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Compact All Local Databases 
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: Hynek Kobelka8110 02 Nov 2007
: / Email
Local replicas tend to grow in size and they often contain a lot of free space. Right now it is only possible to compact every database separately through the "Database properties".
 We need a function on the replicator page  which would compact ALL existing local databases at once. (And maybe scheduled and in the background ...)
PS: In R8 you can actually do this by launching the file "ncompact.exe" from the Notes-program directory.  Thats all.  (In previous versions you needed additionaly to copy this executable from a server to your client)

1) Alan Lepofsky8315 (02 Nov 2007)
I do agree that local DBs should be compacted, but I'd like to see it just happen in the background, and not have the user know about it at all.
2) Bill Malchisky9254 (16 Nov 2007)
You can create a program document to run on local DBs and thus, run compact. So that might be a workaround until a more elegant solution appears.

Maybe a Desktop Settings document entry to do local replica maintenance (fixup, updall, compact), or just force a compact so you can get all replicas up to the new ODS without having to write Win login scripts to accomplish this.
3) Bob Balfe658 (28 Nov 2007)
You can also do this with Java API's today. This would be an easy eclipse plugin for Notes 8+.
4) Harkpabst Meliantrop3248 (02 Jan 2008)
ncompact.exe has definitely been there in previous versions on Notes. I use it all the time in 6 and 7. At least it comes with the Designer or Admin client (never checked with the regular Notes only client).
5) Chris Miller206 (03 Jan 2008)
This is the SNTT posting I did about pushing out program documents locally to force users to compact everything (except names and log) on a schedule. THere is issues if they use the Welcome page to hold open databases too
6) Stephen Bailey1819 (11 Jan 2008)
@4 I've seen Notes 5 client versions (5.0.11 in particular) where the ncompact.exe wasn't present, and had to copy it to the user's PC manually.
7) Keith Collyer590 (14 Mar 2010)
I've promoted this, but @1 Alan's comment is spot on. Making users aware of compaction is exposing far more of the technology than any non-techie should ever have to know about. And not the only one either...
8) guillaume s45 (24 May 2011)
I'm wondering if IBM is really reading Idea Jam....

This is something we really need, this idea first came in 2007, now 4 years later we are still waiting for something to have a bkgnd compact of local databases


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