Assist the user in getting to Basic Mode for low memory machines. 
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: David Leedy677 22 Dec 2009
: / Email
Many users appear to be running 8x and above on machines with limited memory. 1Gig....  Needless to say Notes is performing slowly for them and they don't like it.  These users do not know about basic mode. Something in the software should check the memory and if it's determined to be low enough to effect performance - maybe anything under 2 gigs, then there should be at least an information screen advising about basic mode.
Better yet may be to give them a screen that would set the client to launch in Basic mode.  Maybe have it changeable via a preference.  Not many users will be savvy enough to add an ini setting or modify the icon with a switch.

1) Peter Presnell28487 (23 Dec 2009)
I agree as long as any screen asking the question has one of those "Donot ask this again" check boxes to turn off the prompt.
2) Mike McPoyle397 (28 Dec 2009)
I can't seem to vote for some reason (tells me I already voted every time on all topics), but I'd demote this one if I could.

I like the theory, but I don't think this is something the user should do, nor should IBM spend much time developing a feature. This is a feature that the administrators should push out to the users with group policies, login scripts, etc. It's not difficult to push out an extra icon to all deskptops running R8.5 called 'Notes Lite' or 'Notes Fast' that points to the nl exe, along with the regular 'Notes' icon that's installed by default.
3) Bill Malchisky12192 (30 Dec 2009)
Agreed, Mike. Though, the admin might think certain machines perform well and don't. Sometimes proper hardware specs still provide a suboptimal end-user experience due to such issues as a fragmented drive -- which you only see on Window machines -- or low virtual memory/swap space. So, any info the admin can receive to ensure that the end-user is happy is a good thing. The delivery of such tool is a separate but coupled discussion.
4) Craig Wiseman24988 (05 Jan 2010)
I agree with the policy aspect, but I'd also like a prompt to use Basic in two scenarios:

Not enough resources (RAM, processor, etc) on the PC, OR - Notes cratered or NSD'd the last time I ran it.
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (05 Jan 2010)
@4 I don't know that an NSD situation is sufficient to confuse a user with a different UI when booting. Pre-Eclipse, Notes would NSD occasionally and no one screamed for Eclipse to stop the crashes. It's more pressing to fix the crashes cause and continue.

The interface is important and keeping things consistent is critical for end-user success. Perhaps the power users would not mind a quick respite whilst their support team investigated further, but the average user will dislike seeing that and start mumbling about how Notes s*s.

A prompt for poor resources might be o.k. though.


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