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: David Hablewitz15116 19 Feb 2008
: / Email
Get rid of all those modal dialog boxes.  There are times when it is desirable or necessary, but those are rare.  And Notes 8 makes it worse.  For example, in previous releases clicking on the location then Edit Current would open the location document as another tab.  Now, it opens a dialog box which restricts one from navigating to other documents or views to examine or copy data from them and paste into the location document being edited.  That entire properties dialog box should just open like any other document.
Another example:  An administrator gets an email to create a new user.  He goes to the admin client and clicks on the Register User function.  It opens a modal dialog box that prevents returning to the client to view the email to copy and paste information like the name, so there is less room for error.  At least in previous releases, one could switch back to the Notes client to view the email provided it was the last active window there before opening the Register User function in the Admin client.  Once the dialog is opened, everything else related to Notes is frozen INCLUDING SAMETIME CHATS!  You can't even respond to a chat until you finish creating the new user and close the dialog box.

1) Paul Davies13558 (19 Feb 2008)
agreed - the preferences dialog is a retrograde step in many cases
2) Chris Linfoot598 (19 Feb 2008)
This one makes my top 3.
3) John Head1126 (19 Feb 2008)
I promoted this because I want the InfoBox to become a sidepanel. Just like what Symphony does .. and not part of the Sidebar. The Symphony team actually got that idea from a working model MBR and her team did at the Notes 8 SDR back in Westford in 2005. Time for Notes to do the same.

As for preferences, I am pretty sure you are out of luck there. One of the things that using Eclipse.org and Lotus Expeditor comes with is that you have to use the core features, including the preferences, toolbar, status bar, and more. Plus, I like having all of the preferences in a single location. Having them inside each database was a PITA
4) Ove Størholt603 (20 Feb 2008)
How can you make your own database preferences appear inside the Eclipse preferences?
5) John Head1126 (20 Feb 2008)
Ove - The Notes 8 preferences panel is just an Eclipse plug-in point. Just like you can extend the Notes 8 Sidebar and Menu and toolbar, you can extend the preferences. There are loads of tutorials on how to do that. Just google for it.

Now, tieing those to your Notes application will be a bit harder ... I have not seen anyone do that yet. But it is very doable.
6) Mark Haller1299 (23 Feb 2008)
This one makes my top 3 too - and crosses the client, admin client and designer client.

How about the search/replace text dialog box? I have the same problems with that in the Designer client (forms, LotusScript, Javascript edits, etc) as you've described in the Admin client.

I think the Info box being updated to a side panel or something MUCH MORE than what it is now is another topic/idea completely - I remember using it back in AmiPro and other Lotus apps many many years ago and it's never changed ... yet our app demands, screen resolutions and user behaviour/understanding has progressed in every dimension since.
7) Joerg Kopp20 (29 Feb 2008)
The best would be if the developer could decide if a dialogbox is modal or not.
8) Julian Woodward2032 (16 Mar 2008)
I do sense a certain irony in this idea, given that it's currently all the rage to add modal dialogs to web pages using JS frameworks :-)

But, yes, I agree. The fewer modal dialogs the better. Modality should only be used when there's no option (for technical reasons) imho, and in most cases (the Location document) there's no technical reason why the user shouldn't continue working elsewhere in parallel with updating Location settings.
9) Glenn Orenstein236 (21 Jun 2008)
The fact that the find/replace dialog in the Designer client is modal is one of the silliest ideas Lotus ever had.
10) David Hablewitz15116 (04 Mar 2009)
How many votes does it take to become a reality?
11) David Hablewitz15116 (06 Apr 2011)
If this must be done one at a time, start with restoring "edit current" worked when clicking on the location setting.

Second is the user registration form in the admin client. A major PITA when trying to flip between reading the request to add the person and the registration dialog.

Mary Beth, I promise you a "The Notes Guy in Seattle" shirt if these are done by LS12!
12) Mathieu Pape8090 (04 Jul 2013)
2013 here with N/D 9.0. Your idea is still necessary ... unfortunately should I say ? The counter of your idea might still go up !
13) Mike Woolsey4870 (15 Mar 2014)
When the dialog has zero editable information, this should be downright simple to implement. The Agent design menu has a variety of dialogs that could be nonmodal, like test & log.


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