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: Didier Boullery227 03 Dec 2010
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Here are ideas (coming from the Europe Innovation Hub discussion forum) about the Lotus Notes calendar functions: 1) When a user receives an invitation, he would need a "propagate" function whereby he submits back to the meeting owner a list of names to be invited in addition to the original list, with a feature enabling him to see what action the owner has taken (reject, pend, accept and invite...). 2) After a user has accepted an invitation, he cannot see other participants that have either remove their acceptance or who have been accepted after he has accepted the invitation. Therefore he cannot stay up-to-date with the current list of invitees. Would it be possible to have "refresh" button to see all updates. 3) Sometimes a user declines a meeting but he would still like to attend it. The feature "keep informed of meeting update" is not meeting expectations. Reason is that the user would like to see a calendar entry for this meeting, not booking his time, but as a reminder that he declined it and would accept it if something else changes. In short, it is a "decline with souvenir" function that we need: put a calendar entry, do not book time in the agenda, leave the option to accept or reject it later on. 4) After a meeting took place, a user can write minutes. In all minutes, we have time, location (optional) and the list if invitees or participants. Currently, he has to retype this set of information that already exists in a calendar invitation. It is a waste of time. Would there be a possibility to transform a calendar invitation into a meeting minutes (e.g. a normal e-mail containing above information and having the addresses and subject pre-filled)? The agenda could be copied as optional. 5) Every user has conference call numbers he needs to add for any call he leads. There is no convenient way to do it apart from this video quick tip. Could we get this "add my calling numbers" and/or "add my LotusLive meeting features...".
6) Most people complain about lack of awareness of colleagues being on vacation/education... Vacation planner is a good tool, not used by everybody, but a bit heavy. Would it make sense to have a check box in Lotus Notes calendar, when we set up an absence, that we could check to say "make it public" so that managers/team leaders can get a view of it in their own calendar when they select a "calendar team view"?

1) Peter von Stöckel5721 (03 Dec 2010)
I really think you should split this idea into 6 different ones.
2) Jochen Sack732 (04 Dec 2010)
#1 - #2: Nice idea
#3: Pretty much (if not entirely) covered by "Tentatively accept", isn't it?
#4: Isn't that functionality a typical case for an enhancement by a 3rd party (e.g., a Lotus BP)?
#5: Very nice idea
#6: I'd certainly not give that high priority, because (a) the standard product already provides valuable basic functonality (Busytime and Group Calendar), while (b) more feature-rich group calendars of all flavours are widely available from 3rd parties. My take is that this scenario does not leave much room for enhancements in the standard product.

I agree.
3) Oliver Regelmann6412 (08 Dec 2010)
Please split this.
4) David Hablewitz15116 (10 Aug 2011)
I will vote on these after they are split up.
5) David Hablewitz15116 (10 Aug 2011)
1. In "other products", there is an option to allow people forward a meeting invitation to others.
2. In other words, "tentatively decline"?
5. I have just created virtual conference rooms for those conference call numbers. It isn't a physical room, but it has all the same attributes as a real room.
6. There is a team calendar called Calendar Plus in the sandbox that is perfect for this. oh, that's right. They killed the sandbox. But another Notes blogger posted it on his website. Google it.


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