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Add "Create Public Document" option to ACL 
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: John Dillon386 27 Jan 2009
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The ACL has a couple of valuable check boxes available for Reader and below:  "Read public documents" and "Write public documents"
However, we just discovered that there's no option for "Create public documents"
Here's where we would use it.
We define a group of people that have Reader access.
The form's query open event calls a script library that in turn checks a personal profile document to see what version (of the app) the person last opened.  If the current version is newer, we automatically clear the cache and suggest that they may want to restart Notes.
Here's the problem:  You must have author access or better in order to create a profile document, even if the document is available to public access users.
We'd like, in this scenario, an option to allow users to create public documents.
FYI: we're using Notes 6.5.x clients on Windows boxes.

1) Stephan H. Wissel1692 (28 Jan 2009)
You can use an agent with "run on server" to create the document.
2) John Dillon386 (28 Jan 2009)
Thanks! I'll give it a try.

I wonder whether it'll be fast enough to complete itself before the form's QueryOpen trigger throws an error.

We have a form with a QueryOpen event that calls a script library, which in turn checks the value in the profile doc (a different form), and creates or updates it as needed.

I guess I could also try to trap the error we get when they can't create the profile doc, or perhaps check to see if they have reader access or below, and if so, check to see if the profile already exists or not.

Hmmm, you've triggered lots of ideas. Thanks again!
3) Bruce Elgort8320 (28 Jan 2009)
@John - if this works for you please consider withdrawing your idea. Let me know if you need help.
4) Steve Castledine34 (30 Jan 2009)
Hi John - Write public documents "is" create public documents (and edit and delete - even if delete if unchecked). Thats the "public document" model.

Your problem is related to public access and they do not have the ability to create profile documents (at least that is what you are reporting - I have never tried). Something tells me it should be possible though if setup correctly.

If this is client based are you better off using environment strings?
5) John Dillon386 (30 Jan 2009)
@Steve: Hi, Steve. If "Write Public Documents" should allow public document creation, there must be something I'm missing because I sure don't see it work with profiles.

Here's how I tested. Perhaps you can spot a problem with my methodology.

Grant Reader access to JoeAverage for the app, with Read and Write public docs checked.

Create a form called "Personal Config Profile," with a hidden $PublicAccess field computed to "1" and a field for tracking the last version used called "LastVer_TX"

Create the main data form, let's call it "Main". QueryOpen code then uses db.GetProfileDocument( "Personal Config Profile", session.Username ) to read and update the LastVer_TX value as seen by JoeAverage.

Here's where it breaks. If there's no config for this person, an error message appears "You're not allowed to perform this operation," or something like that.

If there IS a config for this person (which I manually created for this exercise), they can open it and update it.

That's why I think the "Write Public" doesn't allow "Create Public", at least with Profile docs in 6.5.x.

What am I doing wrong?

I haven't checked out the other suggestions yet to try and hack around it, though the idea of using environment variables might be better for this specific case.

Anyway, thanks everyone for your input!
6) Peter Presnell26659 (12 Sep 2009)
I came across this thread researching a similar issue. I think the issue with profile documents is that they get automatically created when you first attempt to create/retrieve them so the setting of $PublicAccess happens after an attempt is made to create the document. I would definitely support a way for allowing people to create profile documents wiuthout them having the ability to create non-public documents.


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