Assign Client Upgrades to User Primary Computer 
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: Jamie Colpean1010 23 Jan 2008
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Smart Upgrade is a good idea. However, it becomes a company LIABILITY if the environment uses roaming or Multi-User  Installs...or if someone just happens to log onto another's computer with their ID.

If I have a car payment on my car each month...I wish for that payment to be made on my car and not on my friends car or to the bus or train operators just because I happen to use them as temporary transportation.

How it Manifests:
User has a policy applied to them for an upgrade. Currently the upgrade process does not distinguish between a users
primary computer from one that may have been borrowed or exists in a public area such as a conference room.

The Cost: The cost of this need....Smart Upgrade becomes almost unusable from the perspective of creating new user experience problems when the goal had been to make life easier for either the user or the IT staff.

General porposal:
The Lotus Notes client collects and updates the Person Doc of a user with the computer hostname of the computers used to
access the server. I am not sure what the real value of this information currently is.

Allow the profile or upgrade kit reference administrator set information about what computer to apply the upgrade.

example 1:
Allow admin to set a rule for how the system should identify a users primary PC. This could be referncing a Win
registry entry. Using free inventory such as can easily set an asset tag to a registry entry. Of course
you could then point that lookup to the MS Sql table that holds the information. So....I do know that we dont want to limit
the feature to a particular product....but right now we have nothing.

example 2:
The person doc shows that last x number of hostnames used by the user to connect to Domino with Notes. Set a
time that if user1 runs Notes but then goes to a second PC...the user is prompted with something like
"You have logged onto Notes with the following computers in the past 3 days, an auto upgrade has been scheduled for your Primary computer.... is this your primary computer?"

1) Randy LeTourneau145 (24 Jan 2008)
Having a "primary" workstation defined has huge benefits on many administrative and tracking issues. Being able to identify what OS the user is on (Yes, we have 30-40% Macs) and be able to to view what level of OS is being used on the primary marchine is huge not just the info on a workstation they used once 3 months ago. For our IT staff that has multiple machines it becomes much more complicated to determine what is REALLY being run and what version of Notes is actually being used.


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