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: Tom Randall205 16 Mar 2011
: / Email
I have been thinking and talking with colleagues and one useful tool/add on would to be able to draft an email (save it) and schedule Notes to send it delayed at a specific time.

The benefits include: being able to send personalised reminders to individuals; send something which is time - critical, etc.

People's thoughts?
(The idea was originally posted on TAP: http://ideas.tap.ibm.com/i_dir/ihubidea.nsf/0/9B1C898C480A4A43852577FB0045CE77 )

1) Bruce Lill10666 (18 Mar 2011)
I have build many marketing email apps that this was a main feature, to be able to send it at a set time such as at night.
2) David Hablewitz15116 (20 Mar 2011)
Oh, this idea is as old as the hills themselves. I know I created an SPR for it long ago. But let's do it again.

I worked with software in the 1980's that did this. Used it once to facilitate an April Fool's joke. Sent a message while I was on a flight.
3) Brad Hair79 (05 Apr 2011)
While the April Fool's joke might have been fun, that is probably not the business case for doing this.
BUT, I was just asked last week for this feature (again!). And it has been around as a missing feature for years.
There is real business need to schedule future emails. And I would think the technical side is pretty small. Let's get it done.
4) David Hablewitz15116 (06 Apr 2011)
There are many creative reasons for this feature, some more practical than others. Even my blog lets me post date entries so I can write them in advance. Did I mention we had this function in email software in 1986? HTML didn't even exist then!
5) Bill Malchisky12192 (06 Apr 2011)
You can set these messages as low priority and set the low priority delivery threshold on the server for say, overnight. That is available now. More popular when modems were used to synchronize replication between servers and firms wanted to route bulk mail delivery off-hours to save on toll charges. Still works today.
6) David Hablewitz15116 (07 Apr 2011)
Good for bulk mailings and if it is coordinated with the Domino administrator, but otherwise it is out of the sender's control. A kludgy, but effective work around is to flag a message for follow up and then set a date/time and people it should contact. Another option is to add a reminder to your calendar and set the notification alert to send the notification email to someone else. I have had my admin assistants do this instead of manually sending out an email on Friday reminding people to do their time sheets. Many people don't realize they can have the alerts go to anyone they want.
7) Mark O'Hara848 (25 May 2011)
Here's a suggestion on how this might be done.

We could add a 'route after date' field in the message and let the the router task monitor mail.box for this. The router task would then send the deferred message after that time.

To make it so admins are not alarmed when they see a bunch of 'stuck' messages in mail.box, these deferred delivery messages could be placed into a separate 'defer.box' The router would monitor this defer.box for the timestamps on messages there and send them on there way when the delivery time comes.

Letting the server do the delayed routing would remove any dependency on having to have the client running at the designated delivery time.


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