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: Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 10 Dec 2007
: / Email

Many websites that offer internal (non-internet) mail, show if the reciepient have opened/read the mail and/or replied to it. Typical examples are Myspace (see screenshot), some dating websites, etc.
Sometimes in a Notes environment you send a mail, and then you realize a few hours later, when you don't hear anything back, that you should have added delivery confirmation or conformation that the other person opened the mail. But those functions also add additional e-mail to my mailbox...
Why not simply have a flag in the sent folder (and in the Notes 8.x mail threads) that show:
* if the mail has been opened (read)
* if the mail have been responded to (replied)
* if the mail have been sent but not acted on by the user (sent)
This would cut down on the number of extra email, and make the inbox easier to maintain, and at the same time, give the user better control of sent mail.

1) Corey Davis2837 (10 Dec 2007)
I assume that to make this work it would still, basically, be a return receipt except that instead of getting a message in your inbox that the message was read, an agent would intercept that message, find the original, flag it appropriately, and then delete the return receipt. Okay, I'm fine with that. But, I get the impression from your idea that you would like this on for all messages. Here's my issue with that:

I have customers that send hundreds of thousands of messages per day. By turning on return receipt automatically, it would double mail volume overnight. Because I don't see enterprise customers going for this, I don't think that IBM would implement it as is. I would think that this would still have to be an option that would be enabled individually per message and therefore would only get you half of what you want. Is there a way to make this work without doubling mail volume?
2) Peter Moline1474 (10 Dec 2007)
@1 - I'm not so sure it would work the way you describe. When you implement message tracking on a server, you can see whether an e-mail has been read, deleted, etc., but it does not use return receipts, or double the mail volume.
Perhaps the OP is suggesting a way of accessing this information for normal users.
3) Karl-Henry Martinsson2136 (11 Dec 2007)
@1: As @2 says, the information is already there.
Or even if it isn't, your solution sounds much more complicated than it has to be. Why not just have a bitmap table added to each mailfile, one entry per sent mail, and the value 0 for sent, 1 for read and 2 for replied? The receiving mailbox update the bitmap when the mail document is opened/read.
4) Kerr Rainey4990 (11 Dec 2007)
I quite like the idea that return reciepts could be displayed as part of the send message, as suggested by @1.

As to how you get that information, is it just sitting on the server? My understanding was that message tracking involved having to send a probe down to get reports back, even when message tracking was on.

In any case I'm going to promote the idea of the display candy. How that info gets there is another issue.
5) Corey Davis2837 (14 Dec 2007)
@2 Yes, that makes sense. I have this little blackhole in my brain and I think that all information about message tracking got sucked into it a long time ago because I can never seem to remember that the feature actually exists.

@3 I agree that my solution was overly complex. Understand that I do like the essence of this idea, but my fear is doubling mail volume. As long as the solution did not put that kind of extra load on the server then I would be all for it. Given what Peter said in @2 I am changing my vote because I can now see how this might work without causing issues.


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