'default/new install environment' secure.
9) Oliver Regelmann6412 (18 Feb 2008)
I think it should distinguish between local replicas and copies. I almost always want a local replica to be encrypted but almost never want this for a local copy.


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