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"optionally" audit user activity in log.nsf 
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: log.nsf audit workstation
: Doctor API2824 04 Dec 2009
: / Email
Optionally (e.g. if there is a notes.ini parameter) create entries in the miscellaneous events view  in the log.nsf for:
* When user opens a DB
* When a msgbox with an error (e.g. "Object variable not set" or "entry not found in index") is shown
* When user deletes a database
* When the ACL dialog of a given DB is shown
* When an FT Index is created / deleted
* When a password is invalid
* When user switchs the ID
* When user sends an email (to whom and the subject)
* When a given document is: exported/copied/printed
* When an attachment is opened/saved/attached/deleted
and so on...
The goal here is to log each activity in detail so in case of need to audit this user's activity
it will be straightforward. Also if there is a problem with the workstation, help desk can easily
identify the problem by seeing what the user did/got in the workstation.

1) Dirk Stelloh2259 (04 Dec 2009)
Sounds like big brother is watching you. At least it should be obvious for the user that he's being logged that way!

Some example from Germany: MS Word does not display, how long it took to create a document - it is forbidden by law!
2) Doctor API2824 (04 Dec 2009)
@1: Dirk, in fact this idea follows two objectives. First is to help the help desk stuff. They will easily see that at the time the user claimed that "the application did not work!" (that's all some users say) the help desk department can see the real error the user got and the actions that were performed to reach this error.

Second, yes it may be used as a big brother. Banks and big companies would love it. When you try to open a DB and you are not authorized, this event is logged in the server log.nsf.... So I ask you to view this idea not from a user's point of view, but from the person who decides whether to use Lotus Notes or not (manager).
3) Vlad Sh10384 (04 Dec 2009)
Moreover, it is "optionally".

But a lot of unnecessary; I would have left:
* user/server(also on execution of agents) errors
* user deletes a database
* user change ACL
* password is invalid (? doubt...)
* user sends an email (to whom and the subject and Date) - but only when the letter goes beyond the organization.
4) Bruce Lill6672 (04 Dec 2009)
If you have used Securtrac you would see that this is a lot of information to track and store.

It should be in a separated db, not were everyone can find it. You would have micro-managers looking to see when you connected,etc.

Some couldn't be tracked easily by the server, how would you know a client changed locations?
5) Doctor API2824 (04 Dec 2009)
@4: SecureTrac is a server based solution that audits server events.. while in this case the idea is to audit client actions.
6) Rob Goudvis6575 (07 Dec 2009)
Many of your suggestions can be implemented today using the Extension Manager. It requires some C skills, but it is very feasable.
7) Doctor API2824 (07 Dec 2009)
@6: Rob, in fact extension managers get notified for background actions. It can not be used to detect when a document is exported, when a switch-id is performed, when the ACL window is shown,...


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