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I wish ACL dialog's "Effective Access" would be much more accessible, informative, convenient. 
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: Mike Woolsey5040 18 Apr 2014
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The "effective access" button on the ACL dialog is ... well, it's the best thing in Domino Admin since the server. And I'm only exaggerating a bit. Anyone who has tried to explain a Domino access -- (or an Active Directory access) deriving from multiple sources, can tell you how cool this feature is, and what a nightmare it is to tease out accesses anywhere else.
I would like to be able to @Command([EffectiveAccess]; @DbName; @UserName) to pop up the dialog, btw. It would save immense time building "myaccess" pages. I'd faint if I had a core control to provide it on an XPage.
There's only one bothersome issue: it's with the group listbox. It's always been a little bit "off", and I fear it's getting further "off" as the versions go up.
The biig thing: it only shows one of the group memberships that impacts the user's access to the database. I'd like to see it list 'em all. I do have LotusScripts that'll do this too. It's just, they're buggy. Maybe it costs too much, I dunno, but it needs something. That list would be wonderful to resolving a number of issues with one person's access.
I would also just love to have the "user name selection" from the Address Book, not be a dialog away. I'm sure there's a reason it was split up like this, I just don't know it. I think it'd be great not to be three modal-dialogs deep trying to spell out someone's last name. (I'd really like it not to be a modal dialog, but I realize that's not the easiest thing to set up.)
With later versions I've noticed something's cropped up. I think it's something to do with the uppercase/lowercase of each group name. But sometimes the group list simply misses groups the user is a member of.
I believe this is also true of groups that're listed as "user-only" groups. Sometimes I can flip a group listing between "user group" and "mixed group", and the listbox in "Effective Access" stops listing the group. I don't know why, I just notice they don't work reliably like they used to back a couple versions.
So I would love to get "Effective Access" back to its utterly rock-solid version.

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