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: ernesto leyva140 05 Feb 2010
: / Email
Sometimes I am working on Rich Text Fields and I am interested in the content not the format. Why Lotus do not add a context-menu option called "Copy as plain text" in order to get just the content. Right now I have to copy paste it in wordpad copy again and past it again. Would be very convenient!

1) Carl Tyler5343 (06 Feb 2010)
Just copy the text to the clipboard, and then choose, Edit, Paste Special, and select Text.
2) Bruce Lill10666 (06 Feb 2010)
@Carl - For users that would be Chinese and for Notes only, I would love to see a right click copy as text. to paste it
3) Paul Davies13558 (07 Feb 2010)
as far as I am aware, this is only really a problem when pasting into Notes text fields. If you paste Rich Text into Notepad, it pastes as plain text. Notes should do the same thing, i.e. paste rich-text into plain-text fields as plain-text. No Paste special needed.

4) Bruce Lill10666 (07 Feb 2010)
@Paul - true. I have Notespad++ open all the time to handle this. Notes should do it for us.
5) Paul Davies13558 (08 Feb 2010)
I ♥ Notepad++
6) Vlad Sh10679 (08 Feb 2010)
I love AkelPad with plagins and scripts ;)
7) Hynek Kobelka7940 (09 Feb 2010)
This would be a very helpful function but only for power users and developers. For me it would be enough if there were only a keyboard shortcut for "Paste Special - As Text only" (ex. Shift + Ctrl + V)

I also use the "Copy as plain text" plug-in in firefox. This covers most of my cases, but not all.
8) Mike Woolsey4870 (10 Dec 2011)
When you have to do this alot, it gets very annoying.

Though I would prefer it be "make paste-as-plain-text support conversion". I have to paste from other apps too.


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